Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 26, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 26, 1909
Page 7
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Q =r=;~ -::r^ ~-—— •^jgDB^^-mrr-.r— - — local Events. "--•= OsssSa^V »— -- -=^=-=~- Mrs. J. P. Murphy of -San Diego Is visiting her friend, Mrs. \V. B. Broadwell, Miss Helen Williams of IT. S. C., Los Angeles, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. E. P. Warner. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Nash and Mrs. J. S. Neil were dinner guests Thursday of Mrs. J. H. Coolman. Mrs. W. H. Smith of Ling Beach is visiting Mrs. W. E. Hart of Puente for a week. Miss Marie Harris of Pomona is visiting her friend, Miss Nita Reynolds. Saturday is children's souvenir dny a*, Cummings'. Firecrackers every 10-ceiit purchase. with Holy Trinity Church Guild met on Thursday afternoon with Mrs. I. I. Cook. Miss Leisel Leighton is home for) the summer vacation from Pomona College. Ice cream on July 3. Served by the ladies of the Baptist Church, corner Citrus and Badillo streets. Prof, and Mrs. Groom will leave on Monday for the Seattle exposition and other northern points. Saturday Is children's souvenir day at Cummings', Firecrackers with every 10-cent purchase. Mrs. A. J. Eckles of Redondo is spending the week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Eckles. Mrs. L. D. Sisson and children of Special sale, Thursday, July 1, your choice of trimmed hats for $."i.OO. A hat box is given with each sale. It Mrs. Jennings, Azusa. Mr. and Mrs. Gahring of Fort Wayne, Ind., spent a few days this week with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Coolman and other Covina friends. Mrs. A. P. Kerekhoff left Monday evening for Santa Barbara to attend the wedding of her brother, Mr. Porter. Mrs. J. H. Groover, who is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. West, at Agular, Colo., presented her husband •with a baby girl, June 17. Miss Jessie Kistler entertained with a dinner party Sunday; the guests being the Misses Rose Xigg, Leisel Leighton and Bess Given. The. Rev. Harry White, pastor of • the Methodist Church, preached on Thursday at Alhambra, where he was formerly pastor. Mrs. Lister of Kansas City, who has been spending two weeks with Mrs. Alice Leisure, left yesterday for her home. Take good care of your chrysanthemums and babies. The Monday Afternoon Club is planning for a grand exhibition in the early fall. Miss Halla Willlts, who has graduated from the State Normal, and will teach next year, was a guest for the week end of Miss Jessie Kistler. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Armstrong are u_.;week end guests of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Roberts of Long Beach. Mrs. Alice Leisure and sons, Hoyt and Glenn, with the former's house guest, Mrs. Lister of Kansas City, •were dinner guests Wednesday evening of Mrs. B. L. Reynolds. A pleasant supper party Wednesday evening at the home of Miss Rose Nigg included as guests the Misses OUR AttflTS: Warner, WftiUel & (o. Home's orocery Pomona Sanitary Laundry Covlna Realty Company Sale. The Covinrt liealty Company sold the fii'o. Soniler grove of eight nere.-i this \\vok (o Mr. F. IV Maxwell of N«.nv Orleans. The grove is situated (,n Lark Ellen street, niul Is bought by the newcomer for a home. Consideration was $13,000. Puent.e street have left for Los Angeles, where they will reside in future, as they have sold their ranch. Rev. .T. W. Vtter of Glendale, formerly pastor of tlie Covina Christian Clnireh, spent Friday in town with friends. Mrs. Wesley Hodges and son Lloyd and niece, Rea Crowther of Lordsburg, will leave tonight to spend the summer with relatives in Canada. Mrs. M. T. Moll, Miss Daniela Moll and Mrs. Monroe McTherron were luncheon guests Tuesday of Mrs. Wm. Warren. "Mrs. L. J. McConnell of South Pasadena gave an address to women at an open meeting Wednesday evening in the Christian Church. C. M. Burr, proprietor of the Children's Shoe Store, Los Angeles, *md his wife were guests last week of Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Mussey. Mr. and Mrs. Vere Ooldthwalte , Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Thorpe and Mrs. Yaw are enjoying a week end house party with Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Thorpe at their beach cottage at Balboa. