Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 3, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 3, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. F/ntered at the Postoffice Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. J. L. MATTHEWS EDITOR SHIRLEY BROS MANAGERS SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Single Copies 11.50 .75 ,50 M ATW.KTISKMJ'.NTS: T)isplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Ivincrs 5c per line each insertion. Legal notices II.Of) per inch first insertion, , : 0 cents each subsequent in- »;rtion. coviN'A. f'Ai,. Flint in Charge. YfHl.ordt'iy, in UioiiKiimlH nf rhilly p.'ipors throughout, f.he. United Ht.fitOH, u long front-jwKc article had thlw sen- H'.nw. an its opening: "Hemit.or Flint, of California today became the most prominent, figure i!i the United States Flint." Senator Flint has taken the place of Senator Aldrleli, who IH abHont, In charge of the tariff hill. When Senator Flint, Kpoke from the veranda. of* the Hchool building in Covina last, fall, he pledged hiniHelf (o the work of rearranging tariff laws that would be fair to California, and thin thing he liiiH already accomplished. HlH fidelity, his conscientious manly, con- Hcrvsit.ivf! yet. r-ffortlve. work on tho tariff bill In all HH multll.iidinoiiH bruneheH, IKIH earned for him the respect of his brother senators, so that, in this critical time, when the country and the world Is watching the evolution of this great Issue, Flint pushed to the fote, as the man bout, able to guide its destiny. It Is a thing to be proud of that California's junior senator has proved himself able arid worthy to lead. The citrus growers are wir.h him heart and hand, lie is fighting hard for his constituency, a big, capable, kindly man. Let's give him encouragement In every way that prcBcnt.s Itself. Flint, of California is in charge. Los Angeles Pollution. Word has come direct to the Argus from one in high authority that the city of Los Angelas IP, contemplating the dumping of garbage In the vicinity of Covina. The place designated a« the proposed dumping place of ac much as ffiO tons per day Is said to f;o within two miles of Covina in the San Jose hills, but at all events, "near Covina." The transportation 'of 1",0 tons of filth and Its constant dumping In this vicinity does not appeal to Covina. And Covlna will take «teps to prevent ft—derisive steps. LOH Angeles city claims that to get rid of this garbage IH something of a problem. LOH Angeles must not think, however, that the 'ountry "ill lake it. off her hands. The. great, M-hlc Pacific ocean lies ready to r'ligu'f (lie filth of the city. The country will have nothing to do with it. Time and again this same subject has been threshed out all over this country, where H!.!es will not. put up the necessary appropriation for Incineration or transportation of garbage to the sea. Nothing may be done about this until Los Angeles I makes the first move. Hut there is one safe bet, and that Is that Covina. does not. mean to clasp hands with any of the refuse of the Angel City. The Degenerate Few. "Will American womanhood disgrace ' itself an woman" IB being disgraced In London by the freri/.led suffragettes? There can bo nothing fjtilto an disgusting as this account of brawling femalo molw who commit violence In the name of e<|iml suffrage while In the act, depending ii)«>n man's protection of and leniency toward woman to escape Die punishment ordinarily UK-ted out. to mobs. An educator has said that a woman has no more .right to the franchise than a man has to be a wet nurse. At all events, the high-minded, Intelligent women of this land are not. going to an their loaders some woman belonging to a degenerate aristocracy, whose Idleness has created a cancer on her soul. In UMli'., out of ::,()()() agltative members of suffragette orders In the United States, there was ono child horn. And tliiH OIK* was no doubt unwelcome. There IH no gift that, this nation may give woman which will he greater (han the privilege of being a mother. Which do you prefer, a ballot with Mrs, lli'lnioiil and be barren, or be a mother In a nation thai is dominating the world? Will you be si childless plotter at the polls or the mother of a Lincoln, a Savonarola the mother of another Victoria or Julia Ward Howe. Will you conceive men or conceive racial (lent ruction ? The Panama Canal. The; opening of the Panama canal will mark a date of the hlgh'Mt importance In the history of the world. Whether the work of construction IB to cost the United States $li;.:»,000,000 for a lock canal or double th.vt sum for a sea-level canal, the money will have been well spent. The camM will give the United States, for practical purposes, a continuous coast line from the state of Washington to Maine. Hy digging a waterway fifty; miles in length the United States will, In fact, double the offoctlveneBS of ! Its navy without increasing its nurner-1 leal strength, says the London Times, j Commercially the effects of !.ho canal will be equally far-reaching. Despite a tendency toward closer political and social relations, the United States and South America have remained in matters of trade on comparatively distant terms. Especially is this the case with those communities that lie between the Andes and tho Pacific ocean. New York is as remote by sea from Valpariso as Liverpool or Hamburg. The Panama canal will bring them thousands of miles closer. Nor will It benefit tho eastern coast of the United States alone. A scheme Is now on foot to deepen the channel of the Mississippi and to connect it with the Oron.t Lakes by a ship canal. This will give not only Chicago, but the Iron and coal district, of which Pit.tsburg is the (tenter, direct communication by water with the Panama canal and the western markets It will nerve. Canada, also will bo a gainer. A tendency Is already noticeable In the West to desert, the transcontinental route to lOuropo in favor of the longer but cheaper sea route; through the Sue/, canal. The Panama canal will provide a third and better alternative for that, trade, Just as II. will provide an alternative, though a less advantageous one, for trade between the Orient and lOurope. Sir Harry Johnston thinks It reasonable to suppose that In a year nearly . in,000 vessels will bo kble to pass through th<> canal, as compared with 4,,100 that us.