The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 26, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1977
Page 8
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*AOK 8-N,VtJGATUCK NEWS (CONN.). FRIDAY. JULY 20. IMfl Pond Hill Juniors Plan Swimming Party August 3 An fiKC limit o( from 13-18 yonrn wn* net MM 11 niiimborshlp ntlpulu- tlon ui u i-ocont muutlnK o! llho Pond Hill Community Junlom, It FOK PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Plionr 4720 LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO 11 No. Main St. was announced by President Fred Mocckel, today. Or. lie further ncld- od. If the proposud member la not yet 13 but Id a student of the clffhth unido. he or flic will mwo be con- .Hide-rod for membership. It WIIH decided ihat the newly formed jfroup would hold meet- IntfM twlcii monthly. Plans were also made tor u swimming party to bill uld on AujfUrtt 3, at -t p. m. . Following .thu meetlnj; a HCHV- Ki-r hunt wax huld with Jimmy nrmsnf and Bobby Peck thu captains of the two oppodinc teams. Mr. Viinaajie's team proved thi; vie- to rH In this hunt. Gaylord Funds Used In Care Of Local Patients During the past ten years, Gaylord Farm Sanatorium in W.'illlng- ford has used $8,292 of its funds in oaring for tuberculosis patients from Naugiituck. During the same period, ' Nnugutuck -friends of the Sanatorium have made contributions of $4,825, according to Harris Whlttemori' Jr., chairman of the Nruigauiclc pducHtioiml (•onimUter- for Gaylord. To relieve patients, I:', so far us possible, of financial worry during tin; long n-onths of treatment, it has been Gtiylord's policy to charge a low .all-Inclusive ratf- for treatment since such relief Is an important factor In'the patients recovery from tuberculosis, Mr, Whlttemore said. ... Not all Naugatuck patients, however, have been able to pay even this small fee for thc'lr.-entlre stay at the Wai ling-ford 'sanatorium. To meet this situation,he said Gaylord has provided free or part-free care to many patients who otherwise would not have the benefit of Gaylord's outstanding experience. To help make up the difference between actual, cost of treatment and the rate charged to patients, Gaylord Farm Sanatorium is tip- p»»iiling this month to Nnugatuck residents for ilnanckil support. Headquarters at the U. S. marines was moved from Philadelphia to Washington. D. C,, in 1800. HOWLANP- Warerbury's Friendly Department Store Here's Hot News in Cool Cottons Bates Sun-Country Cottons (Sanforized of course) Get your needle ready for sun country fabrics. All cotton and a yard _ wide, with the spirit of lets go in their air to tempt you to take thimble in hand and guide your needle to new dress-making heights. A bright and sunny collection of prints and stripes in wonderful, workable cotton. Bates Poplin 36" Wide Choice of patterns .... Krd and white stripe with dot, . K'tvy and white stripe with dot, pink ami lilnc stripe with dot, white baekgiomid with monotone print, white , hack-ground with I'li.nd design, aqua and brown stripe, black with fruit design, black with floral print, yellow with fish design, aqua and white dot design. THIRD FLOOR Bates Lawn 36" Wide $1 00 yard Two beautiful patterns from which to choose. Grecian letters on grounds of lime, rose, and aqua, stripes on grounds of aqua, pink, yellow and grey. ABC's of Sewing Joy Dressmaker Shears Miuli* of hot Uropjicil forpoil stool. $1.80 to $2.75 Joy Embroidery Scissors $1.80 to $2.00 NUtdles lOc package Pins lOc package Thread 5c and lOc spool Snaps lOc card NOTIONS . . . STREET PLOOB Button Up With . G. E. Originates Vt9C doz. to V-l ••*•«! each Buttons