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Oriswold, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Prather, Miss Adah Waye and Miss Gertrude Elliott are enjoying a week-end auto trip to Long Beach. Mr. Jack Fletcher leaves today for Berkeley. His brother will leave on Monday for San Fransisco, and Miss Evelyn Fletcher on Tuesday for Redlands. Stanton & Harnlsh, local realty and automobile dealers, have sold their Jackson machine to David P. Bisbee. The firm will have another sent from the factory for their own use. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bell and family of Charter Oak left this morning for Long Beach. Mr. Bell has recently sold his orange grove at Charter Oak. They will make the beach city their home. Chicken dinner will be served on Saturday, the 3rd, by the ladies of the M. E. Church in Warner & Whitsel's old store building on Citrus avenue. Buy your ice cream from the Baptist ladles, corner Citrus and Badillo, July 3. Miss Amanda Flora spent !he first of the week in Los Angeles, the guest of her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Brubnkor. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ogle and children of Pasadena were guests of Mrs. Ogle's brother, Mr. \Vm. OverholUer, and family, on last Sunday. Mrs. ,T. J. Fit/Gerald, wife of the proprietor of Hotel Vendome, has returned from the East, after a protracted stay with relatives. While in the East Mrs. FitzGerald was very ill. but is now improving rapidly. Mrs. G. R. Armstrong of Fillmore and her sister, Mi's. W. C. Viner of Fullerton, have taken possession of , , rV , T ; T , v* ,1 Dinner will be served at 11 o'clock. Jessie Kistler, Leisel Leighton and „* „. _. , __ . , , Geraldine Aschenbrenner. Mrs. Geo. Van Vliet and little son leave today for Fallbrook, San Diego county, where they will spend two weeks with Mrs. Martin (nee Laura Freeman), formerly of Covlna. Among graduates of Pomona College from Covina were Ralph Crook, Price, 35 cents. Ice cream and cake will also be served, lo cents. Roy Hutchison and wife left this week to drive to Greenfield, where they will reside on their ranch. They will stay two weeks at Ventura, with the former's brother, John. On Wednesday evening Mrs. George Hutchison entertained with a farewell din- Bargain Sale on Each Day of July. Your choice of articles for if'l.OO, including untrimmed shapes, flowers, foliage, sailors, trimmed hats for children, veils, lace, etc. 7-3 Mrs. Jennings, milliner, Ay.usn. Boys, Boys, Boys—Special sale of nil kinds of fireworks all this week at. McLeod's place in the old store of Home Bakery, early. Get your fireworks Klcl'OKT <))•• TllK CONWTION OK Til 1C First National Bank of Covina AT COVINA in the State of California, at the cHise of business, June II.'!. (Charter Mo. $2.')7.(iK.|.% 1,7-I2.!)1 nr,.000.00 255. 00 17.!>MI.OO HI. sonicits. Loans niul ilincmintti Ovenlraf t«, wec\iro\i i\ml unsofxiv V. S, biiinlH to see'lirt' circulation I'lpirmmiH on U. S. Hoiidn Himds, spcuritioH, etc . ItankinK IIOIIHC, furniture nmt fixture* . IM.IIM.W DUD from National Banks (not their new ranch home, which .tight of Major G. H. Campbell. «,« : N (IU , H of „„„.,- NllUmm , „„„,,„ JO1' Campbell left yesterday for the ' Fractional paper currency. nickels, cent* ,, . . .,, . ... I Lawful Money Reserve in Hunk, viz: East, Mr. Armstrong will arrive after specie the first of the month. . reserve HKI-M IN) they n uc r,-om uj.provnl reserve airontu ...... mmm GheckR nml Otllor Wish items ............. Hlfi.'JII f, 7 r,.(m lsf>.;« Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ebersole entertained about twenty of the young married people of the Brethren Church •r notes I.WHI.OO 111. 27JI. I-I Hcdemptlon Fund with U. S. Treasurer 5 per cent of circulation • T.'