Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 14, 1969 · Page 9
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 9

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1969
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JANUARY li, lOGf 1HE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS S-B East's Double Is Bad Bid By Oswald and James Jacoby No one could accuse East o[ lack oi decisiveness in today's bidding. When lie doubled four spades he had no certainty of defeating the contract. Some players would expect that South would bring the -contract hopie. Bridge Lesson East did have one idea when he doubled. That was that his pai'tner could not make five hearts.-He was right: about that. If he had passed and if West had gone on, five hearts would have been set. at least one trick. Unfortunately for East, South proceeded to wrap the four spade contract around his neck. It didn't require any tremendous playing ability. South ruffed the opening heart lead and studied the hand for some time. His problem was to decide whether to play diamonds or NORTH *643 ¥10975 • J8 * 108 7 6 WEST AK2 VAKQ843 • 2 *J954 11 EAST *Q9 V J62 4K9765 *KQ2 SOUTH 0» AAJ10875 V Void • AQ1043 *A3 East-West vulnerable West North East South 2 V Pass 3 9 4* 4? 4 A Dble Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V K trumps first. He finally decided that the best line would be to place ace and another spade hoping for a 2-2 trump break or for the fall of a singleton honor. The trumps broke 2-2 and all South's won'ies were over. -o- -o- -o- West led a second heart after taking his king of spadei. South ruffed and led a diamond to dummy's jack. East was in with the king and played a third heart which South also ruffed. At this point South would have made five odd if diamonds had broken since he would have been able to discard three of dummy's clubs on his long diamonds. The 5-1 diamond break killed the overtrick but did not stop south from ruffing his fifth diamond and making the doubled game. The game was team of four. At the other table the bidding proceeded the same way except that East did not double four spades. Sure enough, West went to five hearts. North showed lack of decisiveness and passed. He didn't have much but his four hearts were sure to annoy an enemy declarer. Anyway North passed. South decided' to try five spades and that was one contract that could not be made. Conrad Gives Up On Polar Flight CRISTCHURCH. New Zealand (AP)—Max Conrad, America's veteran solo around-the- world flier, has abandoned plans to fly over the South Pole, according to a message received here Monday. The 65-year-old aviator had sought to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe Over the poles in a piston-engine light aircraft He had completed 1 to November the North Pole part of his projected 33,000 mi\e flight. His message from Adelaide Island, about 1,200 miles from the South Pole, said he was giving up because of "several mechanical problems plus the doubtful performance of my overloaded aircraft on skis." He added that he did not want to create '"unnecessary search rescue problems" and 1 was returning to Punta Arenas, Chile, and the "good United States, I hope a wiser man." The gigantic blue whale attains a weight of 150 tons — 35 times the weight of an elephant. Arsonist Sets Fire On Dance Hall Stairs SCENE IN A LONDON STREET—-English bobble* tussel with members of political, student and Immigrant organizations In London Sunday as the demonstrators marched on Rhodesia House fat the Strand. The demonstrators attempted to storm Rhodesia's diplomatic mission. (AP Wirephoio) DETROIT (A P)—Police searched today for an arsonist who witnesses said tossed gasoline on a stairway in a crowded Detroit dance hall Stmd'ay be-i cause he was angry over being refused admission. Some 60 per-1 sons were injured. "All I saw was a ball of flame go up the steps," said 1 James Moore, 33, one of some 150 persons who were in the second floor "Soul Expressions" hall on the city's West Side. Fire, smoke and panic quickly spread through the crowd. Police said they had a good description of the fire bomber, who was turned! away from the dance hall at about 2 a.m. Sunday because he appeared to be drunk. About 15 minutes later, police said, the man returned with four Mends, tossed gasoline from a can into the entranceway to the second floor and then threw in a match. Telephone directories in Iceland list people by their first names only, because last names (here change with each generation. An astronaut's muscles remain in a relaxed or "floating'* position, no matter whether he sits or stands in space during weightless flight. i 1 ...... . 10 reasons why Mrs. George likes electric heat For most occasions, Mrs. Crandall adores pretty shoes. But when relaxing at home, she's a barefoot girl by preference. That's why she loves electric heat. Those radiant baseboard panels understand the barefoot crowd. At the touch of a thermostat they surround you with gentle, uniform, floor-to-ceiling, warmth. In each room, you select the kind of warmth you prefer: a "just right" temperature .for the kitchen, the bath, the bedrooms. And one for a special niche in the living room with a good book, a bowl of apples—and bare feet. Clean, quiet, efficient electric heat is coming oh strong with Illinois Power customers, even those addicted to shoes. For the straight facts, call our office. IT'S OUR BUSINESS TO SERVE YOU. BETTER ILLINOIS POWER iselecfrfc O HUNOIS PQM* COMPANY. IM» If you have a physical handicap that interferes with your use of the telephone, please let us know. We want to help. Part of our job is making sure that all our customers have full and unhindered use of their telephone. Sometimes we have to do something a little special to bring phone service in line with a person's restricted abilities. For example, we've developed services to help people who are blind, hard»of-hearing, or have impaired vocal cords. And we've priced them with no intent to profit Some regular services-such as Speakerphones or automatic dialers-may help people who are paralyzed or bedfast. In addition, we've designed special equipment for individual needs. But there are a lot of problems we don't even know about. If you have any trouble using your phone, we'd like to hear from you. Or if you have a handicapped friend, who cannot contact us himself, we would appreciate it if you would call us for him. Give us a call or drop us a line, and well be glad to come out and discuss your particular problem, and do our best to solve it for you. The solution may be right on the shelf in our warehouse. If not, we'll be glad to suggest an original combination of services. There's no obligation, of course. By sharing your particular problem with us, you'll also help all our other customers with a difficulty similar to yours. Please feel free to discuss your phoning difficulties with our Personal Service Spe- delist Call him collect at Area Code 312, 727-4421. Or write P. 0. Box 5995, Chicago, Illinois 60606. Or send for our free booklet:. Telephone Communication for the Handicapped. Just fill in the coupon below and send to Illinois BeU Telephone. Illinois Bell Telephone P.O. Box 5995 Chicago, Illinois 60606 Please send roe your free booklet: Telephone Communication for the Handicapped Nam*.. • „,,„, , Ad4rewi ,„ , ,. City , , Statu -Zip. Illinois Bell Telephone Part of the Nationwide Bell System

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