The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 26, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1977
Page 4
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-NAUGATUCK NFAVS (CONN.). FRIDAY. JULY 26. IMP NAUOATUCK. mrnnTr-T- TT TT°' 1 " MTr! " 1 T>™ n ldo'nt and PuDUaher Tdophone. 22KI It nd~223t>-All JOepartTne..t. A«Vocond cl-u,, matter at tho post office in NauRfituck, SUBSCRIPTION RATES Tho Conn! Newspnpor PublBhor. AM'B Atoms And Meals The <;m of atomic energy may ]>rovkle a MhorlcT work W(.-i-k and younger retirement »i*e lor workors, Imt 1 ho housewife hud buUor not count on entire truoclom from houseliolrl cares, says Dr. Joseph Valasek, professor of physics at tiiij Lm- versitv of MiiincsotH. Families will still oat tl.Vee times H flay, he warns women, !Ult l children will grow up no tiwtei-, ntorns or no atoms. There may, however, lie more household help than before, human as wull as oi.-ctricnl, Dr. Valusek believes, because iniliislrv may require fewer workers. A< ' vaner.s'iu th'e use of elect ricity 'have aU n ., H lv served to li^'liten many house-hole tusks', notably washing, ironing and ch.nning. Further ad va, ices may be count,.,1 on t.o help still more. On the whole, a time is coming when tlu.rc may ho less hard labor rcqmred. in Hir household as wvll as iu industry- This larger leisure, says Dr. \alasek, calls for better and broader education which will give more variety and mental and spiritual growth in the uses ol leisure. , One of I. ho troubles willi modern American civili/.alion is that women, rather suddenly freed from many of (hi., older tasks reipiifing interest and craftsmanship, havo no better use for their released time and energy than card-play- in-;- and movies. Both have their values ns^iTcreatiou, but they are fur from IK-inn; |,1,,. (. M (l of life. The fine sewing or the past had artistic values, now largely lt,st. Good reading and family music', are not to bo despisY-d; Along wttli the development of the tfivaler natural enc'i'-ies, new means need to In. 1 found for developing (.he intellectual and artistic powers in keeping with the new era. Battle Against Colds Respiratory diseases have long been problems, but definite attempts nrc now being made to find out their cause and cure, At Western lie-serve University in Cleveland, Dr. John II. Dingle, new head of the medical school's public, health and hygiene department, will lead l.ho research for methods to combat those diseases, .Dr. Uingle, formerly a lieiitenant-col'o- nel in the army medical corps, was in charge of one of ten army commissions formed in H'-H to work on disease problems. Some progress was made in charting the course of virus-caused colds, and two different types were discovered. Two kinds of int'luoir/a were noted, as Well as the primary atypical pneumonia, which is caused by a virus and is not helped by penicillin, or the sull'a drugs. Now thai, the causes and characteristics of these disease's have been uncovered and the members of I In- army commissions are back in civil life prepared to devote all their time to research, it is possible that cures may be worked out for these comnlou ills of mankind. Over-Expansion Now businesses in the Tinted Slates hiive increased by 400,000 in tho UsMwo years, according to The Nation s-frirsT- IICSH. dr.oatest increase in retail stores IHIH been in household appliance and radio shops, which are particularly popular with veterans. 'Business authorities point out that this f.vpe of expansion in many cases is too great for healthy standards. One mid- western town of 2,000 persons has nine such stores, obviously more than tho population can support. The situation is one that local bunkers and other civic lenders need to watch and be ready to control with helpful advice. The national economy depends on the prosperity of its small communities, and small businesses which fail are no help to anybody. The cry lins changed from ""Where's the wheat?" to ">Vho'spot a box car'?" Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck Newt 20 Years Ago Matthew Scully of Prospect street attended the Scsriui-Centcnnhxl Exposition In Philadelphia. o—O—o Wni'don Harris Wnittcmorc Invited 'all police chiefs in the state to a conference in Naufc-utuck, o—O—o 30 Years Ago Attorney Clnrcmont I. Tollcs vacationed at Ra- ciuutte Lake, New York. o—O—o Joseph Rnythlcwlch sold a house and lot on High street to Benjamin L'ginsky. WALTER WINCHELL Coast-T6-Coast (Copyright, 1916, by Th« Hearst Corporation) Around The Clock SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE The do\v of heaven falls on my heart, My spirit finds its rest; And peace, descending like a dove, Abides within my breast. Oh, blessed service, wiping out The stains of days between. Renewing faith, revealing love A staff on which to lean. The way is long, the steps are steep, We need the spirit's power; Renewal swcfit, where God we meet, And worship for an hour. FLORA BROWNLEE WALKER Mr. and Mr? I'roni 'MiIIV)rcl. . Larry Slieplcy, i-ctuniL'd from .... Miss (>lii in Bethlehem, and tho Samuel have returned I:' tlie soutlilaiK A. Robinson arc back . . . And Mr. and Mrs, Maple Hill Road, have a visit to Milford Beach. Reynolds is vacationing . . . The Andrew Sirica* Tumarollos ol: May street, 'rom a motor trip through Rosemary Reilly, student nurse at St. Francis' hospital, Hartford, is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Ed Reilly, High street Ray Fitzpatrick is on annual vacation. . . . Our former Boy Friday, Duke Kazlauskas, is still catching 1 up on the books at University of Maryland. Bill Ohiltenden says he hasn't hoard much about the .Rotary Golf team They've been out of action since the Wa- tcrlniry team soundly trounced the locals. .... Art Fa.n'cr reminds us that the waste pa per collection for the American Legion is set for all day July 28. ... "We've going to do the whole town in a day with ;")() men and 20 trucks," says Art. The difficulty of keeping public parks and recreation grounds decently clean is shown by the complaint of one citizen who had a sense of ordinary consideration for others. "I stopped a boy who was breakinig a bottle on the beach", ho said, "and his,mother bawled me out." Another modern improvement i'or the movie theater arrives in the form of noiseless paper bags for popcorn and peanuts. But. when will we get noisless popcorn and peanuts? Mrs. Uli'/aheth "Ma" Hooncy was guest oMionor Wednesday night at a parly at .Uoitsatonic Lodge Ma has been an employe of the U. S. Rubber Co. 50 years and tho party was in celebration of that ^.(.ul John Cullinane of the boot room celebrated another birthday. ... If we were as accurate at guessing winners as 'John we'd venture a guess as to the number of candles he had on. his cako Vivian Lindqnist will celebrate her birthday tomorrow. . . . Congratulations. Employes of the street department are now working on a five day week. . . . Some like it. . . . Some don't. . . . Next event of great interest to veterans in the borough is the Marine Corps League dance at Linden Park August 3, ... Bailey Cook and his Melody Masters will make with the music for the big affair. .... More than 400 are expected to attend. Mrs. Phyllis Taryiiowicz-'luus'-.-been discharged from Waturbnry hospital, we're happy to report. . . . Pal Gallucci is back in town after a brief i'nterlude at Bristol, ,||, j Larry Cheney is tops as adjutant for the American Legion post in town. Firemen play Ansonia Softball game tonight at Linden Park. . . . Should be a good game and the umpires are all on our side. ... A thanku to George Hansleit for his invitation to be at the first picnic of the Seventeen Club Sunday at Ardry's Grove. . .. Mrs. Chester Burtnett of Salem street hav, returned from State College, Penn., where she visited her mother. ITEM-IZED INFORMATION: Jay Gould's descendant, h,dltn Kingdon Gould, just out of the Navy will do a July-under-the-nldn —you know, write a book ^ about her experiences, as they all do> .. . Met Op's Leonard Warren had to bowl 'cm over in Buonos Aires-to cot n Hollywood, bid—s born and bred New Yorker, (The State Dcpt. hesitated about fflvlnpr him a visa, as "an unknown quantity."). .Jane Froman alt-fcaturinp "Adventure, new song wow by Nick n.nd Chnrlie Kenny nnd Abnor Silver. ..Paris rainfr wild over 'No, No, Nannette, 20-yeai-oklie, and 'Tea for Two' is belnR whistled on zee