The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 29, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1977
Page 4
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imrinTrr V «™™t»*-. P, B .ldont and Pi.Dll.hef KntoroU 'u «econd clou matter at the poat office in w Naugatuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION KATES Payable in Advance 1 month Publahera MONDAY, JULY 20. Slow Shipping (jroa t Lakes .shipping l-as boon a local T ,oint I'm- tlu- tfCMierul industrial snalu ol this voar. The surius of events which WIll d«.' trouble lorvessol owners ami op ( , nit()rs JHsurnrnocl up ncmtly in the ciu- ,,,nt bullfti" of t.ho Lnl<o (.'arru-rs Asso- (M Tlu' 1 ' Ion- IVci^hUTS NVO.V fitU-.l out mul ,. L . mlv to rnov, in 'April, "lien ice could l,o l.rokou in tlu-. shipping di»»- n( .|.H. Tliu \vutfo soak- I'"' suirmMi was |)U ,]ic.l higher. C'oul and oro were- needed for civilian production. Then UK- c»'>l mi"' 1 ' 1 ** wt>llt °" S '', S.,m.. of tho ships v.-ntun'd up the akes will, a marginal .fuel supply to l>n,.W ( | (JWI1 what ore was ready to load. He,, tlu- ore miners went on str.ko. Coal H( .,, mt . so scarc-n the government. ruled that bunker coal be used only for hau - inyorainandcai-oeoal, neither ol wliii'h was available in lar-e, 1 hat was when the fanners were hold.n- >»c-k on deli vt.rintf tfrnin to the elevators. U lion fuel and tfriiin l«'K<"i «' ulr ' VL ' a - m "' tll( ; rjiilunmls, which haul the materials to and from ports, went on striko. Tli is year's car,u'o figures for the vessels, compared with last year's, amount lo about one-fourth as much iron ore, one- third as much coal, and one- halt' as much . . The experience of Hie lin'fit Lakes fleet, a great industry in itself which was the victim of upheaval in many other industries, shows in concentrated form the price the country paid'' for the confusion and strife of last spring, The bij; 1 businesses of America are so interdependent Unit I In; troubles of one inevitably spread to inaiiv others. Bonus Prospects Michigan's legislature is considering a special November bond issue fur $-70,()()(.),[)()() to pay each ex-serviceman ten dollars for every month of domestic service and fifteen dollars for each month xpL-nt overseas, with a maximum of $300 for each individual. Other states have already approved a bonus or are considering a plan like this. It has never been consistent with human nature to object to cash offerings, •whatever the particular reason, but right now there are a good many veterans who would rather see their stales put the moii"y into a practical solution of the housing problem. A few hundred dollars in hand are of little value to a man who can't find a place for his family lo live. French-American Due hundred American high school nnd college teachers have left for a two- month stay in France as guests of the 1'Vench government. They will spend some of their time studying Kroneh civilisation at the Sol-bonne. The purpose is to further understanding betwen the two conn- tries. This visit will greatly enrich the courses these teae.hers will give young Americans during the coming your, and such a program, which brings the best of Krance's rich unit lire to tho youth of the United States, will strengthen bonds between France and this country. Polio Season Infantile paralysis is here again. Summer is the season when it takes hold, nml riew cases have been reported in many .sections of the country. Parents can be on the alert for tho mosF usual symptoms—fever, headache, cold, upset stomach. Physicians make these recommendations: keep children under healthful routine with regular meals and sleep and no undue excitement; avoid swimming unless water is known to he clean; check purity of milk and drinking water; wasli raw fruits and vegetables before eating. At the first suspicion that a child is not well, it is advisable to have a doctor take a look immediately. JULY 29. '948 Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck New§ 20 Years Ago Mr. and Mrs. George B. Wool.son und sons o( Hillside avcnuu vacationed In Veernont.