Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1974 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1974
Page 11
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Thui-sday, September HOPE (AfcK.) StAtt Page Leading firm selling Blast damages house, injures woman Canal exten§it>ll 4 ruled Olit' •'. • '•- ' • . ' ; *S^ ' •• , _^.. .. , -aai«i^_»,. ... - • •*£ mjHuf/ %. . 1»,i,*«* ,^ • ' -. . ' • ulcer-causing drug WASHINGTON (AP) - A leading pharmaceutical firrti is selling in almost every country except the United States a drug it has known for nearly 10 years causes ulcers in mon« keys, a Senate committee has been told. Subpoenaed testimony before a Senate health subcommittee also disclosed that Ciba-Geigy Corp. allegedly withheld adverse information about it's "Slow-K" potassium supplement from the Food and Drug Administration until a former Ciba executive blew the whistle. , Slow-K is undergoing clinical trials in American patients now, pending FDA approval for marketing as a prescription drug in the United States. The drug is designed to replace the potassium lost by patients taking cosureties for fluid loss. Some medical experts say orange juice and bananas achieve the same result. Tulane University medical professor F. Gilbert McMahon, a Ciba vice president for three years, confirmed that it was he who tipped the FDA on May 26, 1972, of company studies showing that Slow-K caused gastric ulcers in monkeys. Ciba had applied to the FDA on Aug. 27, 1971, for permission to conduct experimental studies with the drug prior to seeking marketing approval. McMahon, who spent eight years with drug companies and 24 years in clinical pharmacology and human research, emphasized that he was appearing under subpoena and that he had no ax to grind with the FDA or the pharmaceutical in* dustry. The Ciba monkey studies had been performed by Dr. Albert Earl in early 1965. He left Ciba in 1969 after 21 years with the firm.. introduced into the hearing record was a memo prepared for, but never signed by, Dr. j. Richard Crout, then director of the FDA's Office of Scientific Evaluation, recommending that legal action be considered against Ciba for not submitting the monkey studies. FDA investigators sent to check out McMahon's tip were told by Ciba on Aug. 18, 1972, that the data had been overlooked, according to the memo prepared by Dr. E. DeVaughn Helton, then head of the FDA's team investigating cardiovascular drugs. "Although we recognize that the firm eventually submitted the data, it is our opinion that the firm has violated the law by omission of 'material information...,'" said the memo prepared by Belton. Crout said on Wednesday he could not recall the memo or why he didn't send it to his predecessor at the Bureau of Drugs. Among some Moroccan tribes, women play ball to bring on rain. That's a lot of RBIs- rains batted in! Louisiana having trouble with too many gators NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Ixmisiana's alligator population is estimated at more than 300,000, increasing and becoming a worsening threat to other wildlife. Allen Ensminger, chief of the refuge division for the Louisiana Wild Life and Fisheries Commission, says 50,000 could be hunted and killed each year without affecting the growing population... But they cannot be killed, he said, "because some ecology nuts in Connecticut and California were able to force through Congress last year a bill making alligators an endangered species." "Something has got to be done," he warned. "Over in Cameron, Vermilion (parishes), there are some 25,000 to 30,000 alligators on private fur refuge lands. The 'gators are destroying fur-bearing animals. "Landowners threaten that unless there is controlled harvest of the 'gators to balance the population, they are going to close their eyes to the destruction of the 'gators to protect their other interests. You can't blamt them." Esminger said a full-grown, 400-pound alligator consumes 40 to 70 pounds of food—frogs, fish, corn, baby calves,, .deer a week. The state arranged a controlled alligator hunting season in September last year. About 3,000 were taken and sold for $271,000, an average of $100 a hide. Esminger estimates Louisiana trappers could earn $4.5 million a year from the hides if hunting were legal. Louisiana has asked that alligators be taken off the endangered species list. BOBCAT OR RAZORBACK RED ALSO WHITE Personalised water repellent Shirt JaC with i > ai no additional cost •- - • . —Hope (Ark.) Star photo by Roger Head AN EXPLOSION BELIEVED caused by gas blew out the side wall of this three-room house on 227 East Seventh Street about 9 a.m. Wednesday, and sent Virgie Lee Nelson to Memorial Hospital with serious burns. She was transferred later to Little Rock. The house belonged to O.N. Dennis, but was rented to Mrs. Nelson. Firemen believe that a stove was on in the center room, but not burning. Mrs. Nelson was in the kitchen when the explosion occurred. Firemen said they found towels, curtains, and tablecloths burned. Mrs. Nelson's clothing was also burned. Road show idea not too popular WASHINGTON (AP) — A circus-tent road show with hymns and patriotic displays being considered by the Agriculture Department to calm public fever over food prices is producing a chill among some members of Congress and consumer spokesmen. Ralph Nader called the plan—still waiting on official USDA approval—an attempt by Secretary of Agriculture Earl L. Butz to brainwash consumers. Sen. George S. McGovern, D- SMD., described the project as "Dr. Butz's travelling medicine show" and said the department should worry more seriously about the plight of farmers and consumers. "Perhaps some of our older citizens and others on fixed incomes .would prefer .less - elec* Ironic hoople from the administration's public imagemakers and more substantive explanations why their food prices go higher and higher, while farmer and ranchers are going broke and middlemen's profits keep increasing," McGovem said. The comments followed disclosure Wednesday that an aide to Butz proposed the tent show and that it should visit cities across the country to correct what he described as "the distorted view" consumers are getting. Rep. W. R. Poage, D-Texas, chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, said the proposal is "not the kind of thing that would occur to me" and added he would remain neutral until he knew more about it. But Rep. Spark M. Matsunaga, D-Hawaii, said USDA "has lost touch with reality" and will be a laughingstock if the plan is adopted. And Rep. Benjamin S. Rosenthal, D-N.y., said it was an "outrageous idoa".'<in4ts>>entirety.