The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 29, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Friday, April 29, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Results atln Vol. LXX, No. 177 "A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community" THE WEATHER AfassHChusclt;;, jthodc Island nm Connecticut—Generally lair tonlKht and Tuesday. Rather warm aRiin, Tuesday, l^u.stport to Block Island —Gentle southwest winds tonight, becoming variable on Tuesday. ESTABLISHED 1885 MONDAY, JULY 29, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Centa Report Chinese Communists Attack U. S. Marines Aid Rushed To Minneapolis Polio Victims K-i Billions "Given Away" Probers Told Comptroller. General Warren Testified At War Profits Hearing Gives Details Of Mob Slayings Washington July 29—vO f 1 . 1 — Comptroller-General Lindsay Warr«n has told the senate war prollts Investigators that untold billions were "given away" by 'the government during the renegotiation war contracts. Testifying at the Inquiry Into the Garsson munitions empire Warren said his general accounting office was so restricted In scrutinizing' war contract matters that "we may not question a favored firm, ex- travant price, not a specious undertaking," He.added:— "It' is all very wull to talk about the billions collected in renegotiation .But what I would like to know is how many billions were" given away in contract roncgatiatlons." Airline wiirlo-rN iii.lniid Nix .suction muchincs from a j) liino niter they had l»in;n flown from Chicago to Mln- nen|iollH Minn., to ht'lp victim* uf itn Infantile piinily.sls outbreak. Tin; ninchlues, which remove conge.s- tl'ni fruiii the IIHIJCV of |ii>ll(> NiiflVrprs, lire ticliijr cIiRrlcotl by Kent Powers (dark cont), state representative it! tlic .Viitlot.-iil I'Otindiitlrin for Infiintllc I'uralyslM. In Inset Is Sister ISllznbcth Kenny, the Australian nurse who (leveldped u hltflily-MiirouNsftil treatment for thu, ns she sto.jipetl from u plane at Mlnnc- iipnlls. She flow friiui Sun l''runclsc'i to iiid In the (Hly'.s fiftl't ii^'iiliiHt the outbreak. (International) Peace Conference Opens;Four Uninvited Nations' Representatives Not Admitted Scope Of Parley Limited To Five Lesser Members 01. Axis I'nrl.H, I'Vinici-, .Inly SI)—l/T) — r'roncli KorplKn Mlnlstnr Itliliiull him dponod tin* Jil-iiiitliin pi-lire conference, with i\ wiirninc t» Ills vnlleuuuoM Hint Ihry innst dn u "belter tinil limn. Initlt'K Job" tbim the Ht'olillootN of HIP Vor- MiillloH ponce which fnltosveil World VViir I. (Ii.v l.'iilti-d I'rotM) The llr.-if pe'uv :oiifuroncf> of World War tl IM uiirlor wny In j rvlrjratloici frrim 21 n'lllon.'i \ which fenu;lit tfiKofliur tn vlctury j five tin- Axl.< HIT Moiiifil In the , nrnnto. {.'uotiiy hull of fnm^jw I/ux- \ '•mlinur^ palace nml the proMlfli'nt nf l''nitlc.o ha.-i oall'Hl tho confer- Outside ami N'-oldnf,' nflmlllritK!" in f rleleK'LMririii frnni four pi her nn- tluiiM K;:yt't. Mf.xlpn. Albiinln iinrl tin- Illlli- [iiirtiv of t^ixrinbnuiy. TlinKi- I'n'ir ruilUiriii wore tint in- vltpcl In (In- cotil'd-iTifo, hut HIP.V Ilio (llplniii:it!i with tliolr llr."t (loll- riifo |Hnl)loin fti ho *iolvn(l, Tho lilsliirlir uriiifoi'nnoii whinh- I'fCiin Ihl.-i ntioii will not actually U'rlfo Mir poaro troaUe.^ fyj' t.ho rniiqiicri'il powol'.M. In tho Ili'Mt pliioi-. II will not. <lnnl lit all with tho two principal Axis po niiuiy mul .Inpun. It'.-i w. lloil tl. I III- I'lVO loMHOI 1 Axl> Itiily. Cul^iirln Hun^'/iry, Romania ft'iil I'Miiliiii'l. it Inn 0'inrni'pnco won't, final writing of tho.Hi" IIvn lio itlo-i. VVIuit It will >lo IH (ll.'i- nifis much 'inifts of pi'opnHod tronllivi prrpiitcfl liy tlir Hljr 1'Vmr tiiMki' riN'iiriinii'nrliitlnnti, crltlnl.xinii, mul .