Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 4, 1945 · Page 27
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 27

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1945
Page 27
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• CLASSIFIED 0pW g:iOA Mi t. IO».,M. ta 4 f. M. M 10 r. M. u *. «L *M la th* funeral Director* VVe take cWg* i When Death Occurs in a Distant City | n Mcmoriam In memory o»- our beloved mother, Mrs Iir.» t: Baker who passed away one yea It 3 winy Mirch 4, 1344. Oh hovr we mlsj you dear Mother, ye: we knoTr God calls hi* own. ' Ar:i ttmi?ht xchtle we are weuping, V;-J irs'singing around the throne. . ?cu shall always b« remembered.' In ih!E vi&rf vor.'d at strife. • . Acd you shall never be forgotten .. As Ions »a God gives us lite. : . Ttlir r«a!Is sad memories. ' . 01 i laved one gone to rest. A^d me ones that think of her today. A:e the ones that loved her best. . . Sadly missed by her children ' 3-4-1 2—Automotive WEIL BUY YOUR CAR We Need All Makes and Models THE CASH IS HERE FOR YOU AT O^JCE GET TOP CEILING PRICE AT ELCAR SALES Headquarters for Trading Open Day and Night Post Offlc* : ; : Phon» S44 FARM ^EQUIPMENT. C/ctroc Agricultural Trecton Ar» Availablt L** ui help fov makt application befort quota h cxkaintcd MACK TRUCKS . S*»«rol Hundred NEW MACK truck* r«l<ai*d far civilian uu "i» in and tat uj Nelp you male opplication now for carlf delivery Steinla Motor & Transportation Co., Inc. |J'S S Mechanic Pfcon. 25SO CHEVROLET SALES & SERVICE , E1LER CHEVROLET. INC, IU(M ecnan , c Phon. "l43 HARTS — SERVICE— BODS SHOP for All Ifodel C«r» Sp oerl's i. George St. Gara •age Phone 3OT JOHNSON'S .:-.AUTO EXCHANGE c Cosh Prices Paid tot Yout Car u AN7 MAKE OB MODEL *: Mech«nlp St. Phon* Iff \Cash For Your Car [ All Models ,.•:•-• . iTaylor Motor Co. I^'N'Mechanic .St. Phona 385 FOR TOP CASH PRICE , _ TO " [BUCK'S AUTO EXCHANGE *0 C*nrr« • • F._ — • wcutrj PhOn« 461P TAYLOR MOTOR CO. WILL : PAY YOU > CASH YOUR USED CAR T op OPA Ceiling Prices Paid ^11 Your Used Car Now * n d Hc/p Us Keep War Workers In Transporra- " Or > To and From Work. Phon* 393 SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 1945 SELLING YOW CAt? NOtODY CAN LtGALLY rAY MO«E FO* YOU1 CA* fHA*| ; . ALLEN SCHLOSBERG 13* N. M«clM*K 44IS S*fvic« O« All MokH : . •V; At Pu-Wai Price* . ''^v Thompson Buiclc 3-A— Auto Glot. Glass Installed WXZU roo w*n BEERMAN AUTO WRECKERS 163 VVineow St. Phoue 2JTO -Repoirs, Service Station* BOD 4s ED'S ADTO SERVICT 317 Henderson Ave. Plume 3144 9—Baby Chklu CHICKS . ASSORTED AU AAA Grade Blood Tested No Culls — No Cripples White L-eghorns, ButI L»Bhorns. „._... u. Mlnorc««, White Rocks, Barrw HUH Rocks, Orplnglor.s. Wyin RocSa. dottw. R. 1. Herts. Olonu, New Httap- shlres. Your order may consist of any bre«d o* breeds, grade or grnrtes. They may co-.islil -it all pullets or all cockerel^ of either ight or he»vy breeds, or a mixture ol ,hem. Firtt Come. First Bervedl Shfpped C.O.D. Send check or Money Order foi pronpt delivery. Give exprui office. All shipments F.o.B. our shipping points. Rush irder today. Get Uitie fine barcaln chick* ASSOCIATED HATCHERIES OUTLET .1130 Market St., phlla. 3. Pa. Baby Chicks, Pullorum Tested — B. Rocks, Reds, W. Leg., Unsexed $8.95 per 100. Leg. Cock. $2.45 per 100. Min X T ,V. Hock Broilers S3.50 per 100. Special assorted $3.95 per 100. Ship c.O.D. London Poultry, Box 1844, Trenton 7, N. J. ••••••• : . 3-'4-H PENN -HATCHERIES—100% blood- testsd Jumbos good meat chicks $3.75 per 100. Our Special Assorted, all breeds (unsexed) $5.95 per 100. Pallets any breed $14.00 per 100. Send check or money order lor prompt delivery. Penn Hatcheries Outlet. 1417 W. Glrard Ave. . Phlla. 30, Pa 3-4-lt Assorted $5.50-100. You will get some of the following breeds. Our selection consists of the following, Bar Rocks, Reds, Giants. Wyan- dottes and Leghorns. Rock-Minorca . Crosses S3.75 per 100. Send check or money order for prompt delivery. Seklman's, 1723 S. 8th St., Phila. 