Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 4, 1945 · Page 28
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 28

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1945
Page 28
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TWENTY-EIGHT SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MIX, SUNDAY, MARCH -1, 1945 Profit Cashing'Roosevelt Combined Support In Diverse Marks Trading Groups To Win His Election In November; In N. Y. Market Dewey Votes Largely From Farms Arid Towns Assorted Fnvorilfis .Sup- S'oliiiji Patterns Disappear;! ported hv Seleriive Bid. ; Well Established Trends ding Near End of Busy Day '' -> : 'V : ' j 1: : By VICTOR EUBANK ! New York, March 3. M»/i4Pur-:' ther profit cashing had a shade the best ot the stoc!: market argument) Are, Interrupted, Analysis Reveals By GEORGE GALLUP ' Director, American Institute of Public Opinion Princeton. N. J., March 3—Prcs- tpday and, while assorted favorites j [dent Franklin D. Roosevelt was re- 'managed to achieve soniK 'progress. numerous leaders were a trifle depressed. . ; Offerings became a bit. more in- eiected to the Presidency lost .No-; vcmber for a lourth term principal-j ly because he support from was able to 'draw extremely diverse! -_-_ — --. CT « _»__,,.,. ™ _.__ ._ ot»^jy\/i b 11 wiji c A »* *.lliC*J \-U VCI AC > ilatent utter a slightly uneven open-[group,, in the civilian voting pop-: Ing and declines of fractions to a ujatfon. ; . : I point were plentiful for a 1 while. Selective bidding • •nenr the close. »t intervals but slzabl*' block. 1 ) of low-o^ioted issues put the iwo-hour turnover M around 700,000 shares. Laggards; the grcat^i pint of the proceedings wcro Criosapeakp A; Ohio, Southern Pacific, U. S. Steel. Bethlehem, Chrysler, Standard Oil fNJ). Allied Chemical, U. S. Rubber, , A:iiC''jrida and General; Klec- h-ic.'Resistance was shown by Rtnn- dard Gas »4 preferred, Haltlnwre & Ohio, Montgomery Ward. American Power : : <fc Light fthte stcjck started on «. 12.000-share d«wxl,-up' ''i at 5), : : Public.;.Service of N. J.. kchnccott, \Vestern Union "A" and;rju Pont. Among intermittent' curb gainers American Cyannmid. McCovd Corp., United States Cigar and Niagara WHERE ROOSEVELT'S VOTES CAME FROM. % WHO VOTED FOR F.D.R. T^-'. 1344 1940 GAIN OR LOSS BUSINESS PROF ESSIONAt WHITE COLLAR ' SKILLED LABOR SEMI-SKILLED UNSKILLED- . ALL LABOR •oZ 51 •& 59 €2 65 62 34 58 59 67 69 6€ + 7 *•*»• *3 -G O -5 Prom an analyst's _point of view,; 13 4o ga v e Willkie a majority of their ""' ' " in the Ifl'iAjvote.s, this time gave'the Presideni fa Cr'!!? m l !i sa B |l t' edge In their group. Farmers, continuing their movement awny from Hoosevelt, which 'hlch shows an acid reaction to' tmus and exhibits a blue ttuor- .scence and may be Incorporated In tic solution from'which transparent films or articles are formed. The heels and films of Ibis invention .re useful as photographic filters^ overlng for food, for laminated glass manufacture, welders, goggles and the like. . ; : The novel projection screen o( he second patent—Number 2.370,263—comprises a' plastic sheet hav- ng oh one side thereof a coating comprising aluminum hydroxide. This produces a diffusion of pre- lected light whereby there are ob- :ained sharp images and a relatlve- eie<:tlou wa« In many ) patterns terrupted and w«ll started established trends! 1936. gave Governor disappeared. It was a combination of renewed! Dcwey more than half of his vote in November. Tne*e facts are shown by the fol- ,; lowing percentages of vote among the Roosevelt A comparison of the civilian vote in the erenl urban centers—titles with populations of more than 500,000—with the vote of voters from ihe nation's farms and small towns emphasizes a fact apparent in 193 and again this year. This is the tendency toward centralization o Democratic power In the big cille as contrasted to the growing Re publican strength In the rural ant according to the white ' coloi- peo-'. .. Dr. GeorifCMIup p]e : -On tile One' 116 ' hand, and iH'Spite some defection, the continued heavy support ariiong labor (especially union labor) on the other that brought about, a Roose- •and 1944 preferences .of those:. e rviewrd; ••..