Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 20, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 20, 1954
Page 2
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HOPfe STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, February 26, 1954 &*.. 8 A. M. *hd 4 P. M. Maids WH1 met Sat- at ten o'clock a i fa Sfeth" Kfcttig. ett Circle Five of the CharcH will meet 22, it ?:3d p. Jiomfe "ol- Mi's, fidWard with Mesdamts S6nt _ tiarisfiela and 'Riderwill biing the lid ,Mrs. Virgil Keeley £nt the secortd scfssibn of fi^tfie Prophet," In a most I 'find unfeiue manner, All . A'^J./. J .tA. i t. ., . . , ^ , Y & SUNDAY tri'1:45 Sunday •Jfc members are urged to be present and bring your Bibles. Tuesday, February 23 Chapter AE of PEO will meet Tuesday, February 23, at 3 b'clock at the home of Mrs. Franklin Hot* ion on West Avenue B. Kathleen IVfallory Circle of the First Baptist Churrh will meet Tuesday February 23. at 7:30 p. in. nt,the home of Mrs. Horace Hubbard, 212 East Sixteenth Mrs, L>» B. Tooley will be hostess to tho Cosmopolitan Club at her home on Tuesday night, February 23, at '7:30- Mtes Betty June Monta To Be Married Today Miss Betty Jtni> Mont-:, formerly of Hope, will bocnmO th;; bride- 6f the Rovr-rcnd Robeit C. Hill in a double rinr ceremony in the First Miithodist Church, San Francisco, California, this afternoon, February 20. at four o'clock. The Reverend Ettore di Giantomasso, pastor of St. John's Methodist Church, San Francisco, will, officiate. The announcement is being made by the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Monts of Hope. Miss Monts leCeived her B. A. de- groe from Texas State Collese.for Women, Denton, Texas. She is employed as Secretary in the office of a construction company in San Ffancisco. The Reverend Mr. Hill is pastor of the First Methodist Church, San Francisco He received his B.:A..degree from Columbia University, Nov^ York; his B. D. degree from Crazier Theological Seminary, Chester, Pennsylvania; and his S. T. M. degree from Union Theological Kc-ininary, New York. He served as Bacon Fellow at Pncifio School of Religion, Berkeley, California. Mrs. Jack Sl'ane , Hostess To Poplar Grove 196 On Tuesday evening, February Ifl, at 7:30, membeis oi Poplar Grove 196, W. O. W. Circle, met at the home of Mrs. Jack Stone for their monthly social. Pla'ns were discussed about . a ttip to Texarkana on Friday night. Game's were played with prizes being won by Mrs. Martin Green. Mrs, WetUc Rothwell and Mrs. Ruith Hartsfield. Following the playing of games refreshments wore served. IRRESISTIBLE — Parisians are getting a glimpse of Jacques Faih's latest creation in unmentionables for the femme fatale. The outfit consists of sheer black stockings With a tiny 'rosebud pattern and black corset with billowing petticoat in black organdy and lace. Hopeful for ut of bsiferente I kd Advised to Be 5<ihd to Democrats BY MASVlN -L. ARROWSMIfH JPALM SPRNGS, Calif. M— The political advice President Eisen- lioWer gets from Gov. Goodwin J. knight of California is this: if you want to defeat the Democrats at the polls, be kind to them. The Republican governor visited with Eisenhower for half an hour yesterday at the President's vaca lion retreat hove. And Knight said to newsmen after the session: "1 told the President his recent announcement that the best kind of Republicanism is to avoid bitter cohdemnatinn of Democrats is very popular in California, because that Is the way we have been beating the New Deal hero for 20 years." Knight was alluding to Eisenhower's statement. Feb. 10 that he is against extreme political parti sanshio. Direction Designated All national highways of the Linked States are numbered according to their general dircc- ion. East-west highways arp even- numbered, while north-south highways are odd-numbered. Sunday & Monday at Saenger 13ING CROSBY sings a song to CHRISTIAN FOURCADE in this scene v ftom Paramount'* "LITTLE BOY LOST."