48, Pa. : 3-4-lt Best Grade, AAA Bloodtested Chicks. Assorted, Barred Rocks, White Rocks, Leghorns, Reds. Giants, Wyandottes, Our Special Selection $5.95 per 100. Pullets, any breed desired from best egg strain, $15.00 per 100. Heavy and Light Assorted Broilers $4.95 per 100. Minorca Cross Heavy Broilers $355 per 100. Immediate Shipment. C. O. D. WaMmere Fai-rns, Collingswood, N. J. 3-4-lt Baby Chicks. C. O. D. Bloodtested from AAA Breeders, Assorted Reds, Barred, 'White Rocks, Leg ON ARTICLES Of MONEY! Cumberland Loan Co. 17—for Pboo* JM, Oo, 71 M. Owtav DBBIRABLE bittee* — (tacle . or *ulte»—In the First National Bank BWg. from $20. Apply Mr Simpson, Room •, FSrtt National Bank Building. 2-3S-31t-T FARM near Hyncimnn. Write Box 818-B, % Time*-New». 3-2-4t-N VIRGINIA AVE., large double store rooms now used as beer parlor, real money maker, reasonable rent. Apply 28 >?. Liberty. 3-4-lt —Furnished MODERN TWO, UlTM and foul room apartment*, also 4&gi« rooms by the week or month Buulerard Apartment*. Phoo* J7S7 .... «-»-tf-T TWO rooms. 813 Maryland Ave. 3-3-3t-N THREE-ROOM furnished home, comfortable and clean. Five miles' from Cumberland on highway. $25 month. Phone 4013-F-15. ! 3-3-lt-T THREE ROOMS, heat, 4171-W. private,, down, 3-3-2fr-T 20—Untyrmslw* THREE ROOMS, heat, bath, $45, adults. References. 227 Fayctte St. Phone 358-M. - 2-28-lwk-N VIRGINIA AVE.; 17 room and 2 baths now rented as sleeping rooms and small apartments. Will sub rent to reasonable party. A real money maker. Apply 28 N. Liberty St. : 3-4-lt THREE rooms, 5 Ridgeley St., Bldgeley, call 21121 Westernport, Md. . 3-4-3t-T 22—Furnished Rooms MODERN bedroom, lady. 20* Fulton. 2-27-tf-N LIGHT housekeeping room, 23 N, Lee. 3-3-2t-N BEDROOM block from City Hall 149 Polk St. . 3-3-tf-N FURNISHED Greene St. or unfurnished, 514 • • 3-4-tf-T 24 —Houses for Rent TWO houses now. vacant with free electric. No rent charged • for orchard workers at our Mineral County. W. Va., Orchard. Call 400G-F-23, Agpalachian Orchards Inc., Paw Paw/W. Va. 3-3-tf-N 1IX rooms, bath, 237 Elder, adults, phone 4004-F-6. 3-3-Jt-N 26—For Sol* MiseeHan«o*j* Maytag Parts & Service , ....---, ., -^ Wringer Rolls, All Makes 5Sm*srs sr^ aT^r^ 015 * 8EBvra Chicks for broilers $3.95 per 100. 31 N - Mechanic St. Paoo. »4. Minorca Cross Cockerels $2.95 per SPENCER SUPPORTS. Individually . 100. Willow Run Poultry Farm, Bov 748, Trenton 3, N. J. 3-4-lt Reds, Rocks, Minorcas, Leghorns as hatched, S12.95 per 100. Assorted nil heavies. S10.95. Light mixed as hatched JB.95. Minorca Crosses S3.95. Crestwood Poultry Fnrm P. O. Box 171, Somexdale, N. J. ' ' ' •• ••- • 3-4-lt 13—Cool For Sal* and WAKEMAN COAL, big v*in stoker. Phone 4024-F-14. "7-9-tf-N BIQ VEIN Wetzel - Consumera Co PHONE 818 RILEY — best big vein and stoker xxu. 'Phone 4167. 10-22-tl-l GOOD lumpy coal. Phone 2105. :. . 2-I9-tf-T LUMPY run of mine, stoker, prompt delivery. 421G-R, cross. ' ; 2-28-lwk-N 5—Electric Work, Fixtures ELECTRICAL WORK : VIOTOR repairing, wiring and fixtures. Queen City Electric Co, 158 Frederick St. Phone 117. ' Factory Service :;'.';.;•' • Bendix ;. •-.:•-••. :!!£:' • Kelvinator ;.; . .':;,';[/• General Electric :.••.• Cumberland Electric Co. . 137 Virginia ATE. Phong 619 6—Money To Loan : ; ; JEWELERS ' PAWN BROKERS Quick Confidential Loans on Ail Article! of Value • HgADQaARTERS POR DIAMONDJ : • Large Stock of Unredeemed ' Pledges for Sale Including WATCHES • JEWtLKY GUNS • LUGGAGt : SI PRICES PAtD POR OLD OOU> Open> Week-Days to 6 P. M. Saturday until 9PM. 3 lattimort St.'- Pfr on , 3770 Used Cars and Sold toi all purposes No sum too large 01 too smalt "HAROLD'S" Comer N. Mechanic ana Soltimon WE BUY OLD GOLD MONEY TO LOAN Interest 6% per Year McKAIG'S 101 Williams St, Phor* 382 SrrjRA-fc «, SERVICE ^ M-G-K MOTOR CO. '"" St - V.. fhatw 2300 LOANS Articles of Bargains in [.unredeflmeti ofertffM wmcti Requiring JOHN NEWCOMER , ' 215 Virginia Ave. 'Formerly ot th« Hamilton Watefe C». Jentj cow. Applj J. F. lUnkln erw! of Offutt St. "•" •'.'• ••/-••• • •••'.;:;•• .'.-• 3-3-3t-N ONE complete restaurant • equipment. Phone J3M. . . . 