Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 15, 1944 · Page 11
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 15, 1944
Page 11
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1911 ELEVEN King Carol Leaves f or ! Brazil Here November 16; Iii New York Today He Hopes To' Return to , Romania m Mexico CitjvJ Oct. 14 King. Carol. of 'Romania Xri'd Madame IiUpe$cu bade •fare*e)J ,tb Mexico; City' recently!; «n& ; enjb«rked on a trip 1 'to. Brazil that m*y. jtyentti- »lly carry them back to' Bucharest; Although Carol .Insisted; he has "no plans' beyond Brazil," friends {«H certain he -hopes ultimately "to return to Romania. The. former king — trim, alert and far from the Haggard man who abandoned the throne tp his son, Mlhal, in 1940 — gave no' indication he v would seek to interfere with Miha'i's rule if he returns home. Although he merely proclaimed Mlahl as his "provisional mandatory" when he fled Bucharest amid political' turmoil, his ' fatherly, expressions In recent years.have..con- veyed the impression he-is proud, of his son and would avoid any action which might embarrass him. Mlhai: recently, engineered n coup which ousted- Premier General Ion Antonescu and took Romania out of the war as a German aily. PAC Assailed By Clmrcli Group Charges Hillman Orgaiiiza- —tion-SLilk^Bringing Politics Into Church Harrlsburg,' ,Oct. 14 W}—The Federated Legislative Committee',- of Pennsylvania, comprising" church and temperance -group representatives, says in, a resolution-that ."we publicly denounce" what .it terras Is an attempt of the PAC- (Political Action Committee) "to use the church for its own political ends." BUhop Grant D. Batorf of the United Brethren Church An Christ and committee ..chairman', a statement tha.t the.resolution de-- clared the PAC"has sent to religious leaders" a..pamphlet asking, "cp4 operation/'ol : the church, x x x as it relates'taYthe November election." The resolution ; said the PAC has "the effrontery to insult the church by telling It what should be its program, even to suggesting a creed which leaves God out and makes ri6 mention.of Christ but Instead is in substance nothing but the bitter pill of communism with a little sugar coating." • Alleged Embezzler Will Go on Trial Worcester County Court Clerk.Faced with 3 Indictment^ Snow Hill, Md., Oct. 14 (/P>— Joseph E. Brimer, under s third indictment growing. out of an alleged'Shortage of lunds. In the mccounla of the Worcester county clerk of court's office, wlU go on trial next -week. Brlmer, previously under two Indictments charging him with em- •; .Roland Hayes Carnegie Hall, New Yprk, is sold out for. today's recital .by Roland .Hayes, world famous' Negro tenor, who will be .heard here November 16 In. AHegany .High School auditorium. Indications are that the 1050 seating capacity of the A.H.S. hall will be Inadequate to accommodate all who want to hear this great artist at his only local appearance. Over 600 seats had been sold yesterday. '. bezzlement ^of state and county funds totalling $17,325.05, was indicted, as aa defaulter yesterday by thij newly-impanelled' October grand Jury. . The previous indictments against the former court clerk, who resigned, were returned by a special ses- alon last month of the March grand jury. "" • ' "' : ' '" Samuel E. Shockkley, president of the Worcester board of county Commissioners, also, will face trial next week on a .charge of misfeasanc^ In office. He vis indicted for failure to collect *li,823.« due the cqunty from the court clerk's office.. ' : The new indictment against Brimer alleged that.."he neglected to pay the sum of $11,323.46 . to ,the Worcester county commissioners on <July.23,.-lM4, such .neglect, lasting for'more'than-.80,-day* after he collected such monies." . A previous indictment had.charg- ed i him with embezzlement of *5,5065» in state funds.. The. new grand Jury, which deliberated only'foiir hours yesterday, returned nine indictments, including five for murder. The eight -men involved — one negro was Indicted twice for murder — will be arraigned -Friday\for the entering of pleas and assignment of attorneys. When the original draft of the United 'States constitution was displayed at Its sesqutcentennlal celebration in Philadelphia In 1937, it was insured for 4500,000. Yarik Forces Near Towii Of St. Die About to Capture Place That Cave America Its Name Washington, D.'