Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 3, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1909
Page 5
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(local Events, VD— — ^^<$^»s======^=== Miss Anita Reynolds is visiting. tier ' friend. Miss Marie Harris of Pomona. Mrs. J. E. Heath left Thursday morning to visit relatives in Kansas. The Knights of Pythias will hold a meeting in the new I.O.O.F. hali on Fridav evening, July 9. Mrs, Kongo and children of Los Angeles are visiting relatives, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Crabtree. Mr. and Mrs. S. Youker of Lincoln, Nebraska, are visiting their schoolfellow, Mrs. Alice Leisure. Miss Meta Brunjes spent the weekend with her friend, Miss Ida Alc- Creary of Los Angeles. Miss Sarah Fletcher, sister of Rev. Alfred F'letcher, left last Tuesday for her home at Redlands. Mrs. A. P. Kerchhoff has returned from a short visit with her mother, Mrs. Porter of Santa Barbara. Mrs. H. R. Preston of Highland is visiting her mother-in-law, Mrs. ,1. S. Tripp, and also Mrs. J. M. Whitsel. Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Cline are moving to the bungalow on the W. M. Griswold ranch, southeast of town, the next ranch to their own. Mrs. Albert Shearer is staying with her mother, Mrs. C. T. Blanchard, her husband being on a business trip to Modesto. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hartman was gladdened on Monday morning by the arrival of a sweet baby girl. Mr. and Mrs. A. .1. Warner spent last week on an auto trip to Santa Ana, Laguna Beach, Alhambra and Downey, visiting friends at each place. Mr. Harry Sexon of Saticoy, who has been spending a week with his sister, Mrs. D. W. Mac-Donald, left Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Seeley, Miss Margaret Seeley and Miss Whiting left, this week for their summer home at Laguna Beach. Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Atwood and family, Mrs. H. M. Faulder and Miss Vyvyenne Faulder have left to spend a few days at Long Beach. Mrs. H. E. Van Housen and Miss Crane, both of Salt Lake City, were guests last Sunday of Mrs. C. E. Smiley. Mr. atifl- Mr*. J. W. Armstrong left yesterday for a two months' vacation in the North. They will visit the Seattle exposition and stay with relatives in San Francisco, Portland and Ashland, Oregon. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Hutchinson of Fowler, near Fresno, are visiting their niece, Mrs. A. J. Warner. Mr. Hutchinson has 240 acres of raisins and peaches and is expecting a big crop this season. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. MacDonald and daughter Annie of Baranca street have left for a vacation at Elsinore. Their home will be occupied by Dr. Fred Schildwachter, a Los Angeles dentist, . and his wife, About thirty members of the Christian Church went Monday evening by auto and electric car to South Pasadena to attend the evangelistic meetings being held there by Messrs. Martin and Hoggatt. Mrs. Whitcomb and daughters of Glendora gave a large reception last week at the Woman's Club House, Figueroa street, Los Angeles. C'ovina ladies invited were Mmes. Plant, Crook, ("liven, Oriswold, Douglass, Jennings, Kerckhoff and Miss Douglass. Don't forgot that ice cmmi find rake will bo served by th<; lud'n.s of the Baptist Church in the Sti'idon' building, corner Citrus an.l Mad ill.) streets, Saturday, July ,'ird. Tlu-y wMl also have on sale aprons, hancher- chiefs and other useful!fs. The F{ev. and Mrs. Paul Stevens attended the union iOndeavor convention which was held at Pasadena on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. A great many of our young people from the different churches were also lire.senr. The largest crowd which ha.s ever been known at a f'ovina picnic attended the Christian Church Sunday-school at Ho^erts canyon last Friday. three big wagons, ihere procession of buggies and pk-asani day was spent tht- .shade a/id gathering uiiii of the Mt-rf an'ile Coin- .Holy Trinity Church Woman's Guild met this week with Mrs. A. R. Evans. Mrs. Klla Snavely and daughter Mabel, of Huntlngton, Pa., visited with Mrs. Eulalia Overholtzer a fnw days the past week. Canada and the provinces will be visited this summer by Mrs. Wesley Hodges and son Lloyd. They left Saturday morning. Samuel Avery, an aged rancher of Covina, is confined to his bed because of an injury received from a fall from oft a cultivator. His leg was seriously Injured and gangrene has set in. At a dinner Tuesday at the home of Dr, and the Misses Herron, the guests included Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Crook, Mr. incl Mrs. G. N. Atwood, and Miss Minnie Hansome. Mr. and Mrs. .1. \V. Carter of First street left Saturday to attend to business interests at their old home In West Virginia. They will be away about two