Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 22, 1954 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 22, 1954
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'f **. Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor -Alex. H. Washburn Cose of the Visiting Editor otid the Absent- Minded Luncheon Club Walter Winchcil once said the .-fVfion there is so much growling ritwie world is because there are wore dogs than there are bones. But the lighter side of the ferocious editorial exchange over our ocal bone — the Millwood dam — s this handwritten note led on my desk last Friday by Editor Louis Sraves of the Nashville News: "Glad to know you can give 24 hours' time on Millwood: Wish that was all I had to do ,'— write propaganda! **& "* charged my noon meal to j "you at. the hotel. BestV regards. "Louis Graves" My investigators report that Louis and some of his fellow Nashville Rotarians came down here Friday expecting to make up lost attendance but the Hope club was holding a'shindig Friday night and so the Friday noon meeting had been canceled. It was a dirty trick — but I hasten to explain hospitable Hope Jdn't possibly have known it Nashville that was coming a-calling. Besides, an occasional night .meeting has bean happening for years, everywhere. I remember one time when some eager-beaver :iad started an attendance contest here a carload of us drove up the line to repair our record by visit- ins a neighbor club — only to find the regular meeting had been skipped for a night session. Furthermore, although I am no l<8ger a club member, I remember from 20 years' experience that Rotary law says any time a visiting fireman rolls up to the hotel at the appointed hour of the advertised day and , the local club doesn't 'show" the aforesaid Rotarian has duly made up his attendance and tne record must be marked thusly. And I certainly haves Louis' handwritten evidence that he was in town Friday. That meal-charging idea could be a^dangerous. business for Louis, however. I go through his town to get to Narrows lake oftener than he comes to my town, and if stopped off in Nashville with some hungry newsboys it could be financially disastrous for the illustrious organ of the peach empire. I was't present, but I can imagine Louis,,rolling up to the hotel Jast Friday '"rioon,' noting the absence of thc : lobby: crowd; and. probably ^l^lng in a stage whisper, "So they've folded the Rotary clubl" Reminds me of the summer of 1932 when my friend the late Luther Ellison, secretary of .Camden Chamber of .Commerce, rolle"d;up in front of The Star's old location on South Main street and found G. A. Hobb's grocery store there instead. "Heavens!" said the spokesman from Ouachita, "I knew it -i they've run the editor out of town!" 1 , Only a block, Louis . . . only a east — on South Walnut. 55TH YEAR: VOL. 55 Star ^^•^^^^^^ ^^^Bri^ ^^^^j^^l^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ < Arkansas — tSfear fo ,—.«., cloudy this aftefttoon, totiighl TO*«P; day. No important change to *§*% pcraturts. High thte afternoon JoW to mid-tOs; low tonight Upper93W to upper 40s, , 1rf> $j* A Experiment station re*drl fa*;,' QxJj 24-hour.feribd ending at ¥ ft, M Monday, High 93, LOW 37 ,, , „ ,'.j£k '. ..'-• ..!:•. .llafet HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1954 M»mb«r: tM AtMcWtM Crtii h Audit |i.f»*« tl Clf«Bl«»*iJI A». N« !>«« CIKl. * MM. Mb* S«tf. », 1»S» «* »,J4* PRICE Sc The County Hospital Building Committee Local Group to Attend Rural Improvement Meet .Mrs... William Schooley, Route t?'.o^^jrfrs. Nelson Frazier, Wash J3 °.5<si»n; and Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie home demonstration agent, will ttend the Third Annual Arkansas Rural Improvement Conference at he Maflbn Hotel in Little Rock Tuesday and Wednesday, February 23-24. The program "For Better Homes on Better Farms in Better Communities" will feature speakers from the .Agricultural Extension service, • the Arkansas Power and jigh't Co., and the Arkansas Press Association. , The Arkansas Power and. Light Co.. will also be hosts for the banquet Tuesday night and the Arkansas .Economic-Stale of Commerce", will- be host for the break- 'ast Wednesday morning . HOSPITAL BUILDING COMMITTEE Gunter, and Roy Anderson. The committee chairman, showing the formal ground-breaking ceremony. ^__^ —Star photo . Lieblong, W Franks, appears In another picture Left to right, Miss Beryl Henry, J. I. Lieblong, W. H. 