/ now, may wind up as only a liny loot one in history. At the time of the first breakdown over Germany and Austria .his country and the rest of tho West were practically unarmed; Russia was an arsenal. Still, there was a balance be- Lween thorn: This contry was no match for Russia in number of men under arms but this country had the atom bomb, which Russia didn't. The bomb was enough to discourage Russian attack in Europe. In the years since 1946 both sides have sharpened their claws, pushed and pulled and tested each Other without locking in a full death struggle. Communism — Russia clinched her hold on the satellites, grabbed Czechoslovakia (1948), rushed development of J.he atom hydrogen bombs achieving her first atomic explo sion in 1949, her first hydrogen one in 1953 And the Chinese Commu nists took over all of China (1949) At war's end the Communists, in ,AT*T™™ rn 4 - Russia' alone. ruled 200 million WASHINGTO NWI - Two tigers Je Now Commun!sm> .Russian ! moved up close to examine eacn ,,„,, ov,i noo » ,, Mlnc nnn miiimn ,,n WOW Drill Tepm Goeii To Texarkano The members pf the WOW Drill Team inotored to Texarkana, Friday night for an initiation. The 4 Hope Drill Team members are Chnrlcne WipKJ.T-, captain, Mrs Pat Fnrls, Mt's. Betty Fans, Jeanette Barr. Leola Jones, Margie- i,AST TIMES TODAY ree Best P • 8 is Is AMCHE FURY Sweep: tho Arizona Frontier! CHAptER 2 of New Seiiol "THE LOST PLANET" Colpr Cortoon, "Wacky Wild Life ^ i SUN. - MON, BEATEN PATH... p^f Hear/beat Away From You! 4J& & other again, and again they withdrew, to watch and wait and sharpen their claws. ......... . ... That rnay be the historians' description of the Berlin .meeting, which began Jan. ( 25.and ends thin week, between the Big Four foreign ministers, , , ' Three of them .from, the .West- United States' Dulles, .B r i t a in's E.deri, France's Bidault . —have talked four . weeks with Russia's Molbtov, .;';.. - .. .Neither said was expected to yield anything: Neither did. In that sense the meeting was not a disappointment. •..'.' Biit history may consider it a tragic disappihtment if it turns out this was he last chance the Big Four had to settle their differr ences peacefully before World War III. ; " ' '•"'•: '. ' ; , ; ' At Berlin the stumbling . blocks were peace treaties for Germany and Austria, as they had been in one meeting after another since i940. ' ., This was only the latest in a series. The previous one was in September 1949. There may be others in the years .to come. If that's so, then this one, in spite of the attention it attracted Wilson, Judy Barr, Mary Jones, 'and Charlotte Wilson. Ann Coming and Going Mrs. .Clyde Monts left Tuesday via plane for. San Francisco, Calk fornia, to attend the wedding of her daughter, Miss Betty, June Monts, and the Reverend Robert C. Hill, today at four o'clock' in the First Methodist Church. and Chinese, rules 800 million under a solid Red military alliance that stretches from central Europe and across Assia to the Pacific. The West — Under the threat of Russia the United States moved on from the atomic bomb to'development of the hydrogen bomb and built up an atomic armory so fast it is begin nihg to put more reliance on atom ic weapons, less oh men.. The United States and : Western Europe came out of the helpless nqss of their disarmament to new rearmaniont ahd formation of theii own military alliance, the Nort! Atlantic Pact (1949). , The tests — When Russia threatened to gob ble Greece and 'Turkey, formei President Truman bandoned tj-a ditional American isolationism ,i peacetime by > rearming them (1048). When Russia tried to force the Allies out of Berlin with blockade (1948), this c o u n t r y smashed'the blockade with tho air lift. When c o m m u'n ism threatenec impoverished W e s t e r n Europe from within, this country helpec it with Marshall Plan economic aic (1948). Communism tried anothfi thrust with the invasion of Soutl Korea) 1950) but was blocked in i war that lasted three years, is no yet officially ended. East and West grow steadily stronger. Neither, therefore, seems to think it necessary to hield any thing. Now like two tigers, each capa ble of uncorking sudden death, the two sides watch each other, eacl other, each waiting for the other to jump or stumble or, pehapsj t die of indigestion. Man, who»o earthly exUtenw U w brief and uncertain, hat n«ver> th»!