months. The Misses Effle and Vernio Houser left on Monday evening to spend two months in the North. They will visit relatives in San Francisco, Sacramento, Stockton, Lodi, Lathrop and other points. Mrs. G. N. Atwood entertained Friday evening with a card party as a farewell compliment to Mrs. A. Neil Other guests were Messrs, and Mmes. Evans, Potter, Prather, Crook, and W. W. Nash. N. H. Houser of Alpaugh, California, has been a guest for the past few days of his brothers and their families in Covina. Mr. Houser is engaged in very extensive farming, having over 2,000 acres in grain. He has lost heavily this season from late Hoods. Mr. A. S. Eaton of Culiacan, Mexico, was in the city a few days this week visiting S. Douglas. Mr. Eaton is connected with G. C. Douglas in the land business in the former city and speaks very encouragingly of the rapid development in the near future of all the Mexican west coast country. Mr. and Mrs. Engle are guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Nuzum. Messrs. Engle and Nuzum left this morning on a fishing excursion up the San Gabriel. They will be absent several days and probably fish as high up the stream as Cold Brook. Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Glaze, now of Reedley, Cal., arrived from the North on Thursday to spend over the Fourth with their Covina friends.. Mr. Glaze is handling some heavy cement pipe contracts in and around Reedley, where much land during the past year has been brought under Irrigation. Dr. A. R. Wiley, for many years an established veterinarian at Fullerton, has arranged to take up practise in Covina hi the near future. A graduated veterinarian from New York College of Veterinary Surgeons. Watch for further announcement. 7-1 Op A. E. Colt of Whittier spent several days in Covina this week visiting his wife and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Bishop. Mrs. Colt has been in Covina several days this week helping to nurse her father, who has been seriously ill, but is now showing a slight improvement. Mrs. David Kennelly, niece of Mrs. Rosa C. Clarke, with her two children and maid, has been staying at the Wilson House this week for the benefit of her health. She is the leader of the Episcopal Church choir at Hollywood and is suffering from a temporary throat affection. Mr. William Sheets and wife of Fredona, Kansas, were the guests of F. W. Carter last week. They were on their way to the fair at Seattle. Mr. Carter took them for an aulo tour over the valley. Mr. Sheets Is an auctioneer of national repute and conies from Mr. Curier'H old home. He was much taken with tin: valley. On Thursday Mrs. J. 10. Heath left on an eastern I rip. She will be in the East, about six weeks, when she will join her huslwmi on his annual ti.p to Washington and Oregon during the apple season. Her mother, XTrH, Jordan, who has been spending liie past wiiii'-r and spring at JJnroak, Kansas, experts to return with Mrs. Heath to Caliiornia. Graduated Dentist. C. Fred A.srhi.nbrenner, recently graduated from the ('niversity of Sontncni California m-liool has pun ha.-u-ri the tixiiiwH and office- para- phanalia of l)r. W. W. Sihiffman, and wili engage in the practice of dc/ilist- ry at once ii. ih<-s(- ofli'-es. J>r. Ah- i-henhrenner ^raduat'-if u-<i)i high hoi.^rs from the school, and tal'es bin position in the prof'-h:s:oiial world with the i-nconi af-'em'-nl of many f i'ii' I'.iio kno'.v iii:-. at/iiit.v Hi.-; of fii-i-.- fj-.i-r MM- i fi.;iui AI..-U.-. :••:<• v.-<-;i .-if i' •• • i ' OUR Warner, Whitsel & (o. Home's Pomona Sanitary Uundry Notice. Fireworks may be exploded within the city limits between 6 a.m. of Snt urday and 10 p.m. of Monday night.. There must be no disturbance on Sun- dny. Per order, City Marshal Mehncrt. Dangerous Stoves. The explosion of a gasolene stove In the residence of S. M, Goodwin on East Center street lust, night, caused considerable excitement for a time. The stove was hurled through the window, and the blaxe extinguished. Prompt action saved tho home from being burned. For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. FilzGerald & Bnrry of Pasadena lonti money on niuclios and improved real estate at lowest current rntos. Write or telephone them at Ptisndunn or call up J. W. Prentiss, Covina phone 21D4, nud ask to have a representative of the firm call ou yon. tf For Sale—Span of young hordes with harness. $350. Inquire of Alfred Wilson, Orange avenue. Jtp For Sale—First class cow, potatoes and cabbage. Telephone 1128. K. C. Casad. tf Armstrong's Coviua Nurseries havo procured 2500 Valencia and navel orange trecc, first class stock. Auy-j one wishing to buy same should cull 125 1'or further iiiformuticu. Indiana and Ohio Live Stock Insurance Co. insures live stock death from nny cause. Rates reasonable. See Austin Warner, agent. tf Jap Help—I am keeping many boys always. If you need good boys to work in ranch or house tell me pleaso. j ». Doi. Phone 5231, San Dimas. 