Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 26, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 26, 1909
Page 6
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The Covina Argus OOVINA, CAMPORNIA. I "Miml Is all, ftinl mn''>f,r Is naught.'' ii'ian. th*-rf! Is no rhtm:h In Covina ".\fitirl is nil in fill •— rho only roa It !'•:••, whi'-h will a «••'•" pt. mo upon thf simple fir'- UK; flivinf; mind ari'l I'l'-ft." 'on Cession of that fart. Th^y liav-f all Knterctl at the Postoflfiw. Covina, Cal., ' "Th^ro if no pain in Irutli an«l there i,i Improved upon t.ho to«t. of tho Mani'-r. as sccond-cliiss mnt.tcr. j no truth In pain." "Mortal rnlii'l in 'I'his 'rouble all arineH from the literal =r. "---:•:.. :-.-.:.•_ _________ . : ;a Roloc'lfltn In IrinKUHt'^, and Involve afeept anfft of the- wrftte.n word, the Published every Saturday by the Co- ' an improper HSO of the mind. An mind ignoring of f-ssenUalH for non-esaon- IH | mmf ,, thr; phratw 'mortal miml' placing of (he k-Unr above vina Argils Publishing Company, Inc. J. L. MATTHEWS EDITOR SHIRLEY H/IOS MANAGERS] | n (Aching Christian Science, it Is f"w loyally to their standards, hut. meant. v.o designate something which '.he ma«seH who need, who are hun- has no real existence," "The fart, i Kerlng and thirsting for righteousness. lmpl)f;H Homet.hinK untrue, and i.her«- ' '•"« npirit. And what Is the result.? foro unreal, and as tho phrfw- i'4 used The ehim-hes are holding a One Year in advance Six Months Three Months .. Single Copies . J1.50 .75 .50 .05, thai. Ood Is all, and 1hf:refov«; matter j «re t.ot being fed. There is more is nothing beyond an irnhge in mor- meaning in the sermon on the mount tnl mind." I could continue these today than there ever was before, and Oiiofntlons Indefinitely, bnt wish to I ween, that folks, just span- von tho ordeal. If we were all "1" •»•" -,ra,e Christian Scientists, made as per contract. Twiners 5ic per line each insertion. IvCgal notices 51.00 per inch first insertion, 5.0 cents each subsequent insertion. fOV'INA, C.\ I,., .H'XK '.'<;, I'.Ki'.i. Through, Not Around, The Argus II;IH printed ' ommuniea.- f:omrnon, every-d;ty folks, are not. tired of this leaching. Hut. they care little about and tool? our information from tc ;) cb- "Hie blood of bulls-and of goats and ers like Mr. Mrown. instead of making Hie ashes of an heifer." \or the brutality and coarseness of a Ood who pound of flesh like a mn.;i wlio digs your bread or leetual la/ineKH. It, is thin same dif- '*ho washes your elothes knows Ood fidcu'-e t.o the searching out of truth, better than that. He meets hlrn in whleli has middled religious chip-trap I'is daily life, and walks with him like dematirls his |)M . WI| .,, ;n| ,, •„„„.,„.,„„.„, 5,,..,.^ lion, tliis iniHl'-adiiur letter of niii'ht easily fo unehnllen^ert. Human Hiivlo'-k In a play. Th kind are :,ignificanl ly prone to Intel- .'.our jiotatoes. makes lions from both friendly factions re-' of all kinds upon our modern civlli- ; Knocli of old, and he knows "that hit ing to the route of the "good roads" ;if. the point where It approaches Co- vation and to my mind t)ie balderdash nl« mercy endnret.h forever." of Christian Science is to be prefer- Covlnn. has many churches, each vina. It. Is nat.ural that residents of | ted to the blasphemy of the orthodox j with a. man whose business it is t.o t h<- Han Hernardino road, which Is j Christ Ian belief. I wish to say bo-'serve his fellow-man through his tho proposed route of the boulevard, fore I go further that I have the great- ; church, but If all our churches were HhonleJ be desirous of keeping the r-st. love and reverence, for the .Son of; filler! each Sunday morning and even- Tine of roadway on thin si reel, bnt for .Man and his teachings, and that, as ; ing, not one-half of the people of Colar as [ ran see the light, I try and vina and adjacent, territory could be follow in Ills steps. Therefore, noth-' accommodated. Our churches are not. th'- general goorl of the largest, portion of people, it. should