-O., Oct. 14— American forces are about to capture .the place that made them Americans. It Is the Inconspicuous little town of St. Die in the Vosges Mountains of northeastern Prance. There, at the College of, St. Die; at the beginning 'of the 16th century, points' out the National Geographic •Society, Martin Waldseemuller, a geograph-j er, first traced the name "America" on a map. later he changed his mind; but the nnme stuck. Born at Freiburg, Germany, about 1480, Waldseemuller was inspired by the land discoveries of Columbus' day to undertake a revision ol the ancient atlas of Ptolemy. . In 1507 the St. Die staff published separately a large wall-map of the world in twelve sections, meas- urine 8 by I'.i feet when assembled, American libraries have copies of the and a 52-pnge "Introduction to Cos- original 1507 pamphlet. The copies mography" by Waldseemuller, Lct-|of the map, because of the dUfi- culty of preserving them were in time were in ilme destroyed or lost. ters of Amerigo Vespucci (Americas Vespucius) describing his voyages were turned over to the St, Die scholars only a short time before the map and treatise were published. ' The name appeared on the vague land mass drawn at the lefthand edge of the map to represent the new continent. In his. pamphlet, Waldseemuller observed: "... I do not see What is to hinder us- from ceiling it Amerige or America , . . after Its discoverer Amerlcus, a man of sagacious mind, since both Europe and Asia have got their names from women." Probably a thousand copies of tire map printed from wood-cut engravings, were distributed to all parts of Europe. On a revised map which was published In 1516, Wald- seemuller showed that he felt* he had unjustly credited Amerigo Ves-| pucci by substituting for Americr; the name "Brazilla sive Terra Papa-; gall!" (Brazil or the land of parrots), i But It was too late—the Old World! had already taken to the "name I America. •• ; Several European and some] The news late in 1801 of the discovery o£ a copy In the library of R Prussian ducal castle excited world Interest. This original was exhibited In America for the first ilme at a meeting of the Notional Geographic Society in Washington, December 18, 1903. * St. Die, today R town of 15,000 people, lies in the upper basin of the''Meurtlie River surrounded by] the Vosgea Mountains, at the cen-J ter of a triangle formed by Nancy, '. Strasbourg and Belfort. To Martin' Watdseemuller it was a refuge. HU father, a 'prosperous butcher of Freiburg, had met a violent death and tho son had sought a new home. The Great Sphynx of Glz«h in Grand Coulee Dam has the largest Egypt is believed to have been built ji-lectrlc generators in the world. I 1 to protect neighboring tombs from,Each weighs 2,000,000 pounds Mid evil spirits 150.000 horst-powrr. StJoseph ASPIRIN 00 TABLETS WORLD'S LAJKCST SIUIR AT 10* See what you buy! Our showroom is Oiled with the largest selection of fltie memorials to be seen in this vicinity . . , «• that you may nee what you buy. Let us erect yours uow before the bad weather. BCWAKf of "chtap" prices You gtt vliot you pay for! D. R. Kitzmiller Memorials Formerly the A. A. Roeder Co. Frederick ot George St. Phone 3-7-9 Use our stone burial vault — Natural stone, nature's own product. The only vault that will stand the test of time underground. 6<-r us for further information. So Effective .Rntrtts beause VJcki Cough Drops contain throat-soothing ingredient! of fa- :rotras Vicks VapoRub, plus other cough-fasiog medications. When you let a Vicks Cough Drop dissolve in your mouth you actually feel it bathe the throat—going to work fast to relieve throat tickle, hoarseness, coughing, due to colds. Tastes good too! MIDICATK D COUCH DROPS RADIONIG HEARING AID MAM IV Accepted by 'American Jf tdlcal' .Asjoci&ilon Ceuxca en Phj/tteai Complete with crystal microphone, radionio tubes, batteries and . battery- saver circuit. One model—one price—one quality—Zenith's finest. No extras—no "decoys." ... - -•''.'