- tho Hue'/, canal In the same space of time. It Is maintained by some people that oven so the Panama waterway will be inadequate. Possibly they may prove to be right. On the other hand, the Iralllc of the Panama canal might fall considerably below Sir Harry Johnston's estimate and still repay tin 1 I'nitecl States for their venture. HOLY TRINITY CHURCH. Fourth Sunday after Trinity: Holy Communion, 11 a.m.; "The Bishop's Address to the Convention." Evensong 7:30 p.m. Sunday-school 9:45 a.m. CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Merger service of Hlble-Bchool and church, 10 o'clock. Sermon by pastor, 11; subject, "The Man From Macedonia." Junior, ?,. Intermediate and Senior Kndeavor, 0:45. Address with Htoreopticon views by (!r;int K. Lewis, 7:4r>; subject, "Our First Centennial." flood music and a cordial welcome to all. Men's Club Tuesday evening. Prayer-meeting, Wednesday evening. PRESBYTERIAN SERVICES. Sunday-school, !):4">. Preaching and communion service I la.rn.; subject, of Endeavor, .'! p.m. Y.P.S.C.E. and Intermediate, C:45. Dr. T. D. Bancroft will speak at 7:45; subject, "How to Do Things." Prayer-meeting Thursday evening, 7:45. All most cordially invited to these services. Paul O. Stevens, pastor. BAPTIST CHURCH. Sunday-school f):4r>. Preaeulni' 1i a. m. and 7:45 by Rev. M. If. Peiry. B. Y. P. U. 6:45 p. m. Subject, "Patriotism That Counts." Leader, Miss May Casey. Prayer-meeting Wednesday evening 7:45. Everyone -•o-di.illy invited to these services. S. W. Oage, pastor. MKTIIODIST CHURCH. At the Methodist. Church the pastor. Rev. II. W. White, will speak at. II a. rn. on "Building a Nation's Character," and at. 7:45 p. m. will give an evangelistic address. Other services of the day are: Sunday-school 9:45; Junior League 8; Intermediate and Senior Epworth Leagues 0:45. A cordial invitation is extended to all to worship with us. Auto Trip to Oregon. To the Editor of the Covina Argus: Charles Griffiths, F. H. BIsbee, 'William Ferry of San Dirnas and myself expect to start In an automobile Saturday evening for the North, and, barring accidents, we will arrive at Kla- matb lakes, Oregon, in about a week. We anticipate great sport fishing for trout. Griffiths has a smile that won't come off, even if the fish don't bite, and BIsbee has a grin that is warranted fast color even if punctures and blowouts come thick and fast. Ferry is ttimply a placid srriiier and nothing ever worries him, and the subscriber has a ghastly grin that nothing can fea/-e. It is a great combination of don't-caivs, and if the Argus would lllte to have a few notes by the way, they are yours. I only ask one thing: If my letters are not interesting, chuck them in the waste-basket. B. M. GIVEN. Name Perpetuated. The stork that, has been hovering over the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Phil S. Clapp, descended on Sunday last, and left a ten pound hoy in the care of the family. Therefore there is joy without measure in all the Clapp clan, for this is the first gramUum to bless the family. The little fellow IB lusty, and tho mother is doing nicely, thank you. The baby IIMH been named Carl F. Clapp, after Ills uncle, the proprietor of one of Covina's big drug stores. Cood alfalfa in the tit-id. Phone '.\2-.i. F. J. Si-nips. Walnut Center. Hot Weather Reminder. A man should mil .sleep In a house iu Southern California in the summer.' \ol thai il is as Iml here as in I In 1 ' i eastern slates u i;.n'i. iint this is | the country ol the ;; real out ol doors. | The early c\enin^s are warm, espec iiiily in July and The days; are very warm. The Icmr, days heat ' the houses ami they retain Hie hea until quite lale in the nighl. What ; ieason is there Tor sleeping imlinirs'.'| Put your cot. onl on the porch. Il' the' porch is screened in it will be all the j lieller, lull it isn I absolutely lieces .-ary l hat il Ije si rceiicd. Tuo thirds ol i he InniM's built in Southern CaliUn i.ia IL i he past lei' x ear ? are Inn h -, u i, i h,. u run;; idea. I'uii'i H'\ in Innlii vn'.ii iiou.-e a leplica d! I lie illie '. OH !i id ".i I lit- I !ast il .'. i ,| : i hi. i l:i- i.. -ft , •! ;.,'.> i mint r\ Cook With Gas 2:>i! X. t'itrus Von are invited in call at our ne\v office, A vniiie, and inspect our ! me ol' Stoves and Ranges I'huii' 1 I'M! when vonr •_'IN is 111,1 uorkintr satisfactorily Covina Valley Gas Co. Remember We Close Monday So Here You Are For Saturday Trade SUGGESTIONS FOR CAMPING SUPPLIES VERIBEST Canned Goods Chicken Loaf, Ham Loaf, Corned Beef, Roast Beef, Vienna Sausage, Boned Chicken, Chili Con Carne. Deviled Meats, Salmon, Sardines, Chipped Beef, Dried Beef. We can outfit you for the camping trip. Bradford's Bread Fresh from Los Angeles Every' Morning By Express Fine Line of Fresh Berries Home's Grocery New Store in Snodgrass Building ^ 236 N. Citrus * All Ready Now! KISTLER & KEELING, the Painters and Crockery Dealers, are ready to start with the pistol shot along with the racers tomorrow. The only difference is, they will stop sometime, and We're Going to Keep Going! Visit our new store in the Snodgrass Building. See our line of Crockery and Chinaware, Lamps, Etc. Indoor Decorating Done. Paper Hanging. Carriage Painting, Automobile Painting and House Painting—Inside and Outside. The Biggest Paint Store Kistler & Keeling Home Phone 51 ^•••••••••••••••••l IMMMEMSS1MMMI lUHHUHMUUlil

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