-., o—O—o Mrs, Edward Dalton of Prospect street visited friends In Albany, N, Y. 30 Years Ago Thomas Baxter, a olerk In Al Barrios' moat market, spent bin vacation In Bantam Luke, o—O—o George W. Andrew built a new residence In Mill- vllle. PARK IT AT THE DOOR U. S. Budget Chief Around The Clock Seen at the wrestling matches staged in Wu erburv last week: Ohet Usnkiewjcz, Hob Stauffer, Jack Healy Mr. ami Mu.. Kolaml he Belle, Mr. and Mib. Ohailos Gandarillas und Fred Bee, ey • ••• ^ Aliele's Male Waves defeated the Alc > •Morticians 3-2 in a. recent contest. Buddy fuCjaJk Darby and .lack A-l«nore o tho Thurston combine, arch rivals ot the Mortvs asked that this be brought to the attention of the Borough public. Eddie Nolde's Legion'team recei ™ d their uniforms the other day and the hovs look quite flashy wearing them. The t am, in the record which they've set thus far, are a credit to Commander George Lewis and his organization The Welcome Home Day plans are proceeding at a rapid pace according to all available reports. The event should prove to he the biggest of its kind that Naugatuck has seen of late years. Lot of modest fellows in town these davs. with cognomens such «* -PitUovicz, Kacwselunas and Mayor of MillviRe tly- in- around, taking credit for feats, which thcv under their new names, have accomplished. . . . Our vote for the gent in town with the best memory goes lo Charles Fellows, Sr., who'can tell you almost anything or everything that has occurred in the Borough during the last fifty years Marriages continue to take place at a rapid clip in the commu- Breaking all records. President Trumun nominated .lames K. Webb (alxjv.-), 33, Oxford NV C., to be Director of the JiudRCt. Webb will Huccix-.d Harold E. Smith, who rcNiened recently to become vice-president of tlic World Bank. (International Soundphoto) WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Coast (Copyright, 1946, by Th* Hearst Corporation) Another Biff Concessional scandal brewing—:over outright sale of West Point and Annapolis appointments .-The price,-'durinc the war, when it meant exemption, was S20,- 000 on the line... It will develop that some Of the cadets rented i-ooms iii-districts other than their residential homes, to qualify in the bailiwicks of the Hon. statesmen who designated them. Jim Kennedy just locked in the door and asked us for the 1946 World Series results. It seems as though Jim takes a great stock in our psychic ability. Those loud ovations yon heard hist week wore for Daniel Oemcke and the Community hand at the end of their open air band concert on tho green. There were loads of praises flying around with many- people expressing the wishj;hat another similar event be presented" in tfie near future. Major Jim Patterson, veteran of several campaigns with the Marine Corps, has resumed civilian status and makes as striking an appearance in mufti as was, the case when he wore the khaki or green of the Leathernecks. . . . Speaking of Marines, there's a special meeting tonight at The News Office to make plans for the dance of the local Marine Corps League at Linden Park Saturday. Sean Downtown: Dot Linskey going to the cinema for an evening's enjoyment. .... Ed Martinaitis discussing a recent fishing venture, on which many fish were reportedly caught, and where ex-navy man Martinaitis, and he didn't tell us this, got sea-sick when the boat was rocked. . . . Jimmy Ahern and! Ed Schml standing on corner and nodding to all passersby, . . . George