•-. as easy-to adjust . as a pair of binoculars! . Investigate this nationwide lower, the cost of hearing. Come in for a demonstration, you are the judge of whether you can hear or not. Demand Is greater than supply. We sell only =o tboss whOui a hearing aid can help. No high pressure salesman will call on you. FRANKLIN L. SPEAR Optometrist 80 .PERSHING STREET PHONE 2812-W FREE PARKING HOME OWNED<w OPERATED MWINEOW s^ REGULAR SIZE 3 far 20c OCTAGON SOAP 3,, Uc OCTAGON • TOILET SOAP for OCTAGON IPOWDER l-»rte I ft* Slir I VV OTl 2 for 9C OCTAGON .CLEANSER OCTAGON GRANULATED OCTAGON TM The Peoples Bank of Cumberland Is proud to invite a review of its comparative statement covering the growth of the Bank during the past five years to September 30, 1944 ^ Comparative Statement of Condition 1939-1944 RESOURCES: Cash and due from Banks U. S. Government Obligations direct and fully guaranteed Other Bonds, Stocks and Investments F.H.A. Insured Mortgage Loans Title 2 Other loans and Discounts Other Real Estate (Including Fura. & Fixtures) Other Assets TOTAL RESOURCES LIABILITIES: : ••= • Capital Surplus Undivided Profits Reserves, (retirement acct for preferred Capital) Other Reserves Deposits Other Liabilities TOTAL LIABILITIES 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 407,961.27 699,438.05 421,128.76 307,872.80 407,148.60 247,862.56 307,200.08 259,462.01 610,092.87 £7,828.50 550.95 137,482.75 288,510.90 338,036,64 620,652.32 •55,537.04 223,129.79 278,002.30 481,909.87 908,139.78 22,373.57 326,460.00 195,652.43 592,899.64 859,233,63 18,187.24 1,091,270.00 44,653.15 600,511.62 ' 805,304.83 2.00 260.00 1944 To Sept. 30 594,518.41 1,359,500.00 43,267.15 625,688.80 1,001,895.03 2.00 260.00 $1,900,958.24 2,139.657.70 2,334,684.07 2,300,305.74 2,949,150.20 3,625,131.39 199,500.00 29,500.00 48,315.05 1,612,678.77 10,964.42 199,500.00 29,500.00 68,288.77 1,829,986.83 12,382.10 199,500.00 29,500.00 102,229.29 1,987,291.42 16,163.36 192,000.00 50,000.00 30,247.97 2,005,634.85 22,422.92 192,000.00 50,000.00 11,549.26 25,000.00 1,250.00 2,635,128.14 34,222.80 150,000.00 50,000.00 54,745.74 17,375.00 3,314,332.80 38,677.85 $1,900,958.24 2,139,657.70 2,334,684.07 2,300,305.74 2,949,150.20 3,625,131.39 CUMBERLAND'S-POST-WAR- PLANNED-BANK DEDICATED TO A POLICY OF SERVING THE PEOPLE OF THIS COMMUNITY IN ALL PHASES OF THEIR FINANCIAL REQUIREMENTS WITH: F.H.A. 4Vi% 20-25 YEARS TERMS FOR AMORTIZATION. Monthly payments include principal, interest, taxes and hazard insurance for purchasing, and refinancing properties. PEOPLES FAMOUS VICTORY MORTGAGE LOANS designed to adjust war time budgets and consolidate all outstanding indebtedness into one mortgage providing for long term repayment, monthly like rent including taxes and hazard insurance. PEOPLES NATIONALLY FAMOUS HOME OWNERSHIP SAVINGS CLUB. Organized as a savings and informative program that aver 200 people are saving and planning to build or purchase their home in the Post War period. You are cordially invited to join at no cost or obligation of any nature to receive the benefits of monthly meetings of the club, literature covering the many phases of home construction and ownership and the counsel of your firfancial program. • PEOPLES BUDGET LOANS. Loans for everyone for every legitimate purpose at bonk interest rates, no loan too small, repayment in equal monthly installments. • COMMERCIAL CHECKING ACCOUNTS. Accounts invited, small and large. 0 PEOPLES E-Z TAX PAYMENT PLAN which pays your Real Estate taxes and you repay' in equal monthly installments to gain Discounts. • SPECIAL CHECKING ACCOUNTS. Fifteen checks for $1.00 (6%c each) no othei charge : of any nature made. No charge for deposits or minimum balance. Make your account a Special Checking Account and SAVE! • SAVINGS ACCOUNTS. 196 interest payable March and September 1st. • SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES. « WORLD WIDE REMITTANCE OR COLLECTION SERVICE (except enemy countries). Letters and Credit and .Travelers Checks. • MANUFACTURER - DISTRIBUTOR - DEALER SERVICE. This, is a new service inaugurated by (he Peoples Bank designed to bring Production and distribution -— together on a sound basis 1o better serve our community with the aid of our financing from raw material to the finished products with field service and counsel placed at your disposal. If you contemplate entering into or expanding your business in the post war period let us discuss our plan with you. • G-1 BILL OF RIGHTS. Loons for veterans to purchase, build or refinance homes, farms (farm machinery, live stock or equipment). To purchase business, land, buildings, equipment, material or inventory at 4% interest up to twenty years to repay by equal installments, which may not require any cash down payment by the veteran. Cumberland'. Poif-War-P/anned Sank Peoples Bunk of (lunihcrtuiul Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation i-'J

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