boolocvarda The Jewish realtors of Brooklyn all agreed not to bid on the Knights of Columbus Elder, there, when it comes up' for sale—so the KCs wont have to step up the price to keep it. Fiorcllo LaGunrdla. will set up world UNKA lipiulqimrtors In Geneva, ;uirt then rnalRn.. .. .Thn CIO- PAC is Npendlnj,' plenty in VlrRinia 10 iinHoiit Sen, Harry Byrd The IMn-Amorlcan Union Is Hlttlnc on a houdllue: Dr. Krnowto Gnlnrzn Will reslE". pointing to the Bolivian situation and this country's hiuidn- 0(1 policy Sam RosolT, N, V. subway builder, havliiff plenty of labor (jricfs In Mexico Very confidential (and very iinofnclnl) reports from the Coast Intimate that Gen, DoiiRlns MacArthur Is expected on tills side of th(J Pacific s/>on. . John ( Stcclmim Is favored as the next j liconomlc Stabilizer. ,Tnne Churchill, the frirl-in-thc- middle of the Tommy Doi-sey-Jor Hall imni-oplio, dyed her hair red and is in Now York trying to get'a show job. ...John ' Gart, the musical director, tells of a "young- male bit-player In Hollywood, assigned to ci-cort a famous film beaut to a premiere. Next day he grumbled because it was such a terrible picture, he rould hardly concentrate on it...."This Is Your FBI," official air program, next week n'ill reveal: "America's annual crime bill Is 17 billion dollars; Its total education bill—from kindergartens through colleges—is less than four billion dollars." 'Powell reached under hl» cont and drew an el s ht-lnch huntlns- knlfe, In a harness which he had nttached to his susp.'nder, and stabbed me suddenly, upward,, at my heart. I na<» a comb In my pocket The knife cut through to teeth of It. That stopped it partially. But the point entered my body and Inflicted u wound which hud me bedridden for u week 1 drew my revolver bu didn't shoot Ho still had the Itnlfo In his hand, so I struck him with my revolver until he dropped the knife. The Itnlfe and scabbard were shown to the Grand Jury. Clancy's 7 >hy»lclan testified to the nature of the wound. The comb was another exhibit. The indictment wus voted. The department roport 011 the matter paralleled the Grand Jury testimony. " This case will be an Issue In the forthcoming campaigns, always hot In Harlem. Since It will have a •bearing on at Ie:ist two Congrcs olonal elections ,lt may became a, national cause celebre. rowell's sympathizers are determined not to let-It die. Deane Carroll, beauteous daughter of a. Baltimore (B&O) railroad executive, being held for 10 weeks after a click as star of the American Revue, at Hotel Interacional, Panama. .. .Renee De Marco and Jody Hutchinson discussing divorce doings. . .But Nick Condos, to spike Rcr.orumors, W 21 bulk! a .$150,000 mansion for his wife, Martha Rayc, and their daughter, Melodic. WALTER WINCHKT.T/S col- . iimn wil be- resumed on his return, Sept.. 1. During his absence, Jack L,ait*N column will appear in this space i?vcry day except Saturday. em in Darryl F. Zanuelc'o presentation of "Anna and the King of SI D"s'pi.te the fact that Irene play- Anna, the English woman who came to introduce modern way" to the Bangkok of 1.882 In tho film now at the- Strand theater, the lovely star admits she s a bit old- fashioned when it comes,to famHy matters. "As long as my husband was ill," she explained on tic 20th. Century-Fox lot, '"I certainly was not going: t'J - lcave him eVC " five minutes.." All of which explains why 'the production of the film was delayed for three months, at a cost of SOT.COO to the studio. Away from the BCrceii for more •than a ycnr. Miss Dunne turned down a fortune in movie offers to be with her husband, Dr. Francis Griffin, who had been convalescing from a serious illness. The companion feature is "Strange Triangle," starring Signe Hassc and Preston Foster, "ANNA AND KING OF SI AM" LEAD AT THE STRAND "A woman's place is always with her husband," said laughing-eyed Irene Dunne with a mock furtive glance at the Palace of Women which houses King Mongkut's har- STAR-PILLED "EASY TO WED" IS AT LOEW'S'POLI Star-filled "Easy to Wed" in technicolor is now playing a-t the Locw-Poli theater. With lovely Esther Wlllams, handsome V.