Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 10, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 10, 1909
Page 6
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LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS CHARTER OAK. IRWINDALE. Fourth of July guests at the home of Mr. and Miv. W. Woodworth were cousins from Pomona, Lee and Willis Mr... C. O. Mr. C.\ay Worrell left and friend, MlB*' " art of th " we " k to *° tf> Cox, vlsltod Pomona Sunday. Mr. and Mra. Harolson rolobrated tho Fourth at, Long Hoar-h Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Ooldthwalto loft on Colderwood, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Mat- j Tuesday for a concert tour of a month ti«on and children. In tho Raul. T,, C. Casad, wife and children, and) Mr. and Mrs. R. H. VVatklus bav Mr. Large and daughter left Tuesday.' moved into tho bungalow which tho for Venice, where they wll spend the i, av o JUH(. completed on thoir ranch summer, occupying their own cottage, which they have recently had erected. Mr. Hlce of Compton was the guest of J. W. Heath Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Lunn returned Sunday night from a two days' trip to Venice. Friday, Mrs. Canfield, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Relchard, left for her home In Alhambra. Her son, Virgil, will spend his vacation here. Mrs. F. Klledge's sister and her huabarid, Mr. and Mrs. Case of Olen dora, were Sunday guests of the former. Mr. W. ffulse of Los Angeles 1« spending the summer with friends on Orange avenue. Miss Virginia Root left last Thursday for an extended visit with friends and relatives In tho vicinity of and in San Francisco. Mrs. Uiddlck and her daughter Grace, who have been visiting the past v/eek with their relatives, the Meads, have returned to their home In Los Angeles. Mrs. Root and daughter Cornelia •were week-end guests of Mrs. Root's mother, Mrs. S. C. Daniels of Pasadena. :At the homo of O. T. Urown, on the Fourth of July, out under the spreading branches of the Immense umbrella tree, sixty friends and guests gathered from LOH Angeles, Ocean Park, Riverside, Dolgcvlllo, New Jersey and Leoriardsvllle, Now York, to enjoy a picnic served cafeteria style. C. H. Brown came up from Calexlco for the day. The decorations were patriotic, large and small flags being used. In the afternoon a program of music and readings was given. Mr. and Mrs, OTfare of El Paso, Texas, are spending a week at the home of Mr. end Mrs. DeMandel. Mr. and Mrs. D. Van De Lohe had e. Fourth of July dinner for ten Sunday out under their large grape vine. Among tho guests were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Van De Lohe and Mr. and Mrs. Krang. Mrs. Mary Orafton had for a Sunday guest, Miss Susan Miller of Long Beach, who Is a teacher In the LOB Angeles Woodbury business college. Mrs, Loretto Bnughman entertained fouslns, Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Crane of Santa Barbara, and Mr. and Mrs. Road from Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Maxllold hiivo rmr- Mrs. Btiirirt of Los Angeles has bee a guest for several days at the horn of Mrs. H. A. Clark of Lark Ellen street. Carl-jad lots of potatoes are now be Ing shipped to eastern points by th California Vegetable Uulon from th Irwlndale depot. Mr. Worley has been In attendance at court for several days on the rea estate case of Mrs. Dlekels of Vine land. WALNUT CENTER Mr. and Mrs. Brewster have had fo their company during the last week relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Plumb and Miss Inez Plumb of Emporla, Kan Mrs. F. J. Stlmson has had for he guests Mrs. Morris J. Stlmson am son and Mrs. T. C. Hunch and child the week for Catallna and will alsr ren. Those friends left the middle o take In the Elks' Convention In Los Angeles. Activity Is seen everywhere in th potato fields as the harvesting of th spring crop of spuds Is being pushed Mrs Morris' friends, Mrs. K. R Strain and daughter, Elizabeth, whf have been visiting her, left for the! borne in Columbus Grove, Ohio, Wed nesday. Miss Leila Dye of LOB An goles Is also a guest at the Morris home. Mrs. E. H. Brockman of Walnu Center entertained Thursday the la dies of the Afternoon Club. A da!nt> luncheon was served In the large dining room. Among those presen were Mrs. John Frank, Mrs. Brown Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. W. Hart, Mrs P'lckleworth and others. The nex meeting will be held Thursday, Julj 