Smith giving the walk light to two elderly maidens who wished to cross the street and Paul Buckmiller disappearing across the bridge in his new buggy. We almost forgot to mention that Pat Gallncci is driving a new car, . . . And the car is something worth -writing home about Capt. Bill Morris'is renewing old acquaintances around town. ... Bill will drop the uniform in favor of civvies later this month. HOMETOWN GIRL LOOKS GOOD— I rubbed my eyes!. .. .Yes, it was Peaches! Matronly, but far prettier than when she was the 14-year-old bride of the 56-year-old "Daddy" Browning, about 20 years ago; she has taken on poise.'dresses in perfect taste has turned into a lady What a time we reporters had os the ramirications of that story! ..Browning, a shrewd manipulator had several millions ...Peaches ( Frances Heenan) is here now, disposing of some of those hold! isjfs, which she got in hel ' d' vorcc settlement. She's married. for the fourth-time and plans to live in Sun Francisco. Browning was the most maniacal publicity hound I have ever met— and I have met plenty He built rows of metal vaults into his main office, and employed three women to file his clippings... Tf a news association sent out an item, he had It preserved in probably identical form, from hundreds of newspapers. .. .His clipping service cost him $-100 a week . He played with these printed pieces like a miser with his gold pieces -- counting, ;.'!oaUnpr, drooling-. His lawyer chanced to be a friend of mine....He dated me to meet him or. a certain 72d street corner. When I got there he was standing, with Browning, beside an Imported BlitKcn-Benz, a custom built limousine painted a deep purple. (It had belonged to Kaiser Wilhelm.) They invited me for a drive through the park....I was then editing feature pages with wide circulation .Browning started pleading with me to write and publish a series on his life story. ...I declined ..."Do you like this car?" asked Browning. Of course I did. "We-ll it's yours—and the chauffeur with it his salary paid in advance and deposited In any bank you name, for ten years!" I told him of and asked to be let out of the car. As it stopped he' said, "Think it over. I'll phone you tomorrow." I suid I wouldn't be in—tomorrow" I was Memorial Day... .'Sojt is—and I fnrgot about it," cried Browning. "I must call Peaches up right away —Atlantc City will be jammed for the holiday weekend!"... .Though they were separated at the time, he got faer to join him and they drove at top speed for the seashore town , . . .Noxt day the nation was flooded with photos of them in bathing suits, bearing a big "A"—monogram of the Ambassador Hotel there.... Thoy hadn't oven stopped long enough tn get their own togs hnarsal the Swoonslec did n .*-..,- peramentiil n!p-up wlien hf- dlncov- ered the program culled for Gillespie to solo 'Ole Man River' in front of chorus as first-act finale, nnd Slmitra. to do same as evening's wlndiip. The latter flatly stated lie, alone .would . >*; entrusted with It. costs about $8,000 a night to the gambling,- meccii in N.' ,J. Fleets of cars oprrute ' Two Accidental Deaths In Conn. Over Weekend Only onp drowninp: was reported in Connecticut ov*r the week-end. . sixtcen-yeai-rold Richard Condon, Jr... of WeSt.Sprinsfield, Mass., was drowned while swimming at Suffield. It was thought he suffered from cramps. At Stamford. 32 - year - old Mrs. Kathryn Wells Downs died from a fractured skull received when she fell down a flight of stairs. FINAL APPEAL Boston, July 2!J— CC P)— A final appeal will be made for John F. Noxon.Jr,, of Phthfield today. Xox- on's wife will plead with Governor Tobin for her husband's life. Shr- will ask that hiis sentence be commuted .to life imprisonment. >>"ox- on is sentenced to death for the murder of his imbecile infant son. leave nightly from Manhattan. .The | backers are New Yorkers ..... New I police.