Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 26, 1909 · Page 10
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 10

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 26, 1909
Page 10
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CANYONS ARE CALLING THE FISHER AND CAMPER Green Waters of the San Gabriel Whipped By Disciples of Isaac Walton. Camps Rapidly Filling With Summer Sojourners, THTiiKR? Quo VadiH Pat. r I rlu H? The Hiirnmor varat.lon — wh<!ro Hliall it 1)'! »p»Mit? Do thf! wavfH rail of nld homo haiint.H in- vlto? Or do f.ho rnoiiiit.alriH bockon? I)raw nanr, into tho glow Of th<! f:a»l|J- flro, and w; will toll you of bow Mi'- blooiriH ovuti now in UioiiHanrlH from out. tli'^ nag'- ;ind man/noita of your own mountain^ In t.lirj K;m (>n- bri"l canyon, toll you of tlio Htarflod Iron) that. HliootH away from the Hlurnp of your liorHo'H foot, at thr; ford, v/oiivf for you a till, of t.ho fabric wliicli lien lia/f-''iiHlirf)iid''d below tho lioad of Mount. JH|||I tnlr-H of t.ho Han rjabrlf-l canyon which HOH alimwf. at, your own door, '^tiling you, while t.ho minnicr nun floods I be vallny holow. Hilly and TopH.y, the two piebald canyon ponloH In tho Klncon Hl.abloH !it Uio < anyon'H inonU), Hwollod up Hifir bolIioH an the Htabloinr.n l.nggorl ;il the einchos, girding up their lolriH, HO to speak, for tho familiar t.rall from AXIIKU. to I ho mountain fiiHf IIOHHOH. Topny IK a matronly broncho whoHo JoiinioyH to nnd from (lamp Hlnron aro wrll.len down In LhlH humble; lalo for the flr«t time, though hoi- little pink isosc and whito boofH havo Colt enulioiinly for l.ho rocky ford bottomw in many Hummers. I for only rnal oaV'> IH jlllly, lier gontlo HOII whom Hbo linn tniined to literally walk In her footfitopH aloiiK the trails H!IO knows so wcjll. Not that. Billy IH much of a caro oit.hor, for bo ban learned liln !es:',on through faithful t.niHl. In hlH mother, but Topny feolH that, bor son linH not ciulto roachod up to her mature powoi'H of (llflwlmlmttlon aa yet, So with Topsy loading In gentle cantor, the white road wan loft at the point whnro the San Gabriel river BpnuvlB Into tlio anna of the waiting, thii'Hty valley, and the journey began between flanking mountaln-honda. Behind were the countleHu acres of or- nngen, somnolent In the Juno nun- light. In l.ho faces of tho ))llgrlnt8 was tho canyon broo/o, cooled by the tumbling • waters of this long guah In the mountain range. On either aide tho piles of Nat.uro's original IIHIHOII- ory HOOIII to march on lit panorama like twin battnlloiiH. The trail felt by the ponies' feet dips down to a crossing of the rlvor and (.ho Hpi'iiv molHteiiH tho boot In tho stirrup. He- bind, the six-horse sta^e, loaded with iiH-ij and women I'ugltivoH from tho boat of I ho cities, swings around a blnl't', tho driver's luuh sending out staccato pistol shots, ('Xclling tbo I ive siitilrrols to viiln scolding. I'p t lie trail to Sharp's flats, the ponies make (heir way, sure -footed, needing no rein nor encouragement of tho quirt, while at the liver's edge a fisherman whips the stream with a scant noil for (lie passing pleasure- toi'kors. A placer miner, bent above bis cradle gives greeting to tho travelers, and on the bluffs aho\o. his tent Chinos out while against (he bark- ground of bluish nag"' uiul shadowy chapparral. Thus Is the journey ho- r.un into the Han (iabrlel canyon of over-changing scenery. Camp Ulncon lies nine miles up the river in a natural amphitheater, Its lioor and sides studded with giant live oaks. Ono must nocosHi'.rlly reflect a little on the passage ;if lime when confronted by (be bole of a live oak six fool in dianie(i-i, usurping u 'juartcr of an acre of mountain moid, a monarch in its own ru:hl long before man looked upon the country ami tailed it K'>"d. Thousand^ of tree.- 1 , roof (!:;• Pincoii camp and carpet it with the dead foliage of a s-'eusou gum 1 , and nestling among the (roes are the rows of canvas tents with their (rim redwood Hours and stanchions, .set against dr.- mountainside and facing the opposite hills. A feu years ago this cup-shaped gU'ii U;ul lull a small hotel ami a lew campers scattered on tho hili.