Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 3, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1909
Page 8
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*##•*###*#*# FRIED Rabbit. * # Miss K.-;I Kl'iioU K-'IVC- n 1'Hl':lK'OM lust Kriiljiy ,'ifi' 1 ! ii'ifi.'t in honor of .Miss .'MilX'i'VH llf'.'iOi. who l"tt KM Monday lor !i"i' hi !!:!• ii> I'l'fiiii-yl'.^ini;!. wli'-ic sri'- '.'. ill :-'!io;ily !,'• iiiiiiTMil. Th" ;i( ! a i [• ,\';r- ;< .hi |iii .!'•:'• Uiowor. :i!:i| 111' 'i|i''lit:i! ii)<s: 'v;;:- i.'iiTiffl on! in III' <!"rnnif ions ;iii'l ollii.-r I'fMtui '•:•:. Th<- i'-:-)K v, (•!'<• I'M" .Mis:;".s I)" w-iiilorf, 1 )i/u;_'i:r-n. f'ook, \\'lii-'-k'i . Holm' 1 ;;, i!ool!i jitirl 'lonlon. A i)i;irslnn;illou h;ik<> fit flif Itcorirl wHI houi" S;ttiml;iy '".•(•iiint; by Minn I'l'lfii Mrodflwcll ;inrl friciiilH. A roiiriiiK lion fir«! W;IH built. in ilic ysirfl ;nul Hi" yomiK pf-oplo won* • •ad) prrivld'-d with ;i box of UK: ()'•• J"''t;iblf dfiliity, whif-h (hoy foaHt.od ,uid t''';iHl"d upon. All kindH of K-'UIIOH \v<;r«i fiijoycd outdoors, find later, In- •flooi'H, when- more. rofrfHlimr-nlH w;ro wrv<'.<\. The s?tiOHln \vff" the M|HW>K •(>,](! PoHr-r, Mnrjorif! Caiiron, Hut.h .\rl.hiir. I Ia/«-l Clifford, Muriel Hhor- wood. Henna Craliam, lino Van Aukon, .M'.'K«rH. dlenii Leimire, dlcnii VIOUHC, Kay Kifitler, Cla retire Kabrlck, <;eoi'K'' Alvvooil, llilb'Tl .Veil, Saifiiiel Urofidwoll. * * * On Monday evening the xradnal liu; < ];IHH ol' Hi'.' liiKb H'-hool were et,i"i'- (jiineil by Mr. Waller Andieiibrenner ai!fl his mother a porch iisu'ly. The d'"-nrat.ioiis were in a. ;,die;ne of vreen and while, the da»n colfin. KaineM were enjoyed ou'ddfii'H mid later .some new ^ucsHlit'j; (;ame-i in Hi' 1 ll';,i;v. * * * An enjoyable affair wan the "in'ie- ]i"m|enre parly" tfivr-n by Mrn. I. I!. Kllioll for hei datinlil'T, M!HH f!er- irude, last Tue.-iday evening. .(apani'He"! n:-:. llatfs and limiliiii; were used oiitdooi'K and lnnid(; in Ihe decorating Kchemi', and the Kame idea was rar rit.'il out. in i he panics and refresh iitentK. I'Mreworks were ^iven HH pri/es, and they were promptly din turned of in Ihe UKiial manner. Tlnmu prc.senl vvoro the AUHKCH l,a Verne J.iixnu of Kl I'uiifchunU , Illinois, coiiuii) of MI'HH (}];uly.s Itat.okln, Myra linrpee, Vyvycjiiiu! !<'iuil(l(!r, HO.SH and Marian Ciiven, Lolael LolKhtoii, f ionildlno AfU'hcnbi.'iinncr, AH<:o Atwood, Adali AVayo, Sarah Crook, lOdit.h Writer- IIOUHU; MCHHI'H. UolxM't Phllleo; Walter Aaclieiibrcniior, lloyt. Loluure, Ir- \'o.n HoyiioldB, I'a\il TtiKKliiH, Kilwanl AVfiltoi'H, Tom and \V'a.llaee Ilcu-d, 'Walter llcpner, flrant. ('hiipniiin, and Sherman flail. .•i ii * An informal dancing party wan en joyed Tueriday I'N'enini; at. Ihe home of Mrs. A. A. Nell, most of I lie KMCHI.S be- inn ])>i|>ilH of Mins Slierman, wlio RH .sinted the hoHlcKH in entertaining. He- t'n>Hlini"iitH were Hcrved, 'I'lie ^ucsln \vere Ihe Misses Marjorie ('apron, ('do '•'ott.i>r, Ituth Arllinr, llessa Criiliiiiu, «!eorKe Atwood, Clarence Kubrick, Oli'im Wiiti-rliouHi-, (ilenn Leisure, Hoy and Uny KisLler. * * * Miss (iladys Hateldn entertained Thursday afternoon in honor of he cousin, Mia:-. I. a Verne Dlxmi of .SlroiiKiiiirsl, liliiiols, the atfali' beln^ .1 ihimhle parly, and was held on the Hpiicioiis porch, In reco^nll ion <,( tile national festival, I lie decorations were . liiclly lhi);s and hnntliiK, and the same .