Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 17, 1976 · Page 12
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1976
Page 12
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Ford's Intelligence Plan Angers Congress FFA Awards — Mark Asmus was presented the annual DeKalb Award, given by the seed company, based on his outstanding farming operating at the annual FFA banquet at Audubon. Larry Klever was given the Star Chapter Farmer award for leadership and his farm operation. Klever is at right and Asmus at left, shown with -Times Herald News Service Photo Peg Armstrong, FFA state reporter, who was the speaker for the banquet. She lives on a farm near Decorah and attends Iowa State University. She is the first girl fo hold a state office in the Iowa FFA, and is one of about 1,500 girls in the Iowa Future Farmers. The Audubon chapter has 77 members but none of them are girls. Astrology c Thursday March 18,1976 Bernice Bede OSD ARIES (March21-April 19) An unintentional'breach of faith could hurt someone you love. However, you will have a second chance .to rectify matters and to perform nobly. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Early in the day your decisions won't be too realistic. Your second thoughts will be the best and can be relied upon. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Goals yo,u once thought unattainable are not out of reach today. Use your natural resourcefulness. CANCER (June 21-July 22) If you're invited but today, by all means go. You could meet someone with whom you'll form an instantaneous relationship. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) This is a good day to fulfill social obligations. An impromptu invitation to your place would please those you "owe." VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Communication is your forte today. You can. win those you want to impress over in a face-to-face get-together. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Good fortune can come to you today from persons you'd least expect to be bearers of glad tidings. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) You're the type who rarely goes unnoticed, but today you have a particularly dynamic quality that sets you apart, especially socially. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Don't try to restrain an impulse to do something extra special for one you lov'e. The recipient will be enormously pleased. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Vary your routine today. It will invigorate and enliven you. Choose one you're fond of to sha re your change of pace. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Fortune may smile on you today. If you're alert for unusual circumstances, you could possib'ly fulfill a material desire. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Your imagination and wit are more than a match for one who is aggressive today. Turn on the charm! YOUR BIRTHDAY March 18,1976 Try to involve yourself in things of a creative nature this coming year. This may not necessarily be a vocation, but the'exposure will broaden your horizons. 4-H News ROSELLE — The Roselle Rustlers met March 12,1976 at the Roselle Hall. Arden Behrens led the 4-H and Randy Dopheide led the Pledge of Allegiance. Tim Gehling presented a talk on the "Care of a Sow and Litter," and Bob Renze gave a meat quiz. Randy Dopheide gave an educational presentation on "Retail Meat Pricing." The leaders showed slides on the "Pig and his feed," and "The importance of good breeding." Hostesses were Mr. and Mrs. George Renze. A skating party for the members and friends was at Denison on March 10. DEDHAM — The Dedham Rough Riders meeting was March 9 at 7:30 p.m. with Mrs. Henry Heman, Mrs. Harold Weeks and Mrs. Wilfred Meiners as hostesses. Roll call was answered by "Naming parts of an animal's body." A bowling party was planned. The club discussed who to 'send money to for 4-H camps and different clubs,that need money. WASHINGTON - (LENS) — Everyone knew it would be easier for Congress to investigate and expose the American intelligence community than to institute genuine reforms. But one person in an especially good position to understand that principle was Gerald Ford, who had spent all but the last two years of his political career in the House of Representatives. While the House fumed and fretted over the unauthorized leak of its intelligence committee's controversial report, and while the Senate stewed over its own proposals, Ford moved toward what he called "the first major reorganization of the intelligence community since 1947." For once, the timing of the Ford Administration was excellent: the President launched his proposals at a moment when public sympathy seemed to have 'swung around in support of the embattled Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation as against those in Congress and the press who were revealing the agencies' past abuses. But the bold assertions about how much Mr. Ford was doing were more connected to his domestic political needs — his effort to look like a cool-headed president firmly in charge of the government — than to the realities of the intelligence agencies. On paper the changes appeared substantial : —Creation of a new committee on foreign intelligence, which would oversee all foreign intelligence activities, including those of the military, and report directly to the National Security Council, which in turn is responsible to the President. —Transformation of the old "Forty Committee," which was responsible for approving all American covert activities abroad (but had come to be regarded as the tool of Henry Kissinger, the Secretary of State), into an "operations advisory group" that would perform the same functions. The attorney general and the director of the Office of Management and Budget would be added to its ranks, however, as "observers" who : . .'iwo uI'd g u a r d' a g a i n s t illegalities and budgetary abuses. — Establishment of an "independent oversight board," composed of three private citizens, which would receive reports from all of the intelligence agencies and check for improprieties. These changes might establish a more direct chain of command in the intelligence field — and thus make the president personally Tlmei Herald, Carroll, la. | o W«dn««day, March 17, 1976 I W responsible for actions that previously fell under the concept of "plausible deniability" — but otherwise they would probably have little practical effect. The first three men named by Ford to his "independent oversight board," for example, were all people with close tics to the intelligence community, who would probably be disinclined to challenge its behavior. And there seemed little prospect that the new institutional set-up would prevent a president intent on misusing the intelligence community from doing so. Other parts of Ford's proposals were likely to stir anger — and perhaps signifi- cant opposition — on Capitol Hill. He proposed to establish new charters governing the jurisdiction and behavior of the intelligence agencies merely by executive order, whereas Congress intends to write them into law. (At no point did the President even nod in the direction of legislators who seek to require advance congressional approval of covert actions). ffiflF /VHJMTC.O/lflEKY MANAGER'S CHOICE APPLIANCE SALE Save on Gleaning Power SAVE*70 on Wards Finest portable dishwasher 29988* NOW ONLY Was 369.95 Sprint! '76 Gen. Cut. Our 12 automatic cycles include a powerful Pots and Pans cycle! Super 6-level Turbo-wash scours from every angle. Triple detergent dispenser gives cleanest wash, and 160° sanitizing temp, cleans hygienically! 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