The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 29, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1977
Page 3
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Now At Salem » Personal TOO At Outing I To Portray F. D. R. \Canteen Group Yesterday Of Catholic Women Scono from "i'omiff Widow" MurrlnK .June Kus.soll in u drnnm based 1,1, pust-vvnr pruliliim.s ulfcrtlnj; thousands of young American ivomi-n, "EASY TO WED" IS SHOWING NOW AT THE LOE^ POLI Now plfiylng at the Loew-Pnll Li tlie technicolor musical hit. "Easy to W«il," fllhiil with stars, lie /mil iiuighter. The Imigh-Jammud Mtory uf'ii. lady-killer whosi' ;una- tory i'Xpl»lt.>) land him with two wlvu.s turnlHlHiH 11 .ipru-kllng vehicle foe ihM tali-ntu at Van Johnson. KsUifir WillluriM, Luclllo Ball and Kcunun \Vynn. Tlio ouay to look ut M|MH Williams and tho Increasingly popular Van Johr.soii, who no>red toKnthur In "Thrill of u Romance" again prove tlieiiiaelveM an ideal couple, this ihri" not only In their romantic jjrnm-K but in tholr first song and Ounce nuuiboi' on the screuli. MUiH fin 11 and Wynn, coiiipleli-ly at home In thi- comedy flelil. wire nrver f'liinlci' than in their pre.'ient rfili-n til a respective diincer anil in.-w.s- tlii; altnr Is c.un.'itantly inlemi|)teil when Wynn gets himself into Jarnii. In I he present ln:itariRi-, Wynn': Is du« td his having c«lli;d Wlllluiri;; a "HuMband Mtmil- whlch I'esiultM in a unit for Wynn'.s Helieuie i:i for Vuri Jiihnuon to marry Miss Ball, then i-ntangh- hlnuir-lf with Ksther so tfifit fihu can t>o per.suadi-'d to drop , tier suit. Uiifiirc the finish, Van Johnson flndii lie has eritang hlmnolf In more ways than he cori- ti.-niplutod. Also on the same program I:; thi Ihi'illlru; "I>urk Alibi" with SUIne;, T-jli-r mi thii oiii.- and only Chin Chan. Watch him uniavel th^ i-rliiin by clear logic tt;ut IM fun elnatliiK to wntch. jam * M. Barry Keegan ? CANDID •VVKOIMNG 3JOOKS 108 liaiili, St. Waterhur.v IUdg. Tel, -l-,i;!H-l Lady's Stomach Was Like A Gay Factory; Meals Turned To Gas Onr> lady .-mid n-t-t-ntly thai hur xtoiiiiich used tci hi- like u "|;a>i fuetory'!' Tliat l.-i, when she ati' a meal It .-lei-iiieil t(j turn I'l^ht InUt heactJu:hi-M and cctiHtaut irregular nwful iitnmiich )ra.-i puliiM dally buwul action. Now, however, thl.-i lady miyx tthu hi I-'UKK of STOMACH C!AS and nlir says the <:hniiK'' l« due to tnkliij,- liirjli-MI'Jr.I 1 ', llei ini'iilfi iiK'i'i'O with hur. No KHM n: bloat after I'litlnj,'. H'>'i(l t ichr.*i ant! roriMttpatloii am KOIIC. "Oil! what rt-llefl" statii.-i thi slacly. "Why rlon'; cthoi' K nfcl and conflLipJition HUt'Ci-ff-n, Ki-t Krb-It«luV" ECH-HELl' cnntninsi 12 On-nt Ilei'b.i; thoy clt'iuiMr bowcl.M, eleai i;fl.i from Mtomauh, net on Hluj.'Kljih llvi-r and kldnupii. MI.M(irabli< pen idni't t:o "-'i iiiiffurlrti;! CJrt KRll- pic (toon fri-l different all ovur. S'. f-tlCr,!-, Sold by nil drui: .M(OIVM lu-r< Iti Niiuf:atuck,--Aclv. "ANNA AND KING OF SIAM" CURRENT AT THE STRAND The li-rc.-ilstlblo Jtlluro of a royal role and a hartrni of scores of wives finally cracked Hex HaiThin.i's 10- year resistance to Hollywood's in-'i-nt b'-fkonlng.-i. He finally accepted -Oth Century-Fox's offer last year to portray the fabulous King M-jr.gluit in the film version o;' Margaret I.amlon'H host - seller, "Anna and the King of Siam." The film, which is presented by Darryl F. fSunuck. cu-Mtum Irene Dunne and Llnd/t Darnell with tho British aetor mid in iiuw at the Strand '.h filler. Harrison,who lia:; been mimed hy jndon critics a.