Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 19, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 19, 1954
Page 2
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H 0 f» E • S t A ft * HO M,Aft KANSASi ^^ I S gastffc!*? tafik Jffdm the tftf ttJ8&««k"87, City of ttttil Jt »«** Fred . .in Slock S2 on street, &t& otM&te, & Set for the reg- Oft\Mac1i 2, QfcAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO Ml — Soybeans gen- fcfaliy held firm and wheat showed occasional flashes of strength on 'City Clerk, Oh&ftclftf Court of ftarks el fclk&efendant _ .. . . _ '» JB| |» •« M ^ jerwiuanv David Button, .jfldti, John Suttoft, Jenny iJeisic. Suiton, are warned Jft this dourt Within thirty ,«,«.in*'w«lf the complaint of g&fotitt, Sarah Paxton Carr ***. *M hand and the seal of 2B day of January Garrett Willis, Clerk. riiiiffV ;;, iiai/Jr, Atty. Ad tHem Jeiehdantfl ' . L\°Wjiliiani', Atty, for . C0tJNTY ' fclven, that 'administratrix iatt* CkH Jones, Jklrig thai; the stock #%usiness 'formerly ; City< EiectHc Com- .Bale for sfree ahd , has MARKETS the Board of fade grains lagged. today. Feed News of dust storms iii the Western section pf the great plains brought flurries of buying into Wheat. But the price of bulges created by* this ' buying usually were canceled : as soon as the demand nctertd out.,The dust storms Were followed by needed moisture" m s.ome cases. Wheat closed lower to higher, March $2.14y H -, corn %• *i owcr, March $h50I-$1.51, oats % to 1 cent lower. March 70-78, rye Vi- lower, March $1.17'/2 and BROILERS LITTLE RQCR <JP> Batesville- soybeans 1'V lower to March $3.29>/ 2 . higher, Legal Notice LEGAL NOTICE The annual school election will be held by the qualified electors of the Hempstead County School District No. 3 of Hempstead County on Saturday, March 20, between the hours of 8:00 a. m. and 6:30 p. m. The electors will vote a school tax of 24 mills to be levied for debt per- Vice and general fund for the operation of schools of said district and for two board members to be elected for Post No. 1 for a period of five years and Post No. 2 for a period of two years. The pqlling J3]?ces in the district will be 'the name as heretofore designated. SIGNED: E. R. Brown Secretary of School Board Feb. 12, 19, 26 . $800,00, 3tead South "court notice &ttl* ot the fopeirty will be '' February 23, VW., on the Street of the '* : * 'have and the seal this 3rd day. of a. c: \ffi% »sr -' l f" >',,., . "-x * floral area: Market steady to firm, demand good* offerings con- tinette geheraHy sKoft^of demand, trading active. Prices at the farm up to 11 a. rrt. today, Friday, Feb. 19, broilers and fryers, all weights, ,y a to 3'/4 pounds, 21 to 22 cents. ST. LO^UIS LlV^StOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. tf 1 ) —Hogs 7,00(3; fairly active; barrows and gilts steady to 10 lower than yesterday's average; sows fully steady,to 10 lower than yesterday's average;, sows fully steady to strong, choice 180230 Ib barrows and gilts 26.00-35; largely 6.25 down; about 100 heart .•hoice No. 1 and 2 around 21*1 b 20.50; 240270 Ib 24.75-25.85; 280 m Ib 23.7524.50; 150 270 Ib 2.228.2- sows- 400- Ib ,-dowri- 23.-00-75; mostly 23.25 up; heavier sows sows 22.0023.00; boars 16.0020.00. Cattle 700, calves 00, prices mostly about steady on limited of- erings; few small lots and individual head heaifers and mixed yearlings IO.OO-21'.OO; utility and commercial cows 11.50-13.00; canners and cutters 9.50-11.50; utility and commercia bulls' 12.00-14.00: cutter bulls 10.50-11.50; few prime vealers 2^00; good and choice largely 21.00-27.00;. commercial and good 10.00-21.00. ' • . , Sheep 200 few small lots and individual 'head best lambs 22.00; run mostly utility and good to choice wooled Jambs from 17.0030.50; few culls; down to 12,00. Fleas are not "found on; hoofed animals. Legal Notice • LEGAL NOTICE The' annual school election will be held by the qualified electors of the Blevins School District No. 2 of Hempstead County on Saturday* March 20,' between the hours of 8:00 a, m. and 6:30 p. m. The electors will vote a school tax of 28 mills to be levied for debt 'service and general fund for the op- efation of schools of said district and *0r one 'board member to be ejected lor Post No. 1 for a period of five years, l • ' . The polling places in the district Will be the. same as heretofore designated. , I SIGNED: Ralph Boyce , . Secretary of School Board Feb. 12, 19, 26 , f COUNTY, OF. RftKSPfift 3TQVNG ' Bj|l!4«rJ, u PLAJNT! gYrtVQ.qsta** * ,„, DEFENDANT gjvfen ttyrt there my office as * oonfirma- £ots K and 5 fc No. 5 the; City and .' also, the Continued from Page One 'It was the moment my rtiother passed oil in 1928." .'";.. Here is Mary Pickford looking back at her life—a reverie aloud: 'The greatest picture ever made? My choice would be 'Gone with The Wind.' Of my own pictures, I suppose 1 still like 'Tess of the Storm Country' best. I made it twice — n 1914 and 1922. 