•ulillili-nM. Tiirn tho blc four will HUT! anil ni.'ilto thn final (Iff- 1'lninn. Seei'-tnry of Stiito I'.yrnos "'111 liy In h-ivo t!ie KtK K<Hir mi-ot In I'nriH svhllr I In; cmiforonro l.v pi'fi^'roM^ini.', tn nifik.^ tho llnal do- '-lulnns, ;!n Hint tho ilnal POIK-O troat- livi en n In- written nml sl^nod hy nil 21 InifimiM hot'nro ailjnui'ntliont. Tin- (Irtnllofl \vnrk nf Uio oon- f'Mvnri- will l>i> done' tiy (tvc nfm- mlttoos niio I'm 1 eiicii trraty which tuny bo appointed today. Tho -Last-Minute News- BUS CRASH .July '20 — (UP) — Three persons wore al least 40 injured— oi^'ht perhaps fatally — -to- ii fin c'usl.liomid Continental Trailways bus lirou»;li a ln'id^e railing and Toll 20 foot into the ni'firliy Dry I.'uasc.- river fhrec miles west of Yenion, DECONTROL BOARD sliin^loii, July 2D— (UP) — The Senate is cxpocto v(> appoinlments lo trie i:u\v Ol'A decontrol hoar This is our-, ol' I lie last items on the Congrossionr r. B'otli houses hope Lo adjourn Friday, (By United 1'rehs) The war profits committee today Js delvinf into a matter considered more important even than excessive profits. Chairman James Mead- is spurring the probe isto defective ammunition. A number of 4,'2 mortar shells exploded prematurely during the war, killing our own soldiers. Mead considers this phase of his investigation—us he puts ic—"of greater magnatude" than excess prollts. The Mead committee is In cos- <e.?sion of a new War Department report on the faulty shcels. But. Mead refuses to mako Jt public now. He says it's a delicate subject and innocent persons mJeht bo Nationalists Say 100 Marines On Train Under Fire A well-to-do white farmer, Lloyd Harrison (left) sits in the car from which four Negroes were removed near Monroe, Gil., by u mob of 20 armed men ;intl shot to death. He told, officials the car was stopped whilo he was driving along a country road with Koger Malcolm, George Dorsey and their wives. Shortly before, he hud provided bond for Malcolm, who h:<d been held on a charge of stabbing hl.s farmer- employer, another white man. At right, Coroner W. T. Brown holds a piece of rope used hy the mol) to tie the bands of the men. (International) Eagles To Initiate 40 At Ceremonies Tonight New Haven Aerie Sending Delegation Of 50 To' Wit•ness Program A'class of 40 new members will DC Initiated into the local aerie of Eagles tonight, with . a Naugratuck condemned unjustly. He's waiting degree team in charge of .the cere- uintil he gets all .the pertinent.facts. Mead himself, meanwhile -has been condemned by Congressman Andrew May, who 'niia been linked by testimony with the munitions makers u-nder scrutiny. May charges the .senator is using the investigation as n. stepping stone to the governorship of New York, monies^. President Nordhill Nauges announced. The New'Haven aerie has char-, tered a bus to bring 50 members' here to take part. Special guests, will include State President An-i thony Eaicrt, Vice-President Cor-' Local Girl Appointed Stewardess Janice Hubbell Accepts Position In San Diego With American Airlines Miss Janice Hubbell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Howard Hubbell of Pleasant avenue, has been accepted as a stewardess by the American Airlines, Miss Hubbell will leave next week for Tulsa, Okl.'i,, where she will pursue a six week training course. Following her training she will be stationed in San Diego, Calif. .The local girl was class beauty hi the Naugaiuck HiRh school class of 19-13, After her graduation, from the local hi£h school she studied HIV lu^iAl lil^ll «H-»1V^* .J.I.