'Clifford ~ ' ' —"— ~'"*— Fights, Wrecks Leave at Least Five Injured A series of fiphts, wrecks and a breakin left at least five persons injured, three seriously and caused police no end of trouble over the weekend. Vernie Coynes, 47 \yas seriously injured late Sunday when his auto overturned, on a gravel roadHhrce miles eastijiQar^Rpcky; Moug ning him underneath the vehicle. Evening Shade Services to Continue Evening Shade Missionary Baptist Church services will continue as usual on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. The Chur ch is located seven miles south OP Highway 29. Services are held in the afternodns. ', Federal Aid Declined by Four Counties VLITTL'E, RpCK, W) — Poinsett County has followed four other clining federal and state aid for .y He. was taken to Julia Chester farm workers who were thrown out Hospital for treatment of .severe I of seasonal work primarily be- facial lacerations and a neck and, cause of last year's drouth. head injury. Investigating Downing said state officer Guy Coynes apparently lost control of his auto when rounding a curve. The auto was almost completely demolished. The accident followed a fracus in the 400 block on South Bonner Street earlier Sunday in which Goynes and Billy Webb of Ozan were involved in a fight. Both men were bruised up and at least one was treated at a local hospital and re_ Ceased. City officers charged both Members of Selective Service j men with aggravated assault and Draft Board Seeks Whereabout of Negro Local Board No. 29 L. E. Aslin, W. W. Andrews and H. A. Davis, aro. seeking information relative to the whereabouts of Johnnie Cheatham. a negro registrant of the Local Board. .^ t the time he registered he gave his address Ri'ite 3, Box 50A Hope, Arkansas. His last known address is 602 Short Union Street Camden. Arkansas. It is very important that Johnnie Cheatham get in touch with his Local Board at once; and the Local Board requests that if any ono knows Johnnie Cheatham, his present address, or any of his peoplo that such information be furnished to the Local Board immediately. bond was fixed at $250 each. In another fracus on North Hazel Street near Duke's place Saturday night a 15-yar-old boy, Will White, may suffer the loss of an eye when hit by a soft drink bottle thrown by one of two men fighting. The youth was passing by at the time of the fight and was not involved. The bottle hit him in the eye Offocers said that two Negro men, Augusta Collins and Robert Laudermilk, were the ones doing the fighting and one of them threw the bottle. Collins suffered a broken leg in a fall, Both .were arrested by police. Some $50 was collected in Continued on Page 'inree the State Welfare Commissioner A. J. Moss said he was asked Saturday by Poinsett County Judge Sid Smith to remove that county from the list of counties receiving federal and state aid. In a letter to Moss, Judge Smith said organizations and individuals for j Big 3 Meet Drive to Cut,, '&'*"- -f- ' --. ^..'... ;. Income Taxi§s Gets Support WASHINGTON — (UP) The drive to boost individual tax e'xemtD- tions picked up strong congressional support today. I/Sen. Paul H. Douglas (D-I11.) ap pealed directly to President Eisenhower to recommend more tax cuts for consumers as an. antirecession •ByfOMRDY BERLIN, 1/B— Communist offi cials and newsmen depict Sovie Premier Geprgi Malenkov a: wanting to meet British Prime Minister Churchill and perhap •"Sf*p.!$?~$2:;:' Eisenhower These •l^..iy;;isi" also picture Malenkov a gaining personal. popularity a home and in other Communist na tions. f These opinions were voiced bj Russian and satellite people here last <*eek for the Big Four foreigt ministers' conference. If they wer intenoed as a trial balloon to sounf out ^Vestern reaction, then they werejwell planned, with just abou '•Continued on •^ i\ ' " >aRe Two He specifically urged the President in a letter to back Sen. Walter F. George's proposal to raise tax exemptions for taxpayers and their dependents from $600 to $800 this year and to $1,000 in 1955. Sen. Charles E. Potter (R-Mich.) predicted that the George proposal or a somewhat similar one will be approve. He also said on a television program yesterday (NBC Wants to Know") that this the needy on a local basis. "We have learned that there are actually more job opportunities at this time than we had at first realized," said Judge Smith. "Conditions are expected to improve further with the approach of