Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 15, 1944 · Page 5
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 15, 1944
Page 5
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1944 High Lights of High School If th« HitMifht* of schools do not appear it Is because Ike writer* fail to observe the deadline requirement that all letters must reach the Time* office not later than 3 p. m. Friday. All Highlights material should be mailed Thursday er delivered to the office early Friday afternoon. ALLEGAN5T HIGH Wounded by Germari anti-alr- craft fire, captured by a Roumanian peasant girl, imprisoned in Bucharest and liberated by the Russians, is the story told at the senior high assembly Tuesday by Staff Sergeant Saul Goodman, Allegany alumnus, recently returned from imprisonment in Roumania In a panel discussion composed of Ursula Buck!, Jack Williams, Britton Shaffer and James Gook, Sgt. Goodman answered questions concerning his army experiences. Monday a program on fire prevention week was heard over the public address system from /Baltimore. Lawrence E. Ensor was the speaker and Arthur C. Howard, chief o! the fire department of the Kelly Springfield Tire Company, gave a talk on the same topic on Thursday, . The Alcohl Mirror made its second appearance -Wednesday and announced the business staff. Greta Hersch received the position of business manager, while Jay Beneman is advertising manager. Others on the business staff are: Alice Bergman, circulation- manager, Jean Galther, exchange editor; anc Kathryn Schade, alumni editor. The informal Initiation of new members into Omicvon Kappa Sigma was in full sway Thursday with the girls wearing knee socks -with high heels, no jewelry and no makeup. The boys wore earrings and bows in their hair, with their ties down the back. Even Columbus would have been amused had he seen these candidates so conspicuously attired. The Astronomy Club, under the advisorship of Miss Elizabeth Meyers, held a wiener roast Thursday night. The club visited the Harry E. Footer observatory at th« school Best wishes' are extended to the newly weds, Lt. and Mrs. W. Burns Stanley, who were married at the First Presbyterian church Tuesday evening. Many Allegany faculty If s a Date! and She's Wearing CRYSTAL-FRESH DRESS You'll always be sure of having a good time when you wear anything we have cleaned. The confidence a smooth, spotless appearance gires will carry you through any occasion. Visit our newly enlarged Girls' Department. See for yourself what adorable clever stylei we have "for girls from age Sree up. Top values! GIRLS' SUPERB COAT; AISO GIKLS REVERSIBLE COATS JUMPERS BLOUSES SKIRTS 77 BALTIMORE ST members attended the wedding and reception at the country club. The vocal clubs, of Allegany wUl make their first appearance of the year tonight at the .Centre Street Methodist church, A varied program will be presented, each'group con' trlbutlng a number. "ALLE." * * « . FORT HILL HIGH The theme is Hallowe'en.- The social room, recently opened for the Hep Cats and JIvers of the school Is decorated In the familiar orange and black that announces the arrival of that day. Black cats stare with humped backs from the •walls, and even the new Jazz version of "By the Light of the Silvery Moon" adds to the appropriate setting. During the lunch periods the room Is packed to capacity with momentarily carefree students. Edward BeaU, head of the Social Department of the Student Council, Is In charge of the social room, and It Is due largely to his efforts that It has started so successfully. The underclassmen, seventh, eighth, and ninth graders, are holding 'a Hallowe'en party in the Boys Gym on October 27. If you'll permit a bit of reminiscing, I can remember the Hallowe'en parties that used to be sponsored by the school annually. I wonder what happened to that festivity? Just a tip to the entertainers this year, don'l forget those fortune telling booths cider stalls, and candy 'sales that helped make such a success of the old parties. We upperclassmen look on enviously and "wish you fun and revelry. Plans for the initiations for the Boys' and Girls' Hi-Y's have been completed after meetings of both those organizations this week. We're looking forward to seeing the candidates for membership given "the works" soon. It is rumored that the Fort Hill Players have already iven several plays to their own group, and that these plays ore now ready to be presented to the school. All we can say is "Don't make us wait too long before displaying your latest dramatizations." To the football players go compliments on the excellent game they played on Saturday with Martinsburg. As report card time draws near the students nervously settle down to increased efforts of scholarship. The question before the board seems to be, "Why do six-weeks periods have to come around?" Leaving you with this question. In mind, I grope dazedly for my notes on Greek Drama and wave my hand belatedly, murmuring to myself, "Aristophanes, great Greek writer of comedies, born . . ." * * * GIRLS CENTRAL HIGH Tuesday afternoon the Western Maryland Conference of the C. 3. M. C. held its first meeting of the scholastic year in Carroll Hall. Featured on the program was a motion picture depicting the life and customs of the African natives. The picture was shown by Rev. Father Joseph Nappjnger, recently returned from the African Missionary Field. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Louis Vath _sve an inspiring talk, stressing the increased need for vocations espec- ialliy in Western Maryland. Plans for the annual Mother- Daughter Social are rapidly near- mg completion under the supervision of Sister Mary Alphonsus. This is one of our foremost so- :ial events of the year, on which occasion the mothers are the guests of their daughters . in the So :lal Center. As you know, last week was designated by President Roosevelt as 'National Fire Prevention Week." Wednesday morning Captain Definbaugh of the Fire Department gave a talk to the High School Assembly on this subject. In the course of his talk Captain Definbaugh stated the financial loss sustained ay the victims of, fires and the loss n human lives. He also cited instances of flrcs caused in Cumberland and vicinity and illustrated the mechanisms of a fire alarm box. The Girl of the Weak—Miss r.ias- ine Leonard. Maxine has been class treasurer from the Freshman to the Senior year. Believe tie. the job of collecting class dues, tuition, etc. every week is a pretty :ough job and Maxine's efficiency .n handling financial details has made her indispensable to the Senior Class. In addition to this extra service to her class, she is an honor student in every subject. The following students, by merit of perfect attendance and high general average In every subject, nave been placed on the September honor roll: Seniors—Misses Isabella Becker, Maxine Leonard, Vfary Irene Long, and Elaine Cessna. Juniors—Misses Anne Huger, Catherine Kelly,, Rosemay Leo, Mary Jo Rahrig, and Rose Marie Stakem. Sophomores — Dorothy Blake, Mary Campbelle, Joan Corral, Irma Chambers, Morma Jean Loraditch, Helen Hergot, Dorothy Prendergast, and Wllhelmina Seib. Freshman—Misses Colleen" Burns, Rosemary Dougherty, EVR Mae Hammer, Mary Kilduff, Elizabeth • Lancaster, Rosemary Savage, Jo Ann Sullivan and Mary Tipping. MARYLEE •• • * GRANTSVILLE HIGH Wednesday marked the end of the suspense here at school. The pictures arrived and everyone was well pleased with the results. While 'yours truly" was writing this Stem, one of the teachers walked lu to show off some of his sophomore pirtnros, but v.'= insisted the .seniors couldn't be beat. But seriously, the photographer did a wonderful Job. Apparently the athletic teams believe In the "shore-fair" plan. We've had two games with-Friendsville (Friday and Wednesday) and the boys won 7-0 and 2-0, while the girls lost 11-2 and 14-4. Congratulations boys, rind Better luck next ;ime, gals I Plans are being made for a masquerade amateur hour Instead of the annual Hallowe'en Social, which will be held October 27. Those wlsh- ng to be contestants must have .heir name and act recorded some time next wseS. 3s a!! you would-be movie heroes and heroines, here's a chance to show your ability. Edwin Ellas, Jr,, is chairman of the various committees that consist'of '.cachers. Let'* all put on n. funny 'ace and help provide a little en- .crtamment to take those wnr- mrdcncd minds away from their troubles for a little while. RITA AND RUTH. ' BEAIX HIGH .. . (Froitborir) Here we are from' Beall High where .we should:. certainty have a casualty list, U only for the Junior class. During the first week school was-In session,'• we. .missed Miss Juanlta Jackson,-who underwent an appendectomy. She came' back and Miss. Virginia Crump of Mt. Savage decided to go riding on a wild horse. She Is now. confined to .'her home with a slight 'concussion o! the brain. We think that she should stick to the nwrry-go-round. Don't you agree? Have you seen a curly- top blonde ,boy with his arm in a sling. He could only be Royden Welmer from the Junior class. We tried to find how. it happened but he said merely-that, the floor raised up and slapped him. We are pleased to see that .our two faculty members have returned after Illness. They are Miss Kathleen Wolfe and Mrs. Nora W. Orrell. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Francis "Coach" Carririgton on their new-arrival. That's right, It was' a BM. Having covered all the illnesses and new arrivals, we bring you the latest news from the big white school-house. On Monday the Glee Club met and had the usual amount of musical talent displayed, A new plan for'dismissal, suggested by the Student Forum, has been put into practice at Beall, and according-to comments,.there"is much improvement over the former' plan. Bus pupils are dismissed Immediately after the dismissal bell so as to avoid undue rushing and crowding. The subscription, drive for the Beall HI Chime got underway on Monday. For the best school paper, make yours a Chime. The executive board».of the Student v Forum met on Monday to discuss some of the problems of the Student Body. They, report that Beall High's quota for milkweed has been gathered and delivered. The class sponsors, grade 0-12, gathereds Monday to plan future class eyents. The sponsors are as follows: Seniors, Miss Martha Dillon and Prof.-Stanley Hunter; Juniors, H. Payne and Miss Ina K. Spitznas; Sophomores, Miss Mary Byrnes and Francis Carringtoa; Freshmen, Mrs. Mary V. Metger and Miss Anna M. Cook. Tuesday nothing important took place, other than the fact that the school had Paul Layman, a former student now In-the-Armed Service with the paratroops, as-a guest. He is "a becoming bit" of soldier in that uniform. The Service Club met in Room 301 the- first period on Wednesday to plan their activities for the school year. Tlie freshman class held-a meeting In the auditorium on Wednesday at 10:45. 'Band practice was held in Room 183 at 1:20. Thursday we had a homeroom period with good manners as the subject for discussion. Better brush up on'your-etiquette. Do you always match your "p's and q'a" In the cafeteria? AH the pupils - of -the school had their picture' taken on Thursday. Just hope that yours looks like you because they are for the office records. The school week concluded with a Chime Staff meeting in Room 217. Star of the Week—If you have ever passed Room 323 you have most undoubtedly noticed a dark cotnplexloncd blonde haired, blue eyed chap occupying a seat near the window. He has been an outstanding, athlete since his entrance al Beall. He is a member of the Beall basketball team and is well known for his good teamwork. He has aided in bringing many victories to Beall. We feel sure his kindliness will remain deep in the memory of his many fellow seniors. He Js fond of the girls in the Junior class, especially those with the name "Ju- anlta." Have you guessed it yet? Fillet Tailored CURTAINS .Specially SO.98 Priced at . . pair ^* The CURTAIN SHOP 29 S. Centre SI. Elsie Pabsl, Interior Decorator Well, we'll put your mind at ease. It could be none other than Ben "Dopey" Hughes. Until next week we remain your faithful Beall correspondents, who remind you that you still have the opportunity of subscribing to Chime, Don't wait. Do It now. 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