- 0"UM"-U nelius Hnys; Past State President! for two years at Maryland college William Kirby, Treasurer Vincent Mahr. District Director JohlY Fal- cncbcck; State Director Kenneth E. Carroll; and Charles Miller and Edward Reynolds, New Haven aerie president and vice-president. •Entertainment will.'be presented, with Patrick H. .Kellcy, master of ceremonies, r introducing 1 the New Haven quartet; , Francis Shoehan, Joseph LwRose, the Enjjlos' trio and Glee .Club, and a special entertainment ' novelty by the New Hnvcn aerie, TJiTresh merits will include hot roast beef and Virginia ham. and Inter graduated from the Northeastern School of Medical Aides in New York city. Up to the time of her appointment with American Airlines she hns been doing X-ray work in New York city. SELECT 15 SITES N'c\v York, .Inly 12!)—(UP)— UX hoatlqmirters eomtnb si on lifis selector! 15 silos thnt may ho used as n permancn limno for llin world oi'g'Hiii'/at.ion, The: sites arc locate in \Vi;stdK'sU'i' county, N'cw York, and Fairi'ield count} ('oimi'Hicnl. This l.rntalivo list will he narrowed dowi still Piti'lliC'i 1 after local an(lioritics moot with the eommis sifMI. BOMB SCENE Xow York, July 20—(HP)—Police rushed to the Brit ish ('(iiisulato in N'ow York at. 11 a. in, filler an anonymous homb was so occurred. ,, , , 1O1I \l'[l.^lll<ll'l III fc»\>»> .1. \/l IV (II. I I {t. I,,, , t ,*•>_• I HI. at all with . . . . lownr.-i, Cci-i telephone call \vas recoivi'd roportiny that a lir •npo id itm- I lf) „.,, () JY ; n ; -j tnimiU-s. So 1'ar no explosion has h soldior was the first, out the Arabs 01 TROUBLE WITH ARABS Jerusalem, July 29—(l.'P—One Britis lulled and tinril.her was wounded today in hurst of violence alirihiitod !>y police, to I'alcstiiit 1 . AMBASSADOR ILL X;niki i !.<;•, July 29—(UP)—Tlio Chinese Central New Agency reports tiial. the U, S. ambassador to China. Dr John Stmii-f- is reported seriously ill at Kuliiig. 'The 70- year-old Sl.narl. made the trip to China's summer capital to participate in talks between General Chiang Kai-Shek and (leneral (.leor.^e ^Marshall . PRISON TEEM I'oslon, July 29 — (I'P) — Lieutenant Thomas Farrcll n i rr,,.i"u: xt M b< o? thrSj"!' Somcrvillc has l.oen scntonccd to three to five year. in state Tlnlvoke with ti'cutii'M written by tho Bl« Four In thojr lon?t sorlo.^ of P'irls uu'Ot- In^-s. Tho toxt.M hundod out. tliU nmrnlni; Inolmlo tho clnuxoi on which tho BlK FVnir still ni'o In 'U.iputo, a<t well as Hioso on which iiiri'i'onicMt was vouched. Tho tit" ciilon tn piihllfih the entire to.vt cn^ln a n-ook of wrnnjrUnK uninnvr tho hiir powoi's. Russia and tho t'nltod Sfito.i fiivonicl puhllxtilnif tho u-iiole toxt Britain oppOHinl It. Xl'JW POLICY Chlcdjro, July -~'—TTIP) --The fiillmim company announcoH that pomon.s who want refunds on unused, sleeping cur tickets mtiHt t'o- IOIIMO tho rnsorvotl spaco at Icnst nno duy proCodltiK trnln dopiirtni'o. Thn now rule is desltfnud to prevent speculators from buylnp tickets for rc-salo. prison for the alleged disfiguration of former typist T-Ieleti St.nvron. 