not be so. The proposed change in (lie route ! Ing that I may say should be held t.o HO filled. Does this look as though you tvriiigs !he Ihoronghfare down I'uente Rt.rfcl, thence up Citrm, avenue through the town and on to Kllioti's be an attack upon Him. Ho Is preeminently the ! were reaching the people, brethren? "word- The highways and byways are as fuil made flesh," and until a better life Is | as ever, and aK I believe In Ood. and rornor, where it. turns east again, lived, it truer r xprosslon of the infl-iihat. he is an ever-present help in all T'iif. petition being circulated argues I nite Mind is Impossible. 1 also believe j f ,ur difficulties. 1 am sure that. I!' you that thin will perform the best, work 'or (lie town, whereas I he jiresent route wili go around the eily alto- f-'f-t her. This In ;i.n important point, in l';i vor of lids petition. The route Hhould be chunked to that of I'liorMo Htroel, in order |,|iat the Immediate to-wri may receive some benefit A^alii. I.he strongest, feature in favor of the new route is that it. will bring all thi'ough-goii>K trallle Info the city, where trade is possible, and where the town may he seen ;uid receive Homo recognition from l.ho traveling public. With t,hc road running on San Bernardino road the public might without having knowledge that the town was situated soutli of the highway. Public spirit, In the direct •work of civic progress, demands that the citizens of Covina pull together for this change In the route of the "good roads." The change Is the logical thing to do. The voice of the citizens as a whole should be heard at once on thin matter. The Argus believes that, the majority will bo In favor of thin change, for It means a benefit to the city us a whole, and not to a few individuals. A REPLY TO W. E. BROWN. The Churches are Failing to Reach the Heart and Mind of our Common Humanity. To the lOditor of the Argus: In last, week's edition of the Argus is a cominunieat Inn from Mr. William K. lirown of UK- Christian'iico Publication Committee, It being an nriKAver to an address by Rev. Simmer T. Atari In, pastor of the First Christian Church. Santa Barbara, it has J!iblo to be the word of Ood. It; will alrd your loins, walking in the spirit that givoth life;, holding fast, to the great, truths that. Jesus taught, la.v!:;g aside the weight, of prejudice and non-essential doctrine, that yen will find men ready rind anxious to take of the bread of life. Long ago would be-better to drop this point, ;uid to call i! what it. Is In a large/ and truer sense., i.e., the "Word of Life." If Is just, here that, all Hie trouble among religious believers has arisen -UK? literal acceptance of the of the hook. Tills of necessity | Micali showed inefficacy of the leads to confusion, Hie injunction against profanity, and the story of Klisha who turned upon the children who reviled him, and "cursed them in the mime of Jehovah," are both found In t.ho same book. The parable of the prodigal son, showing how the Infinite, love of Ood reaches past all barriers to draw his erring children to hlrn, Is not in keeping with the Judaic leaching of Paul concerning vicarious atonement, and the propla- tion of an angry Ood. It 1 the teachings of Paul he accepted aa being of equal vicarious propitiation which the church teaches today, and also he declared the essentials of true religion and worship. "Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of rams, or ten d, rivers of oil? Shall I give my first, born for my transgression, the fruit of my body -for the sin of rny soul?" "He hath showed thee, O man what is good, and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with thy God?" Oh, you preachers! When ; Vill you authority with the sermon on the leftrn lhat thls le the whole n Hbst ance r been my pleasure to IK ar Dr. Martin, and while? I wish in answer Mr. Tirown, 1 do not wish to appear as champion Or. Martin, nor of his I have for KII (!ich>n! reason made (•••omowhal of a study of this esoteric •ilii losophy, culled Chrlslhin