-in Johnson and Lucille Ball and Keensn Wynn l-.eixdinfr n- cast of favorites. In an uproarious tangle of wedded errors, this new picture affords a world of entertainment in a. howl- provoldnjr .tale of a lady-killer who sells his charm to the highest bidder only to find himself facing charges of bigamy. Against this is laid a colorful background, of metropolitan action contrasted • with scenes at a Mexican resort., with Van Johnson and Miss Williams doing their first singing and dancing on the screen, n.nd the lovely Esther agrun revealing her skill as a swimming and diving champ. Tho musical se» qucnces — Miss J3;jll does a song- and-d,ince number, too — arc arrestingly original n.Titl boauliful. Van Johnson will add to his huge host of fans in his new role as the 'debonair nmn-ahoul-lown who slcals Esther's heart. Koenan Wynn and Lucille Ball whose comedy romance in "Without Love" added an extra qu'jta of laughs to the antics of Spencer Tracy and Knthcrine Hepburn in that picture. n.r<! again reunited in "Easy to Wed." Also on -the same program is the mystery thriller, "Dark Alibi" with Sidney Tole:- as the one and only Charlie Chan, whn solves :i crime by pure logic and keeps you .in suspense to the very end. FINE PROGRAM SHOWING NOW AT SALEM PLAYHOUSE In addition to the action of the story which is f:>s<- '-he color thioufi-hout this fine story of the Canndlun Northwest Mounted, as they try to solve, und of course do—ihc mysterious shooting at sct- l]orSJ _i B really breath inking. " Northwest Trail" produced by Action Pictures and now at the Salem Playhouse is headed by a. jfreal cast, including John Lilcl, Joan Woodbury, Bob Steeli;. M:id£e Bellamy, Poodles Hiinaford and Raymond Hatton is truly worthwhile entertainment. A thrill-packed drama of the far North, "Northwest Trail" is replete with cxcltinK sequences and suporb color photosraphy to enhance its beauty. The lead film IB Uie adventure film, "The Wife of Monte Crlsto." About 3313 miJllon neckties are mo.dc in the U. S- annually. Cancer kills more American women between the .IHICS of 3r» and 55 than any other disease. Brig-gs-Stratton 4 Cycle, V/ z H. P. GASOLINE ENGINE (Air Cooled) S93-50 For operating washing machine*, farm sprayers, cultivators, boats, deep freezers, l!ghting plants, saws. lawn mowers water pumps, etc. Cars Called For and Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving!! POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4935 WEDDING CAKES And Other Special Bnkinc A Specially CITY BAKERY B. I>. STOI'PANr, Prop' Maple Street Telephone strut Fall Term Opens Sept. 3 THE PERRY SCHOOL Acrrcillird A- Anprovrfl for Vrlrrnnw Tralnlnc Hrmvn Illilr, Wmrrhnrr "Thr IVrrj- Wny Mnm* ItoKrr I'nf VENETIAN BLINDS in ftfnrk. Thf-re Unr UfllTrry. LEBON'8 VENETIAN £70 No. Wntn in. T»l. JI-TX2I ] S\Viilrrhury BOUGHT SOLD Rent a. Trailer and Do Thnt ,Iob Yourself! ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TKI.KI'HONK NBiicntlick Sfl6» mrc In I'nLon CKr Hardware mil. 532 NORTH MAIN ST. Union City - Tel. 2GKK Romance Riinnround: Connii! Halncs and Llnu Ronuiy's prnod- looklnsr brother, Phil, very much so Bill Eytho phones Marjfiirot Whltlnfr, transatlantic, every weekend, despite reports of a busted hc- trnthul.. .PetfKy Kmidsi-n nnd William S. Palcy, rich radioniiin, li^lit- inK two cigarettes on on- match.. Kiln Raines and Rod Cameron John, NOII of Charles Rogers, film producer, Nlippcd the Hue on tho proper flnp;er of Jmiu I.indhcrch, d:iuirhtcr of the plastic surgeon I Don Coslello keen about Jane , KiNino.. .Venus Ramey (Miss America, '44) a steady patron of Tv'o. I Fifth Ave. to hear tenor Tony Craiflr ...Bud Ernst, Betty Furness', ox, rocitins: Browning to Norma Koh-j <-rtn Lili Damita nnd Raymond Hakim ooh-la-la. .. Latest brand! nrw entry—Gail Russell and John : Shelton. On ,\UK. 14, first ,1nnivci'sn.ry of the Jap surrender, there wil be n. charity benefit celebration in the Japanese Palace, In MonUcello, N. Y. . . S. S. KrcsRc, cVminstarc maR- nntc, donated one of his homes in Miami Mcach to the Good Neighbor Methodist church.. .The Anti- JPi'ohibitlon League has been chartered in N. Y.. ...It will battle loca.1 option moves, which keep popping" up perennially throughout the State, above the city boundaries. There