-u'dcs'. Now the l'.,i^ tie's above the dauciug pavllUm. Alicre festivity gucs nil i,i (he ijiiicl uay whi( h this resort has decreed. i he dining room scats enMly ;< Imii- ('red quests and e\ery romt'o't sur- inunds the sojnurner. shiti a\vav fnun the cares of mid suimm i l»usim-s> Manager Hiiu^s lias liiiilt his camp in tii.- s'yle of a big lainils. l-'i u nii'iiii t:i!li camiif escape the i:u -on \ eiiieiu i ->• as easily as dues ( amp Kim on fur .Manager Hii^j.-t i- a cat''ivr to i!.,- doHlrcB of hlfl pooplo for rest, for pleasure, for Hport. for fino, wholesome faro and for health, above all i ho lar.t. named, and for thlH reason tho pooplo who look to him for thel> daily direction In eomfoit aro of all temperaments, tho sportsman, book- lovor, tho young and t.ho old, all of whom become young after n few days beneath bin hospitable roof-tree. With TopHy and Mills' In tho hands of tho hostler, tho seekers after mouri- faln lifo followed thoir host to tho i.-r<:iit plunge-pool arid t.ho dressing rooniH, whoio Hulf.H woro provided and tho stfiliis of travol removed In ono loap from tho spring-board. Tin: spring water cornoH down t.ho mountainside rind ontorH tho pool, where It, HpreadH and warms In the BUII. Tho vigor of this plungo In mountain water IH boyond belief, and after tho c,low of rejuvenated body has reached It.-! hoighl.h, a {jiilok run to t.ho shower bath and dressing rooms completes tho Initiation to Camp Kincon in 'In: amphitheatre bonoath l.ho live; oaks. Manager Briggs stalks ahoad of t.ho iiowcornorH, halting l.hom hoforo tho groups of pooplo gathorod in tho rus- tls seats, and swings, Introducing right, anrl loft. Many in high places In tho business of Los Angeles county aro in II!H ('arc. Names might, be given hero which would make a list like l.ho register of a fashionable biisi- ness man's clnl) or t.ho membership list of a woman's 'federation—names might bo mentioned, but those lad ion are not gathorod in this place for mention, but. for rest and recreation, and tho world of business and fame is forgotten. If urgent business calls one of them, the telephone is employed, for the camp has service of thin kind, but the campers discourage their friends from disturbing them In their retreat Into the wild. Manager Drlggs has evolved a system for entertaining which gives perfect freedom. The people come to him often to be cared for absolutely In every detail of comfort, and ho Is ready to respond, as he maintains a general store in these mountains like unto those of the olden days. Families may come and take ono of his tents and provide for themselves, or they may be fed at tho big dining pavilion. It Is a oon- Hlnul. .surprise to the camper to find Ihlii marvelous amphitheater In Ilio heart of the mountains, and at. the same lime be also encompassed by so many of the com forts of the HI'o of i Mli/atlon -the shower baths un<l the plunge, the sanitary house tents with spring beds and accompanying (omforts, the spacious assembly room with card tables and library, the general store where the needs of man and woman have all been anticipated, ami best of all the screenod-ln dining hall with Its snowy mtpery, food In courses and (pilot, otlleiont service. Here, at. Camp Kincon, the fishermen gather, and at sunrise fare forth along (ho streams. Vntll November the river will continue to give up Its wealth of shining trout. Then IH no other stream or canyon in tin (oiinly thai possesses the possibilities of fishing as does the Hun (lubriol canyon. Tho trout being caught at present are from six to nine Inches in length, (|iiite a few In the recent Mitches running somewhat longer and heavier, and the "limit" of a day's catch, which is fifty, IH often reached by the trout anglers. Right here wt will depart from the rule of secrecy in names and speak of the prowess of the gallant Heart! he who has tlshed the San (iahricl canyon many sum M'.vr:; in succession and dwell In tin Kincon amphitheater. Heart! and .Manager Itriggs sometimes rehearse the sport of the day when gloaming shuts in the valley and I lie orchestra Claris the whirl of the dancers in !h pavilion. "Caught my fifty all out of one pool Hie llrst thing ihis moiuiug," stales llriggs complacently. "llea\y fellows too b'-si I've done this season." "Thai's pot hunting." responds Heart!, eying his friend with disap Iproial and speaking with I lie frank- 1 ness which friendship brings. "Thai's nothing but pot hunting, Itriggs. I'm a rillle fisherman catch all my lisli in the ritllos when they're out feeding. Thai's when they light." And i.he j word span ing becomes general among the asM'mhled sportsmen. And I'oiiniy Tiva.