Science. I also have several copies of "Science and Health," none of them like uny of tin- others, except in the binding and price. And if I am In this letter able to show that Mr. Hrowu Is not well informed in regard to the teachings of liis own religion, 1 assure you that It among all the been able to ills- is mount, then "the author and finisher of our faith" may have been the author, but lie assuredly was not the finisher of our faith. Careful consideration will not, fail to point out the fact that Paul never fully divorced himself from his early training. A lawyer today, after upending n few mature years In a law school, will forever after think and speak from a legal bias. We know that this Is also true of all professional and college men—that their few years of special (raining leaves its mark upon their lives, and shapes the very expression of their thought, in regard to the most trivial affairs. How much more then, ii man like Paul, who from his infancy had been trained in the nclu'iol of the most reactionary He- brewism? The orthodox church today, taking! The and goal of the religion yon should teach, but do not teach? Paul himself said "That the fruit of. the spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, temperance. Against such there is no law." When you give us more of this, you Presbyterians and Methodists am! Christian Scientists and Baptists, arc! less (or none at all) of mortal rr.ind, devils, and the- shedding of blood, you will not fail to reach the heart and mind of our common hu- Ciod grant that your eyes may be opened, and that you may see the "light wliii h Mhineth more and more unto the perfect day." H. N'. WELLS. Men Entertained, outerlainmonl the men of the as It does the teachings of I'aul and j Methodist Church provided last oven- (Iher Hebrew teachers as being die i ing for the monthly "at home" was tated by (iod himself, is not readily novel In every respect. The principal to he distinguished from the Jewish amusement was an indoor tr.ick meet, church. It Is, I assert, fundamentally in which the women had u chance to Jewish, and nol Christian. I had the show their skill in he broad grin and pleasure ccntly of listening to an .oilier exciting the address by Itohcrl Jones, a very orous and clean-minded evangelist, whom Hie ministers of Covina 'nail se- } cured for a series of revival services, i of Map Jacks at In Ilil-i address he said in substance, j ......... lhat It was not enjoined upon us to j spurts program wn< run off, the army 'of chefs In the kllcht-n dished up very ! substantial refreshments in die shape ( olTec. a common co yoi-t. so far as I h;iv cover. In an early edition of "Science And lii-alth," 1 find these words: "The in I 111 i •1 ieih es show ( In- falsil V of ;il 11 t hitif.'s, and I he inimori ,il era v"price ol learning line" cslab ; i lie truism th;il the oulv sufferer 1 Ball Game With Long Beach. The Covina ball \e;uu has a;-copted I lie date of Inly filli to (ry conclusions with the Long lleach team on the latter's diamond. This beinn a national eve on Jonah nor on Noah, ; l!0 i U lay. uu ,i (he date of a monster many another "Noah" or ,.,.,,,,, ralion , lt ,,„, ,.,.. lt . h , mv| , a hi i i on Noah and his ark, or upon Jonah and the whale, to be .saved. 'I'.elieve on tin 1 Lord Jesus Christ, and Ihoit slmlt be saved." Now, I ('.on'l In tuir on divine spirit testifying through Chris- j ".lunali" to be found in both the old ; | a ,. K ,v I'liUowii-.g is i>\|iet-u>d to go with tian Science unfnlded to me the de-laud the m-w testam'Mit. and in Hie ac- (tl( , ,,..,,„_ 'pj,,. mlm tier that have al- .ijoiisl rable fad. t hat mat lef possesses j cepted teachings of the orthodox , ( , ;u i y j,|-(»mis«Ml to attend has war- i'1-itln-r sensation nnr life, that In in ] i 'lirisi ian church. And hen- is to be ma- ! found the large (roubles in all i.liv; lens mallei's, lieliginu is not a mailer of lieliet ; it is a mat let- of life. \< is iiui iuip<ir';inl bow ami why Jesus this dreary u orld it is iiu- uti ue ha\e Him, and his spirit. Jesus himself 1 :;i Ii ehapter. ','• I '\'< i. "A I.! I 111 I lie Ii I i:i \ e I 111! I II \ "I'M. ,l\ e lii\ •• line fur atlnl hel -." .1 -' ' I . is I he \vhule sub- i anted i lie chnrtering of a special Ihrouuli car on the 1'ai itic V.lei t rie. The rale will be al least a.; low as ,>••!.I", and pnss\l>\y lower. M illinery. Fourth of July hais now MI.