Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 26, 1909 · Page 9
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 9

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 26, 1909
Page 9
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COVINA LOSES BALL GAME. Teddy Bears of Los Angelas Score Heavily In Loosely Played Game. Covina, 11; Teddy Bears, 14. By these figures it would seem that some hind of a contest might have taken place, and that. Covina got the worst of it. The contest in question was a baseball game on the diamond south of town last Sunday afternoon, between the local team and the Los Angeles Teddy Bears, that formerly appeared here as the Sunbright Babes. It is really necessary to make n few concise statements to the effect that there was a game of some kind, for it would be a problem for the uninitiated onlooker to know whether he was watching n stago holdup or a thug meeting. Sunday baseball is rot an edifying thing in itself, and to mix rowdyism into tho combination is geting on the level with the Spanish bull fights. The visiting team made numerous complaints in regard to the decisions of the umpire. Whether they were just or not, is not the point under discussion, but they certainly did lead to a lot of unpleasantness, and it is up to the management f.o see that future games will be conducted properly, and that there will be no more yeggmen tactics in evidence. The game was a disgrace to the great national sport. Both teams played like a lot of boneheads, with Covina long on "the honors. Russell on §lab duty for the home organization was-the whole thing. By clever work in the early innings he had the visitors in a hole, and the rate at which the bunch was clouting the ball around the lot. was enough to win a dozen games. After this the seive work of the infield was the noticeable feature. Church played n fierce game at short, making three errors and never accepting a chance. Stewart covered his position miserably, and King at third base managed to get one across to first for an assist. Montague and Aguayo missed some easy ones in the field, and in several cases squeezed the ball for a short, session after stopping it, while the runner was romping home. The four runs that fell to Covina in the second and third innings were earned. In the second, Russell singled, stole second, and scored on Montague's hit through second. Then \three more came in the third, and the visfiors were lucky that it was not as many more. Doc and Stewart singled, and when Forney came up to get a triple, he .slammed at three of Schultz's wide ones and retired. Russell drew a hit that put Doc across the rubber, and Montague whaled out a slashing double', scoring two. Kendall was safe on a fielder's choice and Church walked, making the bases full. King bounced one to short, forcing Monte at the plate, and Pete made the third out by fanning. The Teddy Bears drew blanks in the first three innings, being unable to solve Russell's delivery. In the third, one hit was good for a run. But the fourth session was the beginning of the end. Monte let one go right through him, that resulted in a run, and when Church got an easy one at short, and threw to Stewart to make R forceout, the second baseman made a bungle of it. Schultz hit to left, and Pete held it long enough for Peilrotti to score from third. Errors helped things along for the Boars in the next two innings, but in the seventh and eighth frames no less than nine runs dropped off tlm-e hits. One of those happened to bo of the- home run variety, and coining from Pedrotti's husky stick, scored Fermris and Rogerson, who were already on the paths. Covina was able to gf-t seven themselves in the final rounds, but the mischief had been done. Seven hits were made by tho home boys in the eighth, and it was Forney's questionable slido to second that started the riot. After law and order had been restored, the Covina infield continued the comedy with no sign of kitting up in the misc-ue division. it. was ;t heart-break!ng game lor Pitcher Russell. After twirling a winning gtune and hitting four time;-; out. of five times up. it was more man discouraging to watch the gum shoe tactics of his team rcales. About the only features of the game were two assists by the same man. One was H clever t'niow to the plate aiid tin- other was a difficult, s'-oop and put- cm at lirrit. .Scon-: TOVINA AM R II Si: p!> A i: AfMa:. o. !' •; :.' _' 1 i) ') 1 I-'.iiriy. i : ... : \ :: ",<'<] d '< St.-v.,.;r -!, .; L- .: .. ., :: ! F'>n.< v- ; i, " ! ; " • 1 i C'litirr-h, ss. . . King, 3b . . . . . . 4 0 0 1 1 0 :'. .. :> 1 t 0 2 1 1 Totals 44 11 21 4 21 11 0 TEDDY RFARS AB R H SB PO A K Cowan, ss 6 0 1 0 0 4 '2 McKeen. c ,". 