-cht'iiie was employed In the refresh- lileliis. I'll!- quests W'M'e Ilic Misses K'il bi-rine I'hillco. I.eisel l.d^hton, "\'y vyeniii' l''ai:|iicr, Myra linrpee, (ier- trude lOlli.di. Adah Alice Al- \vood, (leraldine Asdienhi'enner, Sarah <'roi/k, .Irshie Kisller, Uose NiKK, :iiul fl'Tnii" Lemon of ( 'luremonl . > + H< \ i).ir!\ o| fi lends wlio accoinpanicil Miss Kmma llauks home on Sunday ;m ii ii i in; Irom tlh> Kpisco| ('Imrdi .ml .-'lieni III.- day wilh lier inclndfd (he MUses Anna ('harhille Herion, Mrs .\laiy Tiilum M >.v-,i -.;. Itolil. \\'.i!Ker aid A. U'. I'l i. Icy. f, •,;/! A-d Sof.'ftty H;ir ~,',o-:' i im« I on Junket to ira 8c-!"s Home. I A roiniiiiiiiifalioii r<-.< ei •• < t] from Idf member, of !'.'• l''ra tf'ITia I Aid Soiielv r"'-"i\'' 'I i!;H \'.""k. pr'i'.eH Ivy')!.'! a • doiiM ilia! Uie "ifiliMl junkd" h'-ld j at III" home of iliothei lia l!"il '.van, riii imicrji'ial :-tif (':•/). H|i:iec <''><•:• : 1 ^ K'TvV i;:- \<; |.f inl all I '}',<• |i,i I : i'-ijln ' .1 ! HIM u i <•!', hiil it i:-; (.'alli'-M'rl l'i:il nili \ ;tn'H e;ilej, in the f;p<:ii air wilh '<n'i'<"i : illl'l O'ber fixing.-; a I'' 1 tO !.•<• d'-.-.i fed j • ahovi' all other kindy of looii. The j j i -oniiiiit <'••<• in fliaip;'f of tlif i'ii!<'i laiii- i men). roiii)iHl"d ol l-'raiik Swallow. i''harl''H Hta.Mtoii. l-'ralieJH Cameron jaiid MrH. Mildred ('rouse. Tin 1 hir, party left f!ovina in hay WSIXOIIH and automobile, and Kath'-ffl around a I'amp flr'f, wh^rf th" rahhitH wfrn j fried and Uien rfianlcfl In a hl« iron ! ovcifi. Frank Hwallfiw aftf^d in I.ho <a|>arity f»f i:\icf, with plenty of a«- HlHtant.H. At tlifi m<ni\\iiK prior t,f> lh<: rahhlt Jiirikf;!., Hlx now im-mbnrH wfirf; hallf)lftl upf)n ff>r adtriiHHlon. Yoaemite Chautauqua. Tho YdHuinltft Vallfjy rha,ut.auf|iia IH flfiiidliK; out pro^niniH of rnoetltiKH ffi t»c held from .Inly 8 to 18 In thin farii- OIIH vallfi.y. TJiln fhautauf|ua, was or- K».>il/f>d I)''Cf:nihfir 22, 1!)OS, and OIK; f)f th*' dlHtrid. HUiiorlntfiiidf-ntH riainod IH Hf-v. M. W. Pf-f:k of who WUH ff)i'inf!rly Hit.uat.fid in Infonnat.lfin ahfiut. thin fhaut.aiifput may he rereived from him. I'ASD Koni.KS nor si'i<ixr;s On (lif ("oast I,inc. Tlif rrpial of any in ilic world and set in the mid^t of sucli rlimaiic condilioiis as ronstaiitlv invilf to ihe open air. A deli;;|ii fnl [)!;icc for rcsi. ivi'iip'-ratiou, couslitntioiial trcal- uii'iilH and recrcaiirin. The IK-W hath hoir-.e, with ils superb equipment, is ini- rivaled by anylhin;; in lhi-> country, lly- dropalbic 1 realineni ,, nmd baths, swiui- •allis. Tnvkisb bath-. Particulars SOUTIIKKN I'ACIMC Ol'I'ICF.S. Mi'H. Ida ItittriiilioiiNf!, room f!, i'Hl jNational Hank lilfl^. Kirst droH.s making at ri'aHoiKiblo BEST FOR THE PRICE. For Kino OrniiKe LANDS In tho SAN JOAQU1N VALLEY nail on or addreHs TT-EE KIGOENS LAND CO. 212 Mercantile Place, Los Angeles. Assessment Notice. Covimi Irrigating Company, prind- pal plnco of hmduesH, Covina, Howland Township, County of Los Angeles, Stale of Cal'ifornia. Nolice Is hereby niven I hat at a meelin^ of the dlrod.ors, held on the second day of Juno, I DDK, an asuesa- meiil, (No. -IS) of 75 coiits per sliarn was levh-d upon capital slock (as Increased Odober 22ml, 1HSII) of the. above named corporation, payable Immediately to tho secretary at the odlce of tho company at Covina, County of Ltm AiiKoleH. State of California. Any Hl.ock upon which tliiH USHOHH- menl shall romaln unpaid on tho (ith day of July. I!