Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 3, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1943
Page 2
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ARKANSAS Monday, May 3, 1943 Hold Everything •Y RICHARD TRIOASKIS ILLUSTRATIONS it I. fe. HAZILTON Book-of-the-Month Guadalcanal ,, o. rn«. k 1 MIMMM Xfit. H. Waihbufft) , 212-214 « «M Siflf bUlsSfho, 212-214 South Welnul r t arm, HOP* Art. ft, tl**l*«it , MNtt M4 Puklhhm < tnt*red as Meofld class matter at the Pwtoffle* at H6Ni Arkansas, under the 11 (AP)—M«O(M Associated Press (NtAJ—Meons Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. VEP^ Sub«rt|>f!«i Kat* (Always Payable in Advance).- By. city carrier, t>r week 15c; Hennpsteod, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana £bfa>ett« counties, $3.50 per year; else- whete $6.50- Me«nb*r *f The Atitclated Preit: The Aisoclattd Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for (^publication of all news dis- pdtchei credited to n or not otherwise credited in this.paper and also the local pens published herein. NatlMAl AdyeHlsInf Rtpreuntatlv*— ArkoMal Dolll**, Inc.; Memphis, -Term., Stericfc Building;- Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avenue, New York City, 292 Madison A»e.; Detroit, Mich, 2842 W. Grand Blvd; Oklahoma Ctfy. 4)4 Terminal IBdg ; New Orleans. 723 Union St.. "Hurry up with that water softener—I go on in five minutest" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "The steel monster lumbered after the Jap." F RIDAY, AUGUST 21, Cont.-Our tanks, crashing through the cocoamu grove at the mouth of the Tenaru River, rained destruction on the Japs. I remember seeing one Jap, who was flushed out from under the treads of one of our tanks, jump up and run towards the beach with the ponderous steel monster lumbering along after him. I thought the tank would certainly run him down or fell him with machine gun fire, but it turned back into the grove. The Jap continued to run frantically along the beach, and all along our front line rifle fire banged and machine gun tracer bullets arched around him. "He fired several shots-fast." "One man fire," shouted Capt. James Sherman, of Som- ervillc, Mass. He designated a grizzled Marine veteran who wore the chamois elbow pad of a rifle-range marksman. The Marines told me he was Gunnery Sgt. Charles E. Angus, of Nashville, Tertn. We watched Angus as if he were the spotlighted star of a play. The sergeant was nervous. He fired several shots, working his bolt fast, and missed. He slammed home another clip of cartridges and fired one of them. But the Jap had sunk into cover again. Suddenly the Jap started to rise. He had reached only "The Jap sank to the sand . . a crouch when Sgt. Angus, now icy calm, took careful aim and let one shot go. The Jap sank as if the ground had been jerked from under him. It was a neat shot—at 200 yards. Across the river, Jap after Jap jumped up from the underbrush and dashed for the shore. It was their last hope of escape, with Col. Cresswell's troops coming in from behind. Most of the Jans were knocked down by our fire long before they reached the beach. But a few got to the water and tried to swim away. Wherever we could see a swimming man, n stonn of little waterspouts "At such point-blank range, few of the Japs got far." rose around his bobbing head as our bullets smacked home. From time tp time a live Jap stirred from amongst the dead piled on the river spit, and dived into tire water. But at such point-blank range, few of them got far. And then the fighting, suddenly, seemed to have finished. The detailed sequence of the battle was not yet clear. But we knew that a major Japanese attempt to break through our lines and seize the vital airport had been stopped; and we knew, too, that this must have been one of the most crushing defeats the Japs had yet sullcred. (Continued tomorrow) 0 1 Drawings copyright. 