The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 17, 1961 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
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Tuesday, October 17, 1961
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Page Four Editorials Tuesday, October 17, 1861 Don't Laugh Too Hard Remember the old story about the nail girl in the Peace Corps wrote of the de- that was lost, a horseshoe fell off and a Parable living conditions in Nigeria. kingdom tumbled. Thia is a story emphasizing that it is the little things that count. We have two excellent examples of • a little thing, won't wreck the Peace this in the news of today. The first is the Corps, but it sure won't do it much good, seemingly casual remark by Vice Presi- particularly in that area where we need This in itself isn't bad excep wrote her thoughts on a postcard. Now the postcard has become a source of an international furor. This happening, just Television Log Channel 4, NBG Channel 5-13, CBS Channel 9, ABC Tuesday • :M 4 — Picture ol the Day 5 — Early Shim 9— Popeyp 13 — Roy Roieri 1:30 4 — Highway Patrol ft— Early Show 8— Popeyo 13 — Camera Corner »:40 13— sporti — De» Nelioo s:u 6— SporU . 13— Weauier — Gordon Jump •:M 4— New* 5— News with Harold Mack »— O»ie b Harriet 13 — News with livu HarrlKO* dent Lyndon Johnson. An off-hand "come see me sometime", spoken in Pakistan, today has him playing guide to a Pakistani camel driver who took him up on the invitation. This is a heart-warming story, one that it most, Africa. While we may laugh at the predicament Lyndon Johnson is in with his camel driver, we shouldn't laugh too loud. Nor should we be too critical of the Peace Corps girl. Each of us has at one time or another SporU— Monte Moore A— Weather with Johnny Tates may do us a lot of good. That is if it isn't done or said something on which we can overshadowed by the other example. This now look back and laugh ... or uncon- is the one hi which a young American sciously squirm. This And That by jph Faletti's Is Lahore's Hilton «** JPH LAHORE, Pakistan — Not until you get up in the air and have a broader view of the landscape do you realize in how much of a desert Karachi is located This year it looks a little less desert than usual because the monsoons brought almost twice the average six-inch rainfall, so the sand has a light veneer of green. It is desert, except for the valley of the Indus River, you fly over, most of the 800 miles up, north and a little . east, to Lahore. For the fi- * nal 100 miles or so the flat waste, iaanks to irrigation, begin to bloom. The small fields and the rich greens of them, as you see them from the air, indicate that they are being cultivated exceedingly well. Five minutes after you are on the ground in Lahore you begin to feel refreshed, even if it is just over 100 degrees without a fleck of a cloud to break the bright afternoon sun. Here is a city with an immediately appealing charm; an attractive combination of east and west. Junkyard on Swamp Perhaps it is the contrast with Karachi which In retrospect increasingly seems almost a junkyard of civilization strewn over a swamp, unorganized and incapable of organizing itself; an of- fense to the eyes, ears, and nose. Possibly it is because, in from the airport, Lahore puts its best face forward. Whichever, this city is immediately inviting. There are towering big trees whose branches almost meet over the rpadwav, well-sodded lawns, hedges and even a tew' flowers. With the street curving gently this way and that the feeling is more than a little that of an English lane. Ponies piMing two wheeled carts, which largely To Your Good Health substitute for taxis here, clop-clop along. The few small, mostly British cars, go mannerly on their way. The scene is sedate and relaxed. Crisp New Homes There are areas filled with crisp new homes that would loom impressively in any post-war subdivision in Kansas City or Des Moines. There are older mansions, set back in deep-shaded yards that were built for British colonial officers. There are tennis greens, a golf club, a pucca club, and various public buildings on Victorian and Georgian lines. The road follows the walled ground of