Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 3, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1909
Page 7
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Jk NEW HOMES FOR OLD FIRMS. I. O. O. F. Building and Bank Annex Completed and 8*,., ^--.-upiecf. Something lik n a tramp of progre,.,- sisr: \vhi.-.t in Covina this week. Some of the r>i2:.eept firms have been "progressing" from their old stores to ii<>\v, dean, mo.'lorn ones. .'. V. Home, whose grocery store has been oieadily growing more pop- iiii'iT and therefore large; every week since this energetic Missourian made Covina his home, has taken quarters ir> the I.O.O.F. building, recently completed, just north of the First National Bank on Citrus avenue. Home's "prosperity smile" seems to fit in nicely with the brand new shelves and fixtures, and when he says that he has a fine, well-equipped store, he is not. stretching the truth in any particular. His store is 2"> feet wide and 101' feet long, with some of the neatest interior decorations to be found in the town. The building was especially fitted for him. Patent drawers and chests for his goods are the very latest things in grocery equipment. The back room is fitted with a "double deck'' above the floor, where additional storage may be made. In addition to the big line of goods which he transferred from his old store, Mr. Home has put in a big stock of the best obtainable from the wholesale houses, and is now ready for increased trade. On Saturday the store will celebrate in common with other stores, and will make the occasion a "re-opening." Free ice cream will be served, and Mrs. Kiley will be on hand to demonstrate in -Home's famous blend of coffee. TH!0 PAINT STORK. "Kistler & Keeling," is the way the sign reads on the big paint store v/hich lies alongside of Home's grocery in the SnoclgritMS building. Like the grocery, the floor space >s U,~> by 103 feet. The new firm is composed of two men who have long been in business here, and are well known. The interior of the Kistler £ Keeling store is finished in Old Mision, and in this respect it is peculiar and very attractive. The tinting and wall decoration is in good harmony with the Mission shelving. The proprietors have stocked their store with a full line of crockery and chinaware, and in the rear is the paint shop, where Mr. Kistler attends to the work of painting automobiles and carriages. Besides this work, Mr. Kistler has a big trade in house painting and general work of this nature, such as paper-hanging and kalsomining. The public will make no mistake in calling at the new quarters of this firm. THE NEW BUILDING. The I.O.O.F. building, owned by Frank Snodgrass, is probably the most attractive structure in the center of the town. Two stories in heighth, it gives plenty of room for the two concerns named above on- its ground floor, and allows for one of the finest lodge rooms in Southern California. The I.O.O.F. has leased this room for a term of five years, with the privilege of sub-leasing to other lodges. The banquet hall in the rear is 32 feet by 22 feet, lighted by electricity and gas, and having a seating capacity of two hundred people. Leading off this room is the kitchen, fitted with a three-burner gas range and drain-board, with other accoutrements for the successful serving of banquets. The large anteroom possesses a room also which contains a set of lockers, six in all, where all the regalia of the lodges may be kepi, and the lavatories are made with the most modern adherence to conveniences. TH10 LODG10 ROOM. Heavy carpeting covers the floor of the lodge room, matching exquisitely the honeysuckle design in tinting on the walls. The furniture, pedestals and altars are all in golden oak finish, and the lighting fixtures also match in a general blending scheme. The Oddfellows, Knights of Pythias, Rebekah;s and Cantons will occupy tin's room. The Oddfellows are preparing ;>„ house-wanning in the near future. The banquet lo be held on the third of July in connection with the Independence day celcbra 1 ion, v. ill dedicate i lie banquet room. IIAXK HI'ILIUM! ANNKX. The annex built by the Kir.