are the now jewelry of coats, suits, drosses, used importantly, imaginatively. Our beloved B. G. R.a in u fairy tftlo array of gem-eut Incites, colorful plastics ond "luster metals." THE BUTTON BOX , . . STREET FLOOR What's Doing In Naugatuck A-calendar of events foi today, tomorrow and every day July Zi . St. Hedwig'a Ba/.aar. Julv 28 Waste Paper Collection, American Legion. St. Hedwlg's Bazuar. August 11, VFW Family Clambake and Outing, Schildgen's. 11 a, m. to 6 p, m, Bus Committee Meeting. July 29 Bethany Man Wins $1,500 Compensation William Bice of Bethany,, will receive $1,500 compensation from the Bristol Co., Plaits Mills, under a stipulation approved by Workmen's Compensation-Commissioner Harry Krasow. Mr. Bice claimed permanent disability as the result of silicosls contracted in the course of work. Lawlor Joins Cost Accountants Richard F. Lnwlorco«t account ant at .the U. S, Rubber Co. footwear plant, recently became am ember of .the newly organized Waterbury chapter, National Association of Cost Accountant*. Mr. Lawlor served In the U. S, Navy for three years and achieved the rank of Lieut. Commander. Stanley Suvoski To Be Honored A testimonial for Stanley Suvoski will he held this evening ut the A. B. A. Country club, ut which Mr. Suvo."lci will be honored by his friends. He Is to be married in the near future. OFFERS V. S. TRAINING Colombo, Ceylon (UP)—Under a grant of the Rock feller Foundation, medico! men expecting to do public health work in Ceylon will be given u.'.i opportunity for free training In America., the axeeuti've cominit- lEfc of hwilth has announced. Scholarships will be granted to enable medical men to keep abreast of developments In public health work. The Foundation has offered three fpllowships to Ceylon at the request of Dr. M. C. Ealfour, rgion- al director of the Foundation in the East. On The Air Today (1:00 P. in. I won —Easy Aec.i OtliiM KUUlor.N—Ni-wa 0:10 I. m. ' WERY—Biisi'billl Scol-cs ! WATR—Interlutlu | U:ltl D. m. I WHRV—Nylon Tlinn: Lopei WAI1C—Wimhlm:ton 'Arport WEAP—Sen-nil<Ic :o Amerlcu WTIC^Andre Schcnkw I WOK—-On the Ci-niury ! \V.7Z—Ktln-l and Albert 1 WATR—Sports Roundup I 0:20 p. in. WATR—Cocktail S»n-nndi! ' 6:80 n. "•• VVDRY—E. Christy Erk, N>w« WADC—Lurry Carr WATR—Nows: ln(fr!uil« WTIC—Sporm \\',TX^Roun<l I he Town WOK—Ni-wn R:-IO I), in. \\T-\i''—HIM SI'Tii G:I5 II. m. WHRY-WABC—Kobi-rl Trout WTIC-WEAF—Ix>well Thomas WOK.—Stan ).om:ix WATR—Plciisiuri! mid Profit WJ2—'.s Mork-an 7:0fl ti. I". WHRY-WABC— Rllll Cla.vion WTIC-WEAF—Supp.-r Club WA'I'K-WOK—Albi-rl Warni-r WJX—Hi-iullln"- EdlHon 7:11 P. "I* WBIIT—Brass Oily V.:ter.ins \VAKC—SliylHi'' Roof WATR—AJviMlturi-s In Rhythm WTIC-WKAF—World News \VOrt.—Answer Mun «::)0 |l. 1". WBRY-WABC—Tommy RIBE* and Betty J.ou \VJ.;\P—Clniir.s Atrcni W.'IX.— Loni- RanK'i'r WTIC—QulK of 'fwo Cltl'.'M WOR—Ni'W» WATH—Phone Your Answer 7:-t£ p. ill. WEAK— Mori-mi liwilty WATR—Wuliz Tlm ( ! WOR—InHkli: of Spnris «:00 i. WUHY-WAliC—Aldricli J.-amlly WA'I'H-WJX—Sum Simile WCR—I'as^nort to Humane' 1 HrltO ii. ID.- WHRV-WAllC—• Muv,'r.".v anil March WTIC-WKAF— Ein-y Money WOU—Volci- In i hi> Xlirhl II: Mi ». i" • \VX.11Y-WA UC—N'-ws R^nt Our FLOOR WAXER NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEA»Y BUIL.DENQ TEL. 5212 9:00 [>. >». WURV.WAUC—I'ay I" R" U'noranl WT1O-WEAP—Pi'Oplf Arc Punr.y WOK—.NVwn \VATR-WJK—Break the Bank «:!!> l>. in- won—Ri-ol Stories 9-.SO p. m, WBRY-WAHC—Wayne Kllllf WOR—JaniP» Orch. WATR-WJZ—The shi-nrr Wl'l C-W BA F—Wii It •'• Time 0:5.1 p. Il>. WATR-WJX—WI»n)Cl-,H Sport» 10:00 n. in. u'rmY-WABC—Slercrury Thi-atrr WTIC-VVKA F—Mystery Thrnicr \vATFt—Uoxir.