-iinvi John Hunt has t'oimd II Ui'll \n follow in t hi- toot sifj.s of the \eteran llslu-t'man ll>'arti. and ^.i> .^ thai lish . onmv^ali- around I.!.- i oi::|'.u.!on >'\ <•:; a- t l:ii Url:.> I'ol low the farmer's wife who showers grain from her apron. Judge \V. L. Williams of I.os Angeles jurisprudence has entered Into the life of the camp of late, and recently dropped hl« rod and line to .loin the fire-fighters on the mountainside, working like any paid ranger In the Int.oreBt.H of the national forest, for the Han Gabriel canyon belongs to the people, under the protection of t'ncle Sam'H forestry laws. P.ut enough for the present of ('amp Kincon. j Mounting t.ho ponies at. Camp Kin j Two Former Covina Girls Capture con gate, the horsemen may go on j rfrqt p r | 2ea a t U. S, C. Contest. him from the top of Mounf Is/ip. More about Mount Isllp, the highest mountain in the Sierra Madre range of the trail leading to Its top from Cold Rrook camp, Crystal lake of seventy acres at Its peak, and a description of Triple and Anthem falls, aa beautiful as the falls of the Yose- mito. will appear in an article In next week's Argus. ORATORICAL WINNERS. At the woman's annual oratorical contest of the U. S. C., which took further up what is known as the North Fork, following (.'old Brook to Its In- r option at tho baan of Mount Islip, or j p i nr . ft j, 1Pf , 7, prizes were won as fol- up tho Hast Fork to R. M. Follows'! if)W8; First pr j xei ($2.'), Miss Alma camp on tho bench above, the deep g w aln. formerly of Covina; second gash of the river. FOacb camp ifl separate and apart In Its advantages. Hlnco the past season, Mr. Follows has bought the Mountain View camp, owned last year by Hayes Potter, and has fitted It tii' to run in conjunction with his original camp further up the stream. Follows Is a typical host. The duties of host sit upon him as a mantle—ho is the right man In the right place. With his big dining room filled with guests at ono long table stretching adown the middle. Follows stands fit the head with carving knife and tools of bis masterly trauo. His assistants lake the orders find the with (rout anri with tho finest of moats from the Los Angeles markets, the cream of the vegetable 1 * to be procured, and the guests oat and talk and laugh like a big, happy family. Tho camp is made up of rows of tents beneath shady fruit trees and mountain alders. Ills big dancing pavilion rrbp, ($15), Miss Helen Williams, also formerly of Covina and niece of Mrs. K. P. Warner; third prize, Miss Diana McNeill of I.Iberia, Africa, the daughter of a Christian negro chieftain and adopted daughter of Bishop Taylor. Miss Swain obtained first, plaerj on delivery and Miss Williams on composition and thought, there being only two points between. The subjects were: 1. Alien or American. 2. Tho City's Duty in Helping Its Poor. :•;. The Path of Freedom. Resolutions. Whereas, the Heavenly Father has called one of our much loved and thoroughly conscientious members, Mrs. Charlotte A. Fletcher, from our club, be it Resolved, we, the members of the Monday Afternoon Club of Covina, do sincerely mourn ber loss and lovingly and dining room face the river upon the bluffs. As is the case with Camp | rherish her memory. T3e it further Rlucon and with Cold Brook camp, j Resolved, that a copy of these reso- the big four-horHO stage makes daily trips A/usa and die different points, transferring parlies of fisher- j pietcher and family, men find campers, and his stables furnish the would-be denizen of the woods with fine mountain saddle horses If ono cares to bo transferred in this manner. Follows is deservedly popular among sportsmen of the best classes. His success with the famous .Sunset Club 'of Los Angeles, a club which he entertained this week at his Mountain View resort, Is a good criterion of his