15th, Mrs. Owens' brother, R. C. Martin who has been visiting at the Owens home for the past six weeks, has re turned to his home In Arizona. An other guest there has been Miss Ethe Holllflter, a niece, from Santa Barbara Miss Neva Moses returned Tuesday from a several months' stay at the beach. BALDWIN PARK Mr. and Mrs. Merabon and Mr. urn MI-H. AIHOH spent Sunday and Monday dinned a llvo-piiBBengcr Hiilclc l.onrliiK j nl Venice. As Mr. AIIIOB wtiH passing car. on tho sidewalk the powder from a Mrs. lOdwnrdH, sister of MI-H. 10. T. Coffrnun, has returned to Sun Ilenuir- ilino. M. O. Dmighmnii has begun tho eroctlori of a bungalow on tho property recently purchased from Mrs. .loslo Crane. Miss MHO Hoffman Joined a party of friends at Long Hearh for the week mid and for tho Fourth of July celebration on Monday. Mr. IlhodoH of New Mexico was a KiiftHt :il. the \V. T. Kelhu home on Smiilay. Mr. and Mrs. C. ][. Puff man arc Hpt'iullng a couple of week* lit He- dondo. Friday, Mr.s. I'hllleo (if Cypress avenue entertained Mrs. Wllcox and Mrs. Jlainlin of I.OH Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Loy.lor Sawyer of C'ar- rollton, Mo., who are spending the 4iimmor In Southern California, arc vlaitliig at tho homo of Mrs. Geo. J. Reynolds. Mr. and Mrs. Voro Goldlhwalto are now domiciled In their pretty bungalow on the corner of Lark lOllen and San llenmrdlno road. ' .Mld.s Bessie Madison of I'omona has been spending the fore part of (holier friend, Miss Until giant cracker hit him lu tho eye, causing him much suffering. Some fear is entertained that he will lose the sight of tho eye. Miss Culver, a Los Angeles teacher, Is visiting her sister. Mrs. Kraukeii- herg. Miss Sarah Heath entertained Mrs. White and daughter <>[ Los Angeles on the Fourth. Miss Oia Schilling Is visiting her sister In Los Angeles. Miss Dawn Wilson has accepted a position MS a telephone girl in Covina. Mr. Tromhower is building a bungalow on liis ranch. Dame Rumor claims that wedding bells will be heard before long. H. J. Shiiltls of San (Jabriel made a visit among old friends a few days ago. He Is Interested now In bee raising. Mr. and Mrs. Pratt have exchanged their live acres for Los Angeles property and are now moving to the city. The new owner will soon take pou session. Mrs. W. F. Hall was called to Lonlsburg to care a sister who met with (juite a serious accident last week. Tho Boosters' Club held Its last meeting for the summer Saturday F.dgar ami sou Robert > night. They will reopen their meet- weuk with Jlwrh. Mrs. I Unit have returiit'il from a three (lays' ' iims in September. A very Interest- vUlt at Ocean I'ark, where tin 1 rela-jini; program was nueii, eonsisliiifj of tlvos of Mrs. Kdnai-'.-i family gathered i< talk on orannv raising by Mr. Anfor a family n-union al tlie home of-m'll. A (lisi-ussum followed by Mrs. Meigs on tho Knurl h of July. , Messrs. Townsem! ami Stevenson. A Alter spending .several days with piano duet was render»d |>y Miss Car- her brolhiM', I!. It. Crubl ree. ami his, roll and a friend from Los Aun'eles; family, Mrs. <leo. HliiKi) and ebildi -n leadin.;, Mi.s-.i Ki\. A soiii; i ompoHeil s! by Mrs. Anm-ll called ••|iald\\ in 1'ark j l-'oivvi'r" wan suni; to the tune of "Marcliing Through Cenrgia. It \\ a j adopted as the linnslers' Club sonn. Mrs. 1'ratt ga\e a ri>;>ilin>; in Irish dialed. A rag doll pantomime was ailed by (lie Misses Agnes Si-lulling i. while Mrs I'l.n.k •liinx ai " IM.--I rumen- ul'il pa':l> .U - I i.' 1 pl.i lid le \\e!,' |.|,,-,': I I', • ^e! >.--,! latter FJoacb ho oxpoctt to spend most of tho summer. MIsB Harah Morris and Mr. Leland Congdon spent the holidays with frionda In TX>B Angolos. Mr. and Mrs. V. H. Wilcox have moved Into,their new home on Clon- fga av;nuo. Mr. and Mrs. .1. A. Ostrandor and family loft on Monday to go on a camping trip through California on to Washington and expert to be gone several months. Mr. and Mrs. Rowland and family left for Long Beach the early part of the week whore they will spend the summer. Mr, and Mrs. Henry .Tenner and family with a number of friends went to Catallna Saturday morning, return- ln& home Monday evening. Mrs. .J. Dolcater, who has been 111 for the past week, Is on the road to recovery. Mr. and Mrs. William Dartlett and daughters, Grace and Elizabeth, of Redlands, were guests at the Stowell home over the holidays. SAN DIMAS. The K nigh tii of the Maccabees have leased the new lodge hall of Foresman & Hoke and their Installation of officers