Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 7, 1949 · Page 27
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 27

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1949
Page 27
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Car, Truck Collide on Hancock Highway Garner — Hancock county authorities were called to investigate a collision Wednesday afternoon at a rural intersection on the Hancock county line in Ellington township in which a 1941 Chevrolet car, driven by Helen Holmes of Ventura, collided with a Chevrolet truck owned by the Hancock county road maintenance department and loaded with grav- el.driven by Emmett Devin. The Holmes car was badly damaged but neither driver was injured. Oklahoma's state flower is the mistletoe. PAINT NEW COLOR INTO YOUR HOME COLOR HEADQUARTERS Shepherd's, Mason City's Most Colorful Address Paint with Th» Interior of your home tan now have that "n*w look" with O'Brien'i Deep Flat colon. Stunning, bright accent combinations are now possible with such Liquid Velvet colors at Turquoise, Deep Green, Oronge, etc. Mason City's Most Colorful Address SHEPHERD'S PAI NT & WALLPAPER 27 First St. S. E. Phone 1362 Mitchell County's First DP Says Iowa Better Than Dream By KENA JEAN TESCH Globe-Gazette Correspondent 6 Osage—Hungarian born Andor vladaras, 50, is deeply grateful to ind himselt at home in Mitchell Bounty with his newly adopted people, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Feathers. He cannot speak fervently enough of their kindness and hopes hat by his conduct he can repay hose who brought him to America. Begins New Life His blue eyes smile happily, his 5 feet 10 inches is carried proudly as he begins his task of making a real American citizen. His story begins in Kassa, Hun- 50 years ago, with the birth )f Andor to the chief of police and lis wife. Life was comparatively happy in the family of 4, and the young man, always yearning for knowledge, was educated in the academy the equivalent of our nigh school. Then he was sent to the University of Debrucen for further work in what we probably would call forestry. Then came World war I and Andor was lieutenant first grade in the artillery division, fighting first, on the Russian front, then in Arabia. The^war ended, but the home life of Andor was completely changed with the death of his family, the after effect of the war. Still desiring further knowledge, Andor completed his work at the academy of agriculture, University of Debrucen, and received his degree in tree culture. He was chief secretary in the chamber of agriculture for many years, when a 2nd World war interrupted his life's work. He, too, had to flee as his family did in the first World war. Always Goes West He went into smaller towns, in a westerly direction, and into Bayreuth, Bavaria, where Richard Wagner composed many of his beautiful compositions. Then, he was finally in American service and with > that dogged loyalty which is a portent of his value as an American citizen, simply states that he was asked not to divulge the nature of his work as a civilian for the American army Then after his work in, the army, he served as a deacon, as a helper to the minister of a church, the ANDOR MADARAS JUSTARWED GOc MJft ntt 49' Ttissy Cream Shampoo 1.00 size 60c ©•1349. National Aduetvice Inc. NEW ARRIVALS . . . some great, big, bouncing bargains that will make you a happy shopper. You'll want .to ANNOUNCE TO THE WORLD what a budget balancer you are . . . and tell others of our Blessed Event. There are many New Arrivals in our Cosmetic, Drug and Household Needs Departments so come in today. 100 Bayer Aspirin 59c Box of 12 Kotex 33c 50c Johnson Baby Oil 49c 50c Caiox Tooth Powder 43c 60c Lysol Disinfectant ... 1 49c 50c Mennen Shave Cream 49c 50c Kolynos Tooth Paste 43c 75c LISTERINE ANTISEPTIC 69° PINT Squibb Min. Oil 69c Virotis Tonic 47c FILLIPS 39* Rubber Gloves non slip, nail guard feature 69c 3.00 Size Tussy Beauty Plus 1.50 1J oz. Vicks Vapo Rub 33c FAMOUS NAMES IN 100 UPJOHN UNICAPS .. 100 CO VIM MULTIPLE VITAMINS . .. 3.11 2,98 100 VITALOIDS, liver, Beef complex and iron 100 VITAMINS A & D TABLETS .. 100 VITAMASTER B complex with iron 100 OL-VITUM Improved Multiple vitamins 100 TRAPADIN 9 Vitamins High potency 3.00 89* 3.79 2.89 Vitamins 6.19 Hungarian Evangelical Lutheran church, at Karlsruhe, Baden. He was employed as interpreter and scribe and read the Scripture in the absence of the regular pastor. He stated that there were only 4 Lutheran pastors and that houses were used as religious places. Only about'2% of the Hungarian people are Lutherans. Farmer Is King: He feels that a farmer is a veritable king. To own homes like Andor now enjoys, to see the acres and acres of fruitful land and to see the intelligence and the independence of the typical Iowa farmer js truly amazing to him. The Feathers home is a good farm home, typical of hundreds in the middle west, but to Andor it is a paradise. Farmers in Hungary, of course, are peasants, and he states that most of them returned to their native land when they could despite the deplorable conditions, for they felt they could do no better and the DPs were usually selected persons who would be an asset to a country and usually were quite well educated. Thus, the peasants