.Ml.flO Total .. i.i mis. | Capital Stock pai<l in _ t __ _ , .... , . i v_>ll|,M<ll nn'v IV I'tllM on last Tuesday evening. Trie time su.-|.his fund was spent in conversation and games. UmlMii«l profits, k™ Light refreshments were served. .$ r,o,ooo.nn 110, and laxOH paid,. Niilionnl Hank notes oulKlandlnv: ;!fi,0()0.(l(l Dm; to 'rniHt ('oiniuuuc.-t aiul Saving Harry Doughty and Miss Veta Heath, ner in their honor. Friends who attended the exercises were Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Crook and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Doughty, and Mrs. J. E. Heath. Robert Pbilleo and Walter ARchen- brnnner leave next week for Cold Brook, in the San Gabiiel canyon, •vhere they will furnish music during About sixty gentlemen sat down to I » he summer for the entr-rtainnuMit of the banquet prepared last Tuesday " For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. -ta^^^-^l^^'^^-V^-'^rf-W FitzGerald & Barry of Pasadena loan money on ranches and improved real estate at lowest current rates. Write or telephone them at Pasadena or call up J. W. Prentiss, Coviua phon.e 2134, and aak to have a representative of the firm call on you. tf Armstrong's Covina Nurseries have procured 2500 Valencia aud navel orange treep, first clans stock. Anyone wishing to buy same should call 125 for further iuformutk.u. Mrs. Idn Ritteubonse, room C, First National Bank 31d«. First class dress making at reasonable prices, tf Indiana and Ohio Live Stock Insurance Co. insures live stock death from nny cause. Rates reasonable. See Austin Warner, agent. tf Jap Help—I am keeping many boyn always. If you need good boys to work in ranch or house tell me please. Individual d«>|msi(M Hiihjrct to check... 'JW.XM.YH Demand certificates of deposit. :!()5.{|(l Cashier's checkf, outstanding ••• iJ.-liO.liO Total llll.O'.lO.nil Suite tif Cnlifnrniii l-omilv nl I,us An^rlivs, ss: 1, \V. XI., (iriswold, I'n.sliicr ol the uliove- namctl hauls, do solemnly sweur that tin.- abn\r statement is true to ihc of my Um»svk-tln<; ami liciicl. \V. .M. UIMSWOl.l), <Jili.lllcr. Correct—-A(U'.nt: C. V. Clapp ) f!eo. E. Anderson ( Directors J. O. lUmser ) Kiibucribcd nnd sworn to before m« tills 21th day of June .IUTO E. I'. Warner, Notary Public. Take Good Care of What You Spend Your Life to Earn The man who labors six Hays In the week for a living, should make an effort to save a part of his earnings for that time In the future wnen Age shall reduce his earning capacity. The man with a bank account Is in a position to do this for tills plan of setting aside a regular amount each month or week from the salary, is the Ideal method of saving rt.oney. Your deposit will be welcomed at this bank—we will help you save. The Covina National Bank Capital $50.000 New Location New Stock New Customers Plumbing: Fixtures suitable to California houses of all grades and prices. I have studied the needs of the community, and I have WHAT YOU WANT. Fine line, of bath tubs and foot baths. C.oine in and inspect. E. L. JACKSON Now in Kistlcr's old store, Citrus Avenue, next lo Hotel Vendomc: IMione 50 KKPOKT 01' TIIK CONDITION Ol? TWK Covina National Bank AT COVINA in the State of California, at the close of business, Jure 23, 1009. '• (Charter No. 8222) HKSOUMCKH. Loans nml DlHcounla ...................... $02,70.1,(M Overdraft*, wcciirud and uiiHecural ........... 61.40 tl. S. HondH to ficcurc circulation ......... Ml.QOO.OO 1'romlumH on U. S. Don'ta .................. llIH.Yfi IloruU, HKciirlLloH, etc ..................... 'I!l,il0l>.2!< Itankintf hoiiHO, furniture. and flxt.ure.s ____ 5,5!!!:. BY Disc from approved reserve uxunlH ........ 4(I,27B.K7 ChcckH and other ca«li ll«niH ............ ...... 11.70 FrneUomil i:um>ney, Lawful money reserve in bank, v'r/.: Speeiu (I, HM. 00 «,9(i,'!.00 Redemption fund with (I. H. Treasurer (S* of circulation) 2,M)(UJ() Total 242.r,:M,40 I.IAIIll I I IKK, Capital Htock paid In $M).<KX).00 SurpluH fund 2HKUBS S. Doi. Phono Sail DlniiiH. 