took place on Tuesday night. Mrs. Myrtle Scott has sold her restaurant to Mr. J. Roberts. Mr. and Mrs. H. I,. Foresman gave o Fourth of July party at their home- on Monday evening. After a display of fireworks refreshments were served. Ttioue present were Mr. and Mrs. Goo. M. llokfi, Mr. O. N. Hoke and family, Misses Edith and Alice Romlg Byron Russell and Graydon Hoke. Mr. E. W. Schuler has started the erection of a new cobble-stone resl dence. Mr. Byron J. Russell, who has beer carrying the R. F. D. of San Dlrnas for the past year, has resigned his posl tlon. The San Dimas ranch of A. P. Grif flth haa been sold and will soon be planted to orange grove. STOCK 'BONHAM & RITCHA TAKEN FOR Pasturage will take only limited number—plenty feed- shade and running water. Phone 119 Howell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome X FRESH EVERY DAY AT fa CrensHaw's Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. PACIFIC ELECTRIC TIME TABLE. Leave Los Ang-elea 5:50 a. m. 7:05 8:10 9:30 10:50 12:10 p. m. 1.30 2:40 3:35 4:45 5:35 6:45 9:00 Leave Covina 5:50 a. m 6:55 8:30 9:50 11:10 12:30 p. m. 1:40 2:35 3:45 4.35 5:45 6:35 8:00 10:00 SEE A. WARNER FOR ' INSURANCE Take your choice of the following gll.ndge companies: LONDON & LANCASHIRE SPRINGFIELD FIRE & MARINE. ORIENT FIRE INSURANCE CO. ATLAS INSURANCE CO. All paid In full at San Francisco. A. WARNER AGENT. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE. SO* PIT STRONG A. J. ROOKS General BlaclcsmltHtng All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithiug. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks and Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Horn* Phone lOfjr Shop West ftadillo St, Csvina COVINA Shoe Repaid (o. • •/ FINE SHOE REPAIRING AT REASONABLEQPRICES Citrus Avenue Us FOR HARNESS, HORSE GOODS, WAGONS, BUGGIES AND IMPLEMENTS. Best Goods—Lowest Prices Covina Harness & Sfaddlery Co. Phone Hume 1170 SILENT SPEEDY rt'tunied to Ihcii' Home In Los A IMI Friday Mi*.s Mary Simpson, who lias be i he ^Uvsl of relatives and of her l> tlier, .1. II. Simpson, for the last t days, has returned to her hdtue I'asadena FOR SA-U-: BY E. R. HULL W * * * ¥ * *- * * * ***#*•*#******##*## Last your property with us. Covina Realty Co. * * * * # * # The families of Aivhie Vim-eni and and Kssie I'ow D. A. Maxiiehi spent luly "-'h al . uberg read "I.. Mr Samuel A very oi l.aik Kll>-u uini mandnlin a. street has been entei ta'ninu Mr. Jlill b. oel-L ill l.dS Alr.-ele*. On RANCHES and CITY IMPROVED S. R. EARNEST & CO. 631 H. W. Hellman Bid.. Los Angeles. Cai. Se.".a v.i'itten description or ~.ill. Onia Transfer ,1. W. KtvtVr, Prop. HAULING OF ALL KINES B;i;_:'f,'aL.'<' ainl Kxpivss !i'••• I'lu'iic ^(i Ko. plmiie lir Cement Contractors LET US FIGURE ON ANYTHING IN THE CEMENT LINE SIDEWALKS AND CURBS OL T H SPFCIALTY We are experienced cement men and employ only skilled help. Home phone 1067 Covina Orange Groves We have a large clientage buying good orange groves. If you want a quick sale, list your grove with us. "IT PAYS TO SEE US" EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 232 Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles D. W. McDonald, Covina representative Home phone 1259, Covina Clarence Allison Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA, CAL. 1 > Covina Livery Stables J. J. FitzGerald, Proprietor Special Rates to Travelling Men Horses Bought, Sold and Exchanged "* Home Phone 30 Res. Phone 1024 Star Refrigerators Built for tho needs of the Pacific Coast. Sanitary—Satisfying. Big line of RANCH TOOLS placed for the summer work. Look over our stock of hoes, rakes and tools of all kinds. The Spinner Washing Machine The triumph of long years of study in machines. Call and see it. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL. Select Your Route TOURIST CARS To the EAST Via New Orleans, El Paso or Ogden Personally Comluoted Tourist Excursions from Los An- £eles to NVw Orleans, Washington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul ami other points in the Kast without change of cars. Throriffh the wanner climate of the South, with its nee and cotton fields; or over the route of the Pioneers of '4'J, and across (Jreat Salt Lake — "yoing- to >ea on a train." D. B. SCHEXCK, Apent. Covina Hoine phone 144 or G. L. TRAVIS, Commercial Ag-ent, Pomona Home plion.: 61; Sunset Main 70 Southern Pacific I.oa Ottioc, <>t>u S. Sprit;;,'- St., corner Sixth

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