spring planting time." . Neighboring Craighead County changed its mind about federal assistance last week. Craighead County Judge Ben Miller said Saturday that local employers are ranking enough jobs available to take care of the unemployed who are able to work. Those unable to work will be given state welfare assistance and no federal aid will be sought, said Judge Miller. Mississippi, St. Francis and Grit- tenden counties also had heavy unemployment, but none asked for outside aid. I cut in federal revenues. Douglas also called on Mr. Eisenhower to recommend some cuts in excise taxes. He said the program he propsed . was needed to "reverse the downward trend, in business" and would be backed by Democrats although some Republicans would oppose them. FAST FALL Centrifugal force now -balances the pull of the sun and keeps our earth in place. If our orbital motion stopped, we would start falling toward the sun immediately. The first second,. the earth would fall only one-ninth of a mile, but when we finally struck the sun, we would be traveling 380 miles a second. Gbncer Group. Annual Drive Last week the executive board of he Hempstead County Cancer Society met in the home o Mrs. E. O. Wingfield. During the .business session Dr. J. W. Branch was appointed Chairman .of the Executive Board which was reorganized with the folowing members from Local Civic Clubs: Jim Cole, Rotary Club, Buddy Mhoon, Lions Club,. Harold Hall. Kiwanis Club, Harry Hawthorne. American Legion, Claud Byrd, V. F. W... Sid McMath, Lay Member of the State Cancer Board. Mrs. Steven Bader, V. F. W. Auxiliary Mrs. Ray Turner, County Health Nurse, Mrs. Lorraine Wylie, County Home Demonstration Agent, Mrs. E. P. O'Neal, American Legion Auxiliary, and Mrs. Thomas Compton, Hope B. & P. W. Club. Mrs. O'Neal was appointed to serve as Secretary for the board and Mrs. Comnton Publicity Chairman. Other board members who will continue to serve are Mrs.' E. O. Wlnfield Mrs. J. W. Pel-kins and Mrs. Ernest W. Graham County Commander. Plans were made for the annual April Drive and Mr. C. V. Nunn Jr was selected as Finance Chairman. Hospital Site Dedicated; Bids Expected Soon Hempstead county has officially jroken ground for its new $600,000 lospital, and advertising for con- ract bids will begin in about 10 days, County Judge U. G. Garrett aid this morning. The ground-breaking ctercmony, covered in pictures In today's Star, was held at 2:30 last Thursday af- ernoon, February 18, on the 10- acre site on South Main street comprising the former Charles Reyner- ion property and adjoining lands. The hospital site fronts on Main street and runs through Elm street to the Louisiana & Arkansas railway. -..-,Clifford Franks, chairman of the Hospital Building Committee, presided over the ground-breaking program, which was held in front of the Reynerson house. He introduced County Judge Garrett, Hope Mayor John L. Wilson, Jr., and C. V.Nunn, Jr., attorney for the building committee, all of whom spoke briefly. Federal-Aid Project Construction of the new hospital will be financed 50-50 by the .county and federal governments. The county's share has been met by a $300,000 bond issue authorized by a special election. The 2% per cent callable bonds were sold recently to W. R. Stephens Investment com' pany of Little Rock at a prem ium and the total of a little more than $300,000 is now, on depOsi' with the county treasurer. The bond issue is financed by -i 3-mill, property tax which, on an approximate total 10-million val uation, yields about $25,000 net an nually after allowance for delin quency. Tax money has been ac cumulating since • 1950, this being the fourth cHlectiony are — and the fund had e.iough money to pro pay $50 000 of the longest-term bonds, so that today the county has to pay' interest on only $250,000 o bonds outstanding. The bond issue pays for construe . tion only—the hospital will have t< j make its own way once it is oponei j to the public". ' •• ArcKite'ctV "for nhe*"hew>'. building are'Weaver &, Stowers of Littl> Rock. Succeeds Julia Chester The new county hospital will be the successor to Julia Chester hos pital, whose equipment will be mov ed to the new building when it ii finished. The Julia Chester institution wa; started originally as a private hos pital by Dr. L. M. Lile, in quarters on the second floor over the employ- ahd Walnut High Court Warns Possible Group Registration in Bridge Tourney Starts Tuesday Hope's first bridge