••••!• .-:.-.- - • lau ' areas. Is S table .Illustrating thL, Oc'cujiutimis ;'; : -. ; 9<- for F.U.R. . Bonds hHd to a narrow, range in"; the market today, a .few of the leaders slipping frnctionally while'others made fair progre.w. .U. S. Governments were .qutot. :;Ns<r Yatlt, Murch t tji Quotftilnns) : Alt*u c-orp . ........... «'•• Am Can .............. 84 ".Aril fc"H Mill .......... SO -i At A: T : ---- . ......... ,)6't v i Am Toh B .,1 .......... 11' i Am. wtr Wk.t ..... ,•;'... 70' i A*».ioiuid"* :.....,.,,.-. ', . 31' . AH. fits . ............... 3! AvI* forri ......... ... « J i B .t n ....... ........ IS Rflh 3:1 , ........ ..... 73'i CtU Corn ... ......... <2'« c:ht« fi o ... ....... ... ^3'i Chrjk Corp ........... 100 l ' t Col G ,t E ,. . ......... S'^ Com! <'rrd .;; ......... *?'* Con.% Kdn ,..,;..,..... 3T ' « Corn Prr.ti ............. 63 'a (;tirl-Wrl ,,.... ........ «•'« Dup D- V ............ 1W El Pow ,'c U .......... S'.V Ocn El«c . .. .... ....... <:> G«n'- Focul.s .'...- ........ 43 CJoii. Mlrs . . .:'. ...... 67' i Cidyr.'T, A; !i .......... S7 r;c^y'rt Corp ..; ....... 25*i Jut ?\*tv ..... .:. ...... no 1 , lot Kick C»n .. ........ S3>'. JCt .P«|>i>r f-li ,....;... «!'-'< Int T: *; T .... ........ : 34 Kentj Cop ......,'. ,,.,. nfl't Lib O-P Cl! .. .......... SR Mont Ward ........... JVi Nail 8l-i ........ . ..... 2S'.', N&ll Di«t ....... i;-..'.. 39 NYC .............. .... 3«'i . T-mn RR ....... ......; 36 V » Proc A' Q*mb ..... '. ... CO ;: pur* on ......... ..... w't :nc-A ..,'..' ......... ::.. u Hep 3tl .... ........... 23% 3rs-RcxV ; . , ...... ..... .itnr, SS V . ISJl. velt victory. In other words, /or the first time ', since 1932. : ihe sharp economic) cleavage marking political behavior] tended to diminish. Other Issues,! principally the war, became dictat-j in« factors. . • . . •..;>."" •• '• [ '.•: For example, the steady defection! from Roo-sevelt among business, pro-| fesslonal, and while collar people was not only brought to a halt, but the Presidc-tu actually registered gains in all three groups. • HLs grefitest game cairie from the j voters in the busineess group, where ; ';: 19-J-l 19-10 Business '. : 41T<>' 34'o Professional ...... 42 • 38 White Collar ..... ol : "'48 Fanners ..'.....,. 48 ; 54 Skilled 'Labor .... 59 '59 Spmi-.skilled .. 62 67 Unskilled ..... 65 69 Meanwhile the : vast majority among the labor vote again backed President. Roosevelt in November, but at the same time defection from Roosevelt in the ranks of labor continued in 1944. The President's support among labor was off four per cent from 1940. However, as ihe Vi 53 I 'his vote was &evon points above that. jot 1940. He niade n four point gain among professional people, and ai sno ' ft ' s . this defection three-point gain among white collar j among non-union labor: workers. . : In spite of Roosevelt gains, how- Vote for F.D.R. Ry Size of Town % for K.D.R. : : 1344 1940 Cities over 500,000 61"i 61^ Cities 10,000 to ' 500.000 .„ 54 54 Towns under 1 10,000 ..;....:.. 