-i "The Empire's most fuintiu:i cinema actor," is well known to American audiences. His ."t'ofiiiaiuie-i in films shown in this country, Much ris"Night Train," 'The Citadel," "Major Rurbarri" uul more recently, "A Yank In I-Miulun" and "Blithe ripli-il" have .nacle him Justly popular. However, the Hollywood Harrison will he a new person with .lt'!i> n.-.ii.-inklano..- tu that tall, hin ninn whose- but warm Ik'tlo'i hail captivated American uidiences. The companion feature Is "Strange Pi'langle" starring Signe Hawse and f:iton Koster. "YOUNG WIDOW" IS MONDAY LEAD AT SALEM PLAYHOUSE More than 100 members and guests of St. Francis' branch, Con nccticut Council of Catholic Women, attended the first annual outing of the group yesterday afternoon at Laurel lodge, Now Haven road. Among the guests were the three priesta of the., church, the Rev. Paul F. Keating, the Rev. Albert Taylor, and the Rev. George Dunn. Mrs, W. J. Bpwman was hostess and Miss Catherine Brooks, general chairman. Sports events were included in the activities aad u. pot-luck supper served. In charge of the entertainment committee were: Miss Jean Pista- relli, chairman; Colia Reynolds and Mui-y Ellis; sports committee, Miss Frances Cuddy, chairman;' Phyllis Vest, Rose Herb, Elmaj Tral'icanti, Norene Fratesl, Helen FVfttosi, Rita Burns and Eleanor Herb. The refreshment committee included: Mrs, John Deegan, Mrs. Alda Pistarelli, Mrs, Hugh W. Burns, Mrs. John Jackson, Mrs. Helen O'Connor, Miss Margaret Morris, Mrs. Mary Neal, Mrs. Manuo! Alberto Mrs. Philomena Tummui'elli, Mrs. Doris Pereiru, Mrs, Rose Porelra, Miss Virginia Gnlo.-ikl, Mrs. Helen Christie, Mrs. Geoi'go Carroll and Mrs. Angle Ma- rini.-llo. A veteran of the English stage, Godfrey "Tearle (above), who bears u, striking resemblance to the late President Franklin r). Roosevelt, IB In Hollywood where he will play the role of th« late- president In a motion picture. (International) The delicate problem of a wo- 'nun's grief, when tho lift o:' tho .nan she adores is c.-uelly cut off hy war, la handled with great rc- itnilnl and understanding by Hunt itroniberg in .current hit, 'Young Widow." now at the Salem Adapted hy Richard Miicaulay ind Margaret Buell Wilder fi'om hi- novel of the same name by Jliii'lsMa Kairchlld Cushmar., Pro- luct-r Klrimibi-rf.' has turned out me of thr finest romantic films of .he yyar. ft is IL dexterous combina- ,lon of colorful romance, sophistl- •att-d coini-dy nnil nt.rring drama, inly clln-rti'd by ISclwin *„. Marin. Known as .M pei-fec'.ionist. ill all )lia;;t-M of film-making, Sti'ombcrg •jist .larte Elusfie'.l In the title pai't :>[' Joan Kenwood. Jane, a compara- .ivi> m-wcomt.'! 1 to ncroun audiences, :i iH-vei LlK'lf'H.-i well-known t.hrou;;h- uit the world because of the rc- .iiiirkablii publicity campaign that vlti'iidi'd I* 1 .- making of her first .'ilni "Tin- Outlaw." which was •cmporarily shelved hy Its producer, •j'illloniilrr Ho ward Hughes, be- r-au.Mi; of technical problems, SCHOOL STRUCK TVVIC K Toumshoio, Ga., (UP)—Lightning lor-r. Mtrlkc twlco in same place, inrl TonniKburo j-csildcnts cite tholr lil;;h school as proof. The building recently w«.i .struck. •>y Hghtnlinr and destroyed. It was mmcxllately rebuilt, only to have, mother holt hit it. Tho second bolt cnnckec! down soveral walls -ruciei-d Ki'illn:,' planter In the class- •oor.iN. Miscellaneous