Government House which are large enough to be a park. A glimpse through a stately, iron-grilled gate reveals, set way back, the official residence, which is large enough to classify as a small palace. The road widens to become Lahore's principal street which, since the rows of trees continue, is appropriately called The Mall. There are, irregularly spaced on either side, three-story business blocks of gingerbread architecture, solid seeming banks, series of shops with shuttered fronts, public building, restaurants and sweet shops with florid facades and farther along, the buildings of one of the three universities here, of quite impressive number and typical campus style. Traffic thickens, naturally, in the center of town. The Mall may be broad but its macadam is only two lanes wide. Into them are pressed stately double-decker buses, pony carts, an astonishing number of bicycles, impatient taxis with yellow painted tops, bullock carts, ramshackle buses coughing black fumes, land Rovers, a few trucks, and private cars. One rule only governs all the vehicles. To the limit of available speed and traffic openings, try to get around the fellow immediately ahead, at whatever risk of collision with vehicles playing the same game from the opposite direction. 4 — Huntley-Brinkley Report 0-13— Newi with Douglai Edward* 6:3(1 4 — Laramle 8-13— Marshal Dillon 9 — Bugs Bi nny 7 MM) 4— Laramle fr— Dick Van Dyke 9 — Bachelor Father 13— Whiplash ;:30 4— A Hitchcock 5-13— Uobie onus 9 — Calvin & The Colonel 8:00 4— Dick Powell 5-13— Red Skelton 9 — New Breed 8:. 10 4— Dick Powell 5— Death Valley Days 9 — New Breed 13— Jim Backus tt:Ufl 4 — Cain's Hundred 6-13— Oary Mooie 9— Alcoa Presents, 9:30 4— Cain's Hundred 5-13— Oary Moore 9— World Series Special 10:uo 4-5-9-13— Newg 10:10 4-5— Weather 10: 1ft 4 — Jack Pnar 5— Ichabod & Me 9 — Peter Gunn 10:20 13— SporU— Dev Nelion 10:30 4— Jack Paar 5— Ichabod & M« 9 — Peter Gunn 13— Hawaiian Eye 10:45 11:00 4—Jack Paar 5—Five Star Theater 9—Big Show 13—Hawaiian Eye 11:30 4—Jack Paar 5—Five-Star Theatr* 9—Big Show 12:00 4—News 9—Mally Word 12:40 5—Late Show, "Touchdown Army" Wednesday Surgery Best For Hernia By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER After reading an article concerning my lack of faith in "injection treatments" for hernia (rupture), the following letter came from a man: man: "Dear Sir: I feel it is more or less my duty to relate my expriences. I went to be fitted for a truss and mentioned that I was going to be operated on. It was suggested that I go to a Dr. X., who specialized in injections, and that it would be cheaper and just as Affective. "I went to Dr. X. for three years. The hernia seemed to be held in place for a period of: two or three months but in time it would always pop out again. The doctor used injection needles about four to eix inches long and seemed to be crocheting around my intestines. . "After each injection the gas pains were terrible. I asked Dr. D*- Molner X- on several occasions to tell me if he felt he could not cure my case. His reply was always the same, 'I guarantee I will cure it.' "Finally I told him I was ready to give up. His reply was, 'I will give you my blitzkrieg injection. That should do it.' "Afterwards, I went home and was writhing in •gony. My wife called Dr. X., asking him what she should do. His reply was, 'Just stand him tm his head if he passes out and he will come to again.' "I later was operated on by a surgeon who said it was a difficult case because of the mass of scar tissue that had built up from the injections. It was necessary to take a piece of fascia from my leg and graft it over the hernia opening. That operation was performed over five years ago and is still holding good, although my work has required much heavy lifting.