3 2 0 8 2 0 Mack, 2b n 2 0 1 7 3 0 Ferraris, 1b 4 3 2 1 7 0 0 Rogerson, 3b "> 3 3 0 2 1 0 Pedrotti, If r> 3 3 0 2 0 0 Gaiter, cf 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 Derania, rf r> 0 0 0 1 0 0 Shultz, p 5 0 2 0 0 -i 0 Enright, cf 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 4r> 14 12 2 27 14 4 SCORE BY INNINGS. 1234 5 6789 Total Covina 013000052 11 Base Hits 22510017:: 21 Teddy B's 0 0 1 2 1 1 4 5 0 14 Base Hits 021312450 12 SFMMARY. Home run—Pedrotti. Two-base hits—Montague, Forney, Fairly, S. Ferraris, Rogfrson. First base on errors—Teddy Bears, 9; Covina 3. Left on bases—Teddy Bears, 2; Covina, 3. Bases on balls—off Shultz, f>; Russell, 1; Struck out—by Scbultz, 6; Russell, 8. Double plays—Stewart to Forney; Mack to Ferraris. Passed balls —Kendall, I; Shultz, 1. Hit by pitched ball—Teddy Bears, 2; Covina, 0. Time of game—4 hours. Umpire— Goodrich. Scorer, Winder. SUNDAY-SCHOOL PICNICS. Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian and Christian Scholars Enjoy • Outings. Sunday-school picnics are among the most important events of the week, as the churches are hastening to have these happy reunions before, the children are scattered to tho mountains and beaches. The Baptist Church led the van with a large and happy crowd who enjoyed themselves two weeks ago at Ganesha Park, Pomona. Last Saturday the Methodist Church Sunday-school, many adults being included, to the number of one hundred and fifty, left bright and early for the same popular resort. A hay wagon took many and the others went by auto, train, or driving. The automobiles were in commission to take everyone to the hill-top, where a magnificent view of the surrounding valley wan obtained. The fountain played at 3:30 o'clock for half an hour. The Presbyterian Church Sunday- school also enjoyed a trip to Ganesha Park, by train, tallyho, and auto, last Thursday, over seventy scholars bo- ing present. Included among the pleasant events of the day was the consumption of a bountiful luncheon, with hot tea and coffee. Before starting home at 5 p. m., ice cream was served. The Christian Church Sunday-school enjoyed a picnic in Roberts' canyon, which will be reported next week. Suggestive Questions on the Sunday School Lesson by Rev. Dr. Linscott for the International Newspaper Bible Study Club. June 27th, 1909. Temperance lesson. Rom. xiii:S-14. Golden Text—Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ.—Rom xiii:14. Verse 8—Is it always sinful to go into debt, when you have no visabk- means of paying it? Is it right, or wrong, to go into debt when you have nothing to pay with if your creditor knows your circumstances? Is a business man who has honestly failed in business and given up all he has to his creditors, tinder moral obligation to pay tho balance of the debt, if ho makes enough money io do so out of future business? ruder modern business conditions, and the law of lovo and righteousness, when wholesalers soil on lime, or give i!ti adeqnato discount: for cash to re- tnilcrs, why are not the debts of nn honest bankrupt retailer, tho legitimate loss of his creditors in common with himself? Whoroin consists the folly and sin of a wage-earner hi constant, work, petting into debt? Is it the duty of ovoryono to love everybody, the bad and the good, eon- niios and friends? What is the advantage of loving everybody, to ourselves, and to those whom we love? Verses fl-10—Give reasons, outside of tho Bible, that, will cover all circumstances, why it. Is always wrong to disobey these moral prohibitions. Must all such acts, as are here forbidden, contravene tho law of love Io make thorn sinful; for example, if you had to kill a man who was about to kill one of your loved ones, would that be sinful? Can an act be wrong that works out for the good of all parlie.'s? Verses 1-12—If you knew you had to die inside of a month, what effect would that have upon your intentions and actions, so fnr as God is concerned ;and 1.? it would change these in tho lenst, do PS that not prove that you nre now living wrong and are in danger? Most, people are morally and spiritually nsloop: and many are far Into the night; what nro tho conditions which should suddenly start Io such into full consciousness, as to their danger, and their duly? Verso 13—How is it that the night IK tho time selected for so many b;ul ('roils? Should :i man over do a thing which lu is ashamed tor his host friotuls ;\ml neighbors to know? Does tho .popular concsience goner- ally, or always represent God's attitude to a thing; or nro (hero soiun things God may bo pleased with which the community would condemn ns wrong, or vice versa? How is it that bar rooms are goner ally screened off from tho public gazo? Why is it a crime for a man to got drunk? Why do moiit drunkards gel