15 Probably Drowned As Ferry Boat Sinks In Mississippi River Ciirutluifsvlllo. Mo., July 29--IUP) -..Between 10 and 15 persons now are presumed drowned in the sinking of a Mississippi river ferry at Caruthorsville. The ferry was struck by an oil bnrgo Ifitt- Inat night and overturned almost immediately. Six cars were bollrved on tho fetry, which operates across tho half-mile Mi»slsslppl river between Caruthersville and Rklgley, Tenn. Ten persona were picked up by the oil barge within an hour after the collision. Mrs, Claude Vickera, Jr., of Car- uthoisville swam the 75 feet to the shore with her 6-year-old son. Jerry. The boy was dead when she reached shore. Hope of rescuing others was abandoned while a Coast Guard river bori'. sped to the scene of tho collision. Plans are being made to (Continued on Paffe 8) Fish And Game Club To Hold Annual Clambake The Naugatuck Fish and Gam club will hold their 20th annua clambake fit Schildgen's Grove Sept. 22, chairman Walter Get-sock announced today. Mr. Gcsseck said thnt the services of local culinary experts, Henry Zwick and Henr; SclilldRen Jr., have been sucurec to propnre the bacfiuet. Coon dog trials have been srhcd ulcd by the club ,for Sept, S, Mr Gosseck further stated. The trials, will be conducted at Schildgen' GroVe, He stated that applications for entry Have been received from coon dog owners throughout the state. Peter DoBishop of Cheshire will act as Held marshal. The winning dogs and their supporters will receive prizes, Mr. Gcs- seek .snid, A large group of entries arc expected for this event. Many local noon dog owners n.rc planning to take part In the Eastern State's championships to be held at the Peck Lane Rod and un club, Cheshire. Sept. 29. Plans for' the erection' of a clubhouse in the faH wi/1 bu discussed n the near future by thnt group, Mr. Gosseck said, St. Mar/s Church arnival Continues Throughout Week St. Mary's church's a.nnual carni- al, which started on Saturday light, will continue for the reminder of the week, Rev George /'ilciauskas, assistant pastor an- ounced today. Father Vilviauskas sked for food donations from the .-omen of the parish for the food tand, on Friday evening. The affair will end on Saturday vening, with the grand prize rawing being conducted on that. ight. The carnival Is being run at ho. church grounds on 'Noith Main trect, Three Residents Injured In Auto Crash Saturday; Woman In Hospital The condition of Mrs. Ann Palumba, 22, of 94 New street, who was admitted to St. Mary's hospital, Waterbury, Saturday afternoon following an automobile accident in which she sustained a possible fractured nose-, lacerations of the face and possible fracture of the left ankle, is reported as "comfortable" today by hospital authorities. Mrs. Palumba was one of three Nntigatuck residents who were injured in a boad-ori collision on Route 6 In Woodbury. A New Milford woman was also hurt. Mrs. Palumba's husband, Patsy Pnlumba, 23, driver of the car in which she was 11 passenger, was treated for lacerations of the face and right, leg. Michael Martin, ID, of the same address, a serviceman and brother of Mrs. Palumba, sustained lacerations of the head, face and knee. Hospital Patient Mr. Martin was in Naugatuck for brief visit from Gushing G-eneral hospital, Framingham, Mass., where he has been a patient for several months following an accident in Italy in which he was severely burned. Olflcinls from the hospital came to Ntiugatuck yesterday and took him back to the institution. Grace W. Mullen, 45, of 11 Terrace place,. New Milforcl who police said was the driver of the other automobile involved, is nl the New MtJforcl hospital wilh ohnst, bnck an.d leg injuries. ' State Police Trooper Tlioinr Leonard of the.Bethany barrack who is investigating the acciden i^alcl the Palumba car was travelin 'north on tho highway at a sin 1 spcei'i. when_the vehicle operated b the New Milford worwan, came ove a rise, traveling 1 south on tho lef hand side of the road. The troopc reported Pnlumba pulled