—W. H. P." It doesn't leave much for me to say. I'll repeat what I wrote before: "The theory — which has been given up by roost doctors — is that the injections build up scar tissue at that point. My feeling is that it is at best a temporary expedient for small ruptures, and of no real use at all in large ones. My definite advice is to have surgery, and the jooner the better." We've learned from long experience to suspect anyone who "guarantees' that his treatment will do thus and so. There is only one thing that a doctor can guarantee — and that is to do absolutely the best be can, "Dear Dr. Molner: Is this a condition that requires the attention of a doctor, or is it something that we needn't be concerned about? After our son has been outdoors in cold air, his face (around the nose and mouth, and near the forehead) turns purple — not blue. This also occurs when he plays too streuously.—D.M.L. By all means, yes, this child should have a thorough examination. I forbear guessing, except to suggest the possibility of some circulatory problem, perhaps involving the heart, perhaps not. There is also a condition called cryoglobi- nemia, a blood condition precipitated by contact with cold. Hemorrhoids can be cured! If troubled with fissures, fistulas, itching and other rectal problems, write to Dr. Molner, Box 158, Dundee, 111., requesting a copy of his booklet, "The real Cure For Hemorrhoids," enclosing a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope and 20c in coin to cover handling. Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO Sherman Keelin underwent an operation at Mayo Hospital. Rochester, Minn. J. C. Patton, 82, of Wellsville, rounded out 60 years as a veterinarian in the Wellsville community. II. S. Hicks, 210 E. 6th, was ill with a severe cold. 50 YEARS AGO Fred Doman, a clerk at Mathias Grocery, was on vacation. Edmond Lister, of near Le Loup, was in Ottawa en route to southwest Missouri on a business trip. Otawans were asking that trees in the courthouse yard be trimmed so they could see the now Sheldon Memorial Clock which had been installed in the courthouse tower. Prayer For Today The apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith. (Luke 17:5.) PRAYER 0 Lord, the author and the finisher of our faith, increase our faith so that we may conquer th< hosts of evil. Confirm us in Thy Word Sustain and protect us from the great mass of unbelieving persons who live in the world of shadows. Use us to bring them nearer to Thee. For Jesus' sake. Amen. 8:10 6—Weather with Johnny Yatea 0:15 1-13—Newi with Douclai Id ward* 6:30 4^—Wagon Train 6-11—Alvln 9—Steve Allen 7:00 4—Wagon Train 5—Talent Roundup 9—Steve Allen 13—Donna Reed 7:30 4—Joey Bishop 5-13—Checkmate B—Top Cat 8:00 4—Parry Como ' 5-13—Checkmate B—Hawaiian Eye 4—Perry Como 5—Mrs. O. Does To College 9—Hawaiian Eye 13—Beach comber 9:00 4—King of Diamonds 6-13 U.S. Steel Hour 9—Naked City 0:30 4—Brlnklcy's Journal 5-13—Stenl Hour 9—Na&ed Cliy 10:«o 4-5-9-13—News 10:10 4-5—Weather 10:15 4—Jack Paar 0—Five Star Theater, "Desert Fury" 9—Big Show, "Spring Reunion" 13— Weather—Gordon Jump 13—Sporti With Der N«lio« 10:30 4—Jack Paar > 5—Fa'h?r Knows Best 9—Peter Clai n 13—Ichabod and Me 10:45 5—Five Star Theater, "Wild Harvest" 13—Big Show, "Deception" 11:00 4—Jack Paar B—Five-Star Theatr*, 9—BIR Show 13—Target: Corruptors U:3t 4—jack Paar 5—Five-Star Theatr* 9—Big Show 12:00 4—Reporter's Scratchpad 9—Dally Word 12:1(1 12:45 5—Movie, "Knockout" 5—Five Star Theater, "Key Largo" 8—Big Show, "Submarine D-l" 6:00 4—Contental Classroom 6:25 5—Profile 6:80 4—Contental Classroom 13—College of the Air 6:45 6—50,000 Lives • :U 5—Farm FacU 7:00 4—Today 5—College of the Air 13—Rush Hour. 7:15 B—Good Mornlnf 7:30 4—Today 6—Moment of Meditation B—Shakespeare 13—Rush Hour 7:35 5—Cartoonland 7:45 »—Good Morning World 4—Today 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 9 Heckle and Jeckle 8:05 »—Cartooni 8:1* 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 8:30 4—Today 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 9—Whlzzo's Wonderland 9:00 4— Say When 5—Jack La Lanne, 9—Romper Room 13—Calendar • :30 4--Play Your Hunch 5-13—I Love Lucy 9—Masterpiece Movie, "Carefree" 10:00 4—Price Is Right 8-13—Video Village 9—Movlt 10:30 4—Concentration B—Your Surprise Paclcag* 9—Movie 13—Your Surprise Package 10:55 9—News 12:00 4—Truth or Consequences 5—Love of Life 9—Texan 13—Love Of Llf* 11:30 4—It Could Be You 6—Search for Tomorrow 9—Ixivp Thai Bob 13—Search For Tomorrow 11:45 5-13—Guiding Light 11:55 5-13—Newi 12:00 4—Cartooni 5—News B—Hamouflag* 13—News 12:05 5—News, weather 12:3U 4—Accent 