Shower Honors Miss Garrity Meet Tomorrow The.Y. M. C. A. Teen. Town Canteen officers and committees -will hold an important meeting tomorrow evening at-7:3ft o'clock at tho Y,. it has been announced by William Dolan president of the group. New officers and committees elected at the ar.nuai meeting in June are as follows: Mr. Dolan, president; William Gricder, vice- president; Cecelia Szcxesiul, secretary; Mary Dolan, treasurer. Audrey Kerner and B.irburn. Mitchell membership; Patricia Kcvit and Anne Fitzpatrick, program; Jean Knowlton and Eleanor Kennedy, refreshments; Jane Czaplicki and Nellie Oldakowski. finance; Jacqueline Schmitz, Imogene McKee and Anno Olivieri, publicity; Donald Mouse, Jack Benson, David Douty, Jack Quint, house, i of French-Connelly Wedding Recently Mr. and Mrs. Peter Connelly Waterbury, announce the marriag< of their daughter, Miss Anna Mark 'onnelly t-j Leonard TYench, sor of Mrs. Mary French of Beacon lls, which took place Saturday July 20, in Naugatuck. Marjorie Paul Honored At Recent Shower . A surprise miscellaneous shower was hcid recently at the home of Mrs. John Hulsiriink, -14 Melbourne court, in honor of Miss Ifarjorie Paul, who will become the bride of'Arthur Carlson, Jr., Aug. S. Those attending wore: Mrs. Raymond Paul, Miss Barbara Paul, Mrs. William Paul, ' Mrs.' Clayton Oel.orne, Mrs. Martin Galvin, Mrs. George Hulsvrunh, Mrs, Louise Fellows, Mrs. Peter Panxwich. Mrs. C.-irJton Miihnn, Mrs. Helen Carlson, Mrs. Earl White, Miis. Samuel Murpcr. Mrs. Martin Dwyer, Mrs. Joseph Shilinskas, Mrs. Patrick Crotty. Mrs. Nicholas Mangir.i, Mrs. Har•y Schwartz, Mrs. John MacDonald, Mrs. Raymond Wt-din, Mrs. William Carilngton, Mrs. Ralph Cre- Lella, Mrs. Lena Reurdon, Marion CcrelJ'3, Mrs. Rose Vancellctte, Mrs. John Luddy, Mrs. William Brickcl, the guest of honor and hostess. NACGATUCK NEWS (CONN,), 3MONDAV, . -29, 1946— PACK 3 Their Son Shot By Sheriff Former Resident Entertained Mr. and Mrs. Harris WhiUomorc r., of Church 'street, are nnteilain- g Miss Lucy Hampson of Salem, Ohio, formerly of Naugatucl:, at heir summer home in Middlebury. Mrs. Charles L. Berger, 15 Rock- veil avenue, entertained last, week honor of Miss Hampson. Church Notes ST. MARY'S Friday morning, first Friday of the month Masses at 13 und 7:30 o'clock. The 7:30 Mass will also be an anniversary requierr. Mass in honor of CpJ. Leonard Sokoloski. and evenin PATTERN I54r, Looking for a soft dressy type of two-piece outfit for early fall wear? Hero's a versatllo and becoming frock that goes everywhere with prkLo. The well-Cluing jacket can have short or lang sleeves. Fasten with larSL- shaped buttons. Simp'.e 5rod skirt. Barbara Bel Paltorr. No. 15-15 is designed for size:; 12, 1-1, 16, 18. 20; -10 and -12. Si/.u 14, short sleeves requires -I 1--1 yards of 35-inch fabric. For this pattern, send 25 cents, in coins, your name, address, pattern number and slxc wanted to Barbara Bell, care of Nauga'.uck Daily News, P. O. Box S9, Station , New York If), N. Y. Send now for your copy of tho SUMMER Issue of FASHION — twcnty-fve centB will bring you this .sparkling and different pattern oook for overy home sower. Specially designed pattern. 