tournament s scheduled for March 0 under ponsorship of the City -Parks and Recreation department. The tourney committee Includes: Mrs. Thompson Evans Jr., Mr, and Mrs. R. L. Broach, Dr. and Mrs. Walter Sims and Mrs. Gresham Reed. The committee announced that registration will start Tuesday. Entries may register at John P Jox, Herbert Burns, Lewis-Mo Larty" and Ladies Specialty Shop Registration is by pairs. Rules and regulations Will -be sent to entries prior to the tourney. Due to print rig difficulties the rules have been delayed a few days. Closely Into By LEON HACK' * LITLE AOCK,... J 1 kansas Supreme Coi sued another Varrilfl look closely 'for^pSsi all loan cases befbije^,,..^^ The court' 1 served Afie %jb affirming ft, -Pui$klr Court' ruling ,ihat,ttji nance Co., of Lituc violate the tion against 10 per"ceriti Involved^ Alas made Today' "hon Stevens Called for Questioning by McCarthy WASHINGTON Wl — Sen. 3 thy (R-Wis) questioned the esty or intelligence" of Brig. Gen, Ralph "W. Zwicker and told him "You should be removed' from any command" in their stormy closed-door session last week it was disclosed today. It was such language, as this which aroused Secr^tqry of> ( th'e Army Stevens and led him jto direct that two s generals not comply wj& ^CflrfeyJs^ca^Jor,, ttwfc appearance ""bSwfr? McCarthy's Jtd- vestigationp subcommittee. & What McCarthy told Zwicker was disclosed when the senator made public a transcript of the ' New York session. At the same time, it was announced that a scheduled appear- of Stevens before McCar- m . '•/,• -n& The company r£quli'ed;*Wtfi execute EL ;note"«;for '$114,- AW by a mortgage 7'on" 'autamo ahd in''addition'to He was to cate in 12 equal ments, , ( lThe courts want flcate'pr make ,an r l the Atlas company. O'Brien - < --- %1 "- J ancc ment office, Second streets. On April 9, 1928, it was taken over by a local benevolent corporation, the Hope & Hempstead County Hospital association—operating/as Julia Chester hospital. It continued at the Second and Walnut street location until the mid-1930's, when the board borrowed money and built the present plant on South Main street. Today Julia Chester stands as a monument' to successful operation of a community hospital. It owns its property and has no debt. Original Incorporators The original incorporators of Hope and Hempstead County Hospital association back in 1928 were: Irving L. Jones, L. Carter Johnson, Syd McMath, Mrs. C. S, Lowthorp, Mrs. Roy Anderson, Mrs. A. L. Black, Mrs, Orrie Reed, V. A. Pate, W. R. Anderson, and Mrs. Continued on Page Thre« thoy's committee tomorrow had been postponed until Thursday morning. , He said Stevens would be asked to explain what the senator termed an attempt by the Army "to coddle and promote Communists." Stevens said he received no official notification, but would be gla? to appear. That was after he had ordered two generals not to compli- with calls for their appearance be- McCarth's subcommit fore tee. Objecting to the humiliation be ln,a^prpgrirp v pj*e>entedfb3 i the Local Board immediately. Continued on Page unree outside aid. a secona. ^^ » aa a w. c ^,t C u a» *..»....... —. ^.....^..^ „.. T .,., —— Here Is Architect's Sketch of $600,000 Hempstead County Hospital, Occupying 10 Acres on South Main St. said was inflicted on one of then at a hearing by McCarty las' week, Stevens said, <'I cannot per mit the local officers of our armed forces to be subjected to such warranted treatment." The secretary is a form,er textile manufacturer who himself serve< as an Army officer in both worlc wars. He said he was afraid the "pres , , , ... . Continued on Page Three observance' of *Br0the.rhQpd *' The planned, a series ofjl^ec .., in observance 1 of 'Bratherhoi to be preSdnted.oftlMop? 1 "^ day in Yerger' Auditor eleven o'clock; For the r- D. Keeley ,„„„ __ a , r ^ thodlst Church Vas.^elected the guest'jyjpakerj %v£5?< Rev. ElbertfO'Steenffand,,,.^, Paschal will be ' platfqrm«gu On Wednesday, Alex, editor of guest L.-,- ..,.,... ., Rev. J Howard, >V WJ Lawrence. Se i cretaj i xof$of>| her of Commerce,"have *~~ ed to be plRtfprm, The fin-"'—""'" will be the Merger Hicks The members pf the dent CoUnoll to the public ' J T > r -T-^pT-p, IfHil.VV'^ ; V->'' "Ii -•• * - - :.'^^M Thf ^ >*'t "'«**>' > ir« former \*w\ residfntp, ppvi Wf*vfr iMM» Bf," P« §t9wsrs,, Artels, Wsivep *"d ttqptn, miilntj|Ui90 «n 9«M to ^j??,/| •aif*

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