-.S Keelrud's. •_'U per i i ;.i oil' nil all hat t n at .1 (in HOLY TRINITY CHURCH. Third Sunday after Trinity: Holy communion, 7:30 a.m. Morning prayer, II a.m. Rev. Edmund Walters of Los Angeles will officiate. Evensong, 7:'iO p.m. BAPTIST CHURCH. Sunday-school, 0:4">. Preaching, 11 a.m. and 7:4", p.m. by Rev. ,\L H. r'erry. fn the evening Mr. Perry will preach especially to the young people. Ii. Y. P. T'., fi:ir,; leader, Mr. Clark. Prayer-meeting, Wednesday evening. 7:1."> p.m. All are cordi.nilv invited t.o these services. S W. Oage, pastor. PRESBYTERIAN* SERVICES. Sunday-school, 0:45. Preaching by pastor, 11 ,a.m.; subject, "A Man Sent of Ood." Junior Endeavor, 3 p.m. Senior and Intermediate Endeavor, tt:4">. Oospel service, 7:45; subject, "A Man's Signature." Prayer-meeting Thursday evening, 7:45. Special music. All are cordially invited. Paul G. Stevens, pastor. CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Merger service of Sunday-school and church, 10 o'clock. Sermon by pastor, 11; subject, "The Arn;or of Light." Junior, ?,. Intermediate and Senior Endeavor, C:45, Preaching, 7:45; subject, "Peter Emboldened." Oood music. A welcome to all. Aim for morning service: Every member of the church at Sunday-school, and every member of the Sunday-school at church. W Cook With Gas You are invited to call at our new office, 236 N. Citrus Avenue, and inspect our lino of Stoves and Ranges Phono 196 when your gas is not working satisfactorily. Covina Valley Gas Co. 236 N. Citrus I l»^»^^S>^f^f»^ SOMETIMES Secures Dental License. Dr. W. W. Schiffman, vho has offices in the Ai'Kus block, last week passed the examinations of the Dental Hoard and secured bis license to practice in this state. Although an i experienced dentist, Dr. Schiffman j had to take the examination on com- j ing t.o this state, which he passed with honors. you don't feel like starting a fire for the noon-day or evening meal. Wouldn't dainty salads, coffee or chocolate and wholesome, delectable soups appeal to you Instead of broiling yourself over the stove these hot days? Let us serve you with these things, or with ham or tongue sandwiches—all carefully prepared. ICES ICE CREAMS ..„ , FRUIT DRINKS ,,,.. CANDIES 1 We Have No Competitor in Light Lunch Menu. The Palace of Sweets TOWNSEND, PROPRIETOR Buy your ice cream from the Baptist ladies, corner Citrus and Badillo, July 3. Small prices, quick sales of fireworks in the old Home Bakery store opposite Home's grocery. Boys, get jour flre crackers of McLeod and get 'em early. Throop Polytechnic Institute Located in Pasadena, the Mo$t Beautiful City of California. Science, Arts, Industry. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ACADEMY— Technical and Literary. SHOP WORK FOR BOYS. HOME ECONOMICS FOR GIRLS. New campus of 20 acres. Send for catalogue. J. A. B. SCHERER, Ph.D., LL.D., President. This Offer Is Good Until July 3rd $85.00 IN PRIZES i READ THIS LIST: 1st—Ladies' Diamond Ring 2nd—17-Jewel Adjusted Watch , , . . (Gentlemen's Waltham, 16 size; will pass any railroad inspection) 3rd—California Turquoise Solid Gold Ring . $7,00 4th—Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pen . $3.00 $40.00 $35.00 A CHANCE on any of the above premiums with every 10-cent cash purchase or for repairing. We ask you to call in and see these prizes, and if you find they are not as represented or that our prices on all goods and repairs are not right you can brand us as impostors. This offer commences today, Saturday, May 22, and will run until July 3 at 6 p. m. Covina Jewelry Co. M. WRIGHT, Manager Opposite Hotel Vendome Citrus Avenue, Covina B m m

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