his car t the left in an attempt to avoir) collision hut at the same time th Now Milford Ionian drove b,ic' (o her own side of the highway nn ,1 crash resulted. Trooper Leonard was in Now Mil foi-d this, morning continulne; hi investigation. Italian-American Vets Elect Creddo State Sergeant-at-Arms DEAD AT 75 Windsor Locks, July 29—(UP)— Death has taken John Mason Lord, vice-president of the Spencer Turbine company of Hartford. He -was 75 years old. The funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon. —Many humlrtdn of. NnuicnturJc rnr o\vner» iilrrail.v huvc viewed fh» now ID47 HtudcbFikri*, on dUpliiy at th* Nna- catuck Bn'.ttrr * Auto Service.—Adv. Francis Creddo, senior vice-com- landcr of Montanarl-Rado post, i'as elected to the position of Ser- eant-at-Arms of the state Italian- Vmcrican Veterans at the three day onvention which ended yesterday n New Haven. This was the first state session which the local group has attended. Members of the local group, who attended the meetings as delegates were Commander Adam Mpngacci, Raymond Mengacci, Raymond DeAngelo. Peter Miele. Joseph DeCarlo Charles Creddo and Richard Montohe. Philip Mafei of Stamford was elected department commander at this affair attended by more than 2G'0. Other officers chosen were Michael Scricca of New Britain, senior vice-commander; Daniel Summo of Waterbury, first junior vice- commander; James Panzulli, Hartford, second junior vice-commander; Angelo Ferrara of Springrdalfr, adjutant; Mathrew Sanmarco of New Haven, quartermaster: George Segra of New Haven, chaplain, and Richard Lombard of Hartford, officer of the day. FRANCIS CREDDO Sergeunt-nt-ArmN —Tliirp uiv mitMiimUni: h»rifrilns In all dr|iumm>ntN at Knpluii'l'M. Nnilcu- tuck'H Store uf Filfclilon, Church Ktrtet. In It* annual .liily ClcurniKO—Adr, —-^Vficn In npfd of nhofH, «nd In n fjini- ily HUlnr out! liner* nlniOKt itny ItniCi nlion flrHi lit Illok'n Slice Slorc, 142 Bank utrett. Watwbury.—Atlv. Funeral Services Today For Six- Year-OId Boy The funeral of George Roben Spetch, six-year-old son of Master Serjrt. .inri Mrs. Edward T. Spotch of the Glenbrook Garden apartments, IS Bridge street, who was fat.illy injured Prjflay afternoon when he fp!l from an automobile driven by his mother, was held this afternoon .it 2 o'clock ut the James j F. Shay Funeral Home in Seymour. The- youngster was born in Hawaii and i* survived by his parents, two brother, Edward- and David, his paternal grandparents, Mr. .ind Mrs. Edward Spetch of Seymour ar.d his maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ching. The bey died Friday night of a fractured skull cnroute to St. Mary's hospital in the Naupaluek Community ambulance several hours after the accident occurred on Ih state highway in West Cheshire. 1 an H (.tempi to close n door of th automobile while it way in ninlio air currents caught t.he door an the youngster plunged to th ccrne:-.t pavement. Coroner Miles F. McNifT Jr., to day reported the state police rar now investigating the accident an upon conclusion of the invcstiga tion an Inquest will be held. Casualties Suffered • 3oti Sides, irnconfu-^od Report States Peiping, China, Ju.X 29--<UP>— A communist force is rcportecf^lo have ntlackcd a. train bearing 100 U. S. Marines from Tientsin to Pei- ping. In the resulting struggle, both American and communist casualties ore said to have been inflicted. The Americans are said to have suffered more casualties than the communists. The United Press received n report from nationalist quarters in Peiping that Chinese communists have attacked n train bringing 100 