'The greatest geniuses Of the motion picture have been Charlie Chaplin and Watt Disney. After them? D. W. Griffith and Irving Thalberg. Irving had a bad heart. 3e walked with death at his back, rle knew he had no time to waste on trivial things, or things half done. He died young. , ."1 made 50-odd feature pictures. .We do look ridiculous in them today. .And sometimes I feel like destroying my old films. Those awful clothes we used to wear. few. Legal Notice LEGAL NOTICE The annual school election will be held by the qualified electors of the Hope School District No..l-A of Hempstead County on Saturday, March 20, between. 'the hours of 8:00 a. m. and 6:30, p. m. The electors will 'vote -a school tax of 23 mills to be levied for debt service and general fund for the operation of 1 schools of said district and for 4 board members -to be elected for Post No. 1, Post No. 2. and Post No. 3, (or a period of 3 years and Post No. 4 for a period of 1 year. Th* polling places -jin the' , district will be the &ame as heretofore ' ' Djorsey Secretary of Schopl Feb. 6, 12, "They can't compare with the pictures now, of course. . .But silent pictures did speak a universal language. . .1 think we go in for too many sound effects now;. . . The great ones avoid superfluous gestures and superfluous sound. . . but the great ones are all 'too w. . . . "They say the pioneers cut down the forests and make the roads and take the chances. . .And then the gamblers come along and make the money. . . "Chance plays ,so important part in an actor's life. . .He needs that lucky break in life more than a writer does, or a producer, Or director. . . "You know, in all of us, are two .people. . .I've always y been unpredictable, even to myself. . Nothing really pleases me jthat do. . .My real fear is to- ; belief alone in the world; . Most.p|: my people have passed- on. . .Most el derly people are passed :by*' . That frightens me. "But when the Lord loves';;.- you he gives you an insight, .fan un derstanding." • • •. And Mary, whose golden curls are only a memory) looked up,with her sweetheart smile of. long; ago The Real Winner Continued from Page One ecounte'red that West Germany' elected government and East Ge many's Soviet-picked Communis regime should join in a half an half provisional government t hold elections and negotiate 'Covenant' Sunday Plan of Methodists ^gggjSfgg^gf^Bxmmmmriamm!tm&>*f»xxxzaKe.«';**°^ — •• RPATS HANDICAP—Alonzo Welshman, of Los Angeles, Calif., has befn in an iron lung tor 13 months, but it hasn't stopped him from practicing his drawing. His father built this contrap ion so his son. a polio victim, could keep up with,his art. A system of micro-switches and, motor-driven drafting instruments are arranged so that Welshman,can perform his drawing with a mouth-held pencil. peace treaty. He" also .called for Ihe early withdrawal! of all for eign troops from Germany, but with the right to send them back again. , , Molotov turned down the Western plans: the West said his plan was a trap to create a Communist Germany and a defenseless .West ern Europe. No agreement. • European security: Molotov called for a 32Tnation, 50 years European security treaty exclusing- the United ; Sttes from Europe. He said it was designed to wreck Western plans for rearm ing West Germany in the projected European D e f en s e Community. The West said European security for both East and West rests on the North Atlantic Alliance—NATO— and the EDC. It rejected Molotov's plan. No agreement. ~ Austrian treaty: .... , The Big Four in'1949 Had ,comi pleted an Austrian independence treaty of 52 articles exce'pt . ; ,|pr five articles on which (they' dip agreed. The West here:: accepted Russia's version ofithose five 'and challenged' ;Molotoy.;;, to ; Sigrjk,; :the pact. The Russian ;otfer?d Sunday February 21, is "Covenant Sunday" at the First Methodist Church in Hope. As a focal point of the local Chiir ch's Attendance Crusade (From January through Easter) each member or visitor attending the services next Sunday, wijl be asked