is. :i. hitter, controversy raging over the case of. Carlton Powell, Npgro musician on thu Liinny Koss :/,lr-show, who Is under medical carp, recovering from the result of af rucas on the sidewalk beforn the K. i>lst St. police station. Many prominent thre'atrlcal folk, with nashicll, the chief J sp', have complained to) Police Comm. Wallnndnr that Do- i tective Ed Clancy assaulted Powell, as a result of which alleged attack ! Powell was taken to Belleviic Hospital with skull injuries. Thr. sympathizers say that, early on the morning of Jimo 12 (ahout 3 a. m.) Powell entered th<; taxi of David Romanick and asked to be driven to an address In Harlem; that Romanick refused; that Powelll ordered him to go to the nearest police station; that when Powell got out, to make .complaint, Clancy struck him without cause or reason. We have looked Inio the case, ... Powell has l>een indicted by the Grand Jury on charges of assault with a. deadly weapon. The testl- many (by Clancy, Rouinnick and Clancy's partner, who was present) was as follows: That Powell entered the cab, used abusive language, threatened the driver when he refused to haul him; that Powell kicked out two of thft taxi windows; that Romanlck, pretending to consent, drove to the police station and ran towurd It to ash protection; that Powrll followed him; hat Clancy Intervened— Now score Clancy: JUST RECEIVED Shipment of TABLE CLOTHS (Fancy Prints) 53 x 52 $1,95 — $2.95 NAT'S 41ft North Main St. Union City TEL. 6138 WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING Of Another Of The LANE MUSIC SHOPS Waterbury's Newest Musical Center Featuring Fine Pianos TOTK GRILLS The Complete Outdoor Fireplaces ALL TYPES OF RADIO REPAIR WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CJIDRCH ST. Telephone 40»<J BRING IIS I VACATION CLOTHES I FOR DRV CLEANING | EMBR15SKI • CtEANER • TAH.OB No. Miiln !>(. 1VI, 3Ktl~ t'nlun CIlT WEDDING GUT SPECIAL ELECTRIC riORCOLATORS — with chrome tray, sucar nnd creamer, ' <£OO complete tD^i^l. M. WOLFF SS CHANfl ST., WTBKY This is our invitation to come and visit us in a new LANE MUSIC SHOP— It is filled with everything- MUSICAL — especially new, gloriously toned Pianos — and other fine instruments. Happily for music lovers, pianos are again being made—Although our allotments are limited, we shall endeavor to supply your needs as early as possible. We suggest you place your name on our priority list for earliest delivery. We shall feature such well known makes as HARDMAN — HARRINGTON —GULBRANSON — STORY & CLARK'and others. LANE has been selling fine pianos for 35 years—your satisfaction is assured. FAMOUS RADIOS "A fine Radio Is a musical, instrument —You should buy it In a Music Store." We will fcjiture all of the fine brands, Including. Zenith — General Electric — Admiral and others. Famous Make Musical Instruments In addition t<i pianos, we, will ho. amply stocked with famous muke musical Instruments and accessories — Brass Instruments, Drums, Saxophones, Guitars nifil many others. ONE OF OUR OPENING FEATURES THESE HARD-TO-GET RADIO TUBES Wo have such scarce numbers as SOLO — 85S5S—117L7 — fiA8 — 25Z!j — «0 — and most all the other numbers you've been waiting for for months, or maybe years. All prices are O.P. prices of course. — BUDGET TERMS ON ANY PURCHASE — 25 Grand St., Waterbury Tel. 4-9231 REGISTER NOW I'Ai.i. rr.iiM nuciNs SKIT, fl Ui^hii-i." AdtnlnMrliti'in. Arrnnnl- inc. *rrrrliirlnl. •«««.««»•% JUNIOR POSX COLLEGE 24 Central Ave. Wnl*rhi"7 STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE 85 Spring St., Union City Tel. Nniip. fill I — Wat, 4-3SZ8 FELIX NARDKLLO, Mprr. Full -lurk of Mtf! nnd wood lillndu Illlml" rcnnlrwl, n-1iili«l. <•!<•. Garden Hose Lawn Sprinklers Charcoal Grills Pittsburgh Paint GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREET (Acrow from City BMo Free Delivery Telephone DODGE SALKS — SBRVICB Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCIIKLSS STRKET Tel. fi727 ,t I- MAZILAtlSKAS, Prop. ELECTRIC BROILERS Electric Appliance Co. Plastic Life Belts for Children to 14 Yrs. $1.98 Plastic Rings $2.79 BEACON KtlDDIE CENTER TJ GRAND STREET W«terbury

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