8-13—As the World Turns »—Make a Face 1:00 4—Jan Murray 6-13—Password 8—Day In Court 1:30 4—Loretta Young 8-13—House Party 9—Topper 2:00 4—Young Dr. Malont 6-13—Millionaire 9—Number Pleas* Z:30 4—Award Theater 5-13—Verdict li Your* 0—Seven Keya S:oo 4—Make Room For Daddy 5-13—Brighter Day 9—Queen For A Day IMS 5-13—Secret Storm 3:30 4—Here't Hollywood 5-13—Edg. of Night 1—Who do you TrustT 4:00 4—Kukla and Ollle 5—Early Show, "Knockout" 9—American Banstand 13—News 4:05 4—Mr. Ma goo 4:111 13—Weather 4:15 4—Picture of the Day, "The RoaU to Denver" 13 —Cartooni 4:30 4—Picture of the Day 5—Early Show 9—Deputy Daug 13—Cartoons 4:15 >—Rocky and Friends 4:00 4—Picture of the Day 6—Early Snow 9—Popeye 13—Quick Draw McOraw SlStl 4—Highway Patrol 5—Early Show 9— Quick Draw tleOraw 13—Kansas Panorama 5:45 13—sporu With Dcv Nelson 5:6» 13—Busmen N»w« 1:55 5—Sports, Harold Mack 13—Weather with Gordon Jump «:W) 4—News 5—News with Harold Mtefe 9—Man From CooblH 13—Newi with Don HarrUoa Stewart, Wavne j Together By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP)-In a time when the movie giants have been dieappearing from the Hollywood scene, it's news when two of the remaining greats are working together. Three, actually. James Stewart and John Wayne are being directed in "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" by another legendary figure, John Ford. When I arrived on Stage 10 at Paramount, both stars were in their dressing rooms. Characteristically, Wayne was on the telephone, Stewart was on the couch. They scarcely had time to say hello when they were called to school. At least , it looked like a school — a canvas-enclosed classroom where the actors sat around a table and rehearsed the next scene. Sitting at the head of the table was taskmaster Ford, a rare figure with black eye patch, baseball cap, faded yachting jacket, rumpled cotton pants and brown and white saddle shoes. Over and over Ford drilled his cast: Wayne and Stewart as the Western heroes. Edmund O'Brien and Ken Murray as the town's drunken editor and doctor, and Lee Marvin as the soon-to-be perforated Liberty Valance. "Okay, let's shoot it," said Ford. The scene called for Marvin to try to get himself elected delegate to the territorial convention so he could sabatoge statehood on behalf of his rancher bosses. Obviously he had no chance against the combined strength of Stewart and Wayne. They appeared in their classic roles—Stewart as the lean, earnest lawyer in his Easterner's tweeds, Wayne as the rangy, slow-talking cowpoke with six- shooter dangling at the ready. Two and a half hours later, they emerged from the scene for a brief respite. "Never worked with Duke before," Stewart said. "Like to. Good working with Ford, too. Guy keeps a tight rein on the whole thing." "He's a good actor," Wayne said of his co-star. "You never have trouble working with good actors. It's the lousy ones who might be picking their noses or scratching their rear ends while you're doing your big scene. But they don't get away with it when a guy like Ford is directing." PRETTY ACCOMPLICE — Doug McClure ifars as detective Jed Sills and Dorothy Malone is guest star in the role of an accomplice in a murder plot in "The Heat of Passion", 7:30 p.m. tomorrow, Channels 5 and 13. Getting Bored With Madmen By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP TV-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Television is turning into a sort of prime- time casebook of psychiatry. We're less than a month into the season, and already I'm educated in TV symptoms of mental illness enough to spot the madman the minute the sufferer appears. Undoubtedly the emergence of the villain who is sick, not evil, is part of the medium's effort to avoid scenes of highly criticized violence; to substitute the threat of violence for mayhem, fighting and murder. But they are loading in mental illness so heavily, this pattern can quickly become something of a bore. In the first three shows of "87th Precinct," the menances were some kinds of nut or something: a lady-killer with a penchant for having his flame of the moment tattooed; an unbalanced woman determined to kill in revenge for her husbands execution, and an