-:t Xa- 'ioiial Dank to fill the narov/ f-ap be- iween their j,resent liuM(liii:; and tiie Snodur.iMS building i.-> iie;nin!.< •i ion. The 11 iv. er floor v, ill ho!>i i • r o 11111 of t i:' • sail'- -. i / e 11 r the II,i-li! lulled, rii.ll (hi.; is Li lie i-ii ir/ li.i- !:i!u iii T',vc.;:;i:y t.- ;...-; ,: iri'ii i:i i. .-;( <,\ •• <<! ! m- I,.! ;.,- ;;•!•-. Ill t I. !:•' ! i • I i : i! i II £.' V . . ' i:, • e y ing. Clarence Allison is in charge of the work for the First National Hank, and V. (!. KrinR.was the contractor anil builder of the new Snnu.m'iiss i.iHldin.s. The la:" -.amed building i: faced will; <re;im pressed brick, with a front of burnished copper. The el. trie wiring was done by Winder, the local electrician. K. L. Jackson placed all the plumbing in operation. BYRON HO'l SPRINGS Within C;IPV rcnch of San Francisco Wonderful curative properties of the mud and mineral baths and waters. Reached from Los Angeles through the San Jonquiu Valley. Information at SOUTHKRX PACIFIC OFF-ICES. Notice to Appear, Action brought in the Superior Court of the State of California, .n nnil for the County of Los Angeu-«. and the complaint filed in s:iid County of Los Angeles, in the office of the Clerk of said Superior Court. In the Superior Court of the. State of California, in and for the County of Los Angeles. Guy C. Renham, plaintiff, against. Annie Benham, defendant. The people of the State of California send greetings to Annie Henham, defendant: You are hereby directed to appear and answer the complaint in an action entitled as above, brought against you in the Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles, State of California, within ten days after the service on you of this summons—if served within this county; or within thirty days if served elsewhere. And you are hereby notified that unless you appear and answer as above required the said plaintiff will take judgment for any money or dam! ages demanded in (he complaint, ns arising upon contract, or ho will apply to the Court for any relief demanded in the complaint. Given under my hand and the seal of the Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles, State of California, day of Feb., A.D., 1008. C. G. KBYES, Cleric. (Seal) By C. O. Winters, 7-31 Deputy Clerk «H«*^X M H^*H«**«>*»>^ IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Phone 51. C. H. Kistler SEE A. WARNER FOR INSURANCE Take your choice of the following gil.edge companies: LONDON & LANCASHIRE SPRINGFIELD FIRE & MARINE. ORIENT FIRE INSURANCE CO. ATLAS INSURANCE CO. All paid in full at San Francisco. A. WARNER AGENT. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE. t A o :, Christopher's Cream Of Quality THE GREATEST SELLER OF ANY AMERICAN ICE CREAM No other cream in no sail.tfylny, HO smooth, so delicious. No other cream is :,c> uniOer- sally popular. No oiher '•ju* t . a-> </ood" crvani can Aic .-.old at our prices. Try it. C, F, CLAPP SOLE AChN'I You Can't Do Better THAN TB-AEE AT THIS DRUG STORE. We offer you complete lines of drug store goods of a quality to be trusted and at fair cost. Do a3J yoiu' drrg store trading here. Every clrvg and chemical \ve use is selected for power, freshness and purity, and will give faithful, accurate, safe results. Every article for sickroom, toilet table, bathroom, or nursery, is new, original and dependable by being quality perfect. Every point of service is perfect and there's satisfaction in every deal with us. W. W. NASH PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Covina California OF N A SCO Smooth Surface Roofing ^i^ L^ • • 4 »fc^ ^^^ ^^ An absolutely new process tlint resists nil tvcnlltcrs Kerckhoff-Cuzner Mill and Lumber Cs. Home 148, Sunset 253. Covina, Cal. Hay, Grain, Cereals and Fuel WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Delivery to Every Part of the Valley SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING COMPANY Home Phone. TJ (X)VIXA, CAL. DKI'I "IT, KV;;. No. !2.VM ions TERMS: $20 to insure, mare in foal; $15 for the season. Tlu* ;ilio\'e are Hi li •-1 h' , r>,i-^ ul t heir e.l-i ss i n ' !i i - • n" ;i n v other c.ou nt ry. They wjf: improve s'onr ->I-I.'