49 52 Farms H8 54 Two Patents Issued To Cekuiese Corporation y high lent, :vp transmission of diffused Pumps -Available For Flood Duty WPB Acts lo Meet Possible Demand for Equipment in Twelve-State Area The War Production Board has L taken action to meet anticipated de-| mands for dewatering pumps in| areas .where flood conditions are' expected, A. H. Cooper, Charleston.! district WPB manager, said. • i A dozen producers of centrifugal pumps have been directed to reserve, through March 31, at least 75 percent of their authorized non-military production and Inventory of self- priming units, 1V4 to 6 Inches in size Inclusive, for distribution in 12 flood states. • • Pumps from this 15 per cent reserve may be sold only in the 12- stale area during the period ending April 1. Producers are required to hold another 15 percent of their authorized non-military production and Inventory as a special.reserve, lot to be sold either within or out- ijidc the affected states, except upon if/ectrie WPB authorization. : In selling the 15 percent reserve In the flood area states, pump producers must make the most equitable distribution possible to dealers, based upon his best judgment as to the greatest need for pumps in relieving or preventing flood damage. Dealers must likewise make an equitable distribution and are required to reserve at least 25 percent of their stock for WPB release only. Water, gas, power and transportation utilities/ war plants, hospitals arid similar Institutions will be given preference by • dealers, over other pump purchasers. Mr. Cooper said the WPB Is urging all contractors and other owners of pumps to make them available for flood conditions. For information about where pumps are needed, contact should be made Mildred "Polly" Spicer has joined the staff of IRENE'S BEAUTY SALON • :; ,,'•' ' : 3rd Floor ' ••'• 1 North Liberty Street •:. ; Phone 2288-W : where the will be happy lo greet her friend* and patron*. '-, . . : with local dealers and the Charles toi WPB district office, ; BriurToGet H«uses London, March 3'(/P)--The Gnited States plans to ship to Britain 30,000 temporary houses, comparable in size to the standard British bun- HBlow, Duncan'Sandys, Minister o! Works, said today. He expressed hope'J.vthat: «r •" 'substantial-:. numocr could be shipped'in the second half of this year. . -;.'•; H The Cumberland and Allegheny j |GAS ^ IE Announces' ff H their removal to their temporary quarters f| 1 62 N. Mechanic St., ( H where they will be v j | 'OPEN FOR BUSINESS | | MONDAY, MftRCH 5th I ii Celanese Corporation of America has been issued two patents — one relating to the use of sheets, films and the like of organic esters of cellulose which are. opaque to ultra- following table!violet light; the occurred \-J 21 4 P.I 69', 33' Si 24 1', ' M't 101'i us 67 51 M-T, - XVi 38% n 1 /, 13 10P ever. Governor Dcwey carried a comfortable majority among both business and professional people; buc white collar workers, who in Ration Roundup Labor VoU All Labor 627 Unions fAJMi.. C.I.O., Others Combined) 72 Non - Union Labor 56 for F.P.R. 1940 667*c 72 64 rear projection other relating to motion picture screens of plastic sheets. According to United State Patent Number 2,370,244 films, foils, sheets and other articles of cellulos« acetate or other cellulose esters are rendered opaque to ultra-violet light radiations by incorporating in said materials a colorless acid : salt of a quinine base. The quinine salt Is preferably one ' 75% 37 00 Bnu, fiwy ^r .;... fitxnd Brand* ... S'O 7*J .. TfX Co . ............ .. M l '« BnlAtt C»rt> ........... «« Unit Mro ..„: ........ Jl U 8 Rut ...... ' ........ SJ". 0 s 8:1 -.......;...... ii Wmrp Brew ....;..'..... 14'i W Va P A P ..... ..... SO n' sn Wnn KJ Ai Mftc . ....... 124>.4 Wwortli f*TV) ........ «'•« Margin Trading In Slock Curbed KRW York, March 3 MY-The New York Stock Exchange today prohibited- effective March 5, margin trading in stocks selling for less than 410 a shore. A minimum margin of $10 a share will be required for issues selling nbove 110 a share, the order said, adding that It was to apply equally lo bonds. The exchange also prohibited new margin accounts unles* the equity will be at least SI,000, and restricted use of small existing accounts. (As of Monday, March S) Meats, fats, etc.