Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 4, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 4, 1943
Page 4
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-H.O.M STAR, MOPS, ARKANSAS . aftwixibh *» fshlrHj C6, Inc. and Atojc H. WaShbum) t. 2t2-2»4South Walnut Hope Ark. .fc.t PALMER, Prtthwnt H. WASHBURN, Editor and Pubthlur *d os jtcond closs matter at the l<« at Hope, Arkansas, under the March 3, 1897. s Associated Press i Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n, Rate (Always Payable In By city carrier, per week T 5e; , Nevada, Howard, Miller and t<Woyett« counties, $3.50 per year; else...-«» "=• H- 0jUiinbe* of TlM Assoctaled Prest: The ttibtcd Press is exclusively entitled to |use for teptiblteotion of all news dis- Ihe» credited to It or not otherwise ,.,-aited in this paper and also the local :Yiews published herein. Advertising Rvprcsmtativ*—- _, D«iUci, Inc.; Memphis, Tenn., pSStctiik Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich- ^'JltJaWfAvenuejfNew York City, 292 Madison aS'AWKi- Detroit. Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; idkWwma City. 414 Terminal IBdq.; New •ftOrSwri* 722 Union St.. Hold Everything Tuesday, May 4, 1943 "Qookie, make mine a shore dinner!" SJDE GLANCES By Galbraith .v the women have taken tilings over these days,. |Ipdks:.'as. though the best we can wish for our new son. he grows up to be the President's husband!" Guadalcanal Diary «nMt* Book-of-the-Monffh •Y RICHARD ILLUSTRATIONS tV I, I. HAZELTON "Our patrol planes spotted an enemy squadron." S UNDAY, AUGUST 23-This afternoon there came disquieting news that a large squadron of Jap ships was on its way to Guadalcanal. Our patrol .planes had spotted H Jap ships—transports, cruisers and destroyers—about 150 miles offshore. A striking force'of our• divc-bomhurs went out to hunt-the Japs, but the weather closed in and they could not make contact. I was at the airport when the pilots returned, looking brokenhearted. 'T feel like hell about it," said the squadron leader, checking in with the operations chief. "But we just couldn't get in there." MONDAY, AUGUST 24-Thc expected Japanese task "Planes streaked through the clouds in combat . . ." force did not show up during the night. But at about 2:30 this afternoon our air raid siren wailed, and our swi/t fighter planes zootncd into the overcast sky. They were straining to "get upstairs" before the Japs arrived. In a few minutes, planes were streaking through the clouds in combat. We could hear the rattle of their guns, tlie swish of Jap bombs falling, and the sharp, ground-shaking "crack-crack-crack" as they struck. After the all-clear sounded, I talked to the returned fighter pilots. A blond lad with very white teeth laughed gaily as he told his story. He was Lieut. J. H. King, of "The big bomber, which had been flying along like a fat and happy goose, suddenly exploded." Brooklinc, Mass. "A big bomber was flying along like a fat and happy goose," said King. "I dove at it and it just exploded at the first burst." The final tally was 10 Jap bombers and 11 Zeros downed. TUESDAY, AUGUST 25-Just after midnight, my sleep was shattered by explosions coming very close. Reflex action took me out of bed and onto the ground, flat. When the shelling ended, I could hear in the darkness a blubbering, sobbing cry that was more animal than human. A Marine running past said several men had been badly wounded and needed a corpsman. The crying'man Drawing, copyright. 