.K i in .m:iisley. Il i i; i "ii li n/ In ' '-ili-i'H would M-C i the-, i- hur-es I ii • I c, n- 111-1 K i n(.; oi 1.--1 1 • •ii.'iij.reineu t i i t •.•.••nil'! in. ti, their ;ic| v;i lit ,'if; e, as their colt.i will ?>bow. Covina Horse Breeders Association (>n. I'hone -.4 JIK nire at Keefcr'i Sii.i r. /-,. /H'J>nK/\'AK CITY LIVERY STABLES C. I'. .Mil il, I'rop. i Y Y I CHEAP-RATE EXCURSIONS TO THE EAST. Summer 190" TICKETS WILL BE SOLD TO THE FOLLOWING POINTS AT RATES AND ON DATES MADE (SUBJECT TO CHANGE). Atchison, Kan $ Baltimore, Md 107..".n Boston, Mass i 10.50 Chicago, 111 7i'..")i) Colorado Springs, Colo 55.00 Deliver.- Colo fifi.OO Diilnth, Minn 7'.i.50 Houston, Texas I' Kaunas City. .Mo til).on Leavenwo'.-lii, Kan tiO.On Memphis, Tenn r>7.r>0 Mineola, Texas liO.OO Minneapolis, Minn 711.50 Montreal, Quebec * 108.50 Omaha, Neb 00.00 Philadelphia, 1'a 108.50 New Orleans, La 07.50 New York, N. Y 108.50 I'uehlo, Colo 55.00 SI. Joseph, Mo 00.00 SI. Louis, Mo 07.50 SI. Paul. Minn 7:1.50 Toronto, Out i 1 riii 1)5.70 Washington, l>. C 107.50 DATES OF SALES. To Colorado | olr, U, -.lime 117 to.Inly Oth, iiielu..ive; August !) to I-1 in clll.sivc. To all oilier |>oinli; July I to 7 inclusive, I'l, II, 15. Return limit I'Vr May, June and July Males, three months aflcr dale of sale; for Annual and September .sales, October 111, I'.iO'J. FOR VARIOUS NATIONAL CONVENTIONS TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AS FOLLOWS: Denver, Colo. National lOduenlioiial Association. Sell June 27 to July 0. Hale, :fri5.(>0. St. Paul, Minn,-- Christian Kmloavor. Hell June 1M to 1!7, li!) and July I lo 7. Hate, $7:1.50. Minneapolis, Minn.- -Y.I'.C.I'. rnh'ei'NiillKf.. Hell July 1 to 7. Hale, $7:1.50. AhiHka-Yukon-Paellle Exposition, Seattle, Wash.—Juno 1 to October 10, 100!). Dat.oH of Hale—May 25 to Sept. HO, Indus!vo. Rates, going via Southern Pacific and Portland and returning BIUIIO route, $'!(>, 20. Almi other rates vin other routoH. Stop-avow allowed at Intermodlat.o polntw going or rotiirnlng. For further Information call on, wrllo or phono to D. B. 8CHENCK, AGENT, COVINA Home Phono 144 G. L. TRAVIS, COMMERCIAL AGENT, POMONA. SOUTHERN PACIFIC I *i i Camp Rincon (JKM OK TIIK SAN (JAUUIKL CANYON 1 Ic!i(|(|ii!.i'l('i's I'oi 1 fisliiii!..' ill (In 1 Kui'k. N'oflli l''nfl;, Hear ami l)c\il'K Cnii.yniis, An idi'al phii-r fur MII oulin^, cilhcr 1)011 I'd. illtf ill. Hie lldlcl dl' c!llll))illf,'. 'I'llc lifSl of ovef.vlllill^ ill Hi'iisiiii. Slnf.','e ii'iives A'/iiSit at !l :•!() Oilier rij(K in 1 siuldl' 1 liorsi'S CIHI be en(j;!i(.!'i'<l | ( y Iclephotiin^ !51i, A/.IISU, or mldrcss H. D. BRIGGS, Manager AZUSA, CAL. The Ostcrmoor is built (not atuffccl) of clastic, fibrous Ostcnno«r uhcels — jjerin-proof and vermin-proof. We know there is no mattress on earth "just-as-jjood" as tlie Oiiter- moor, and. we are exclusive aj;cnt3 for your protection a;;ain:,t worthless biilwtitutes. COIIKJ lo ua for tJie (,'eniihif: O'.lernioor— a rn.'xsterpiecc of comfort, Order one. COVINA Nothing but an orca- bioiiiil Mill hath ill ncrdcd to In < |i a;i Oi.ti-niinor Mat- 'V* tli»r<iU|<hly K'linvuii'd. It . [lo-.hilily f/-t diily inside. Ami if tin: liilc j»i-iu uoilcd —!>o:ip> and wii'-'-r ami u dncJi cli-m^i it. Why :,!'•• |> (iii ii iii.-ittn-sii filled willi ( animal hair ? '1 lie very f:n t that it U'-'-'.'.-i (>ii kinj.; ('> r>ii.-ri-'! l<> clean il of (III I (an'i tin: ^rlliDi l.lick 1) l>houid bu <jii(/u|;h to bickcu ouo ugaintjl it, for CLEANING HAIR IS A DIRTY JOB. COMPANY i: I I I i RENOVATES AN| OSTERMOOR MATTRESS

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