The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 29, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1977
Page 5
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e TEL. SEYMOUR 092 Nmv Vork Oftlco: 270 LAFAYETTE ST. CAnul tt-7468 BEACON MANUFACTURING CO. SCREW MACHINE PRODUCTS 1'. O. Box SD SEYMOUR, CONN. c PEERLESS LAUNDRY 1-JMJllilorcrM . Dry Clriinnrs 180 NO. MAIN ST. Nun Kiit ICC k OH3-I WALTER UONCAL Mutionry of all kinds SOFiilrelilldSt, Tul. B1U2 Muy We Servo All Your Needs In Dry GoodH KENNEDY DRY GOODS STORE 1H<J Church St. — Tel. 3491 Nuutfatuclc AND evicts PER/ONALITIE/ > A By DOROTHY M. BEAN - '^ A. D. Thurston's Sons Carrier EGGS FLORA'S I'OULTKY RANCH Established 1D.HO FLORA K. I'INKIIAM lMn«s UrhlKO - Uoucun Fitllw Lord's Servicenter 'Service for Everyone 1 ' LUBRICATION - TIKKS IK! N. Main St. ' Tel. 4893 Duren Roofing: Co. Roofing - Siding - InsuluUon 48 HAMONA AVKNUK Wuterbury — Till. 3-7IH3 BUY YOUR BLANKETS NOW IH - .1113.1)5 50c Down Gives you u blanket In September UOSTON STORK Dry Goods 70 CHUltCH ST. TKL. 5«50 LEO'S WELDING Iron Work of All" Designs "We Go Anywhere" Tei. Waterbury 4-18SO LEO BRITES SERVICE STATION 1515 S. Main St. Wuterhury Mechanical Faults Become Trivial At HubbelTs Station RELIABLE GRAIN and FUEL CO. LKIUG1I VALLEY COAL—ATLANTIC FUEL and RANGE OH, Fertilizers — Poultry Equipment — Bnby Chlckn Field and Garden Seeds 5 Church St., 'Naugatuck Phone 3076 Tailor Clu:in(!r.s - Uycr.s I'rt* Delivery D, Lieberman 2U CHURCH ST. One'of the seven blue und silver transport carriers hearing the, D. Thurston's Sons name familiar to all In the borough und every point In the state. The local Ice -company, established more than 42- yeurs ago developed It*.oil and oil burner section In 1930, mid begun from "the waterfront to you" schedule In 19X5 to keep an adequate supply of oil on hand in the 250,000 gullon tanks shown In the buckgroum). Auto Body Work Donu Hy C'AIU, lit Rubber Ave. Garage 130 Idlhhrr Ave. Tol. SHAKER'S AUTO Maintenance Complete Auto Service Body Work Day and Night Road Service 13:t5 SOUTH MAIN STREET Wuturhurv Phone 5-12S8 Night Calls - Phono S-U708 £v*^**++*r++f****r-r****>+*****^f~~*--~ l ; D. Thurston's Sons |: Ice Company OIL BURNERS I FUEL OIL TMIUHKK AVKNUK NuiiKittuck 221!!) DUNNE BROTHERS Automotive 'Service 2'1-Hour Komi Service l.nlirlriitliii:—U'imliiiiR Tin'—llntli-rli-n—.Uw-i'Hi'x 3flO SOUTH MAIN STR'KKT \ViiCorlniry — Ti-1. 3-0082 J Vic's Smoke Shop dimly, lei- Crciun, Soft Dr'nks Mutfiiy.liU'N, Toys 4 CHURCH ST. Nuucuturk KAT IN COMFORT In Our Dining Room TEDDY'S DINER South Mill II St. Tel. 4890 HY-LITE Plating Co. Inilimtrliil I'littliiB— ITi-i'lMliiii HiitliiK llwurilllvr I'luLllIK Hill Illllilirr Airmir NAUdATl'CK. C'ONNKCTIOIIT I', (). llu< I'JII Buckingham Roller Rink ori'".N KVEBY EVENING and SUNIIAY AFTERNOON Spi-cliil Instruction ClasHc* Man.. Frl., Sun. in GRAND ST. WATERB'URY Joe's Restaurant FINK FOOD und LIQUOR Sprcllil Attontllun for WmldliiK PurtU'M 183 MAIN ST.. SEYMOUR Tel. George J. Demers ROOFING OF ALT, TYI'KS G'liliiutiiyM Cli'iincd, 147 CITY HILL ST. DiNAPOLI'S RESTAURANT 1)15 BANK ST. WATERBURY FREE PARKING Entertainment Nlgbtly DANCING Thurs. - Fri, - Sat. -^- Ken Thompson Trio Floor Show Saturday BEST FOOD IN TOWN 0 SteukN • LolMtor DcllclouN Sandwiches Valley Welding Has Sub-Contract Work, Individual Clients When large industrial plants iind busy contractors arc looking for someone to do sub-contract work, you', know that that someone has to-'be exceptionally well qualified in his particular line. That Is .