5-3-3t-N COMPLETE fountain service. Prefer to sell in one lot. KWwell's RtsUurant, Westernnort. ' • • 3-3-lwk-T JUST RECEIVED c*r 5ot shell corn, $1.42^i per bushel. You furnish t*»£. Southern 8Ule», Cuajber- l»nd Service. Phon« 3450. • '= •-••'- : --:•••-•• ':,:..:.:.••• ;/;•:('=-. - i 3-S-H-T LMANACS roe e*o «el Itaout THAU, BLAZERS' »nd,«on«r Guide Bo*k lor onlr of interutltif facU, dreamt «trooomy. pluilinf churt, l mns«t time, forecuU, herb lore, birthday re»dln»s, tricks, lucky dayi l'< ; ., 8 J? nd 13 ° » U MP» or colas to TRAIL SLAZSlUr AQBHT. Dtpt. C-*7X, B\0omlng- torj. Ullnol«. • 13c. Pull KxSi»e nmriM and KKITTING supplies, yarns, corde', 330 N. Mechanic St. . 3-4-lt TWO Jersey cows, 2 miles south Short Gap, W. Va., on route 28. Mrs. Helen Riiey. 3-4-H-T ONE gaited . riding mare. Phone 4008-F-21. , , 3-4-3t-T 35 Remington, 30 Remington, 30-30 Winchester, 250-3000 Savage rifles and shells, Browning automatic 12 gauge, double barrel 12 gauge and shells, 2 new spotlights, 1938 Ford Pickup, truck, 1940 GMC 1M, ton Stake truck. Apply to' C. Arden May, McHenry, Md;, apply Sunday after 10 A. M. Do not write or phone. . 3-4-2t-Suns LARGE white Swiss Mondaine pid- geons, phone 2334. . , 3.4-11 TWENTY-SEVEN 33—Help W«*t«4 KUto MEN NEEDED By Cumberland War Industry Manufacturing Truck Tire* NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Regular Attendance Necessary Jobs Have POST-WAR Possibilities GOOD PAY $33 to $42 Per Week Wfi/'le You Learn Write or Apply to or • KELLY-SPRINGFIELD . TIRE COMPANY U. S. Employment Service Cumberland, Md. ..-.••• ' 3-2-lwk-N LARGE 5 room apartment, heat ho water and gas furnished. Adults C °OK only. Apply 308 S. Centre St. 3-4-tir-Sl 28-A—FloritH Funeral Flowers BOPP'S 75 laltimora Jt ftiont 25*2 Funeral Flowers Ren Roy Gardens LaVale ^Phone 3960-W 29—Furniture, Stoves USED PT7RN1TORE. 117 Virginia. Millensoirt 1-6-tf-T HEADQUARTERS for gas. coal and oil stoves. Reinhart's, The Peoples Furniture Store, 17 Baltimore St i_ ' 3-3-2wks-T ' : RED AND BUFF : ROLL BRICK SIDING Greatly Improves, really transform, he appearance of your home. Also insulates and the price is so reasonable. $3.85 per square. BUCHANAN LUMBER CO Better Materials for I.«s Money. 31—Help Wanted STENOGRAPHERS, experienr,-ed. or good beginners. Write Box 817-B % Times-News. 3-1-3UT , designed. Alleta Allamong Luchs Phone 3822-M. 9-1-U-N AVON PRODUCTS. Call 4006-P-13 Mrs. E. D. Le^-ls, Representative Cresaptown, Mu. - 2-8-311-H ABPHAL'I ROOFINa, 1 ply 96c; 2 ply, J5.35; 3 ply, *1.85. Liberty Hardware Phone 550. 9-15-tMT FRESH FRUITS <t VEGETABLES ?eaj, Beoni, Cauliflower, Rodisfwt, N«w Cabbage. Peppers, Celery, Lettuct. Ptort. Grapes, etc. •_.• : .. Sweet Juicy Pineopplt Oranf«t By the Bag or Dole* .. . TEXAS PINK SEEDLESS. GRAPEFHUtT Stayman Winesap and ; Sinrk's Delicious Applet , : HAGER'S Deptndabli Quality With Reasonable. Pricts _832_N MECHANIC ST. PEAT MOSS~for poiiitiT Utter shrubs, and roses. Liberty Hardware Co. : • 2-19-Jlt-T SMART FORM foundation garments. Surgical belts, $6.95. Phone 2026. 2-23-tf-T ON ACCOUNT of death, a going dental business with all equipment. Is offered at a very low price. Apply Mr. Simpson, Room 6, First National Bank Building. 2-26-lwk-T GREASING equipment, battery charger, four jack electric clock, cash register and tools. Phone 4166-W. 2-27-lwk-N RADIOS, bought, sold. Phone 1600. ;• 2-27-3H-T RADIOS. Phone 1800. 125 Henry. 2-27-lwk-T JOHNS MANVCLLE Rock Wool homo insulation. Phone 3908-W. ;! >.•• . 2-28-31t-N THREK-PIECE living room suite, practically brand new. Phone 3622-R. 3-l-3t-T NEW and used furniture, 107 N Centre. 3-1-3H-T ONE No. 3 Burnslde stove, one Shenandoah wood brooder one electric brooder. Edwin Hard'inger, Hozen Rond. -•-, 3-2-3t-N HEAVY work mare. 1400 Ibs. Cheap. James Crites, Mexico Farms, city. .••••'.: 3-2-31-N Jen and DOJJ gym shoes. Big I<e»irue ilyle with e«tr« thick loin, M.»l. aoy» «nd flrii sycn 5ho« with thlek «ol«, «. 75 , Raiiontd Jrtc mtn's Bowline "hoes, 14 30. women'. towllnR Oiott, S3.08. Men's Wolvfrlnn ahell hor»eh(de irorfc «ho«« for coTnfTt utrvlct and ^e»r. J3.98 t- 11.50. Men'j It" high cm »-ort »hofs. t(.9S. Boyi' school and iieis oxfords th« wli stand the vttr measured to fll your feet, »3.95 to $485 THE HUB Army and Nary Goodt U H. Centra st- , open Er«nln«s SYRACUSE level land plow, spike tooth harrow, good condition. M. Klfer, Long, Md. ' J-2-3t-T •nd TWO fr«sh cows, Jersey. Phone 4018-P-24. • . 