out-and out psycho who liked to use a knife. Last week's "Robert Taylor's Detectives" was about an eye- rolling mental case avenging hit brother by kidnapping our hero. Even "Dr. Kildare," in his first TV case, was trying to cope with a lady alcoholic with suicide on her mind. And the opening show of the Fred Astaire series took place in the disturbed ward of a military hospital. This Evening's TV Highlights Wrecks Car Avoiding Skunk ~ EL DORADO, Kan. (AP)-Mrs. Lucy Martha Armor, 59, wrecked her car Monday night when she swerved to avoid a skunk on the Kansas Turnpike. Mrs. Armor was admitted to Allen Memorial Hospital for treatment of shock, an ear laceration and a back injury. Trooper Walt Wiltse of the Kansas Highway Patrol's special turnpike unit said a witness told him Mrs, Armor's car turned over five times after careening off the road. Wiltse said her foot apparently jammed down on the gas pedal when she lost control. Mrs. Armor lives on a rural route outside El Dorado. 6:00 Channel 9 — "Ozzie and Harriet." Rick and his fraternity brothers find that the cost of dating is high. 6:30 Channel 4 - "Laramie." Title is "The Mountain Men." Dan Duryea is starred, or Channel 9 — "Bugs Bunny." This'n is always good if you like cartoon shows and many do, or Channels 5-13 — "Marshal Dillon." Dillon agrees to fight a fellow — fists only. 7:00 Channel 5 - "Dick Van Dyke." Laura feels she is lucky. She has a husband and a son, or Channel 9 — "Bachelor Father." Kelly is about to fall in with the beliefs of a student philosopher who has some funny ideas about the world. 7:30 Channel 9 — "Calvin and the Colonel." The colonel invites guests for dinner, or KEEN TV SERVICE 114 S. Main GH 2-3490 Channels 5-13 — "Dobie Gillis." Dobie is seeking new friendships —girl friendships, or Channel 4 - "Alfred Hitchcock." 8:00 Channels 5-13 - "Red Skelton." Don Knotts 5s the guest star, portraying Mr. Pallid, or Channel 4 - "Dick Powell." This drama stars Rhonda Fleming and Dick Pwell, or Channel 9 - "New Breed." "Death Of A Ghost" is the title. 8:30 Channel 5 - "Death Valley Days." This title sounds likely. It is "Gates Ajar Morgan." 9:00 Channels 5-13 — "Garry Moore." Jo Stafford is one of the guests, or Channel 4 - "Cain's Hundred." Late movies include "Key Largo," 1948, Humphrey Bogart, Channel 5, 10:45. Ottawa Roller Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri., 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights, 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties Mon., Tues., and Thurs. 2nd and Main CH 2-9704 Public Sale New Hope District No. 12 8 miles east of Ottawa on Highway 68 and 3 miles north. Friday, Oct. 20, 1961 (Commencing at 2:00 P.M.) School house 30x40-ft, coal house, two out buildings, piano and other miscellaneous items. Building to be moved or torn down within 60 days. TERMS: Cash. AUCTIONEERS Harold Stewart Charles Beatty Hereford Men Name President KANSAS CITY (AP)-Charles Chandler of Baker, Ore., is th« new president of the American Hereford Association. Also elected at the annual meeting Monday was W. P. Adams, Odebolt, Iowa, vice president. Directors named were Chandler, Marshall Sellman of Watrous, N. M., and Bill House, Cedar Vale, Kan. It is Chandler's fourth term as a director. His father, Herbert Chandler of Baker, was association president in 1953. Ottawa Herald 106-108 s. Mam Published dally except Sunday ant Holidays. Second class postage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B Wellington Editor Guy Snedake/ Publisher Subscription rates to trade area—By mall, one month 85; three months, (3; iiz months, 13.75; one year, 17. Subscription rates outside trade arc* —By mall, one month. $1.50; tore* months $4.25; six months. J8.00: on* year, $15.00. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press li entitled inclusively to the use for publication of all the local news printed In the newa. paper as wall u all AP newi dl«patch. NOW SHOWING Box Office Opens 7 PM Feature at 8:00 ONLY LIVE ATOMIC AM ADVENTURE On Land...In Outer Space... And Under The Sea! WALTER PIDGEON Jo AH FOHTAINE BARBARAEDENPETERLORRE ROBERJSmUHGMlCHAELAHSAH «FRAHKIEAVAU)N

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