- regulation.. • requiring.' all 'bandsmen who plft.v in hotels be fingerprinted will embarrass some chore—or no dice on his., appear-1 of.our- favorite musicians — whose niice.'Bowl execs hastily capitulated to him und thumbed Gilliisple ntfht off,the' show. The sepia singer was promised his pay reptadless, hut at late hour lust nipht "mosey' had -not been tendered," — Dally Variety, Hollywood. • . ' 'Three years afro, just before hu loft for overseas as rtn Army light-- er pilot, Jay Gould 3d placed a records aren't all on -wnx. ...The Navy \vll fly Hie new Neptune P2V j around the .world with' one 1 'refuel-! inp stop. priceless emerald engagement on the linger of Shirley Patterson, blonde young protege of Katie Hepburn! He came back several months • ago .They, quarreled and parted. A few'days after their tiff, he wed Jennifer Bruce, daughter of the uctor Nigel Bruce. Two weeks ago they were divorced. Now Shirley Jim Monahan, XT. §>•. Rubber Exports executive, was in town for the weekend. . . •. . Jim recently returijfrd from two weeks in Mexico on business. . ... He made the trip by air. . . . We learn from reliable sources that Peter Brennan called the game at Linden Park Friday night because of darkness in the fifteenth inning. . . ; A.t that time the score-keeper reports a 2-2 deadlock between the local and Ansonia firemen: . . . Each side used 30 players. . Publicity, hysteria. Is a fnmillnu manifestation to newspapermen I've encountered It wherever I worked. Every city has Its own. ., . Tommy ManvlUe Is among the foremost His pet curtain speech to his wives Is, "Get out. .You're., not worth n line any more! (And a lot of ex-Public Relations Officers will tell you tha some of the Big Brass had It Just as bad!) Howard Hughes owns 450,000 shares of TWA, He paid $8 a share. This year, when It waa $71, Bache & Co. offered to buy it all. Due to market recession and Constellation j trouble, at this writing it is quoted | at 44 7-8... That's a paper loss of over $13,000.000 .. .Huches laughs, says It will come back. For Frankie-fans: "Music Row, ridged along Vine St. Is still chattering over Frank Sinatra threatening to stalk off the Jecome Kern memorial concert. In.. Hollywood Bow) Saturday night, if Nejfro Baritone William Gllk'SpIc vocalized nH scheduled. At the Friday. re- ar, d the Gould suion have taken up where they left off. The engagement ring, which she returned, is back on the proper linger. They expect to wed in Mcxica. or Nevada, as. soon as SJiirley~ can finish her picture, "And Sudden Death!" . .Hannah 'Wil'iams, exVMrs. Roger Wolfe Kiihn, ex-Mrs, Jack Oeinp- sey spends long evenings in a West- Chester bistro ,to be near a musician, her current thrill Townsend Netcher, Chicago department-store heir (whose mother sold out recently for S'lC.OOn.OOO) sends nylons, etc., to Put Klrkwood, his pet kutie The. wealthy, widow. Langford, whose husband's murder at Hotel Marqiicry is still unsolved, has :i new "protege," a European refugee dentist.. .JTorulmost Amber, Peggy Cummins dating.. Jack. Kennedy, son of tho former diplomat I>ick Noll, of Harry James 1 outfit, secretly mnrrled I.ucy Anne I'olk, of Kay Kayser's.... And Doris Lilly, whoso last boyfriend was Curios Salamanca-, I5olivi:ui ambassdor to the U. S Marie Windsor, Utah • Eeut.ih, who took over Broadway via staKe and radio is an ouistarider in Hollywood, where MetrcS-Goldsvyn-May- 1 or lifted her option . . .Ben Cbcjenus ring'and Casey Robinson who bouprht ' Hemingway's "Short and Happy Life of Francis Maco'mber" for poa- nuts ($55,000 worth) are aiming at an Oscar, no loss .. Pat O'Brien is trying to interest movie money in a screen biography of his pal. Mayor Bill O'Dwyer, Pat to ploy him . . .