^ Bout \VOFl—Tommy Dorwcy 10:30 I), in. WBHY-WA13C—Jim Curn-r WTIC-Wlv.-VP—SporlH -N'ywsn'c-l WOR— Syinphoni'lUf WATR-wjii—,^JJOHB Vne? 11:01) p. III. AJ.I, SUItlullH—Nf\VM 11:10 ii. in. wiiRY—John J. IMIy. City .NVws 11:1.1 p. ill. WJJrtY-WALiC—You lind Thl' Atom \\'JX — Jo? Husul . WTIC-WBAF—Harknenn WATR—Crnn: Orch. 11:80 n. in. WBRY—Nlirht CluU of the Air WABC—CU;n Cray Orch. NVATK-WJ/ 1 .—Gomx: Coo; Orch. \VTIC-WJvAF—Service Tnl»» WON—^V.':tthcr; t.ombardo Orrh. 12:00 Mldnlellt AI.I." StiitloiiM—Xi;w* 11!:0.% n. in. WBRY—NlRIlt Club at th* Air FEDERAL' ENLARGERS $35 ^EROURYlT 35 MM. CAMERAS '"27 COATED LENS S79.50 ;,l IN. MILTON BRADLEY CUTTERS $4.25 PARKER "51" FOUNTAIN PENS $12.50 For Vour Photo Needs It's— NEAR SOUTH MAIN ST. Watcrbury "He says NO — not till they can get their silent Servel Gas Refrigerator!" "There's only one refrigerator for us ... and that's a Servel, more and more folks are saying. For they've learned from friends and'neighbors that the Gas Refrigerator stays noise- free, wettr-free. ; The|sccret? A tiny gas flame replaces moving, wearing parts in its freezing system. New Servels are coming off the line every day. But the demand is ao great that some folks may have to wait K bit. If you can't get yours right away, remember—Servel U worth waiting for. It stays silent, lasts longer. THE COMNECTICU IGHT & POWER Ca I|TAILI$HED 1111 A PERFECT TRAVEL PAL OF A LOUNGE ROBE FOR MEN OR WOMEN —A FUSION OF NYLON AND RAYON —$20 Just as good a pal around your home to get some pleasure out of your leisure hours and as a positive aid to graceful lounging and relaxation. Richly hued, feather weight, soft and luxurious to the touch— takes no room to pack in your travel cases- CUBAN RUMS $2.79 J. K. STORES CUT BATE, LJQOOR8, WINES, BEEKS 898 N. Main St. Tel, 4979 Free Delivery Anywhere in - Borough LARGE PICNIC JUGS $4.49 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE SO SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Naugutuck, Conn. -To Save a definite portion of your Income, and stick to it! ' More and more people are learning the value of planning for financial security. Build a reserve fund- protect your family with ]o\v-co.< Savings Bank Life Insurance, a combination that will help you face the future with confidence. We will help yuu work out a plan. NAUGATUCK SAVINGS BANK ALLOEPO<IT< PUUY OOARANTEEO Great Oak Farm j OXFORD KOAI> Tel. 5049 PERFECTLY PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM !; IMlvrry To All 1'uru of Nunmituck ^f^ffftfftf^ffff'fff'ff'-'-'^- f.*.++*r*rfr+*-+*>**' WATCH FOR OUR NEWLY RENOVATED STORK'S * GRAND OPENING! $ CORNER CANTEEN J sa2 No- Aliiln Strtvt * "Doru" Trllrrlro. Trdii. s EDDIE'S Corner Sprlnc & Diamond St». GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FRUITS - ICE CREAM SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Free Delivery Tel. 4919 Edward Vlnsknuckos, Prop. Highland Package Store | 93 HlRhland Ave. — Tel. 3088 Anthony Furrar, Prop. FREE DELIVERY AH Parts of Niuigatuck Try NEWS Want Adu.- They Brine Results. GUS SMOKE SHOP 402 Nortl) Main St. Union City GHS Klimaszcwskl, I'rop, \Vo IKIVC your lavorit-e )iew»- paper, majruzine or other periodical. COAL COSTS ! WITH THE HONEYWELL DAMPED CONTROL By inilollin? <b« Hon.yw.U El.clric nilor damp.r control veu can ««»• to 30% on your cool bill. Jpnilor damp.r control veu can ««»• up to 30% on your cool bill. """J what tbi« «avino means during )u«i otid heatinv Boavon. Wo har« Eloctnc Jonilor* in »lock now. Cnll u» today, bsloro lh» lupply ii (jon», lor full Inlormollon. The Naugatuck Fuel Co 87 CHURCH ST.

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