3-2-31-T SMAL Ave. [j KM range, 83 Henderson , : : 3-2-2t-T STEWART DM r»n^ nhon« 214C-R. S-3-31-T ORCHARD workers wanted at our Mineral County Orchard near Pinto. Boarding camp opens March 8th, stra.ght board .furnished. Highest orchard wages paid. Call 4006->--23, Appalachian Orchards Inc. 3-3-U-N MEN-WOMEN 30 TO 50 Supplement present income; afternoon »nd evening 55 up; evening only $3 up plus carfares. Interest- Ing part-time inspection work; local area; national organization; no selling or canvassing. Write giving background, days and hours available. Interview ranged. Box Number =M 514 % Times Herald, Washington, D. C. ., 3-4-2t-Sun MANAGER, rnalc or female wanted for new ladies ready to wear shop. Replies held In strict confidence. Apply TJ. S. Employment Sen-ice 146 Union St. between 2 and P. M. 3-4-31-T 32—Help Wanted Female EXPERIENCED presser wanted. Harry Footer <t Co., 36 N. Liberty. • 2-26-tf-T WOMAN for light housework, good salary. Apply 860 Camden Ave, Phone 42SO. , 2-36-tf-T EXPERIENCED millinery saleslady, best 'salary. Also saleslady for part-Urne. Field';, 119 Baltimore St. . . : .: 2-28-3t&Sun-T EXPERIENCED girl, general housework and coot, liRht laundry, two adults in apartment. Good wages. Apply Box 819-B, % Times-News. .•:...... 3-2-3t-N SALESLADIES : For Ready-to-wear Store i 1 : Salary $25 Week Pius Commission. Apply : Wl OMAN'S ; 137 Baltimore St. 3-4-Sun. A; Mon SALESLADIES for new indies ready to wear store.. : Pleasant working conditions, good salary, phis commission, nnd opportunity for advancement. AppJy in person U. S. Employment Service, HG Union St. between 2 and 4 P. M. ..' : - 3-4-3UT MIDDLE aged woman to tnkc care of elderly lady, live In, cail 2794-R. ••':••• . .. ;.- '! 3-4-lt WOMAN, middle-aged unemployed to share apartment. NO rent Central. Phone 1645-R. 3-4-lt WANTED: salesladies for shoes. Experience preferred. Apply Pes- 3-4-lt 31—Help Wonted, M.U All Wortm Subject to Priority R«ftrrml Hu»« B« Rtfnrid by tht D g. Implojunut MEN wanted for orchnrd work. New modern camp, furnncc heated, shower, stparnte lockt'r for each 40 mnn, strnigl'.t board, excellent , food, top rales. Phone 4013-F-5 or 4013-F-3. Consolidate Orchard Co, Spring Gap, Md. 2-18-if-T EXPERIENCED PRrmer. Married. Modern nouse, garden Box BOO-B % Tlmes-Ne'v.-:. 2-28-lwlr-T EXPERIENCED bBkor~wftntcd for tea cakes and iancy cookies. PtiU or part time. «pp]y Don Humbleton, Federal Buke Shop. 3-3-31-N .. • •! - *••.:. . -i;-.:. AGED MAN to do odd jobs and help feed stock. Apply 826 N. Mechanic St. . 2-20-iwk-T White —First class — who wants permanent job, pleasant working conditions, in fine 150 room hotel kitchen. Good \vagiss with room and bonrd. Write or call Carvel Hall, Annapolis, Maryland, Phone 2361. 3-3-Sat,Sun,Mon BARBER wanted at once, modern shop. $40 weekly guaranteed Steady worker can earn $50 or more. Crystal Barber Shop. 21 Baltimore St. 3-3-91-N WANTED truck driver, phone 2249 R. 3-4-2t-T 34^—Salesmen Wanted GOOD OPENING. Full time route selling Rawleigh Household Products Jn Cumberland, Morgan and North Hampshire Counties, W. Va. Get more particulars. Rawlelgh's Dept. MDC-33-208, Chester, Pa. •:;••• * .. ' ' 3-4-lt Salesmen — establish your own business tn local and 'nearby territory, -without capital investment. Represent outstanding manufacturer of roof coating sold to either farm or Industrial trade. No material shortages — no priority needed. A money-saving staple with all the best selling features of a specialty. Full-Ume men placing over 10,000 gallons annually. Material guaranteed and sold on 60-day terms. Our customers include many or the best-known firms in America. Excellent postwar prospects. Requirements — sales experience and good reference. Write, President, 9915 Harvard Ave., Cleveland 5, Ohio. 37 — instrument! CASH '• for your used Musical Instruments ; ' : Bring them IB THE MUSIC SHOP '-7 8. Liberty St Phone 3230 THE VIOLIN SHOP—repairs, bow hairing, in Bedford St. _ _;, 11-14-tf-Sundays 38—Lost and Found LOST: Black cocker spaniel, female, near Johnson Heights school. Answers to "Penny.". Reward Phone 4152-W. ; .