7-8p For Sale—Modern five-room cottage on Cottage Drive. Latest improvements. Reasonable terms. Address C. F. Jackson. Wanted—Orange grove, about ten acres. Owners only address 244 W. Colorado street, Pasadena, Cal. 7-1 Op Phone 3128 for blackberries. F. W. Carter. It For Sale—20 shares Covina Irrigating company water stock. $80 per share. A. Rodgers. 2tp > Wanted— Light, two-neated surrey with top, second-hand. H. H. Church, Covina lip Small incubator and brooder to trade at Hull's second-hand store. For a skillful and careful irrigator telephone 25. tf Lincoln's Assassination. Dr. T. D. Ham-met, who was present in Ford's theater the ui.i;ht that Lincoln wns assassinated, willl tell of this grout tragedy at the First Prcsi- byterian Church Sunday and Monday nights. Or. Hancroft, who is H distant relative of Bancroft, the historian, was at. the timo of the outbreak of the Civil war stationed at Washington, find was om> of tho Frontier Ciunrds quartered in the Whlto HOURO to guard the person of Mr. Lincoln. Any American who reveres the memory of the great emancipator will bo thrilled by this first-hand account of the terrible deed in the theulor that night. Bargain Sale on Each Day of July. Your choice of articles for $1.00, including untrimrncd shapes, flowers, foliage, Bailors, trimmed hats for children, veils, lace, etc. 7-3 Mrs. Jennings, milliner, A/usa. Automatic Electric Block Signal System. Tho Southern Pacific Company IIIIH completed at an expense of over three million dollars the instnllntlon of an automatic electric block signal system and protection on 2040 miles of its railway and this should he an excellent talking point as It renders tho service In protected districts practically absolutely safe, and furthermore (he protection IUIK been pliicod at the nio«l. dangeroiiH points and over (he most diingerouu districts; In other words that portion of Hie system which has not. as yet been equipped with block signal syHtem Is on stnilglit track. The lino between LOB Angeles and Col ton is so equipped, making It. absolutely safe. Millinery. Fourth of July hats now < \\ wile at iVliss Reckard's. 20 per cent off. on all hats and flowers. Sailor hats and outing hats for 50 cents and up. Children's hats from 25 cents and up. Don't forgot stiff hair ribbons for 25 cents per yard. Auto veils already made for 75c. NOTICE! For your vacation, an F,antman, Promo, Hawkoyo, Century, Graflcx, all made, by Eastman Kodak Co., sold by C. W. Tucker and instruction FRKIO, will make you pleasure while away and when you are home. Get one now. tf The Cream of the Valley It's a Pleasant Task to try and (jet outside of a dish of Curnmings" pure and wholeuorne Ice Cream. Most people enjoy the job— particularly youngsters. But even adults are delighted with the delicious flavor of our matchleba Cream. It is made in the most scrupulously clefin and careful manner, with pure ingre- clientii only, and under our o//n per- ional supervision. A specialty of Ice Cream Bricks. Phone 42. Cummings' Confectionery Take Good Care of What You Spend Your Life to Earn The man who labors six days In the week for a living, should make an effort to Rave a part of his earnings for that time In the future when Age shall reduce hia earning capacity. The man with a bank account Is In a position to do this for this plan of setting aside a regular amount each month or week from the salary, is the ideal method of sat/Ing money. Your deposit will be welcomed t>t this bank—we will help you save. The Covina National Bank Capital $50.000 New Location New Stock New Customers Plumbing Fixtures suitable to California houses of all grades and prices. I have studied the needs of the community, and 1 have WHAT YOU WANT. Fine line of bath tubs and foot baths. Come in and .nspect. E. L. JACKSON Now in Kistler's old store, Citrus Avenue, next to Hotel Votitlomc Phone 50 Patriotism, Joy and Noise CELEBRATE THE FOURTH Fireworks in endless variety at Increase Your Income by laying abide a part of your earninjjB each month arid depoisitinjj it in thin bunk. You may not be able to net a raine in your nalary at thib time ljut you can save a portion of it In a number of wa/ii. Juat take notice of how much of your earnln(jii (jo for foolibh thinyu and cormidcr how the amount i»f> tfierit would amount Ufj if deposited in the bank. Any one with a Dollar and the can have a bank account at thib bank. When you have once started the rest will come cany. The Btart IB the hardest thiny about Bavino> BEGIN TODAY. t jjiT i 'lit intt n- ,1 paid. <i:iii t. . o) -.1 and up ri'i't-.i VDdlley Sdvifl^s ( o-.' ma. 'ail torn la t t t 4 t 1 * * t f r t * * f *

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