Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 3, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1909
Page 6
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LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS IRWINDALE. Mrs. Clark. Sr., Mrs. L. A. (Hark and Miss Gladys Clark of Lark Rll<!n street attended the j?radnatlnK eter- nises of the I-OH Angelas hifih school last Friday. Mm. C. O. Hosa Is nntertp.lnlng M!HH Cox of Los AngolfiH thin week. Antonio LaroHona, a Mexican who has been in trouble many times for disl.urbiiiB the peace and drunkenness, •was committed to the Patton asylum by Hie Lummy Commission on Monday. Larosona has been found sneaking about various homos In this neighborhood and peering Into the windows. He lino paraded the streets of Covlna carrying sin ugly-looking knife, and has in other ways alarmed the Htl- xens of the vicinity. Because of his villainous appearance and the fact that lie tallied with the description of the Mexican wanted for the murder of Anna I'altera, he was examined by the sheriff, hut, no evidence wan found against him. TO. \V. Limn received a, carload of lumber this week and lias begun work upon an <itlra<-live bungalow on Hoiith Vincent, street. Mr. and Mrs. fJeorge Kellar spcnl Sunday and Monday in I'asadcna sit- t.enclii'g (lie Christian Kndeavor con vention and visiting Mr. and Mrs. /. Hum. Mr. Cooper of Hedlandu recently visiU-d at Hie home of his son, 10. A. Cowper. ' -Miss lOlla Miller, who has resided with the family of Mr. and Mrs. William Water-house for several months, •returned to her home in Casadciui this week. Miss Miller will continue her employment In the Pasadena post- office. Mrs. Arch Henry of Los Angeles Hjient this week with Mr. and Mrs. I!. Mill'-r. Miss Vela I loath returned home Mil week from a week's camping trip in the Han licriiardino mountains with a parly of friends. Tliis week Mrs. .1. M. Crane wold ten acres of land set to young walnut trees to M. O. Hiiiighrnan. Tlie land is located on Arroyo Drive and Mr. ;md Mrs. Itaiigliman will build a home opon It In the near future. Miss Hollo Avery visited Mrs. Mary I.ampliear of Strawberry Park this M cok. lw Mr. and Mrs. A. .1. Miller are cnler- "\ . taining tlie lulter's mother, Mrs. T. P. Seymour of Monrovia. 31JHH I'hc.ehi lirown hay accepted 1 lie position of IJOH! inii-il ress and .station agent at ll-e Irwindale Soul lu-rii' i'acilic station. She iMiP-red upon her regular «iiili('H .Inly 1st, lilllng the pon- ition vacated li.V Miss Kdna Collriu. Mrs. William Middick and .Miit- < liiddlck of I,on Ang'-les are V!M Ring Mr. and Mrs. lianiel Mead. Mrs, Kdward Speer of l,ar|i I'Mlen .street left 'I'uesday for inilnlli. Minn., 1o spend several' monlhs visiting her parenl.n, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Merrill. Mrs. William Waterlions.' and daughter, Miss Millicenl, arrived from Oberlin, Ohio, the lirst of the week. Mr. and .Mrs. (Jeorge Keilnr and 'Miss Nora Kellai 1 lea\e next week for Seattle. After seeing lire exposllion, they will allend Hie irrigation con j;V<^ss, which is lo lie held ill Spokane, Washington. Tlie Covlna City \Valcr Company lias 'recent ly piped water- down Cy-i |iress avemir I'lom I lie iniln-1' o,' A/. ' lisa avenue as far as l-'raiili I'liilleo'.; , Jesidence. : Mr. and Mrs. l-'r-ank l'aldns..iM' ami; 'Miss Coi'a (irallon spent Sunday al I lie liinne of Mr. and Mis. W. Mullen (lore of Long lleacli. Mr. and Mrs. I-:, li. Coll'mai! and "ss Mae ColTman joined Mr. am 1 Mrs. | •st SN'aslilnirn and d:uu;liiiis of; i'asadena in a pimir in Kusl •|\, Anr.el'-s, in; Sunday, was in IM m i ir ill 11 n- I'irih ( 'oil in,in and M Us \loha Miss Mabel ffeckert of Pnente ntreet leavoH next week to npemJ some time visiting her brother, Mr. .fnck MeckPrt, at San Mateo. Mr. and Mr«. H. Miller Kperil, the week end at the home of Mr. and Mr«. William Onion of I..OH AngeleB, Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. (',. Wood worth were, Miss Marie Chapman and Mr. fJeorge Fox of Lo« Angeles. Mrs. Ida Wllcox of Los Angeles wax a week end guest at. the home of her niece, Mrs. Bert Scott. BALDWIN PARK The annual election of officers of the Haldwln Park Woman's Club was held at the scboolhoiiHe last Friday afternoon. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Mrs. Llla Pierce; vice-president, Mrs. William Stevenson; recording secretary, Mrs. Ha/e| lOlwell; corresponding secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Annie M. Carroll. A vote of thanks was extended to the retiring officers. The next regular meeting- will be held the first Friday in October. July 14th, the club will meet, with Mrs. f). .(. Slitilfis of San Cabrlcl, and with Mrs. Tiff of Los Angeles during the month of August, Itev Chalney of Long Heacfi wan the Sunday guest, of Mr. and Mrs. Hlx. Charles Oodson lias secured a position as salesman willi Purmaloe & Dorman of Los Angeles. Mrs. lla/ey and son of Alamllos Hay spent, the week-end with Mr. arid Mrs. Mendos Ames. Miss Kdll.h Cogahan, who lias visited Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Mershon for the past three months, left, thin week for Seattle, Washington. The following program was given at UK- temperance meeting of the Haldwln Park Knnday-rfcliool last Hunday: voluntary; cornel solo, A. 10. Carroll: opening hymn, school; temperance definition in union, "Onward Christian Koidlers," school; prayer. Rev. W. II. Cribble of Los Angeles; vocal solo, lOssie Power; addres:: on progress of temperance in California, Rev. Oribbie; offertory; birthday offerings; song, school: temperance doxology, school; "Mi/pali," school; song, school, Mrs. C. O. Morshon went to Venice Tuesday evening to'appear in the opera, "Princess Honnio," which was given by Miss H. Kll/.abet.h Parker of Los Angeles and her students. Mr. and Mrs. Uix leave this week for a month's slay al. Long lleacli. The iniiKk ball given by (lie Haldwln Park young people hint Sal-.ii'da.v nighl was a nip-cess. The affair was in charge of Mrs. M. Ames and Miss I )a\vn Wilson. WALNUT CENTER Mr. Comslock is completing a residence on his properly south o!' here. The house contains eight rooms and Is thoroughly modern. Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. ,1 Kerry were Mr. I Mrs. .luhell of Reilonilo and Miss Violet Itullen of Kansas. Mr. Fred Forney, proprietor of the blacksmith .shop on South ()raii).'.e avenue, is creeling a store building to lie used as a grocery. Mr. ami Mrs. L. W. Hall of Los An geles Were entertained lute lasl week by .Mrs. Kmma Kelly. Mr. and Mrs. (i. F. Stevens bad as guests Sunday, Mrs. llenjainin Srhaf I'er, Mr. and Mrs. Will richal'l'er and son of rpland. The .Misses i.eola anil Lndhi Rob erts of Covina spent a couple of days lasl week with Miss Cerlrude Kerry. A new collage is lieini; (mill liy Mr. Siemens on liis properly east of here. CHARTER OAK. Mr. ff. r. \far»» teff. a ft*w rfayB a(?o to makr» art exf*>nrferT trip tltroiiKh the Atl? Coast. states, especially throriKl) N>w England, where most of hl» frfend» amf refatfve« are. Mr. Mare IB one of the old pioneers, hav- inK come here in '88, and this Is the first, tfnifl he ha« been Kast flliu:e. Affss VioM Rowland spent. Sunday with friends fri Los Angela. Mr. ffarofd Potter wan the giu-at of Mr. f,efanrf Om&rfon for the woek end. Mr. and MTH. Htowell and family and Mr. and Mrs. P. ff. Wllrox and little son took an antomohlle trip to flerllanrfft Saturday, returning home Monday ffvenfrrg. Horn, June ^2nd, to Mr. atid Mr«. O. f 1 '. Tfffman, a son. CATALINA NOTES. The preparatfonH for t!ie «r:.nd celebration of fndepf>ndr>nr-e \>;\y mi Monday have been completed un.1 ar- ranpernentH 1 made 1 to aeeiir- 1 Ih-: cotn- fort of the blf? crowd that 's f-raiin l.o arrive. Avalon linn alw.!.••:•; I.ff : n noted for the patriot.!." ens lin.-iiaciri displayed and the Krc;it vai-if;;-/ nf free entertainments provided for (he visltorH on the Fourth, and die 'orn- of the property hol-i-T^ ii-st^ne have determined that Aval'iu i-h;, II outdo all her fonm-)' rfrlfhniMcm Mils y< •!!.'. Tii<> prriKnim \vf[| itiHutl • '>asHia!l and water polo matches, :-.w i'iiiniii'< and diviiiK competitions. |;MN.-!I ;i<id motor boat racoM, great, rnarjin* tii£ o' war by row boat.s, five mi If- -act; between two of the fastest iriri'nr boa In on l.h<- 1'aclfic Omul., f.!ie 'Tome;., and the "i'rf.'tlo," to i\<:i:\(\f> f.l;e . liainpion- Hhlp of Southern Par ilk- v/ The program will conr:liir?e wifli a K'and illmniii.'iliriii and rlinplay of Mre\vonu:. PACIFIC ELECTRIC TIME TABLE. f/eavc IVis A n (£< 5:~o ji. in. 7:0-; 12:10 p. in. 1..?" 