• 3-I-31-T LOST: Pair of glasses In black case on Virginia Ave. Phone 3497-J, reward. •. . 3-2-at-T LOST: Tire, Phone .4187. tube, wheel 19x550. 3-2-3t-T LOST: Brown billfold containing sum of money, card and T gas coupons between Dccatur and Baltimore St. Reward, Charles Reitz, phone 2703-W. 3-3-31-N JOHN APMCL trancl«7. toeal and long dkunc* wortn«. A4r*nU for Line*, toe. Prior* 1«3J UOVINO TO and fro* BalUmort Pboo« 3W. «-l«-tf-T 42—Ptt PAJ^RHANGINO, Ptooo* «31-J, Jo* Barnhlll '•.-•.- 4-M-tf-N INSIDE AND outside painting, floor sandlnt and rtfinishinc. Phone 118-W. ' "••. J-14-tf-N 44—Radios, S«nric« Guaranteed Radio Servk:* CAPITOL ELECTRONIC CO. 305 Baltimore Av*. PHONE 1236 47—Ri«i REAL ESTATE. Opi« Annan, 117 8. Uberty. 3457. 2-20-31t-T PROPERTY suitable for apartments. 217 Columbia St. 2-25-lwk-T SEVEN ROOMS, modern, five acres, 3 mile. Charles Golden, Hyndman. *2,5<». • 2-26-lwk-N FARM, 210 acres limestone. Box 812-B» % Times-News. 2-27-lwk-N DAIRY FARM, 175 acres, located on Pleasant Valley, Md., road; livestock, Wilson Zero milk cooler, DeLaval cream separator, farm machinery, implements, feed and etc. William H. Odgers. • ••'.":•: - 2-27-lwk-T ' • I. ---i r i r _-r :~ Tapping On The (Continued from Pate 15) Although Slocum explained his reason for the massacre after the tame, two days later a snrcastic note was received by Hits department from the Brave camp. It »«s signed by "Little Beaver," Barton mascot. It's only natural for « team to want U> win, and by the same token no quint want* to be on the losing end. To be burled under a humiliating 121-33 score, ics wa* Burton's case, is a bitter pill to swallow and It kn't dtftlcult to understand the Braves' feeling of remorse with the outcome. •'•••.. • It's our sincere belief that Slocum didn't pick Barton as victim for the Explorers' pulverizing offensive weeks In advance but that it wa* one of those smir-of-the- moment pieces of strategy. The Explorer tutor lias been the target of rash criticism all season because of his substitution methods and we are Inclined to believe he chose the arnvas for the experiment while the game was In progress. : "Little Beaver" cuts loose with some stinging words In his commu- nique. "May I respectfully suggest hat the Casey sportsmanship award be revised so that Mr. Arthur Slocum might be chosen because of his ligh type sportsmanship displayed n letting his regulars stay 1« the Jarton game long after the issue »-as lop-sidedly decided?" writes Phe Beaver." It has been Slocum's contention all season that his Explorer regulars weren't getting In enough playing •Imo and this point was partially wrne out Friday night when the city champions were unable to get ;oing against a scrappy Allngany earn and were held to their low-as t margin of victory of the season. 3ENERAL STORE, apartment on second floor, gas station, and repair garage. Phone' 2920. 2-28-lwk-N LOCATED 213-315 Grand Ave., double frame, six rooms lo side, bath, gas, electric. Possession of one side at once. $4950. Phone 1549. 3-2-41-N EIGHT room frame house, corner ~ Apply 224 Second and Thomas. Harrison. 3-2-3t-N WEST SIDE, six room brick, bath, hard wood floors, hot water heat, $8300. Six room bungalow, one floor, hot water heat, $5500. Eight room modern stucco $5500. Opie Annnn 3457. 3-3-3t-N LOCATED at 62G North Mechanic St., 8-room frame, hot air piped, double garage, large lot, $3750. 