1 !, free slip cover and drapery instructions, frc'i printed pattern in the book. A miscellaneous shower was given recently in honor of Miss Patricia Garrity of Frederick street, by Mrs. Charles Noble at her home on Aetna street. The guest of honor will become the bridtf of Charles Noble ' at a ceremony to be conducted in St. Francis' church Saturday morning,! Aug. 10. j Among those attending were:' Mrs. Daniel Lusk, Mrs. Raymond Erickson, Mrs, Earl Bristol, ' Mrs. Cora Rico, Mrs. Howard Noble, Mrs. Martha Buchanan, 'Mrs. Mary Deegan and Mrs. Elizabeth Leary, both of Waterbury, Mrs. Albert Eel- liotti, Mrs. Arthur Colder, Mrs. James Kennedy of Thomaston. Mrs. James Kennedy of ,Naugatuck, Mrs. Catherine Baker of Wn- terbury, Mrs, Mary Farren, Mrs., Mary Penrose, Mrs. Al Happy, Mrs. i Th . e SL Francis Amatuui-s will Catherine Griffin, Mrs. Edwai-d! practlcc Wednesday, G p. m., at Longo, Mrs. John McKeon, Mrs.' Recreation Field. Bridget Curtin and Mrs, Margaret i Month's mind Masses were helc'. 12jll on i this morning at 7:30 o'clock for Miss Arline Lusk, Miss Lorraine I Jacob Mariano; and at 8 o'clock Lusk, Miss Vera Higgins, Miss Vina I £or Michael Casey. Higgins, Miss Connie Penrose, Miss' Saturday morning Mary Penrose, Miss Ruth Rice, Miss Gertrude Feeley, Miss Marga ret Noble, Miss Catherine McKeon Announce Birth Of Son Saturday Mr. and Mrs. George W. Schaffer, GO Trowbridge place, announce the birth of a son, George, Jr., Saturday at St. Mary's hospital, Wa- lerbury. Lyraan Hodgman Resumes Duties Lyman A. Hodumsn. Jr.. of Cliff street, who has been a surgical patient at the Hartford hospital, resumed his duties today as assistant director of the Alderton Fu- ral Home, 20J Meadow street. Entertained At Summer Place Miss Cecelia Reynolds of Cher- j •y street, entr-rlainud members of he Circle club Saturday at her summer jj.'ace in Bethlehem, Among those attending were: Miss "thu'l Jones, Mrs. 'Marshall Eon- Faces twisted with, bitter grief, Kugono "Montenegro und liis \vif« 1 look down at the body of (Iiolr son, Kugcno Jr., IS, who wjis/ shot by deputy sheriff H. II. Hodges in Los Angeles. Polico sn.v the was surprised wliile ransacking 1 ;i neighbor's lionji-. (Inte Hutt Homers As Softball Team Wins 11-10 Thriller Confessions Thursday afternoon | tempo, Mrs/Raymond Hughes, Miss ST. FRANCIS' Tuesday evening, 6:30 ,' Catherine Duffy, Miss Jones and the hostess. o'clock, the st - Francis CYO team win en- th « st - Thomas' CYO in Wa- Miss Margaret Sweeney, the gues of honor and hostess. Gentiles Parents Of Sen, July 25 J>~'. and Mrs. Domonic Gentile, 2' Riverside drive, announce the birth of a son. 'Domenic, Jr., July 20 a St. Mary's hospital. Mrs. G«ntil< was the former, Miss Sophie Ko zieki. ' Weekend Guests At Valence Home Kiss Eva Pcmcrs of Philadel phia, Pa., and Miss Yvonne Gladuc of Newington were wco't-encl guests at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. John Valence on Church .street. Good soil will produce a crop o about -)0 bushels of peanuts to th' acre. The vines bear an average or 100 pods each. Don't Be A Hog! NATIONAL PRESS IWILDMG WASHINGTON, Di C. Hy AntH 1 G<Hnla GIVE SOMEONE ELSE THE OPPORTUNITY TO USE-UP THOSE ARTICLES THAT ARE "USELESS" TOYOU - Clever mothers arc making uoo of Bturtly garments brought home by ex-.servlco'infcmber'H of the iam- Ily. The new all purpose dye eliminates the color barrier after which shirts and slacks, or shorts cut from khaki trousers, are Lappily worn jn their new fiesta Bbadea. Summer Hiintana, tluia brightened, also cut down Into wonderful play togs for the uiHlar-six set. * * * Women have always wished, at Intervals, that they had three or even four hamls. Sometimes a mlx- i:i!5 job needs one hand for holding, .