*»» eternity »t In hl» h»art by the Creator. The w«rd» of Jew* and Hit retvrrectton from th* dead bring to vt th» attwranw that for tho Christian death thai) be wallowed vp in victory. Ood h eternal, Mv» It the cpnqueror of the grove, and we, being united by faith wHh Hint, thprs HI* everlattlng life, Death It a doorway from o natural world into g tplrituol world. Behind tht thin veil that ton* tealt fr«B) owr human »yt* the Mewtd CoMntry there standt Ons hot 9»n« to pr*(>aro 9 place for yt and who will one day vt v»to HImtelf tn eternal it |hfl P«rf««» ««w of the b«IJ»v»r with 9*4 death I* but a trontltlon t« d«p« fettow^.tp of Hfc ' PRESCOTT NEWS ) — Three state 5g!slatoi's t spurred by a^ report hftt Arkansas is paying higher >rices than its sister states for iriting jobs, wants an investiga- lon of state prining contracts. The trio asked Atty. Geri. T. J. Gentry yesterday for an opinion ri whether prices set out in the orttracts violated the mnxihlutns ixed by law more than 50 years SO, Earlier in the day, the Legisla ive Audit Committee Voted against sking Gentry for 1 the opinion. The legislators, Reps. J. A. Womack of Ouachita County, Hayle Hollis of Caihoim County, and George Holmes of Cleveland Gouri y,. all members of the committee fiert asked for the opinion on their Wh. . . . .. ';, : i A report by legislative Auditor Jrvel M. Johnson set off the de- late. Johnson said many of the late printing contracts —which C W. F. Meets In Wahlyqulst Home The Christian Women's Fellow- hip met on Monday afternoon_in he home Of Mrs. C. O. Wahlquist or the monthly meting Mrs. Harry VToore president, opened the meet- ng and the sbng "Blest 'Be the Tie" was sung. Mrs. John Mauldin offered prayer. She also read : a etter of thanks from Dallas Chrisian College to those participating n the Dallas. A month club! , Mrs. Lawrence Stovall was leader of the program on "Divine .Wisdom" February being Youth month, she called on Mrs. Henry Thompson to • explain the activities of youth camp and announced ;hat a Youth Camp would be held in Hope the later part of February. • A vocal duet was sang by Mrs. •Moore and Mrs. J. W. Bradley Roll was called with each member answering with a Bible quotation. Mrs. Sam Henry, Mrs. Case Chappelle and Mrs. Brad McGuire were appointed to serve on the sunshine committee. Refreshments carrying but the Valentine motif, were served by tiie hostess, assisted by Mrs. Bradley, during which time clever stories were told by each one ori 'How I Met My Valentine." , Members answered roll call by naming shrubs to be pruned during .February. Plans were Discussed for tht' Daf- odil.Tea which is to be-in March. Delicious cherry salad vyith coffee vas served to nineteen members. Legion Auxiliary rias . "February Meetiirici 14 members and a visitor on Monday evening in the home of Mrs. Mark Justiss for the February meeting and the American Legion Auxiliary, Mrs. S. V. Scott presided In tho absence of the president. ' Mrs. Betty Stainton was th» guest speaker for the evenihg and spoke on' '.'Americanism." 'At tho close of the meetin'g a Shinty salad course.