1943. hi Klnir Features Syndicate. Inc. Text copyrteht, 1043. by Random Hou.e. Inc. Distributed by Klnit Features Syndicate In cc-op«ratlon with the Book-of-the-Month Club. Inc kept on, his gurgling rising and falling in regular wave* like the sound or some strange machine. Two dim lights, set in a square dark shape, marked an ambulance. And the eerie squeak of the stretchers sliding into place, a sound like that of a fingernail scratched across a blackboard, was a sound I shall never forget. All day today, rilancs roared out to attack the Jap naval force offshore. The results were encouragtng-'the Japs have been turned back and dispersed, with one of their cruisers and two transports badly damaged. (Continued tomorrow) FUNNY BUSINESS "The windshield's so full of stickers that I had this cial equipment made.'for safe driving'." Come Rain, Come Storm . . . Sjsw-si By Roy Crane rBLAZES ! YOU ACTUALLY 60IN6 fO'FLV IN THIS VW, OF COURSE, EASX (SOIN6 OUT IN THE TEETH OF A 6AL6 IS NOTHIWe TO PLAME5 OF THE COASTAL ./ COMMAWD CAMT LET THAT COHVO? KMOW. irg 5AFETV IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN OURS. WE'RE USIN6 OWE OF /OUR HUP50NS. TAKE THE TURRET 6UM . Donold Duck Auto-Suggestion By Walt Disney A Woman of Words! By Chic Young REAP ME 3|ll• 'HIJA SURE,COOKIE- BEP-T1ME 0 C^R'NSWEOMEOF ,- .... j ^ VOURUTTLE I'lllilf NQCOOKIE, NOT THAT/ BRIMS SOME OTHER BOOK K1Q,PEAR, PLEASE / NOT THE INTERCESSOR, ONE WHO INTERCEDES. INTERCITY BETWEEN CITIES INTERCOLLEGIATE ENOU6HTO MOW WHAT ,r S * E '( WAMTS Her Buddies Look Who's Here By Edgar Martin OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams 1 DOM T KMOW WHV VOU ACT SO EMBARRASSED-- VOU'VE LEFT HOME SO OF7EM, A LITTLE THIMG L-IKE COMIM' SHOULDM'T MAKE YOU SO SHEEPISH. BUT THIS TIME 1 CUT TK ROPE- LADDER. &EHIK1D ME SO I S\'OULDM'T COME BACK.' OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople tUB TWO BEEM MOO'ViE BEEN AW ^i C0/v\t OM J GtT UP/ THIS IS WARTIME/ COULO GOT BETTER. SOU BV COLJL-DlsVT R. HPsM ATTACK WORDS FORA \\oop\--z- Rcd Rider A Stubborn Redskin By Fred Harmon I'VE GOT AGON 11^ YOUR. BACK-NOW TE.LL TRAIN) ROBBIE' GANG TO DROP THEIR. GUNS— QUICK.-' TIME H'S PARTY.' Popeye 'Pass the Ammunition. Thimble Theater ' MR. BOOMBW MERE, SO rlE IF I TRV IT* AVAST, LAW ORP HER HAMOS OVER. < (JJELL, I AM SURPRISED.' Copf 191V King Ftuum SfniJiole. Inc. «'M|J ugla Alley Oop Excuse My Sarcasm By V. T. Homlin AWCI&HT. O5CA.C, NOW THAT I'VE GOT THI<5 THINS IN HEBE, WHECE'LL I PUT IT? OH, HELLO. E.LBEGT...WE DON'T EXPECT you TO SE UP SO SOON WHAT SOES ON HEBE sGOVECNMENT BUSiNE<55^ rMHECEON\ EH? I SEE... AND THAT GCVEQNMENT \OUTFIT VOU'VE SOT \ON 15 THE LATEST THING IN GOVERNMENT I WOCHEG5 1 CLOTHIN6 I TAsKE IT/ WHAT AM I CUNNING HERE, A SCIENTIFIC LABDB/KVOCV OC A FOB ESCAPED CCIMINALS ALL CIGHT NCAW, DOC, KEEP BUSINESS...VOU WANT TO HELP IN THE WAR EFFOB.T, DON'T YOU? kw- IMI «y iin>lg»vict. me Freckles and His Friends Slightly Disillusioned By Merrill Blosser IF I HAD A PIPE TOMATO, ID DELIVER rr RIGHT NOW/N I RUM THIS VEGETABLE AND WE THOUGHT AND FRUIT STAND AM' Me WERE CALUNG i NEED MORfcT _—-^ON THE SECRETAR/ PRODUCE/ ,-/ ( OF THE TREASURY / WOW/ ^—' v o I UNDERSTAND YOU KIDS RAISED SOME VEGETABLES, AN' I FIGURED WE COULD MAKE A a=AL/— I'LL Buy ANYTHING YOU RAISE, IF . YOU'LL DELIVER IT /

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