7-.'ip For Sale Pony, buggy and harnesK. ' National bunk notes outstanding •IH.OftO.OH Individual deposits tiuhjuct. to check 7(),(K£2.Hfl Demand ccrtificatis) of df;posil. -12,17H.Ofi Time i:url!llcales of deposit Ill,70fi./>fi Total UZ,!M -10 State of California, Coitnty of Lou Audition, HH. Suitable for tadlcn or children. Apply I- L.V..O. Ki«n«h. ciiHj,i.,r .rf u,,, «i,ove-na.,H,l bank. ()o solemnly hwear lliat (be 11 ' in true lo the best, of my kriuwlcdi;" arid hiOliif. j V. O. KNGUHK, CaHliler Attest: to corner Third and Orange St. Small incubator and brooder trade at Hull's second-hand Htore. j ...... -, „ t i t A ' Subscribed and For a skillful and careful Irrlgutor : , lay of Ju , 1( . t , Mi ti'-lepliono 25. lf ' .(oho C, lint.'iiiiiHon, Notary I' J. I,. Multln-wrt .1. It. Heed It. C. I'ollard ) /orn lo beforo irn; this liMh tf evening for the Christian Men's Club of the Christian Church by the Phil- , .tif-Kts fit thin scenic resuirt. These \r;uiig men are Known as artists on their respective instruments, the vlo- lin and piano, and will do a great deal I! rook. athea girls' class. The address wan given by Mr. A. C. Smithcrs of Loa toward popularixing Cold Angeles, and Mr. Crabtree acted ;,s toastmaster. Alonzo D. Whittemore, cousin of W. H, McLeod, was a visitor of the- latter this week, having come h'-re from Bakersfield with his bride on a honeymoon trip through Southern California. Mr. \Vhittfcrnor.'- is .superintendent of the Power and Development Company at Ilakerstic-ld, The Ladies' Mi.snion ("iulf of the Baptist Ghnrcls gave a social on TIH-H day evening. An enjoyable program was given and games formed furili<-r amusement. Refreshments were served later in the evening and a silver offering taken. About, forty \v-re pr'-.-:- c-nt. A rf-c-f-ntion lo m*-itihf-r.- d! t!u- I!H|I ;m,(l .'.!r.s. ' Chiirc h was given la^t <•'<'«riiing in , 1 ! don. honor of Mrs. A. II. Collins. 'A'-" !>a -, : mat'." m< r HO ably Illli-il tin- ixisitiul: of ,-.uii.-l .1. i'titK h ill. t(-r;cirlit i,i ijif Slil.tliiv^.'-'n'nii. ai.'l '.'.'ill V..-I-- nf! . ifri .i- .^<i'.i. :'(/! Hi-di;;i.(!-. I'iii.'.'-r^ '.'..:•- l;|iui>- 01 Mr. and Mrs;. Frank Kbersoic' chaperoned a jolly crow! of hi^h Kehoo; stud'-nts on ;t hay ride to .Monrovia on last Monday evening. The party included the Misses Hess and Marian \ (liven, Jessie Kistler, Ituliy K'eet'cr, | tier, hella Ilarnish, May Allison, Kdithj t'cr, I'olla llarnisli, M;iy Allison, Khitli | \\'a!erhou.-if, Harali Crook; MesHrs. Walter Hepner, Ham Allison, Lloyd | TclcpllOtlf, Ilonie324') Taylor, I'aul Cu.stcr, \\'allacc lieed, i TOSH Reed, Irven JJoynolds. T(JI;I '< I-inch. fJrani Chajnna;i, J'aul KlggiiiK. l.iinc'n was iif-rvcd under ti s])rcadifig fiak. rolhv.ved by refrenhnienis of ice i ream at Patriol< M. Teilley Cement Pipe flanufacturer ALL SIZES AND IN ANY QUANTITY IvUimatos furnished.----All work ^uarant'-cd. Agent for KANSAS CEMENT or small »]Uantilh:s. Yards, Axu^a Avcnuo, just north of San licniarditio Koad I'ostoHii'.i: Aildri-ss, (Iovin;i A porch party, witii many itbit- iir«-.s, V,HH givi-n \i FU fiijuy- Misti .\!cLcfi(J at till- .irjiii" i.f Mr. (',' 01 &• Van S'li.-i Sainrduy •,t! A'hich :: ilu/i-ii KiriH y :it ii\i- bninir'-d. I-'rui'. f>ti,cr tli'i(-( i ::b!" t)iin>-;.-> >1. Ti;i- uli'.jir .-.:,:-: in tli<- To get 'em up-to-date, Buggy, Surrey or Harness of any kind, at the right price, call on TWOMEY & DILLER COVINA We also carry a good line of Wagons, Cultivators and Farm Implements, Repairs, Etc, Patriotism, Joy and Noise CELEBRATE THE FOURTH Fireworks in endless variety at Increase Your Income by laying anid« it part of your earninya each month and depositing it in this bank. You may not be able to o^ 1 a raise In your salary at >hif» time but you can save a portion of It in a number of ways. Juat take notice of now much of your carnintja (jo for foolish tKitiys and consuiur how the amount so spent woulfi amount up i' deposited in the bank. Any one with a Dollar and th«: Inclination can have a bank account at thib bank. When you have once started the rent will corno easy. The btart it the hardest thing about uuviny. BEGIN TODAY. •lit Ar'-</iii!t , .-<i : 1 aii'i -.ij* ri \Dalley Soviet s

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