•mother Tor pouring, a third for sl£t- i."K aud Rllll another for beating or mixing. Utensils such as one-lianded Hour sifters" and one-handed" egg beaters are beginning to attack tliis age-old problem in a constructive ™ y: *.* * Througli the hot months extra care is needed to make sure that every bit ,ot fat intended for use ns food ia carefully guarded against rancidity. Precious bacon drippings, your good vitaminized margarine, your cooking oil or shortening Jf you've been able to get any —all must go into the refrigerator and be covered against infringing food odors - •* * * One piece of magic neither Orson Welles 'nor -anyone else has been able to work out is one that will' create anything else as good on salads as real mayonnaise. However, there are. many, new and al- rzost magical tricka for making lota from little wlien you con get any. 10 o'clock, a 10th anniversary Mass will be celebrated for Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cellcllo. ST. I-IEDWIG'S The' Bazaar, which was held nt the church grounds, over tin: wrji-H- cnd was considered a grand success Rev. S. F. Nalewjuk. pastor, thanks all those who aided in any way, in making the event successful. Friday is first Friday o)' the month. Masses at 5:30 and 7:30. Confessions Thursday evening. Object Of Search Frances Philadelphia Man Visiting- Niece Michael Moss of Philadelphia. Pa., is visiting hi.s niece, Dorothy Moss of Ward si reel. Vacationing With Relatives Miss Florence Gurg.i of Scranton, Pa., is vacationing for a week with her uncle ar.d aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Chisek, 75 Railroad avenue, Beacon Falls. After disappearing while on n picnic ut lEclio I,ake, N. H., Mrs. Barbara Walker, 2:!, wife of n wur veteran and the mother of n. 2-year-old son, is the object of u. wide sfiitrch by xluio and local police. Parts of her clothing and a hundful of hair were found near a car to which she had gone for her purse. (International Soundphoto) Silver Dollar Over 116 Years Is Handed Down PreUy Prairie, Kan. (UP)—A silver dollar minted in 17fl9 has been in the family of W. A. Robinson for JIG yrars. Robinson explained that the :17- coin had been handcc c'ow:i from generation to genera tion until it reached him . Tho coin wns given to Robin sor.'s mother when she was fou years old. and in ;ho entire 21' i years it's been in the family it ha; i been spent only once. Robinson soid the coin \va: spent in a store at Kingman, Kan. wlicn times were bad and hi mother needed the dollar to bu; meat. But before she spent the dollar Robinson said, his mother had an understanding with the grocer tha he would hold the dollar for hot until the next time she came to town. The silver cloJi.ii> is slight!}' larger than it.-; modern counterpart Roliiixson said, although it isn't as thick. "Howevnr," Robinson said, went a lot farther. Cotton Hollow Locals Defeat Synthetic Rubber Co. In Game Here Yesterday Winning by one ]>o:r,t, the Cot ton Hollow boys were victors over this Synthetic team yesterday afternoon in a softball game at the Cotton Hollow Hold with the final score being 1Z to 10. Feature of the tJlcrnoon was a home run by William Hull, Jr., in Die ninth inning with ono man on base. Members of the winning team arc: Louis Click, catcher; Wilfred Taylor pitcher: Samuel B.irlo. first base: Loroy Sohcithe, second base: Andrew Desko. third h.ise; Albert BoiRnis, shortstop; Hartley Taylor, Andrew Wasdoi John CicoJu, Held; William Hutt. Jr., short field. Knlfi'taimnjr Mrs. Ch.irlcs Sun tore is entertaining her sister,' Mrs. Marie Capelo of New Havers. <5r.