drunk In tho night, or away from public Rft/O? Does the drink habit generally load to the other four grave evils mentioned in verso thirteen? Verso 14—What is tho sure remedy for the drink habit, and all kindred evils of tho flesh? HOOH putting on Jesus, always mean putting on strength, so we can control ill tho passous of tho body, ,intl the ambitions of the soul? LOHHOU for Sunday, July 4. IfKi'.i. Paul's Second Missionary Journey— Antioch to I'liillippi. Acts xv:3(i to xvl:ir>. Don't fail to attend the sacred concert at the M. E. Chjircu Sunday evening, under the direction of Prof. R. W. Groom. Ten ami twenty-five cent packages of fireworks, assorted for Fourth of July now on sale at McLeod's store, opposite Home's grocery. BYRON HOT SPRINGS Within easy reach of Francisco Wonderful curative properties of the mud and mine-nil baths and waters. Reached from Los Angeles through the San Joriqnin Valley. Information at SOL'TIIKKX PAH IMC OFFICES. # # # # * * # # # * it r* i * ' # * * * # * * •# * * * * Say! . IRanchcr Trimming Hats and Slashing Prices SPECIAL TO YOU On Friday and Saturday, June 18th and 19th, we will take One Third off on regular Prices on TRIMMED HATS Watch Our Windows and Our Advertisements. Gilmore & Graham (Formerly Webb & Graham) 122 North Citrus Avenue COVINA, CAL. You arc conducting a bi^ business more money invested than many business houses - do a ^ood deal of correspondence, don't you'.' Do-you always have suitable paper handy when you v/isli to write? JJo you know that we can furnUh yon ;v'i\h the very best of writing paper and envelopes, neatly printed ,vith your iiame or the name of >'i<ur ranch, p!ar. • of residence cind date lin Uliill ', 'JU I'll ll r.C', 111 C an'i en vi-: - 'p'-- 11, s.ii.a itl.d i.i'/r<: r. /.'i vuii H-- I.I. (. i i'-.'i.\A .'•. K<. ! ".-• I'K:.\"; i.H.s < he'iper * -# FOR SALE Kivc room house and l>arn, lot S(.xl75, fenced, close to Citrus avenue it ml electric road. S1KOO. Lot 50x175 adjoining above, full hearing Washington navels. $K50. Four room modern house, two porches, hath, cellar, electric lights, lar^it hit Mix 175. I'). College St. £2500. Five room house and larj^e lot Mix! 75, in center of town. S Lar^'e lots, uOxlTS, full bearing navels. !?if»25. r<ar(fe corner lot '>nxl7r>, solid to full bearing navels, close tti Mlectric road. .~.\r,(H>. Uusiness \<>l on Citrus avenue, ro.xl.-o with enclosed yards and sheds, S.S.xHO, hauling way <^ri either sid(-. The linest sile in town lor any wholesale business. Close to electric road. I'rice .r.MJOU. C.-ood ternin can he had on all the pr: perties. J. H. MATTHEWS RI;AL l-STATf; Sole District Agent » Your Patronage 1 will be appreciated by us. Wo are doubling our efforts to give jou the best Groceries Vegetables and Fresh Meats ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and mode-rale prices. Phone 22 C..H. Allen Ask the Ooys for Prices F. M. McHucjh McHUQH & ALLEN Reo Garage and Machine Shop Storage Bntterlea Charged Phone 1121 Die, Pattern and Model Making 107 West College Avenue COVINA, CAL. AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA ASSETS OVER $2,000,000 PllR IVnW'ST ~ |>|n v » INTHMIiST s n , ,, Special attention given to banking by mall. Write for information If You Can Make Hay When the Sun Shines You can a'lso Heat Water the Same Way The SOLAK IIKATKR is the triumph of cheap, itulespciisible contrivances of tin's a^e. With one a part of your house, you have, hot water for all purposes at all times. W. S. Sides' Plumbing Shop Just around the corner from Citrus on College Street Covina, Csil. Phone 1015 I, N, WILSON The Blacksmith With the most skillful mechanics and the best equipment wo: can do your work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shorter time and at a reasonable cost to you. We also carry a line of Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc, and if you are thinking of purchasing a vehicle o< any kind we in vite you to call and look over our line and talk the matter over. We will guarantee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides ORCHARDISTS! FOR RED SPIDER have your orchards trc;Uc<l with our specially j)rq>;m:<l dry sulphur spniy. ^S'iCVV MKTHOD NKW I'ROCKSS STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Cull up I'hotie 177, Charier O ik. Phone I')'), Covin ;\ COVINA MEAT MARKET .1. l : . KENDALL, I'rop. Orders tak'-n and deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, lite. Large Shipment Direct From Manufacturers BUGGIES MMM*.W«*mMMW^»iMMI^MMIMMMMM*^MMW««nMM^H^^«M«MM Top Buggies Canopy Tops Open Buggies Rubber Tires Steel Tires No Finer Importations Were Kver Placed In Our Show Rooms TWOMEY & DILLER, Inc Cn ki;s Telephone 29

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