-why you can be pretty confident when obtaining 1 Edward J. Alexander .of Garden street, proprietor of the Valley Welding and Fabrication works, to do your work. Mr. Alexander, un Army veteran, is not u novice in the welding business ,and his superior workmanship has \von him credit and acclaim throughout the borough and vicinity. Industrial plants call upon him to do fabrication work for the most purt. and in this art he fashions trailers, special tanks, machine baseji and other article?, from metal. ' But, Mr, Alexander'does net contribute all his time to contractors and manufacturers, for the main feature of his business lias been designed to accommodate individual clients. This feature is his portable! welding service—a service so slylod that it may be taken into the most remote sections of rural areas and yet be operated successfully. The up-to-ciute equipment includes o >100 ampere welding current generator, which enables him to conduct light IJ r heavy activities in any location. Mr. 'Alexander, who has boon in the business for two years, knows his power tools and metals, for besides being an Instructor of bomber j mechanism, armament and other machinery while in the .service, ha bus also been a student of metallurgy and tool engineering. Vacation Equipment, Toys At Selrite Juvenile Furniture Co. Some mothers although thcy ; love their childi-cn, just rh-eiid the summer months "when kiddies are out of school and tearing around the house all day. We won't rave about planning activity, heca.use in the first place somothlnp- always • seems to> pro wrong- v/ith plans, and in thy second place youngsters have 'a fti-on.t power 1!" Imagination that enables them to provide their own enter- tulnmoivt. However, they Jlrst must have fundamental equipment or toys to promote these fantastic "games," and a dandy place to ncnuire these properties is at the Solrite Juvenile Furniture Co., <!70-472 South Main street. Watorbory. Parnnts will find their nerves much loss rugged and patience not quite '-a frayed if they provide their children with outdoor equipment such as swings, slides, bars or oandboxcs. For those rainy dax's just keep your youngster occupied and you'll keep from tearing your hair. There arc a hundred und one toys that will keep i\. child's attemion for hours On end ar.d they have so much fun with them too. All these things you can And at •the Selrite company :Uonp with various other articles. Ernest R. I Carosella, owner and operator of the concern will promptly assist you in making selections of children's furniture, baby carriages, play pens, bassinettes, bathanettes, high chairs scooters, wagons and toys. Besides this complete line, he also has a. full religious stock of medals, statues pictures and rosa- rys. The firm is continually expanding its lines to include other items to accommodate the ever growing patronage. One of the store's features, which is appealing to parents who frequently hold parties for their offspring 1 is a leafless extension table, so constructed that it eliminates the bother of pushing leaves into regular extension tables, and merely pulls out like a roll top desk to the desired length. Com- fortobly seating- ten people, it is one of the greatest assets a hostess can have. And here's just another thought —SelriU's toy'department, is a wonderful place to find that certain gift. North America is said to possess more than one-half of all of the world's wealth. More than 600 million dozens of doughnuts were consumed In the United