-was served. Prescott Garden Club Meets With Mrs, Loomis The February meeting of the Prescott Garden Club was held Tuesday, afternoon in the home of Mrs. Roy Loomis, Mrs! E. M Sharp and Mrs. John Jones assisted v Attractive arrangements of dafio dils and japonica by Mrs. Lee Kinney, Mrs. Burke Sheltoh, Mrs. Le- r'oy Phillips and Mrs, Lporriis were used In the living room and dining room. The meeting was conducted1 by Mrs. George Cashman, president Mrs. Burke Shelton Thereapy Chairman was instructed to send Flower Seed to the State Hospial Mrs. D. S .Gordon in a talk o: "Instructions to Impiove Land scaping." said that two words Usefulness and Beauty mean much in landscaping procedure. She sale that a landscape should reflect the personality of the' owner and tha landscaping is one thing that, is ne- l er finished. She illustrated her talk ith a chart of incorrect and eor- ect landscaping, dawji by .Mr. Sul Mi', arid Mfs. J. H. Bemls and VIrs/ Wallace Pemberton were Tiler, lay visitors in Hope. Deputy Grand Lecturer In Official Visit Hire Eastern Star, was honored with ;he official visit of Mrs. Mildred Nichols of Hot Springs( District Deputy Grand Lecturer, at their stated meting on Tuesday, evening. Worthy matron, Mrs. Llpyrl .ynch of Little Rock presided. Guests were present from Mo1 Springs, Arkadelphia, Gurdon and Little Rock. Sammie Sc'bW Honor'etf S'ammie Scott was honored. with a party given by his parents, Mr and Mrs. S. V. Scott at their home oh Tuesday afternoon to celebrate his sixth birthday. Games were palyed and Caroline Haltbm and. Joe Escarre were thx lyinners in the "Pin The Tail on The Donkey." game. The boys re ceived bat-balls . and the girli- jumping ropes for favors. . Mrs. Hunter Scott paternal grand rnother, assisted Mrs. Scotf in ser ving ice cream and the birthday cake. Others present Included Sharon Dewoody, James Wylie Duke, Sallj jTo Watkins, Linda and Ann Scott Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Logan return ed tuesday from Dallas where they We're the guests of their daughter Mrs. Steele Moore and family. O.'O. Cannon" Jr. of Dallas has arrived to join Mrs. Cannon am Mary Jar a visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Clarne White. Mr. Earl Eppler of Little Rod spent Tuesday evening with Mrs Eppler and her mother. Mrs. Gu Woodul. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Franks and Mr and Mrs. Jewell Long were Tiles day visitors in Texarkana. Mrs. Watson White Jr., and Mrs Lillie Butcher returned Tuesda; night from Laurel, Miss where th visited Mr. and Mrs. Harold Whit the past week. Mr. ,and Mrs. :Sidney, Mickey an Mrs. Kenneth Ledbetter of Arkada* phia were Tuesday guests of Ms and Mrs. H. A. Loomis. Mrs. N. N, Daniel returned Tues day from Chicago, where she vl sited her daughter, Miss Bernic Daniel, and Dayton, Ohio wher. DOROTHY DIX No Joking Matter Dear Miss Dix: My 22-year-old daughter never was particularly tion before me, but it was at leas One. rnore stumbling block' in th path of a girl making a valant tr; to adjust herself to romance, suggest that the family change it attitude from jollying to serious ac ceptance. Try to see the problem interested in boys, even in high school. A while back, an old friend of the famiry,"'Gene, wrote her from overseas, where he's in service, asking her to write. She did ,and when he came home they had a few dates. Until this point from the girl's viewpoint, and giv. we had always jpked qbout her boy | her all the help you can, preferabjj friends, or lack of them, but when I without fanfare. Sit on the side I teased her about/Gene, she was I lines, read to help,, instead of try quite angry, and ; wouldn't go out I ing to monopolize the center ring with him again. She becam.e very Let our daughter have a chance t disagreeable around the house, ate work things but. ve rylittle, arid was easily hurt, went to a doctor, who suggested that she go to a psychiatrist, After two months, she became less moody and began to talk abou Gents quite a lot, He in the meantime, has continued his interest in her. The doctor says,.he's not the boy for her Will anything straighten her out? Everything I say seems to be wrong,. Mrs. H. Not Amusing Answer: From the very 'beginning, the girl's trouble seems to be just too many people butting in. During adolescence there was too much teasing about hej 1 boy friencjs. This is an attitude Jfiat tnsny parents consider amusing, but the girl or boy who's the object Of constant "kidding" rarely glares the adult view. More sympaJUetjc .under, standing, .with an attempt to help the girl make friends, wpuld have been more in line. When finally she did find a boy friend,, t-he Joking became even less .bearable since at this pojnt she was very serious. Gene's character. ,99 -»«i«i.'