2:4ii 3 :.'•". vina ;i, in '):=.() 11:10 12:.i(; n. m. STOCK TAKEN FOR Pasturage will take only fanited numbcr—pteivty feed— »hade and rutming water: 1 1 :3 3:45 4.35 5:45 6:35 8:00 10:00 JACKSON Motor Cars Pour Models From ^aO to $.2150 Mncle in Jaci;Ron, Michigan, by an Honest Ccncern. Seven Years of Excellence. Covina Agents STANTON & HARNISH Citrus Avtinue "No Sand Too Deep, No Hill Too Steep." SIMPLE STRONG ROWLAND 'Tin 1 liirl liil;i.v nl' \li-;s ('dii>.| ;niri> Viii.'ir. \\liii h iin-iiiTi'tl \\.-rk, was i Iii- m i-:i'.inn f. if ;i tli-lii/lil Till snrpri.n 1 I'.il I \ :• ! \ i II In'! ll> alnilll (ill \ n| In [• ill. I ' ! ' I |.-Hi in - II'M\ ,-,( I l|j;. M .i,-l v | , , II' 1 ' -' : I ' i !''.'. !,l llll |'l|. I- \\ n 11 li t ii.' \ 1 ;,- .- I.-,.i, ,1 \ll>:,'1 lli.v. !.•. i , I ir i-, ,1 'I'll, - I'l'X ll'lHl! I 'I i,- ll-.l. ^v li,-!.- :,!;,- I.,,-, I I, ,-i: ,' I III! 1 ,-,lii ml Sin- V. ll r.|n-||i| li.-r ...i ,'il li'll \\ II !l Ili'i' p.II i-!!l s \\ !;u l-,-.-,|il.- SILENT ( ICKm SPEEDY Ft »K SAI.1-: KY E. R. HULL I ii i 111! il 11 .-• 111.1' 11 a h 11 , • \ ; . •. I . 11 'I!' IH I 'la I! I I I,;; I i- n .'I. I On RANCHES and CITY IMPROVED S. R. EARNEST i CO. H. W. Hellin.-m Bid.. Los Amjelcs. Cal. Send v, rittcn description or call. Phone 119 Hovvcll & Howelf BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome KRRSn KVI5KY DAY AT Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily A. J. ROOKS All kinds of general and heavy Hlacksmithing-. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks and Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Horn* Phone IOQ? Shop West Badillo St, Gavin* COVINA FINK STICK KEP AIRING ----- AT -- Citrus Avenue LJs FOR HARNESS, HORSE GOODS. WAGONS, BUGGIES AND IMPLE- MENTS. Best Goods — Lowest Prices & Saddlery Co. Phone li.ime 1170 WE CAN FIND YOU * A BUYER For Orange Groves Alfalfa Lands or City Property Covina Realty Co. (m Irnosfer \V BOINHA/n & RiTCHA Cement Contractors LET US FIGURE €>N ANYTHING IN THE CEMENT LINE SIDEWALKS AND CURBS OUR SPECIALTY We arc experienced cement men and employ only skilled help. Home phone 1067 Covina Orange Groves We have a large clientage buying good orange groves. If you want a quick sale, list your grove with us. "IT PAYS TO SEE us" EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 232 Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles D. W. McDonald, Covina representative Home phone 125% Covina Clarence Allison Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA, CAL. Covina Livery Stables J; J. FitzGeraW, Proprietor Special Rates to Travelling Men Horses Bought, Sold and Exchanged c Home Phone 30 Res. Phonp 1024 ^AAA^AA^^^A^^^^^ Star Refrigerators .Miti'lt rhrthr- need'sof t:Tic Paeifie C"nas.t. Sanitary—Satisfying. Kg- line of RANCH TOOLS placed fbr the- summer \vorlc. Look over our stock of .hoes,. rakes writl tools of all kinds. The Spinner Washing Machine The triumph of long yours of study in inac-hines. Call and see it. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL. 4th of JULY REDUCED Excursion Rates TO AND FROM ALL POINTS One and One=Third Fare ^ ' rtiVERSIDE *l # ; *: * Where the Lowest First Class One-Way Rate is $10 or Less. REDLANDS ONTARIO SAN BERNARDINO . POMONA THE IMPERIAL AND COACHELLA VALLEYS. FRESNO, BAKERSFIELD AND OTHER POINTS IN THE SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY. PASO ROBLES. SAN LUIS OBISPO. SANTA BARBARA. VENTURA NORDHOFF, AND OTHER POINTS ON THE COAST LINE. ViCKETS ON SALE JULY 2, 3, 5, 5. Good foe Return u-til July 6, inclusive. AMPLE TRAIN SERVICE. FULL PARTICULARS F,~:C.YI ANY AGENT OR INQUIRE AT 600 S. SPRING ST.. Co.'ner ;";-., :.-i St.. to; A-cp'e-3. Southern Pacific "California Lsnds for Wealth; California Oranges for Health" LOOK! LISTEN! HAULING OF ALL KINLS |i' you wain t,, -,,-c tliat ni,-e ne\v Al'TO Laundry Delivery Wa^oti, ju>t droj) a v-;ird to LurbcvT l»ro>.' Pomona Steam Lautulrv. the , (V) . .ihK^t ami n;u>t iip-to-tiati.- iaundrynu-n in the valloy, and tell them '' t>' >.-all lor your 'lautidr, or j, r ive you their prici.- on work. We v:a!l Monday. Tue.-iii.iv. '1'iiui'Mlay and Friday. Work stricUy up-to-date. i'_'t POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY

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