to sign a "Covenant 1 ' Loyalty Card" with a promise to attend at least one service each Sunday during this period. All members of the church, not present to receive one of these 'Covenant cards" for their signature, will be contacted by "Friendly Visitors" from the Visiting Teams, made up ;f more than 100 adult members and young people of the church. Syd McMath and Paul Lewis are "Team Captains" for the Visitation Campaign and will meet at 2:30 p. m. Sunday afternoon with the group of adults and young people, who will begin visiting in honors Sunday afternoon. The cards signed at the morning Worship Service will be checked against the church roll and each family not present Sunday morning, Friday, February 19, 1954 will be visited by the teams and given an opportunity to sign a card. Crusade committees named by the Official Church Board are as follows: {. Publicity & Promotion Committee with Harrell C. Hall, Chairman, assisted by R. M. LaGrone, Chairman of the Board; Albert Graves, Church School Supt, William R. Routon, President of Century Bible Class, Mrs. L. B. Tooley, President of W. S. C. S., Bennie Jean Edmia- sttn, President of MYF Group and the "Fellowship Committee members" Vice-Chairman, Geo. P. Newbern Jr. L. B. Tooley, Mrs. James C. Cross, Dr. F. C. Crow, Mrs. C. \ D. Lester, Lyle Brown, Ray Turner O. A. Graves, Judy Hammons. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK Wl — Listening tonight: NBC—7 Dinah Shore; 7:30 Bob Hope; 8 Phil and Alice; CBS— 6:30 Julius La Rosa 7:30 Godfrey Digest 9 Capitol Cloakroom, Sen. Douglas: ABC—8 Ozzie and Harriot; 8:30 Horatio Hornblower; (. p MBS—7 Starlight Theater 8:30 Have a Heart Quiz. The done of x the U. S. Capital is painted every four years. points — forbidding Austria to join any.alliance and allowing the^Big Four's occupation troops to remain in Austria until a German peace treaty, or i>n d efinitely. 'Dulles termed this a "fraud" to give Austria freedom in letter only. Again, no agreement. Asia: •'.'•' Molotov proposed 'that the Big Four 'meet with Communists China in a "Big Five" conference on world' problems—a bid for recognition of Peiping. The Western ministers branded Red China the aggressor in Korea and supporter of aggression in Indochina and said "no" to isuch recognition. instead the Western ministers proposed the Big Four sponsor a conference on Asian peace prob- }ems — Korea and Indochina—and invite Red China and other interested nations to attend. The result was the only import ant agreement of the 27 sessions here :that'the Big Four. Communist China,. North and South Korea, and other countries whose troops ojaght' in 'Korea would meet in Geneva; late'in April to seek a peace settlement. And this would be' followed by an Indochina peace co'nlerence of the Big Four,, 'the Chinese of the Big Folir, the Chinese Reds and "other interest ed states." Relieves Muscular Pain FAST 0 100 TABLETS 49* Now! Used Used Right! Priced Right! 1951 Plymouth 4 Door Sedan Radio, neater, seat covers and good tires. Motor and car in Excellent condition. Only 1949 Chevrolet 2 Door Another real value buy. This car has heater, radio, seat covers and good tires. Motor A-1 » . • Just two of the:many real Used cars you'll find at NUNN-McDOWELL MOTOR CO. Third and Walnut . Hope, Ark. "Your Plymouth Dealer—Headquarters for Value" 0 . seveU (7), j|!b -Range _,, 'and'more 1 as' follows: \yest corner of Section 7, etSS West rth 429 feet to the '"thence East <eet, South be- Hello THIS IS THE... Hope of the quiet' (.- vsume in "Pjptitjoner Peffer said lands a;id by hereof on y'froro G. i "Beck- 9«J4i«on to the its evidenced by Record on the Peed day on Deed Usued on the REDEMPTION CENTER THE TRADING STAMP WITH THE VALUE! Located of LITTLE FOOD PALACE 1120 S. MAIN ^ V f i -"*• • •' - ' • ' ' . * Se! the beautiful gifts on display at the REDEMPTION CENTER. We are OMixJng this REDEMPTION CENTER to better serve Hope and trade area in getting quicker service in redeeming their United Trading Stamps for gift premiums. T SHARING THE PROFITS United Trading Stomps at Following Merchants FREE! - FREE! - FREE UNITED TRADING STAMPS BY PRESENTING THE COUPON BELOW TO ONE OF THE HER- CHANTS LISTED IN THIS ADVERTISEMENT! J, R, Percell Grocery 404 East 8th Howard Bytrs D|wg Store 117 Wfit Swond Street Byer*s Swop Shop 105 South Walnut Ella's Beauty Shop 121W«»t Front '3 United Trading Stomps fop This Coupon Is Good $ 3 Little Food Palace South Main ? M

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