1549 3-3-61-T Number of farms, some equipped for poultry raising, filling stations avid cabin camps; located in Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. J. C. Burkholder, agent. New Market, Va. , l-28-8t-Suns LOTS — Johnson Heights $75 to $350. For terms, maps, Phone 21. and wu Informed that Urn* VM up, He then laid, "L*t th« boy shoot the foul.' After th« foul w»« made and Dufl realised th*t w* had won the game, ht began arguing about ths time. "I then told my boy§ ih»t an argument was started and ordered them to valt for me In lh« drawing room. After they !eft the floor. I told Duff tt the timers agreed that time was out before tht foul was committed, we would play an extra period but, !o Mid behold, the timers did not agree, i then went to Uia dressing room and tnJd th* »x>ys to dress since we had won. "However, for Mentor Duff's sake, let's assume the timer did blow the whistle before Burgess wa* fouled. Since the Capon timer wn* th« official timer, I would lite to quote from Rule 3. Section 12: 'If the official timer's gong or whistle Is not heard, the tinwn shall go on , the court or uno other mean* to notify/the referee immediately, if, in the; meantime, a goal has been ; made or a foul has occurred, tlia referee shall consult thf timer*. If the timers agree that time wa* up before the foul was committed, the referee shall riiie that the foul b» disregarded unless u was flagrant. But If the timer* dlsngre*, th» foul shall b« penalized unle» the rr- ferec has knowledge Uut would alter the ruling.' "Since th* timers did not go out on the floor to Inform the refereo the game was over and «lnc« they were unable to agree M to th< Unir the game endrd, J contend ther* can be no argument on Uiat point by Coach Duft. : ' • ... • • "I wouM also like to state that Rule 2, Section B of the rulebook statw Die officials have power to make any decision on Infraction* of rules at any moment from b*-' . that the „. „,„,— motliering a rival will come up lor discussion. The Explorers are cer- Aln to have a real battle on their lands again Tuesday In meeting Peyser High's aggressive Golden Tornado quint at Keyser, and the opposition being lined up to groom ,he Explorers for their tUle defense n the Eastern States Catholic tourney at Newport, R, I., Ja of a calibre "So come .. . . score. : -. whore does th* argument in? Surely, • we can't get , around the rules, «a much would like to at tlm«. l^et's piny the game and decide our dlflerences by the nilp-s and re!le\'« ourselves nnci the officials of argument* that seem silly." calculated to cause them no end ot rSlvoi'v TTncol trouble. In fact. It's more than a Vxcll>cII y U BSei rmc.e1V\l1H \* »V»o i 01 Am.« >.. *._.____ nt _ _ . * _ In fact, it's more than a that .Slocum's tossers will >e bumped oft once or nvice before (Continued from ,°*ge 15,) had an even dozen conference , for the doxevs 16 to 10 from hey head forjihodejlsland. wllo wove omsc ored That disputed 0 Potomac Valleyf^rat'siapllst. making a strong of- Capon | fort to RQI into the playoff, plnytxi at the|Us best pame of the seiison In llm- •eferr-e. Petersburg claimed a 28-27 rfctory on the strength of a foul si. Squirci. f. ... Cunnlncrinn, ncrrt. ^ . nub LARGE ware room on La ing Ave., practically new. Bargain for particulars. : Apply 28 N. Liberty. 3-4-U 91 H acres, good house, water, electric. Hard surface road, six miles east of city. Times-News. , Write Box . 3-4-lt-T ITROUT'S SPRING CATALOG JUST OUT! 132 Pages — 1.263 bargains. FREE. STRODT REALTY, 1427-AJ Land Title Bldg., Phila. 10, Pa. 3-4-H 48—Roofing, Spouting ROOFING, spouting, sheef medal work, warm air heating, air con- dltionlng. Call Twlgg 4598. '- A —Txpewriters, Service hot a Viking player is alleged to lln shave made juntas tlie'game ended. Capon Bridge, on the oUier hand, declares the contest was alrenriv over when the deciding tally was nade and claims the game on for- elt since Petersburg refused to play an extra period. Ca)x>n Coach James Duff presented ULs side of he story several days ago, while ,, recent statements have been re- / ..i^nerr c ccived from A. Neil Prye, the official p. )<-«,„•. j . in the game, and from John H '?• .\ rrl ," t l on - r ^ Groves, the Petersburg mentor. J ' v * nM '«* r - ' ub ' Frye asserted the two timers failed to agree on when the game , at the chnrity stripe by meshinp nino of n fro? throws. The Ilnc- • TVUI.i actually ended and quoted from the official rule book mule 2, Section 12, par. 5) In upholding Petersburg's victory. In defending his stand in the controversy. Coach Groves says, since Prye did not officially declare a m ^'i" forfeit, Capon Bridge couldn't possibly claim victory. "According to the . official: rule o. . 