—Book Four red stamps Q5 through S5 good through . March' 31. Stamps T5 through X5 good through April 28; Y5 and Z5 and A2 through D2 good through June 2; E2 through J2 good through June 20 Processed foods—Book Four blue stamps Xo through Z5 and : A2 and B2'good through March • 31. Stamps C2 through G2 good through April 28; H2 through M2 good through Junt 3; N2 through S2 good through Junt 30. . • . Sugar—Boole Pour stamp 35 valid for five pounds through June 2. Next stamp scheduled to be validated May 1. Shoes—Book Three airplane stamps 1. 2 and 3 valid Indefinitely. OPA says no plans to cancel any. • f • Gasoline—14-A coupons good everywhere for four gallons each 1 through March 21. 3-5, C-5, B-6 and C-0 coupons good everywhere for five gallons. Fuel oil—Last, year's period four and five coupons and this year's period one through five coupons good everywhere throughout the heating year. Can You Afford To Be Without HOSPITAL INSURANCE? Should an accident or illness overtake you or a member of your family and it is necessary to b« confined to a hospital . , . hovt you provided the meant of paying such bills? ... Eliminate thi* financial worry by securing the liberal . • . ;: HOSPITAL EXPENSE POLICY PoJicie* IitueJ To Individual* or Family - Group* The nle« »r* low enough tor ryerr family budget NATIONAL CASUALTY COMPANY We Will Gladly Discuss This Plan With You John J. Stump 21 N. Liberty Sr. Phon« 2917 'Japan's over-all position U un- faTOtable. 1 don't believe the Japanese people realize this. : but I nnvconfldcnt the Japanese High Command Is deeply concerned. They must be. : —Lt. Gen. Albert C. "Wedemeycr, American commander in China. From a Man's Suit 4623 SIZES You'll be proud of this suit you've made out of n sorvlce man's Irtle "clyvlcs." . Pattern 462,1 Include* *fep-by-s|pp directions-'for makhss this imart classic from mnn's suit. :.• Pattern 4023 cnmes . In . Misses' •nlz'c* 13, 14, 1«. IB. 20. SlZd 16 takes 3*i yard* of 54-Inch materlBl. . This pattern, together with .n rreedlework pnttcm for personal or household decoration, ! TWENTY CENTS. .Send TWENTY CENTS !r. coins for these patterns to the Sundny Times, 42 PiUtern D. pt» P. O. Box 172, Station 0, New York Jl. N. Y Print plainly SIZK, ,\XD STVT.E NUMBPR, YOUR NAMF, ADDRESS. 70NK, JUIST OFF TIIK PRESS I It,"* nflwj.'clirfcrvnt, thrlllins ~- the Arlhe Adlrms Book of Pnttr-rm : for Spring 1045; .FRKK pattern for four nprons printed In b»<nk. : 8<?nr) Fifteen Cents more for jour copy NOW! : Add Charm and Color to Your Living Room ••' Add this stunning living room suite to your home furnishings ond your living room will tok« on new life and color. It ij made of quality material by expert craftsmen and comes from one of America's leading factories. We offer if now a! a pries thot cannot help but be interesting, that ': includes th« davenport and matching chair. Other i: accessory piecei such as tobies, lamps and : '". rug con be had at additional cost ..... UJoifMnitute Co. 42-46 Baltimore Street Phone 70 HERE'S JUNIOR ISNTTHE FORGOTTEN MAN The boys m your family will find plenty of proof that their favorite store had them in mind when we did our spring buying. You'll find plenty of the fine quality clothing for which this store is famous in styles that will delight the youngsters. In addition to exceptional values in every garment, we give them Gift Coupons with every purchase, redeemable for educational toys and games. KNICKER SUITS Dressy, long wearing suits in tweeds, checks and herringbones. For boy* from 7 to It. • •''••:', ' •. $ 10.95 to '15.75 LEISURE SUITS The new sport suit . .'. leisure coat with match- : ing trousers in sizes for the six to twelve boys. ;, : M7.50 SPORT COATS In glen plaids, checks, herringbone.'; anH solid colors. Contrasting trousers at $5.05. Sizes 8 to 18, '8.95 to M7.50 Since J8€9 — Cumberland'* Traditional Quality Store

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