States in ID'M. After V-J Day, nearly a year o, you might have been one o: those persons who planned on t bright, new, rshiny car. With the war won und in a happy frame o: mind, many fulled to realize thai it would be a long, long- time before cars were in abundance on the market. However, the majority have come to that realization, and the old jalopy hau hud to do. Wilt, wit most of the cars being- four and ive years old ut the very least, knocks, rattles, clanks and other annoyances have taken over full force. It's a sad state of affairs when one laments over mechanical difficulties, for the person who can make them seem trivial is Ever- >tt Sevcrson at Hubbell's Service Station, 195 Rubber avenue. We might even call him a motor doc- Lor, for if there is anything wrong with your vehicle's mechanism Mr. Severson will diagnose and correct the fault In record time. Not only does the station give mechanical assistance, for It is an agency of Socony products and Mobile gasoline, and Hubbell's specializes in a lubrication service that is hard to beat at any place. Manager of the station is Franklin J. Hubbell, who only in May returned to civilian life. He be- lievcB in giving everyone a square deal, and his customers are receiving the same high-grade service \as prior to the war years. | The station is acquiring the most modern and up-to-the-minute equipment and it is expected with its expansion problem once underway that Hubbell's will stand among the leading service stations in the state. DANCING EVERY NIGHT — Specializing In — Lobsters Ai Kansas City Steaks SUNDAY DINNERS 12:00-9:00 V. E. GUSTAFSON — Patent ModlcUuvi — Liinelnx>notto - Ico Cre,t»m Groceries - MuKi«l"P* 1UO Rubber Avo. Phone 4»1W Fred's Grocery Finest Fruits and 37 HIGH ST. Tel."4»08 Tel. 6-1X132 Established ROCKWOOD SIGN CO. "SlKns thut Tnlk" L. J. WERZINCER, Owner 35 Center Struct REAR Wutprbury, Conn. F i . HADIO SERVICE ' 20 Years Experience ' Pickup and Delivery 1760 EAST MAIN ST. Hamilton Theater Building Waterhury — Tel. S-M07 HUBBELL'S SERVICE STATION Lubricating- Specialists GAS - OIL - REPAIRING IDS Rubber Avo. Tel. 4»*7 LOG'S BAR and GRILL Oe BRIDGE STREET Tel. 4897 Teddy's Diner Late Saturday Night Spot For 'Burgs, Coffee Perhaps one of the most fafcinn.t- inf,' operations to watch In that of a diner, where countermen must always be on thu alert to Give the speediest of scrvlco. Prompt and clliclcnt service is •wHnlt is expected by customers Hlttln? at a counter, Cor usually they have no time to wtuite, but must bo served quickly and sent on their bus.'.:iess completely satisfied. Counter customers hear a peculiar InnK^'tjc, one made up by restaurant mfn lo expedite service. Toddy's Dlnor on South Main street is no d'/fercnt ii< thnt phase of its OBuM'f.tlen. but for the pet-son who !it:f3 to c!it leisurely, it has an outs'jiindinp feature of operating- a KooJ-sized dining room in the rear of the diner proper. Although the same fast service Is plvcn in the dining room, ono Is not aware of the rush and hustle \vh<;n counter sci-ved. Toddy's is a favorite late Saturday nifc'ht s'top of people who have been to the theater," dancing- or otherwise celebrating the wcek-nd. A well-known expression is, "We'll moot you at the diner." And you know they moan Teddy's. That's the night _when hamburgers with or without', and delicious hot coffee really nra a must, and both ara of the fin^-.t quality at the diner. Theodore and Thomas Dionisio, veterans of the armed /orces, have been successfully operating the diner for the past 14 months, cater- g' to an extremely large clientele r 20 and 22 hours o, day. BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCHEON nr\ c Served from ll:«o I \J to 2:W» P. M. 23-25 Harrison Ave. NO 20% TAX IN OUR COCKTAIL LOUNGE EXCEPT ON SATURDAY We Cater to Banquets, Wedding Parties, Etc. A Ki'w Sli'iiK I'Voin A 7(197 I'Volm,,.