-ui£i» Kvents The men's sol'tball ti\am of the Beacon % 7 ;>lloy Granffu will play a ;-ame with the Monlanari-Rndo post team tomorrovr evening at tho Heercaiion Field. The Gleaners will meet Thursday at I he home of Mrs. Anna Fasselt <in Beacon VaJley road instead of Wednesday. The anuual Gr.'ingn picnic will b\_ x held Saturday Aug. 3 .at Fowler's Field 0:1 New liuvon road, ucros.i from the Grunge Hall. Those attending are requested to bring basket lunches. Coffee and soft drinks will be furnished by the Grange. Games for children will be held at 3:30 o'clock in the ufu>rnoon, witli princs to be awarded wlnnors of the i-vonts A sports program is be- inif plnmied for the adults. Lunches will bo served at 5'30 o'clock. Beach Visitors Mrs. Joseph Mayp and son Jo- sppb, Jr. Mrs. Harry Winnie and Jean Wusdo were visitors recently at Walnut Beach. Hostess Mrs Mary Hill of Andrew avenue, will be' hostess to the Colton Hollow club at her home Thursday evening. "il PRDKSTJUAN KILLED Torrington, July 27—(UP)—An automobile accident has taken the life of 38-year-old Richard Fields. Fields was struck by a car which police said was driven by Richard Snay of West Goshcn." He was crossing a Ktrect when he w.-is hit, but two companions walking with him .were unhurt. There are an estimated 32 million horses in the U. S. As Producer Was Arraigned DANCE Every Saturday Night 0 r. M. TO 1 A. M. at DUFFY'S RESTAURANT WATEB STKEET Music By The Fnnioun G. I. TWILIGHT TJSIO WANTED .ELECTRIC MOTORS 1-6, 1-4 and 1-2 H. P. Tel. Waterljury 4-1694 and Rcvorso Charge • HIGHEST TKICES i'AID The WATERBURY HEATING Co. I>adcr.s In Homo Healing S4-8G SPKING ST. 4-047H SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG DICK FIXI.EV, MRT. Open 10 A. M. to 10 1'. M. Bouting • Bathlnc; • ricnlcK KEEP THE YOUNGSTERS BUSY Colored Crayons Books Games Coloring: Books Cut-Outs, Etc The CAK1> and GIFT SHOP SWEENEY'S II ART and STATIONERY!; STORE Kcary Bulldln;? Church St•'' BICYCLE SUPPLIES AT CUT-KATK PRICKS! 5 ^ Vxl ( " n '" 20 SAVINGS ST. HIM.. r> HolljTy.pod and_ New yprk theatrical producer George White (left) ' is shown as' he" faced Judge A. F. Molina in .Municipal. Court in. San Diego, Calif., as'ho was arraigned on u manslaughter charge. It resulted from the hit-and-run Ucnths of a man and hist 18-year-old bride of a day. Ho was exonerated. (International) THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Neory Building Naucatuck. Conn. I.KVRJ, \V1N'I) djo QJT KKKI,S fO^.t/O WEISS' ; Ben Franklin Store 152 CHURCH STllKET CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tel. 22J9 24 SOUTH MAIN STREET <O|t|tn»lt<' NiiiiRnlurk Kitrnlturn Co:) l- % n<-fftr.v Xf'iuilr .ScrX'Jrp «ii All Mttkrpi iif ICuilIn SrlM. I'rniiutt Krrvl*>o Ht KriiKoltiiblo 1'rlfrN. IjillrNt l*«Qtil|jniPnl ffir' Rniifu Kf.[>iilr Vl'iirk. Philco Car Radios . Imniodtak; Delivery " Aiitpinatic I*lionnKi*ui>h.s and liccord Ch:»ne;ers Right You Are! . . . when your-clctli<!s are rcRrularly <]r,y cleaned by 1'eer- Icss. You Kuairantce smart appearance and jjrciiter comfort. It'H economical, too, unJ Riven you longer wear. QUALITY DRY CLEANING Our roiitj-.nian will 'call for and deliver, .lust phone foi< friendly service. 150 NORTH MAIN ST. PHONE 5854

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