>()!), will bo dolimpiont. and advertised for sale at public unction, and unless payment IH made before , will bo sold on the 2Sth day of July, 1!»()!), at 2 o'clock In the afternoon, at tho olllce of I ho company In Covina, County of Los An^'los, State of California, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with cost of ad- vertlsliiK and expense of sale. It. I-'. KinVAUn.S. Secretary. Covina, Cat., June 2, 1000. * * * * # * # * -* * l.iule Mi>s Kli/.,iliet Ii Clark, daimh (•I i if \l I .mil M is. II. 1). Clark, enler I ,1! lifil \ irlilii |,ro|i|e ill I lie S. P clepol I ! '^" I'UiK on Miiiida> ill a \erv Micn'ssl'iil paiiy. l':ii/.ahel II'M 1'alln-r is assislanl • i''i'oi a.u>'iil. ai.d s;a\e Ihe children Ihe MIII ui ihe j'.Miunils, while Mrs. Clark ; i.- i s 11 -11 in i • 1111 • 11 a i 111 n n. wilh the help in' Airs <; (I Imdderar. (ianies were playi-d and refreshiuents servi-d, and Miss l\li/.iiliel h received HiaiiV' pres- ••nls. AIIIOIIK lho:-;e pri-senl were I Eos .iinond' 1 Home, I.ui lie Maiihevvs. l-'leia lllsln-e, lOva Hi.-,bee. lla'el t loud rich, i ^ .Mai.v Coulee, Louise Ciahliee. |{ayl# I ioodi irh. Kalherine 1'rahiree. iMlo |* (by Allies. \' Ames. Mi-rh- lliid '* • l'-i'ai, (ileiin Dilddeiai and l-Mn; 1 . Sian ' toll i Say! , 'Kanckr Tlieud'ili' ( H i'1'iioll /el Oi I'i'iln etoi! '< + • ',il is e.illinn on ri-lat i ve.-, -mil ('i ieml.- : * •!• c.r.iiu,. ;; nii .11 1- (.•"iiiluoiini; ,i liii; l>Uiim'.->s in. iir moiii'v ill- Vf.sU'd ill. Ml 111. lll\' ! Ml *>l I K'ri-i houses tin a m>,i(| iK'.il nf Oi|Tl'*|lt>lillcmV, (lull'! \iill.' Do you .il\vu\M li.ive .suita'.ilo jiuptT liiindy ulliMi von \vUli tu wrili'.' Do you know we i-an I'uniisli you with the very liivst of writing paper and ci! vi'lopi-s, neatly printed with your name or the nauu 1 ot your ranch, place of residence and date line, cheaper than N>HI «,ecure table'.;, and envelopes in small ijiian- titU'i.' Tlii* will MI. ike y»ur coi i e.->p. nn!e nee luisiiic^nlikc and inure con veil leu t. * * * * * * *• * -* * •* * * * * *• » * * ! AN EASTF-RN TRIP VIA nn SALT LAKH ROUTE - '>im of conifer' and pleasure. 'Ti< tho Short Line Son'.hcrti California. vi;i Sail Lake ( i'y, wilh b<.-;iu- *:'.<.' n'.f. f*-a tnre^ ? ufl "ycdlcni tr;iin snrv'tco. In afi- i; t,, t.ii'; f.-imous I, OS A.N'C.JCf.ES LIM1TKI), carry- both stiitidard atxl tourist .'sleepers throu^ii to aifo in Three Uay, the Overland f'/xpress carries THROUGH SLEEPING CARS CHICAGO 5T. LOUIS 5T. PAUL and many other points via various routes of Salt Lake City. Your patronage will be appreciated, and full particulars of rates, trains, etc., may be had from Salt Lake Route Agent dt Romoriei "Greatest Electric_ Railway System in the World" The Pacific Electric Railway 566 Mile* of Modern Built Standard Gauge Lines Reaching the Principal C'.ties and Towns, Mountain and Seashore Resorts of Southern California Luxurious Obsorvalicn Passenger Cars. Prompt and Reliable: Freight* Express, Telegraph and U. S. Mail Service. For information and literature regarding the great MT. LOWE Trip, JJEACTI RESORTS and other points of interest, see local agent, or address General Passenger