returned to their wasteland, hopelessly enslaved. Dreams of America It has been nearly 5 years that Andor has dreamed of an American home. He says it is totally beyond his comprehension how there can be people like the Feathers family, and others like them in America. He had dreamed it would be good, but not like this. "The educated people in Europe just don't know the real America" he says with almost awe. The impression we all received when we saw the skyline of New York and the Statue of Liberty is beyond expression. We didn't sleep for nights because of the emotional reaction." sued *nd outstanding having voting rlgTita shall have the power at any regular or spuclnl meeting of the Stockholders to authorize the sale, transfer or other disposition of the property and assets of the corporntlon ns an entirety 01- goiny concern on such terms and conditions as may be determined. A majority of the stock issued and outstanding having voting rights shall hnve the powev at any regular or special meeting of the Stockholders to authorize a partial distribution of the capital assets, providing such distribution shall be in accordance with preferential rights attaching to the several classes of stock and docs not in any manner impair the rights of existing creditors 3. The total authorized capital of thfs corporation is 2,000 shares of which 1,000 shares shall be common stock with a par value of $100.00 per share, and 1,000 shares shall be preferred stock of the par value of $100.00 per share. No share of stock, whether common or preferred, shall be issued until the corporation has received the lull par value thereof either in cash or in property and in the event the consideration Is paid in property an approval of the Executive Council of the State of Iowa must be first obtained. 4. This corporation commenced business on the 12th day of September, 1943, and shall continue thereafter for a period of twenty years unless sooner dissolved as provided by law or by the Articles of Incorporation. 3. The affairs of this corporation shall be conducted by a Board of not less than three nor more than seven Directors and until otherwise fixed by the Stockholders having voting rights the Board shall consist of three members, The officers of this corporation shall be s President, one or more Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer and such other officers as the By-Laws shall provide. The Board of Directors shall be elected by the Stockholders having voting rights at the Annual Meeting oi the Stockholders to be held on the second Tuesday of September of each year at the General Offices of the Company In the City of Mason City, Iowa, at such time as may be fixed in the By-Laws. Until the Annual Meeting of the Stockholders In the year A. D. 1350 the following named persons shall constitute the Board of Directors: Ernest Kuhn Marie E. Kuhn Stephen A, Mitchell The officers of the corporation shall be chosen by the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors, which uhntl be held immediately after the Annual Meeting of the Stockholders in each year. Until the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors in the year A. D. 1950, the following named persons shall constitute the officers of the corporation: Ernest Kuhn, President Marie E. Kuhn, Vice President and Treasurer Ernest J. Kuhn, Jr., Secretary 6. The private property of the Stockholders of this corporation shall be forever froc and exempt from all corporate debts and liabilities. ERNEST KUHN MARIE E. KUHN ERNEST J. KUHN, Jr. SMITH & BECK, Attorneys Mmon City Globt-O»«»tl«, Mtien City, I*. Oct. 6, 1949 More Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH Here is a pleasant way to overcome loose plate discomfort. PASTEETH, an improved powder, sprinkled on upper and lower plates holds them firmer so that they feel more comfortable. No Kummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. It's alkaline (non-acid). Does not sour. Checks "plnte odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH today at any drug store PEANUTS Hoisted Peanuti, heavy dipped in light swtet ohdcolate* LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATRIX « TATB OP IOWA, CERRO GORDO COUNTY, ss.—No. 7227. Notice la hereby given, that the under- igned has been duly appointed and ualified as Administratrix of the estate f Edward F. Harrington, Deceased, late t Cerro Gordo County. All persons In- ebtcd to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those hav- ng claims against tho same will present hem, duly authenticated, to the under- igned for allowance, and file fn the of- ice of the Clerk of the District Court. EMMA HARRINGTON, N. LEVINSON, Attorney. Dated September 21, 1949. S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk District Court. By EVELYN SLOCK, Deputy. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION Notice is hereby given that the under- levied have associated themselves together under and by virtue of Chapter 91 of the 1946 Code of Iowa, and the Acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto, and have adopted Articles of Incorporation, which provide as fol- ows, to wit: 1. The name ot this corporation is Cuhn Hotel Company and its principal Jlace of business is in the City of Mason -Ity, Iowa. 2. The general nature of the business :o be transacted by this corporation is :o carry on the business of hotel, restaurant and cafe keepers, licensed victualers, manufacturers and importers of mineral nnd other artificial waters and drinks, motor vehicle proprietors and garage operators, dairy farm operators, ice manu- 'acturers and merchants, importers, processors, warehousemen of food and produce o£ all descriptions, hair dressers, jerfumcrs, proprietors of clubs, baths and dressing rooms, laundries, rending, writing and newspaper rooms, libraries, places of nrmi.scment and recreation, to- >acco and cigar- merchants, agents for railway, buses, airplane and shipping carriers and theatrical and opera box office proprietors: to purchase or otherwise acquire, to own, operate, sell, mortgage, or otherwise dispose of such lands ind real estate as may be necessary or Incident to the maintenance, development and operation of hotels, restaurants, or lodging houses; to purchase or otherwise acquire, to own, sell, pledge, hypothecate, trade in and deal with goods, wares, merchandise and property of every class permitted by law; to acquire by purchase or other means the good will, labor, services, rights and property of all kinds, including choses in action, accounts and claims of all kinds and franchises of all kinds, and to undertake, assume and own the whole, or any part, of the assets or liabilities of any person or firm and to pay for the same in cash, stock of this corporation, or otherwise, subject only to the laws of the State of Iowa; to purchase or otherwise acquire, to sell or otherwise dispose of, shares of the capital stock, bonds or other evidence of indebtedness created by any other corporation and while the holder thereof to exercise all the rights nnd privileges of ownership to the same extent a natural person might or could do; to acquire from nny State or Territory, or from any County or Municipal authority any concessions, grants, rights, franchises, powers or privileges whatever, which mny aecm capable of being turned to account and to turn the same to account; to guarantee the contracts nnd obligations and payment of interest or divjclends on any shares, debentures or other securities of any corporation when in th» Judgment of the Directors of this corporation such is proper or necessary for the business of this corporation; to enter into, form, and carry out contracts of every sort or kind not prohibited by law; to issue bonds or other'obligations of this corporation nnd to contract Indebtedness without limit as to amount for any of tho objects or purposes of this corporation and to secure the same by mortgage, deed of trust, pleclg 1 ?, or lien, on any or all of the real or personal property of tho corporation; to consolidate with and to enter into agreements nnd co-operative relations not In contravention of law wllh any person or firm in the carrying out of all or any part of the purposes of this corporation; to purchase or otherwise acquire on atich (orma and in such manner as the By-Laws provide shores of Its capita) stock and to reissue the same, from time to time, provided the shares so purchased shall not be directly or indirectly voted or entitled to dividends during tho period they aro held by thU corporation. A majority of all stock U- 102 South Federal Phone 860 Start Model NOW ... for a small down payment, and just $2.50 a week ... begin your modern, step-saving kitchen with Wards new 54" cabinet sink. Or for even less, start with one of the other matching cabinets. Then add more cabinets later, 'til you have a complete, efficiency-p/us kitchen. Why wait? There are no finer cabinets, and you save up to 30%. BUY NOW! y VChccfe These Neiu Outstanding features Stunning new design makes your kitchen a cheerful and inviting place ... a room you'll be proud of. Giant storage space and sliding wire shelves end "cramming," keep everything within easy reach. Recessed toe space and knee space let you stand or even sit in comfort... help reduce fatigue! Smoothly rounded corners and recessed drawer-pulls ... no more painful bruises or torn clothing. ;' Sound-deadened doors and drawers ... no more annoying clatter. Drawers glide easily, can't fall out! Doors swing on semi-concealed chromium-plated hinges ... close quietly, firmly, and easily. Porcelain-enameled sink tops wipe clean in a flashT Design lets smallest glasses stand without tipping. Chromium-plated steel wire lid racks and sliding shelves... no more bothersome dust and dirt. 1-pc. Vinyl tops and backsplashes ... highly resistant to heat, stains and acids. Non-crazing! All cabinets bonderized to resist rust, and finished inside and out with baked-on white enamel. All cabinets are 22-gauge rolled steel, electro- welded into rigid units for longer service. 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PLATE-GLASS END SHELVES Left or right hand. 3 to a set. 109 60 78 30 139 74 56 95 48 95 52 95 56 95 26 95 2 |50 25 50 2650 2850 56 95 475 Montgomery Ward 102 South Federal Mason City Ste«l Kitchen Cabinet Department I want free Kitchen Planning Service and an e«tlmat« on Wardj efficiency-pfu* steel cabined for my horn*. Nome..: i Address, City & State. Phone.

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