*!. I'hu'n ™" ' «" ' • DISCUSS YOUR PLANS NOW • ESTIMATES SUBMITTED • NEW CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING Matty J. Karbowicz Office: 193 Rubber Ave ' Tel. 38C5 MECCA Where to go for Leading Musical Instruments Also Guaranteed Rebuilt Instruments Sold For Appointment Call 4-1422 Open Thurs. & Frl Until 8:30 MUSIC CO. VINNIE'S Highway Restaurant ] Ionic-Cooked Meuls Beer and Liquors 1449 SOUTH MAIN ST. Wnterbury Tel. 8-9D80 "Murphy" Gustafson Likeable Man, Has Up-To-Date Store There isn't space enough to go into the complete background of how "Murphy" Gustafson acquired his nickname, but connected with it is a success story to be spelled with a .Capitol S. "Murphy" is probably one of the most likeable people you'll run into in Naugatuck,. that attribute alone being one of the reasons folks enjoy trading in his neighborhood store at 169 Rubber avenue. First impressions usually are asting, and we can almost guarantee once you patronize Gustafson's you'll return again and again. The 'ood-sized store is well-organized and clean. The latter fact is all important You pi'jbably can recall when i .vus actually dangerous to buy sof drinks and other treats at foun tains, where the method of dish washing was to slosh everything through the same container o; lukewarm water. Thankfully, all that is in the past .and at Gustafson's you can be Kure at the new all steel fountain your sodas and sundaes come in the most carefully cleansed dishes. Although Gustafson'a is not a drugstore in the accepted sense, His interior is quite similar. One section differs considerably, however, due to its being a grocery section established to accommodate residents requesting items after regular groceries closed for the day.' A complete stock of patent medicines, greeting cards, toys, stationery, cosmetics and other accessories is available at V. E. Gustafson's. The business has been conducted by Mr. Gustafeon, his wife and son since 1933, and nowhere in the borough will you find a more modern establishment of its kind. Customers are accommodated in a courteous and capable manner, whish proves why there Is a steady flow of patrons throughout the day re f fit Fine Wines and Liquors Imported und Domestic LIQUOR !• STORE 72 CHURCH ST. PHONE 5124 PAIS - INC. Telephone 2226 It's Worth a Trip to V«cJ Market For Fluent Foods 51 Spring St. Union City Phone Naugtttuck 4070 PRINTERS SINCK 1889 Bob's Garage DODGE and PLYMOUTH Service und Parts Factory-Trained Mechanics 157 N. Main St. NaugatuoU LEYNARD'S Children's Clothes 170 CHURCH ST. Tel. 5990 Quality DYERS JACK'S AUTO BODY IOC So, Main St. TeJ. 0159 and Our Modern Cleaning Plant Assures You Better Cleaning- ji 5 No. Main St., Naugutuck; ***++++++*+•***+*»***+*+++*+*++ FOR FAST SERVICE ROLLER'S CLEANERS Pickup and Delivery •27 X. MAIN St. UNION CITY Tel. Nauru tuck 5101 PHONE DERBY 3489 Walsh's Green Acres Catering- to Wedding", Banquets, Parties, Choice Foods and Liquors Derby Avenue Seymour SAVE i; As You Buy WE GIVE Green Stamps With Every Purchase ISAACSON'S INC. QUALITY DRY GOODS SEYMOUR . J For Vacation and Travel Needs J Locker and Steamer j| Trunks, from $11,85 . Dress Trunks—SO In $52.50 Wardrobe Trunks—36 in. $32JSO plus tax. | JOHN J. CONNOLE J; TO Grand St. Wtbry. Tel. 4-7S83 HOME COOKED FOODS Beer — Wine — Liquor* Valley Grill 158 No. Main St. TeL 4859 MOVING and TRUCKING Moving to AJ1 Conn. Potato Peter Moruska NAUGATUCK. CONN. PHONE 2580 or C112 Stoves Moved Refrigerators Moved Clyne Glass Shop Table Lamp« $7.95 up Bed, Boudoir Lump* $3.95 up Gifts of All Description* Realistic Artificial Flower* ; JOMcpblne Manzo, Prop. | 29 HARRISON AVE. '• Waterbury Tel.