Department, Room 2%, Pacific Electric Building, Los Angeles, Cal. Chicken Dinner By ladies of the M, E. Church July 3, at 12 o'clock In Warner, Whitsel & Co.'s Old Store Building (Next to Clapp's Drug Store) 35 cents a plate O)Vl\A * * * * * * * *i * * # * * w * * * * I ! ! i ! Covina, Cal., Friday, July 2nd. To Mr. and Mrs. Covina Patron — (and Children) Greeting — I am sending you this communication in order that you may prepare for your own comfort, and not make mistakes tomorrow during the celebration to be held here. The weather has every indication of being warm. You must decide upon the coolest and quietest place for your LUNCH HOUR. It will be the best plan for you to come to our establishment, where you may have a table for your family. . . We will serve light lunches, hot coffee, tea and choca- lato, ham, cheese and lettuce sandwiches, dainty and substantial salads, tomato boullion and clam soup. Ices and creams and cold drinks. Unless we hear to the contrary, we will expect you to lunch tomorrow. Thanking you in advance, we remain, rs for a Big Celebration, Townsend's PALACE OF SWEETS Citrus Avenue, Covina, Cal, i i d Difimice Witt Tlit t 1*11 Come and price these house fans. Ti .y are not a luxury— they are a necessity during this hot weather. Attachable to any electric iight wire. Motors for Washing Machines (also easily attached) Electrical Wiri;ig. Fixtures, Heating Apparatus, Irons' Ail kinds of repairs. Estimates furnished. ^70t.t for LEAVITT-BARTHOLOMEW FIXTURE.CO. 620 ft. Spring Street, Los Angeles, Cal. R. B. WINDER ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Home Fhone 1068 115 N. Citrus Ave., Covina, Cal, MCE Automatic Valvclcss and Wicklcss Oil STOVE at Fabrick's Hardware Store Throop Polytechnic Institute Loealed in Pasadena. Ilio Most Beautiful City of California. Science, Arts, Industry. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ACADEMY—Technical and Literary. SHOP WORK FOR BOYS. HOME ECONOMICS FOR GIRLS. Ni;w i-Hinpns of 20 acres. ' Send fov catalogue. J. A. B. SOHERER, Ph.D., LL.D., President. WHERE DO YOU EAT? Ever Eat in Our Cafeteria? If you have not, try it the next time yon come to Los Angeles. In the first place, you save money—but not at the expense of your stomach. In the second place, you save time, which is quite an important item to the suburbanite. When you eat at our cafeteria you do not have to wait a long time to get served. You help yourself. You see how everything is prepared and know that the food that you eat is as and clean as it you prepared it yourself. And you don't have to give tips. Ideally Located For the Suburbanite Buos Hros. Los Angeles Cafeteria is directly across the street from the Pacific Electric Ry. Station. Look for the name on the window. When you have finishsd your shopping you c;m lunch here and got your car right at the door. You'll enjoy eating here, because there's a home-like atmosphere about the place. The food {served is the l-«.-Nt procurable and is served in best home-style "just ; : . h'.tle better than anywhere else" people say. Tiii- htien i- Mi.uvy-white and the whole phu'e is tempting in it.-i cieaiiune-.--. N <\v ju>t try a meal here, ilOnly for once. LOOK FOR OUR NAME ON THE WINDOW 621SMAIIN LOS ANGELES BRANCHES—211 West Second Street; 321 West Fifth Street

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