. your long letter, jjie«Bls the young pfppie ^prg ^pj>%y»! quite cong^nUl, %Rf your „ ;er s sejrtwvity would eagily nav^ aeen overcome- Whether the Doctor's assumption of (June's wnsuit was well Jn . Dear Miss Dix: FIT) a man of 23 My girl is 35, a, divorcee with two 'children. We both agree we are very much in love and I'm pure am ready to accept the responsibil jtiies. We'v.e been companions foi 14 months, yet there still seems to be a doubt whether or not we shoulc msrry. Rodney Answer: I advise you to heed the doubt. Twenty-three is young to be taking on .responsibilities of youi own,, let alonp assuming them for a whole family. , Dix; My current heart throb has. been negligent in keeRing pur'.Ust two date?. I'm so dissp- poiiite^. When .1 first met hi;Ti he gave me an inexpensive friendship «n.jf. : Should I give him another .chance? I'm so lonely without him. Or, should I return his ring by mail and try to forget him? Mary. B Answer: Why not at least give Wm 9, clisnpe, tg explain why he , , Didn't Keep t}io aatej? You leero HO ft^ched to the man that pi-pbably regret the has^y action of returning the ring by mail. Jfe really doesn't seem tgo stable but ie merits the courtesy of your turning Jhe babble in person. (Released by fit), Arkansas Lawmen Against Beeson WASHINGTON (<£>,— .Arkatisas Sens. J. W. Fulbrigfit a'hd' John McClellan both voted yesterday against confirming the appoint ment of Albert C". Beeson as a member:of;the- National Labor Re- latfons Board. Beeson's appointment was ap proved by the Senate 45-42. Forty 'Dferriocrats, Seh. Langer (R-ND), ahd Sen. Morse . Ind Ore voted* agaiinst Becsoti. Naval Lois 1 Although a neutral nation during World Wfir I, Norway suffered the second largest loss of merchant Vessels, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. also Cover stationery and related supplies — called for prices above those paid by other states. He said prices in most of the contracts also are above the legal limit, but added that the laws "are so obsolete in terms of prices with the current printing and sta tioncry industry." was the guest of her sister, tfrs. J. P. Gentry. She made the rip via plane. • Dr. and Mrs. Harrell had as heir 'Monday -guests, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Steel o'f Cpmvay. Mr. and Mrs.. Ha'r'reJl Herring spent Monday arici Tuesday in Hot "Ipfih'gs. ' Mr., and Mrs. Thomas Gr.ayson.'an- nourice the' ; arrival of a'sOn on Feb ruary 1 IB at the Cora Donnell Hospital. ' ' NEW NON-CANCELLABLE HOSPITAL POLICY Issued by HOME SECURITY LIFE INS. CO. • Ages — Birth to 100 years • Guarantee premium will never Increase • Good any Hospital or Doctor in the world. Call or write your reliable local agent CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P. O. Box 104 > Used Right! • Priced flight! 'headquarters tor value.. 1951 Plymouth 4 Door Sedan Radio, heater, seat covers and good tires. Motor and car in Excellent condition. Only 1949 Chevrolet 2 Door Another real value buy. "This car has • heater; radio, seat covers and good tiroes.-Motor A-1 .... Just two of the many real Used cars you'll find at NUNN^McDOWELL MOTOR CO. Third and Walnut Hope, Ark. "Your Plymouth Dealer—Headquarters for Value" For Fresher Bread Tomorrow YOtlti VAVORItE STARS C^THE;|^MflUS ^BC.SATURDAY NIIEi ; -5';iV<Pi BLUE GRASS BOYS QUARTET DIRECT JFBOM THE {JRftHP QUE OPRV MONDAY FIB, 22 Coliseum FAIR PARK ADMISSION ( j^diillfs..'* i«« 75* CHILDREN,, 3Qc Uft ^ohn gnd His Allied KentMckian«

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