184J. by King Featurei Syndicate. Inc. T«xt copyrieht, 1943. by Random HOUM, Ino. DUtribuUjd br Kin* Feature Sjrndlcat* In co-operation with th« Book-ot-tho-Month Club. In*. OUT OUR WAY R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople BUSINESS wm^f^^'' : '^m immrrf v\''- •' "w • /fM^w-'S;:' is,'-t!*m> FALL IN \ FULL PACK ( INSPECTION.' FALL ) ..^~ ' ~~ NOVi WE'RE OS ELOPIN CONffROL L5f«A.' LET '6 SEE THE SETS ErX PEOPLE tAOVM TO PRE.TTV r^ESOfA FOR.THB T. LEFT, BUT T. FEEL AT HOME HERE: / AAKTiC CUSW\ON <surr FOP. ROIv\BUE COPB. 1S43 BY.NEA SERVICE: INC. .T. M. EEC. U. S. PAT. Off Jlisl to'gel you out in the yard lony enough to plant any sorl of a garden would be victory enough for me!" "I think Private Wiggins is carrying things a hit too far by tying mils on his foliage!" By Fred Harmon Going Down A Bone to Pick By Roy Crane 8RR! WHAT -^/ THEM MAY 1 WEATHER-'THERELL T HAVE TWO PAYS BE'PRECIOUS LITTLE V LEAVE. SUM? FLyiN6THE NEXT OR TWO HERES THE REASON, SUM: I UNDERSTAND THE 816 CONVOY HAS SAILED. T06IVE IT PROTECTION THE f? A F COASTAL COMMAMP EXPECT6 TO FLY RE6ARPLESS OF THE ^GATHER. SO TODAY 1 LOOKED UP A CANAPIAW FRIEND, STOOP MttJUlRE, AMD HE SAYS HE CAN ARRAN6E FOR ME TO 6O ALOM3 6REAT SCOTT 1 V IT'S NOT A PLEASURE HAVEN'T YOU HAD N PIPE,COLOWEL. I...I WAS 'OUR FILL OF PAN6EI?-1 THINKIN6 O' PENNY. 1 STILL OU5 FL/INCJ FOR / HAVE SOME SCORES TO AWHILE? yV SETTLE WITH A CERTAIN U'BOAT AS TriE C\Mt AMD P/V55E.MGER. DOVOrt FOli Tri£ CulRvE Oi v-JIND-V THE. ATTACK-- VOHIlfl REDRl'DtR CROUCHES IN THE CO.M- Thimble Theater Starting From the Bottom—." Donald Duck A Rogue's Gallery By Walt Disney GOOD HeAVEMS. 1 IUHAT VM THAT IS 1 f RNE! ANICEVIEWJ> (THWVJ. I'LL TAKE IT! ) > BE ONE MONTH'S AUJAV-VVOU -SCOUMDREU, I UJIMSTON HAB A A "5HALU COUWT 3 PERFECTLY TERRIBLE Y BEFORE TAKING 'DRASTIC ACTIOM. 1 Possession Nine Points of the Law! By Chic Young By V. T. Hamlin Explanation Coming- Up CAN I > WAVE MY LAWhJ- MOWER BACK, PLEASg, HERB? THAT LAWN MOWER WE'VE LOANEP IT BACK AMP FORTH SO MUCH, WE PONT KNOW WHOSE »T WAS ORIGINALLY WE THOU6H1X NEVER MIND THAT VOU / NOW... WHERE'S POC WERE [ WONMU&f I'VE GOT IN V. TO SEE HIM AT PRISON; /^-^ ONCE OKAS, I : LI fci ... &L)T GIVE ME A HAND WITH THIS OUTFIT... WEVE GOT TO GET IT INTO TH' LA& B.I&HT ASVAV/ SO WILL WONMUS, HE COMES TO... BUT WHATS UP AMP HOW DIP VOU COME BY THAT ROCKET? TH' DOC \ SLIPPEP \ HIMSELF \ A MICKEY... HE'S OUT j LIKE A / L.I&HT.' < TIME I LOAN IT TO YOU OSCAR BOOM/ WELL, I'LL BE CAW6OMMEP ME, BUT I'LL LETVdU &ORROW IT OSCAR. BOOM, TROUSLE- MAKIN& WILD- CAT SCIENTIST, TURNS UP AT PR. WON MUG'S TIME-MACHINE LABORATORY OBVIOUSLY FRESH OUT OF PRISON WITHOUT BENEFIT OF A FKRPON Freckles and His Friends Somewhat of a Shock By Merrill Blosser By Edgar Martin -•-BUf EVERYBODY ) I WONDER. WHAT JUST CALLS ME _y EVERYBODY is GONNA MOR6/ -—^^ c* 1 - 1 - us ' \CX?>00\<b 10r\H,WO ! COME ON IN, PAPA —THEM 6OYS IS HERE/ fORGET ABOUT THE GARBAGE / HELLO, BOYS - 1 WASN r SURE YOU WAS COMIN'/ 'DO'O'b. HOW'tV CVA\\£ , WOULD THE SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY BE DOlNG ATA PLACE LIKE 143 . MAIM ST.? THATS WHAT FREOC AMP LARD WOULD rVlORGAN TVIAW/

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