(With Abbott and Costello playing- two pruys named LaOuardia?) R&P .METAL WORKS 99 SO. MAIN STREET (Rear) Expert Welding of .Ml Types Forging. Sheet Metal and Ornamental St<>el Work Telephone G377 Postmasters Name Frank T. Green Postmaster Frank T. Green .of the Naugatuck Post OlHce was elected first vice-president of the STRATTON'S- RESTAURANT 18-20 Park Place Open Daily Until 1 A. M, • DAILY LUNCHEONS • tAND DINNERS • _A LA CARTE MENU Dining Room, Food Bar und Booth Service Full Liquor License Connecticut Chapter, tional Association of at its annual meeting New Haven. No. 21, Na- Postmasters. Saturday in Dr. Bluestone At Clinic Wednesday Dr. David Bluestone will be in charge of the Well-Child conference Wednesday nfternoon from 2 to 4 o'clock in the Red Cross chapter house on Church street. SWIMMER LOST Derby, July 27—(UP)—A veteran swimmer is feared to have drowned in the Housatonic river. Twenty- eight-ycar-old Joseph Montini dived switched to Jimmy Ritz—some par- j from a canoe and was not seen to lay. reappear. Police in motor boats have been looking for the body. Nisei Heroes Bound For Hawaii A member of the famous 442nd Combat Team of Japanese Americans, Robert Saito strums a guitar, while two of hl» buddies listen. They • were waiting- at a Staten Island, New York, pier to> embark for their • homes In Hawaii aboard the troopship Wuterbury Victory. (Interna- . tional) VACATION IS OVER! ! Let Us Take Care of That. PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK NOW! ! Closed Mondays During July and August Thibodeau Studio Neary BiCg.' Cnurch St. JUST RECEIVED Shipment of TABLE CLOTHS (Fancy Prints) 32 x 52 $1.95.^- $2.95 NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEL. 6130 Cars Called For and Delivered Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving!! , POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4935 FKED'S iri-WAY GRILLE 501 South Main St, Regular Dally Dinner 30c up A La C:irte Menu Spachnttl To Take Out Banquet Room, Co"Uta|| i.ounj a Full Liquor License WEDDING CAKES And Other Special Balling A Spwjully CITY BAKERY B. V. STOPPANJ. Prop. M:iplf» Street Telephone 3C7g VENETIAN BLINDS In Stork. Three O«jr Dtllrcrr. LISBON'S TKNBTIAW BLIND CO. tta «Co. MalB It. *-712I BOUGHT SOLD Rent a Trailer and Do That Job Vourself! ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TKI.KPIIONK Naurntuck SOW Ifflcr In L'niun City Iturdwiir* UMl. TOTE GRILLS The Complete Outdoor Fireplaces ALL TYPES OF RADIO REPAIR WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLET HARDWARE 102 CHURCH ST. Telephone 4086 BRING US I VACATION CLOTHES I FOR DRY CLEANING j EMBRUSKI ClCANtfi TA.ll.Ofl \-FtiooirO •151 No. Miiln Si, Trl. SSOV I'nlon OlUr WEDDING GIFT SPECIAL ELECTRIC PERCOLATORS with chrome tray, sugar and creamer, complete M. WOLFF S3 CKAND ST.. WTBRY • C REGISTER NOW KAI.l. TKK.M IIBUIXS SKIT. » UuxliH'-x AitmlnlHtrultau. Aooounl- IIIK. Swn'liiriiil. JUMOB ;OLLEGE \Vatcrbury POST COLLEGE 24 Central Ave. j STYLE VENETIAN ! BLIND SHOPPE I 85 Sprlnc St., Union City \ Tel. Naup. Gill — Wat, 4-932K * FELIX XARDELLO, Mcr. { Kiill mock of Mci'l iinil \\tma Mlnw • IlllndH rcimjr.-d, t*-tw|n'd. »!<•• Garden Hose Lawn Sprinklers Charcoal Grills Pittsburgh Paint GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAJPLE STREET (Acrowi from City Bakery) Free Delivery Telephone W 1C 532 NORTH MAIN ST Union City - Tel. 2683 DODGE SALKS — SERVICE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 5727 J. L. MAZILAUSKAS, Prop. . . ^ . • a m »>*t ELECTRIC BROILERS Electric Appliance Co. . l-«4 Baldwin «t. Wllt . - Trl. «-45-<2 Plastic Life Belts for Children to 14 Yrs. $1.98 Plastic Rings $2.79 BEACON KIDDIE CENTBB n GRAND STRMT _

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