••>-••' •" •»• A spokesman for the department's Office of Communication said numerous calls were received after the tent show plan was disclosed, most of them either wanting more information or in criticism of the plan. No cost estimates were available, but officials said the proposal—still alive for consideration—might involve financial backing from the food industry. As proposed, the show would be directed at convincing consumers that U.S. food prices are the lowest in the world and that Americans really are getting bargains. The show would include pageantry and music calling attention to the American history of food and farmers, beginning with the Pilgrims and concluding with this fall's harvest. OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) The UMS. Corps of Engineers has decided that a proposed extension of the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas ftivef Navigation Way to the Oklahoma City area is economically infeasible. Disclosure of this ruling came Wednesday night from Col. John G. Driskill, the corps' Tulsa district engineer. It ended eight years of study by Army engineers and marked the second time in nine years the corps had pronounced the project unjustified. "There simply would not be enough savings on the projected traffic on the extension to justify expenditures for its construction," Driskill told a small audience at a meeting in the stale Capitol. He stressed, however, that the study on plans to bring water for household consumption from southeastern Oklahoma to the central region of the state is continuing. "The water conveyance system is alive and well," Driskill said. "Our studies on that will not be completed until fiscal year 1976—late summer of next year or early fall. Part of the water conveyance system now includes building a reservoir near Arcadia. Driskill said that reservoir, which had been part of the canal, has been found justified by itself but added the corps is trying to overcome "a water quality problem in connection with that project. The water would not be drinkable at this point, but we are working on that." He said the Army engineers decided extending the Arkansas River canal to Oklahoma City would not be feasible because yearly benefits from the waterway would amount to only $11.7 million while yearly costs of building, operating, maintaining and paying interest for construction of the canal would amount to $61.6 million. The waterway connecting Oklahoma City with the Gulf of Mexico was first proposed in the mid-l940s by the late Oklahoma Sen. Robert S. Kerf. Actual planning of the system which uses the Arkansas River to connect Tulsa, Muskogee, Fort Smith, Ark. t and Little Rock, Ark., with the Gulf did not begin until 1956. At that time plans called for Oklahoma City to be a pafl of the canal. But in 1965 the corps fuled the Central Oklahoma pfdjeet was ecbflbmically ihfeasibte. Oklahoma ebftgressmeft per* suaded the Congress le allocate funds to the corf)s to festudy the project itt.'lSBfl, and thai study now is finished. Kissinger is rejected as mediator on Cyprus issue UNITED NATIONS, N,Y. (AP) — Greece has ruled out Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger as a mediator in Its deadlock with Turkey over the future of Cyprus. "I don't see the role of Henry Kissinger as a mediator trusted by us and trusted by the Turks," Greek Foreign Minister George Mavros told a news conference.on Wednesday. Mavros'said he could understand Kissinger's interest in the Cyprus situation because of its danger to world peace. He said, "Any interest is well accepted, but not as an official mediator." Kissinger in July tried without success by telephone and through Undersecretary of State Joseph J. Sisco to avert the confrontation between Greece and Turkey. Recently he appeared to be moving gradually into a new major peacemaking effort on the order of his shuttle diplomacy between the Arabs and Israelis last winter. After a cordial meeting with Mavros on Tuesday, Kissinger hinted to a newsmen he might stop in Cyprus during his trip to the Middle East next month. "The United States is prepared to do what is useful to bring about a fair and workable solution, including possibly my direct involvement," he said. Kissinger also talked on Tuesday with Turkish Foreign Minister Turan Gunes and scheduled additional meetings with both Gunes and Mavros after his return to New York Sunday night. But neither the Greeks nor Turks have ever asked Kissinger publicly to intervene, Greek hostility toward the United States erupted during the Turkish invasion because Kissinger failed to prevent the invasion and then failed to check the Turkish advance. There were anti-American demonstrations in Athens and other Greek cities, with chants and placards denouncing "Killer Kissinger. 1 " Although both Mavros and Gunes are in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, they refuse to see each other, diplomats said. The diplomats disclosed, however, that the two governments have maintained contact through West Germany, one of the few European countries continuing to have equally good relations with both Ankara and Athens. LOSE WEIGHT THIS WEEK Odrinex can help you become the trim slim person you want to be. Qdrlnex Is a tiny tablet and easily swallowed. Safe and effective when taken as directed. No starving. No special exercise. Get rid of excess fat and live longer. Odrinex has been used successfully by thousands all qver the country for 16 years. Odrl- nex Plan Is available In regular and Urge economy ske. You must lose ugly fat or your money will be refunded by your druggist. No questions asked. Accept no substitutes. 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Be ness of baking soda. c Q-824 g on any size package 8 ofnewPeakToothpaste, I m NOTICE TO DEALER YOU are authorized to act as our agent rx for the redemption of this coupon in accordance with the n terms thereof- We will reimburse you for the face amount of I- the coupon, or if the coupon calls lor free goods, we will reim- <J~> burse you for such free goods, plus 3C per coupon for han- I dling; provided you and the consumer have complied with the terms of this offer. Presentation for redemption wtbout > such compliance constitutes fraud. Invoices proving purchase vt sufficient stock of our brand(s) to cover coupons •_ mgat presented for redemption must be shown upon re- I K \ quest and failure to do so will at our option void all I j coupons subrnitted for redemption for which such proof is not shown.This coupon is non-transferable and apod only on brand(s) specified. 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