popularity. Forty members, doctors, lawyers, newapapermen and. men from every walk In life partook of bis hospitality,. flslnd the streams and voted Follov/p the best fellow of them all. The host on thld occasion turned over his culinary department to Al Levy, proprietor of Levy's cafe, and this celebrated epicure superintended the "eats" for the Los Angeles sojourners. One may ride up this fork from Follows to the base of "'Old Balcly" and over the mountain trail to the Mojave desert, through Hie wildest of scenery. On the north fork, in the very heart of the Sierra .Madre mountains, eighteen miles from A/usa, Is R. W. l)aw- lutlons be printed in the Arg'.is. and another copy be given to Rev. Alfred Anna M. Herron, Rosa C. Clarke, Ava K. Oriswold. Alumni Reunion. The Covina High School alumni reunion was held Saturday evening at Mrs. I. I. Cook's home. There was a large attendance, many old members from out of town being present. A most enjoyable evening was spent in games and dancing. Light refreshments of cake and Ice cream were served. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Mr. Walter Hepner, president; Miss Jessie Kistler, vice-president; Miss Marian Given, secretary; Miss Iva Funk treasurer; and Miss Rose Nigg, historian. Rush-Abbey. James Rush and Miss Edna Abbey were married one week ago Wednesday and have now taken up their residence permanently in Covina. Mr. Rush is well known here, and is at I/resent engaged in running a bay son's camp on Cold Brook. No person i baling crew. The marriage was kept who has ever entered the, canyon and has not been up the north fork can possibly know anything o f ' die wonderful beauty that is encountered at every turn of this trail. Cold Brook comes tumbling down a grade that la twenty per cent to the mile, surging against giant boulders, wrestling with the tortuous riverbed, at all times secret, for a time in order to escape the well-meaning fun of friends, but the matter leaked out this week, and the bride and groom have been receiving many congratulations. Machine Works Well. The spike disc road machine, which tears up and levels the oil roadway, running beneath a canopy of alders. '"'« 1'roved to be a success In repair- beech, bay and oak trees. In places, '"g Covina roads. Street Hupe-'inten- the trail follows the bed of the river < J( '" t Mehnert has been at work this through canyons bored out of the solid rock and at other times die tea- week fixing Citrus avenue. The new machine does the work rapidly and veler looks down at the stream from ofllciently. Quite a little repair work a heightli of over a thousand feet. »»» '>"'» laid out by the street depart- Dawson's Cold Brook camp lies in a j ""'"' "' b '-' '' c> » e during the summer natural delta at the ri grove of wliUe-trunked alders. • r's edge in a n.onths. Alumni Lose Ball Game. K di"re is one thing more than anodu r ,hat the n!u"ini cf Covina High School do not know anything about, it is baseball. Reeci twirled a line game for the ex grads in their game with the high schol team last Hauirady, but his support at times not being of the gilt-edged variety, die preps finished ahead ') to '2. This beautiful tree is found In this section In great profusion. Cold Brook possesses die finest fishing in the canyon, and It is this sport that the camp attends to strictly. Mr. Huwson has built a fine hotel with large and airy diningroom, and has scattered his tentH through die alders '\ud oaks. A set of three tents nestles beneath one gigantic oak whose bole is over six I't et in diameter. It is at the rear of this camp that the signs of the great NOTICE! iloudbursi of IS!H may be seen in a For y.nir vacation, an Eastman, E're- umss ot tumbled rock and debris. | ,„„_ H a\vkeye, Century, Graflox, all | The siage to Cold Biook camp | uunle by Eastman Kodak Co., sold by brings the passenger to die hotel in ('. \V. Tucker ami instruction FREE, the latter part of die afternoon, and ; will make you pleasure while away if die new arrival so desires he can i and when you are home, (let one now. caich his first mess of foul within hailing distance of die hole! steps. Dawson's tents are a triumph in (he matter of comfort, designed in the tf Notice. No fireworks, tire-crackers or other best possible way to make for ilie best i noise-producing articles will be allow- coincidence of die camper. I'rot'es- ed within the city Hums until further This order must bo obeyed. I sional men Mom all parts of die conn- ('•y arc congregated there. Aiming the \\ell known nun who make up the \ urk of gelling on! (he mot iMpolitau papers is Swiniici ton. (lit car'tirusis! for die Hear.