0 . 1 . * . 1 . t . 3 .16 r,. . 3 '. 0 , 1 . 0 . « . 0 r.o. o-n o-i o-n o.i j-< o-i 2-1 " 3« r.c. n.. 1-1 ^ 6-0 i/ o-i. i o-« o o-i u 1-1 i Tctnli Score or Period»• ST. JOHN'S CALVARY l.-—Blollfr and 36-^34 \t— 73 B, Cnce..J .. . R. St«-vrnson. . D. wtmer. xub TrlnllT G. TYPEWRITERS repaired and cleaned. 213 Cecelia St, Phone 151 -M. ' 2-28-Hvk-T 51—Wonted To Buy WANTED—Rabbits, 4 pounds up. Shober'g Restaurant, Phone 925. ' 1-20-U URNITURE, stoves, household appliances. Highest cash prices Phone *187. Allegany Furniture Store, 526 Virginia Ave. 9-1-tf-N LOST: Wednesday, package containing blouse. Phone 3642-J. , . . • ; : 3-3-1 wk-N LOST: Black Scolty, last Sunday Reward, phone 412, 3-3-3t-N LOST $20 on Virginia Ave., Springdale or Third st. Reward. Return 401 SprinRdalt St. •...• 3-3-21-N 2 FEMALE Black and tan Fox hounds on Martins mountain on Saturday. Phone 1507J or contact Francis Michaels, 309 Reynolds St. , v 3-4-3t-Su LOST — Brown wallet Friday night in Peoples Drug Store. Finder keep money. Phone 3501. . • ' '• ••': ..'''" : :. '. ' 3-4-U LOST: roll sheet music. Return Times Office: Reward. 3-4-lt 39—Miscellaneous A. McKinney, 148 Phone 3013-W. 3*85 BLOCK LAVING, cement work W Bedford St. 1-28-tf-T WELDI~N~G" All types. Acetylene ana Arc Anything • Anytime • Anyplace H, & S. Plumbing & Heating Co. Authorized Dealers in Airco Gases and fquinnKfrt 128 Polk Street Phone 2040 REFRIGERATION. Phone 3978-R repairs 13-J-U-N _ miichlnes rcpnirca. Cumberland BiBlnesa Service. E. M. Kirk, l!S3 Frederick, phohe 4102-W. 2-23-3U-N ARPENTER work, repairs. Phone . 3-3-3H-T Metal Wcothcrstripping '~vtt Dffv Til afMfrvrr DEFIANCE VreATHKRSTRIP OO. Frederick O, Bau. Phone 308) n right away with • .«__^ Iflert advertisement under dMti- OcaUon seveiXeen, For Rent Store room, storage space, ofllces. or u'esk space all come under this heading. Save rental money by advertising your Yaounde* at one*. LL PAY highest cash for clean 1337 to JS42 model car from prl- vate party. 1389-J. 2-26-tf-N /;•'.-• WANTED Good used pianos Grands, Uprights. Spinets SEIFERTS . ..'., Phone B36 i SEW1NQ MACHINES—Will pay up to *35 for Singer Drophead machines and up to »100 for 81ng#r Hectrlcs. Singer Sewing Center 77 N. Outre St, :• Opposite City Hall Phone 3M 9-I-U-N LET ONE CALL SELL IT ALL We pay cash for used furniture and appliances Let us give you an estimate. ... Prices Furniture Exchange 78 N. Centre St. Phone 2732- W FROM OWNER, six-room house. In Johnson Heights vicinity preferred. P. O. Box 4fi5. .; : ':a-2G-lwk-T TRACT of timber, alsn shwmill. food condition, fully equipped, pay cnsh. Write G. Odom, Hancock. • /•':• 3-3-31-N book, and ve do go by the rule | R- Vu«k<rr. •. v j book," Groves asserts, "a game must!?,- L « ( * h| r. ' ••••• '. o be officially declared a forfeit by p i^thUn; % ""' " tbe official calling the game. After consulting with Fryc, he made It clear thnt he DID NOT forfeit the contest. There Is no possible way under the rules lor Conch Dufl to claim a victory. . . "When Peter.sburg's CK-IIC Burgr-ss H. IloUd^r, e Totals r.o. '1-1 . o-o ft-O o-i o-o i-j r.o. a-i o-i . 0-5 C-fl 0-0 Flr»! PtplUt f. Ilclnic. I B. Mlnnlcki. 1 H- (-, 7 .,--,,., ^b-n.>. JVU4r ^ o v-iNiit x-tvji u<rnn *»- ni t c .,..,.,,,,. ? fouled, I asked the timpre hn\v! R - clo " r - ' •'• muchj-lime-WBS left and they In-j£ ^^ f : ;«-:;;;•;formed me the game "\s just now In. nht»ii r , over." : told them if it was over,' for goodness snkn blow ihf wliwtle, which was then done. ,. ,i«u«mnn. i ............. "Duff came forward to investigatei£ S'"' 1 "^. ' ...-....'.'.:''.'.'. Tnllrd T. llniKman. f LOLAL CLASSIflED KAf£S I time 4Vjc wd. 3 times I2c wd Z fimri 9c wd. 1 »cek Z5c wd 'WANT AO HEADQUARFtRS ' S Mecfconk St. ; ffcone 4600 ., .....,. I atnrr- br Ptrlorlr IflRKT BAPTIST J (UNITED DRBTHREN ,.-"..!. 2 Odlclolt—Krsrkrr nnd Svani. j Orarr Tliplltt fi Siorry, I 3 llilnklr.:- f . j 53—Wanted To Kent WANTED: Six room house by April 1st. Adults only. Phone 2482-W-. RENT, lease, or buy cottage on South Branch. Write Box 815-B. % Times-News. 2-28-1 wk-N J. McGregor, t '....... 