| 4-4S4S ; THK White Meat Market and GROCERY FRUITS — VEGETABLES John Gunpar, Prop. 157 RUBBER AVE. DIAL 8580 AIRPORT DINER At Bethany Airport Operated by Ex-G.I. MAURICE j. JOLLY Amity Road, Bethany Three Oaks Convalescent Home Naugatuck Road Platts Mills TEL. 3354 • BANQUETS • WEDDINGS • PRIVATE PARTIES Wines — Beers — Liquors Riverview Inn — Seymour 688 DERBY RD. — Ansonio. 3499 — Derby 3499 Farm population of the U. S. in 'lb-10 was 30,151,076. a decrease of about 6,000 since 1930. The V & H Trucking Company Excavating — Trucking: — Driveways — Road Construction The Seymour Sand & Stone Company Washed Screened Sand.— Washed Crushed Gravel Quarried Granite Building- Stone 482 NO. MAIN ST. — TEL. SEYMOUR 2531 Dutch Door Cholc. Llduorn STEAK — CHOPS — SEA FOOD 7 BROAD STREET — SEYMOUR Hot Weather Not Considered By Fans Of Buckingham Rink Wanna bet there was a capacity crowd at the Buckingham Kollei Rink. Ill Grand street! Waterbury during that scorchlnp. sweltering heat wave we had not too long UfTO? We'll waper there was. because no matter how warm the weather, th'ere is a certain fascination In the exhilarating sport, which never permits a fan to neglect It. The roaring of smooth mctnl upon highly polished floors is a thrilling sound even to those not participating, and the case in which roller skaters perform makes the lookers-on feel that the routine is simple and one worth trying. There are very few of the watchers that won't (it some time try their skill on skates, and a goodly number become proficient in the art, find it' an excellent hobby, or an outlet for pent-up energy. Many Naugatuck residents patronize the rink, which was taken over by Patsy Pattonelli and Christopher Barbierrl on May 15 of this vear. Mr. Pattonelli,. who is a professional ukater, is a veteran of the U. S. Army and besides hold; njr the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Infantryman's badge and Good Conduct medal, also received the Crolx de Guerre, • Glcnwood • Ostermoor and Red Cross Mattresses • Emerson and Sonora Radio, • Kclvlnntor Refrigerators • ABC Washers und Ironera • Bcndlx and May-tag Washers Agents for All the Better Types of Furniture SEYMOUR FURNITURE COMPANY 20 BANK ST. TEL. 2307 — Seymour — Radiators Flushed Oil - GreoNtnc Tiro Repair Washing MIKE'S SEBVJCK lTJ.Alk.1^ 0 15 BRIDGE ST. UNION CITY Naugutuck 4926 SELRITE Juvenile . Furniture Co. TOYS - GIFTS 470-172 South Main Street Wuterbury, Conn. Tel. 4-4724 BANQUETS WEDDLNGS Phone 3408 PARADISE INN Wm. Pottbecker, Prop. FINEST FOODS Choice WIno - Liquor* Wakelec Terrace, Ansonla, HORNBECKER'S Buck's Hill Tel. 4-8420 Wtby. HOME COOKED FOOD We Cuter to Family Dinners Office Parties, Bunquets, Showers, Etc. Prospect St. Garage At Prospect St. and Locust PARSONS SCREW PRODUCTS CO. Quality Headed and Automatic Screw Machine Products RUBBER AVE - NAUGATUCK VALLEY WELDING and Fabrication Works 'The Portable Welding Service Tel. 5492 Darra-Jamea Corp. MILL SUPPLIES POWER TOOLS 22 Savings St. Waterbury Tel. 5-2241

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