-i papers. Itis lent at Colil Brook overhangs die ru.-hiim ualcr. and be altoi nates t:sl.i>:i; w id, 1 is work wilh il.e pencil aiut s>.iih I'.l^j.liUL; tl-e Sv t I.e!' 1 . as if .ijii'Cals to notice. i order must I'er older. t,'ity Marshal Mehuert. Sai'.ird'iy is ehildivn's souvenir day at I'liinininus'. Firecnr kers with e\ery lu-ceiit purchase. ({efi'e>liii!i'nts served by die ladies of die Kr.vtist t'huivh .l-.iiv :;. i on-, r t'iC'iu- and Badiilo. Wfidt j Difference With M Eleark Fan Going ! Come and price theso house fans. They are not a luxury— they are a necessity during this hot weather. Attachable to any electric light wire. Motors for Washing Machines (also easily attached) Electrical Wiring, Fixtures, Heating Apparatus, Irons 1 All kinds 6f repairs. Estimates furnished. Agent for LEAVITT-BARTHOLOMEW FIXTURE CO. 620 8. Spring Street, Los Angeles, Cal. R. B. WINDER ELECTRICAt. CONTRACTOR Home Phone 1068 115 N. Citrus Ave., Covina, Cal. FLORENCE Automatic Valvclcss and Wickless flit STOVE at Fabrick's Hardware Store Camp Rincon GEM OF THE SAN GABRIEL CANYON Headquarters for fishing in the West Fork. N T orth Fork. Bear and Devil's Canyons. An ideal place for an outing, either boarding at the hotel or camping. The best of everything in season. Stage leaves Azusa at 9:40 a.m. Other rigs or saddle horses can be engaged by telephoning 32, Azusa, or address H. D. BRIGGS, Manager AZUSA, CAL. *^ DIRECTORS G. E. Anderson C. F. Clapp J. R. Elliott W. H. Holliday Marco H. Hellman H. M. Houser J. O. Houser C. Menefee A. P. Kerckhoff OFFICERS W. H. HOLLlbAY, President MARCO H. HELLMAM. Vice Pres. J. R. ELLIOTT, Vice Pres. W. M. GRISWOLD. Cashier M. LEONHARDT, Aast. Cashier Capital and Surplus $98,000.oo Covina VDallcy Savings ffianh Covina, Cal. DIRECTORS Geo. E. Anderson J. R. Elliott Marco H. Hellman W. H. Holliday H. M. Houser A. P. Kerckhoff OFFICERS A. P. KERCKHOFF. President H. M. HOUSER, Vice President W. M. GRISWOLD, Cashier Capital and Surplus $44,000.oo Suede Pumps. Owing to tl>e liueneas of their arrival, we will offer all our Suede pumps at Sl'.uLi. All colors. Broudwt'll Stores. Traveling Passenger Apent E. C«. Vestal of the San Pedro. Salt Lake and Los Angeles Railroad Company was in town yesterday on business relative to special rates to the Kast. Iff cream on July .". Served by the ladies of the liaptist Church, turner Citrus and Raclillo streets. The firm of Ha/xard X- Welch has sold to Thomas Treweek, lot 1 1 in the Palm Place tract. Mr. Treweek re- teiitly purchased a fine ranch of this firm, and is buying this additional property for the purpose of erecting :t fine home residence. His new home w ill cost in the neighborhood of $_.- lion't fail to attend the sacred con- iert at the M. K. Church Sunday evening, under the direction of 1 ruf. P.. ! W. l!room. i T«'ii and twt-nt > -f:\ <• « -m packages of fireworks, assorted for Fourth of >u!y now on sale _u McLeod's &torv, |i.lil«)site Horni.-'a yro'. rry. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *• I * I* i * * ***************** Say! . tRancbcr You are conducting a big business—more money invested than many business houses—do a good deal of correspondence, don't you? Do you alwa\s have suitable papet nar..!y when you wish to write/ Do you know that we c;.n furnish you with the verj' best of writing paper and envelopes, neatly printed with your name or the name of your ranch, place of residence and date line, cheaper than vtu can secure tablets and envelopes in small quantities? This will make your correspondence businesslike and more convenient. COVIXA ARGUri, PRINTERS **************** * * * * * I * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Mi.-.. Louis Harris and little daugh- .-r ur^ •, Uiung rciaiives at. Rivera.

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