U. S. Marines from North China to Peiping. The report, which hns not yet been officially confirmed, sny« that a sharp bnlrte was fought, in which both Marines nnu Chinese communists suffered losses. Marine casualties are said to have been relatively high—greater than those of the attacking force. There arc some indications that the battle between American leathernecks nnd Chinese communists still is being fought. However, it has been impossible to confirm these reports because every telephone circuit inlo the area is vied up by high priority military calls. Washington, July 29—UJ P)—A. former undersecretary nr nt.ite, Sumner Welles, has blamed tho in- Creasing tenslnn between the U. S. nnti Russia for the continuance ot" the Chinese civil war. However, Welles does admit that The U, S. is faced with an almost Insolublo-rti- lemma. Ho explains this by saying thnt America cnnnnot acquiesce in a Russi.-m attomjit. to dominate China, neither can America permit tho Chinese people to think the XJ. S. wants to nominate China. HP. also says many r,f tho inoro reactionary elements behind Genera Chiang Kai-Shek haw blocked efforts by General George Marshall to bring a lasting JK-CC. Price Control Group To Hold Meeting Tonight Tlio Naugatuck citizens' price control committee •will meet tonight it 7:30 in the court room to discuss plans for future nctivitlo.s 'resident George Frochlich of oc'il 15, URCL&WPA announced heads of local organizations urging ,oday. Letters have been addressed to heir attendance. The permanent ommittee will' include heads and members of civic, frn.tcrna'1, veter- n and other local groups. Mr. Froehlich snid the commit- ee was gratified with the reaction f most local dealers to the changed OPA program. He snid that the ommfttee would remain active to watch the situation develop in the ght of "the newly passed law." No picketing or other demonstru- ion is planned at the present, Mr. Frochlich said. KDUCATOK DIKS Fairfield, July 29—(U P)—Death as taken Laurence W. Gregory, eadmaster of the Fairfield County ny school, who formerly taught L Hotchkiss and Milford schools'. !is funeral will be Wednesday. (•rf'ii KpKlHiininl.. Clmrrll «(!•«•». "fvm the*.: dn» of food MhorfHtPH. nf- frl*H n M>1?n<)M dnlly m^nu. liiAt In- vif mnny npi>«(lztnr dUhcu.—Adv. Kazemekas Block To Be Sold Again For About $34,000 The former Kazemekns block at the corner nf North Mnin nnd Oify Hill streets is changing ownership again, nreordlng t v n reports loday. The iran.s.'icl.lon is expected to ho closed this week for » siilo price reported nt about $31,000. The block was sold about a year nnd a half ngo to Anthony l.'orKcs nf Wain-bury by Meyers .t of Wnterbury, Fire Destroys Sandy Beach Cottage A fire of undetermined origin yesterday destroyed H.rotttige :it Sandy Beach, in Middlebury, thnl was formerly o.wnod by the Whitle- moro estate. Middlebury Kiro Department ofr.cinls stated that th<; fire hnd gained such headway when they reached the scene that it. w;m Impossible to put the fire out. Tho building had been sold recently to Mrs. Charles Upson of Micldlobury. DOCTOR DIKS Wallham, Mass., July 2fl— (UP) An elderly Walthnm physician is loud at a hospital after n short llncss. Dr, Richard Collins was 71 years old. Be A "Good Humor Man' Save Your Temper and Your Money. Let Classified Solve Your Advertising: Problem- JUST DIAL 2228 and Ask for Classified —I.i-l rlmnlfH FrlNidly Mirvlrc Sm- Ion, North M»ln 81., clirrk m> »ii'> nil ind Krrnr>f» .vnur rar. nn\v that lonr vacation <rlt> linn bwn completed,—<Vdv.

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