1 P. MrC!r«-j:Or, c 8 H. Irficii. mid ... 1 C. \\'tlct\. nun "; 4 Tot»)« 38 IJJlvls Mrmi>/-Jjil . f7, w»iK*r, r r ./.,.;;;!!;;;;;'.; $ 8. Coil.ilr;.', r r.o. n*. 1-3 * 1-1 I 3-.1 «-i 4 0-0 3 P-0 J 0-0 1 s-ii a r.o. ru. o-o o o-o u O-I •{ o-o n o-o i o-i . * i 10—5.1 J 1—t r.a. ru. 0-0 B 0-] 4 0-0 II o-o < 6-0 0-0 o-e IS WANTED: rloom and board for young lady. Husband Is In the service. Call '83-M. 3-1-tf-N C. Wilton, c .. 3. Orndy. E ' . . 54—Situations Wonted Tot«Ir ..,.,; 14 • Score by Periods: ai>ACF. BAPTIST ]l . M AV1S MEMOFIIAI, f Rpfrrcp—Twlgl. 0-7 tS >•-<;. rt». i-a 10 o-o 4 3-3 K 0-3 t «' i-j n S-S 33 IS— 3J , PRACTICAL nurses available Phone ii' '8«i-M .. . 3 -n-tf-N|rV: : t nib St. M.rk'. BOOKKEEPER, exppripnrfld: shorthand and typing. Now employed. Desire to locate in Cumberland to be n-lth fnmilv. Perm/merit. Wrtr* n •' K»rtnon' r Box 823-B, •"•„ TlmfiS-Ncws. ' j "• Wckpn.'c . 1 fj n» rp.'C. Shorff, (f .., - :. - • -•.. ~2i~ __ i ?• W<"WJn»t«n, Odmblna. s-.: 0-3 0-4 Z-3 B-J 0-0 10 n 7 • 4 •iih. HKOHLK wno rena the ads un this cin.sslfird pngo are "llvr pru.^pecW .sonrcning loi all manv ner ol coona If the article you Tolall .... fiforr hj ST. r.c,. rn 3-5 I o-e t 1-1 i 0-0 3 0-f t 0-1 <l o-i . c 4-is :o n n- SMAiL, second hnnd Phone 1831-W. biith tub.j : . 3-3-31-T] ! no tinve for $aie ts'sellable, a wnm(**'''• M *"R' fl ...'.'... t i IJ—JQ »0 nere will sell It in R IF-X rlnn' 1fffrM--.8loiirr. . nere will sell u in a tcv ln : s few hours THREE gas burners suitable to heat' 100 gallon scalding tank. Plmhe! Kvcnlii" 172-R. 3-<-3l-TJ r • i 52—Wanted Misccllaneout . . • Our uri-K Krpalnt or.iy Hi: Efrnlnf prr cop? .oic: one «Tfk Ermlnir in rt»y 34r . -" any Tim™ p* r i;i)pi 1C: davf' jrrr«bjlrrl»n |,i. r»iton. r . "" ' jJ. Virn»lt. r .SiHiciiiy Times;!'-rV"^''""". KATM BY iw n»viv t". N Cl'.ptrin. \- Srrrhr, /cjt o. r.o. rik WANTED: Passengers going to Call-' fnV>^i(l All f\v itivt m«.. . r-i«.IT ' fornia. A!l 4010-P-15. or narl Or part Sun- J pnyilftlr In. «d»«niT. All.' B. Khr East Oldiown Rond. 53—Wanted to Kent rCMiitlmlrff ilintilri (:c sent i>T mon'y ordrr n' 3;l-31-Tjt''ftli or rrfigifffd intil. . . 301 i Pirit. firctiutl. H'.irci Hiifi rourth -~iKvfnl»n only 11.40; DOC v«r E»rnl!rC wilt'. -„.,,. one monih-nnntli} •-'- "•- ---'' - 01 "'* !. ( i . 0 . 0 . i , J . I .10 O. , 1 0-1 0-1 0-0 P. r.ti-irtrrml ShtniiL f rrninrrr, t Rooms & Board ROOMS, HOUSES AND APARTMENTS (Furnished or Unfurnished) FOR KELLYWARWORKERS Writ* or phone Mtu Robertgcm, ; Kelly - Sprtnefleld Tlr» Oa, Cumberland MM, extension 247. • ia-lO-6ti-M-W-t] month KrrntnR ind month* Kvrnlng 'and yr»r ErenliK >nd " Sunday nrrlr IS 1. w.lf y (it M. .. »7 50; fix nne PRMBYTETJIAK .. P:TIST u^THOiiifrt OlllClulf—Cl(l««- 0 . . .1 iniJ Binder, Fltth. HlTlh. Brvrr.tT7i7<i Eljhlli i *'• ' TWO or t.hre furnhhcrl rooms In desirable 133-3, * 'location. Write Box 3-3-lt-T \ j K M»M». f IM. Co-, / 0 1 n o •j 1:1 it i-i» :« r.r,. ru. o-j i O-J » c-o j> i-l i O-I II . 1-1 1 10 n—j» 11 13-30 F.r.. rn. Our month E>enln« on'lr II.JO; «lr cnontlu "- °°~' ' ••-•• .'.'. » KrBnlns only »1.jn : cn . j-ca: Eirriine or.ljl;; u »". e ••..... 3 »H<0; one. month Snr.d» ^mv (j t ciflli' L '' F *' " 0 month Ecenlr.t mid Impf.Kj n.»• nil J' wlllon - f » montlii Bvenins «nt) SWirt»v ism: onr **"*• '"' •'•" ••• 3 Qt.nifa V nr l« • \ f« ' TO tall -....--..•-. Ifl «nd B- Sunday 11.70. Bernard, f I .. 1 mm'i r«te anjr plmcr In thf world, ««lly. Me month; d«ilr inn Sur.itat month. .: . f Tn7~Kvemr,i f^7"^"^^.v- Tlmfi [ n ^"^ , j««iime no Onunnil rmpnnitlimty tnr typo-1 »r»ph)r.»l k rrroM In •dffrtlt-ir.inlt kal rtilt Tot»|i.'... .10 O. , 0 3-4 1-1 0-0 lo'-n r.a. i o-i o-o o-i 4-1 O-i . rrprlnt ^hil p&rt of tin -iiclTPTtlf»i«niifitt; ID rtilrh thr tjrpotr»phlenl mot o«ur». AdYrr- lli<irt will plm» notiry ih» m»n«(i«mfnt ly of »nj error »h|eh m*j o«ur. «T t*AU1/A KPISCOPAI, Rtfrrrt —Bto ...;..10 4-7 J4 I* It IB- J(

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