Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 4, 1945 · Page 20
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 20

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1945
Page 20
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TWENTY SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, Potomac River Basin Dams As Proposed In Survey By Army Engineers . • • . " ' '"...-• , : • • ' » ChombtrtburoX RLEAN5 Hancock PINESBURG Williarsport ! SAVAGE RIVER GiRRETTI / TORT 0 R G A OCKYMARSH HARPERS ERRY *7H A U P S H I IR C * / •/.; ) ) ctor. / J / r*«ED E KI c K :; / ; ^Winchester G L A R \j [ «" * * ' • / c?/ _/ xk 7 ,' > :. ROYAL%M«K.fl.u." ^--W/ /. < V •teLEN-A.."«:'./^r )— J , ISLAND BRIDGE • Rladensburg ASHINGTON PRINCE G E 0 R -G E * A u 0 u i l yWarrenton p R ' N c ' ,«$r •Luroy * * A p piH iNNO c .* S V A-;/,: r- ; K' y \ BROCKS GAP •Staunton Woynesboro Location of proposed reservor Watershed boundary ... - ccvoli< Proposed Potomac Dams HigHights £ . • . ("Continued /ro Ho?J Interest For Area (Continued from Psgt is) for flood and power . purpt**,..,,,, heichfc 276 feet. The dam would be channels in Srar the river's mimlh . arid • the Wiahlnffton.^ create water would back up slightly pftst! a * lon f^" 61 "' ° the fork with North river. | charges. Patterson creek, drainage area of , E " gln , e 5 rs miles, for flood and of the dams (Continued from Page it) Bounded by machine gun bullets four days before the break-through iti Belgium. Lieutenant Skala Is from Forrest Hills, Long Island. He and industrial water supply, reduce is 22 years old, a student of two rate ./.of silt, deposit/In ^.navigable [y ears ^t Princeton University and tidal -reaches belo',vi nas been In the Infantry for two needed recre- years. He Is now ftt Newton D. and moderate flood dls-'B a i; er Hospital. Martlnsburg. square following order: Riverbend. Chain Bridge, ^JLsland. MilKIHe, Springfield, dents are willing to work,-- while others aren't. Mrs. Gibson, president of tho Library, assigned certain streets to the different classes. Various excuses were used for not buying tickets, but as a whole the Keyser people responded very to the campaign. SIR KEY, FORT ASHBY HJGH : Greetings and salutations from He was In France, Belgium and Germany. He found the topography of Germany similar to that of West B*ar Virginia. He stated that ths French - were very nice to the Amer" with the Potomac and thei erB Ferry, Edes Port, Plnesburg, j CBn soldiers, "but it was worth a nearly' the'Patterson's creek, . / iRockymsrsh Run, the North Brock ' s Gap - ' Hardy county line; : Below Kc-yser on Branch of the Potomac, ; dralr.ngc urea 557 square miles, the purpose to diven, water to Patter- dollars to him to be back In the United States. He also stress- Jed the Importance of the Red Cross Benefits LIsttd Estimated cost of the entire project ; is $235,720,000. , The annual : jon the battle fronts, Mr. Miller then introduced Dr. E. E. Church, president of Potomac State College. Dr. Church stressed J --- . — T --- • --- ' ---- ' --- , t C3tul<J OUlieKli. 1^1. ^iiui»-ii av-^c^o^-ij operation and maintenance cost;is| th i OTp{)r tnnce of the "high school estimated al $1,297,000 ajid averago| studf ; nt £ drlve , 0 the Red CrMS much sous creek, height. 78 feet. This.Is the smallest of the proposed projects. Orleans, about, eight air-line miles Paw "Paw, W. Va., drainage 3.157 square miles, power purposes, freight 97 feet This dam would back water up : to about Paw j Paw. . '• . . • .." . ; . . : •.Royal Glan, near the Junction of j the South Branch and the North I fits 'ivould' : ' accrue mainfy in 'the!* ,,.„., , n ,n »».,*, ; Fork. drainage area/ 6-10 snuarei r cach between Harpers Ferry and morale builder of tnc_ team. annual benefits at $15,700,000. Beno] w ^' '•'"- are broken "down 33 follows:; t «d.control $253,000, water sup-j ' plv, 5110,000. pollution abatement. w --" .-- -: S573.000. highway .facilities $69.000. Jra win?; to _a close . - $239,000. navigation S13,- I™** *»' j£* S "I **V*&££2 po uilon' W abatem U ent rf With ^ basketball sca^n rapWly oter and water power frcm the first. team : to interview, tjwfth this In mind she out to find "Frit?." good 'ole Fort Ashbyl There has jsen lots cookin 1 around here this week so well busy ourselves to tel you all about it. .• Miss Florence Howard, 4-H County Agent gave a rousing talk, "Protect Your Smile," In Assembly February 27. Her talk was based on three things, your friendly dentist, food for teeth and the clean\ng of teeth The students were allowed to file up on the stage and examine th exhibit which was ' displayed. ' I included cleaning Impllments, foods which protect the teeth and dentls instruments arranged. In a vers attractive manner. Four members of the Senior class gave a debate on the same as sembly. The subject for debat being: Resolved: That the .Unite States of America should adopt the miles, for flood and pcwc: purposes.'Washington and that water supply hclqht 215.. feet. Water -would bei.benefits would be realized in tha backed up on, both streams to-the .Washington area.. Pollution .nbate- Pendleton county line. mcnt benefits would result for Cum••; The engineers also recommend the j bcrland and Washington. • . completion of the Savage river dam; 4nd the building of dams at River-i fccbd. Chain Bridge, .-Bfar island,' I0 ^ Mrs (0 If 'the. plan is carried out in- "Fritz" Is 6 ft. 3H In. tall, .weighs approximately 170 pounds and Is a senior this year. This Is his second year on the team. He started play- Ing center but after Sour games was changed to forward, which position he has played very effectively. ' : He is now high point man with lass. It will include crystal read- T,-™^*- ig, black face comedy, and several jj url => L •ng, ther features. The Juniors have decided on larch 28 as the date for the pre- 'entation of their class play ccount of Luella." "All on IJrr Sliame For Gentian Defeat, Family Suicides With U.S. 1st Army at the Erft _ . , . ,, c n River, March 3 <./?)— "The shame Yaiikclevitz Must Serve V| of German defeat is too much to To Cut Sentence Wednesday, February'" 28, .the} Months 111 Black Mai'- -Harpers Ferry, Plnesburg andiciudinc improvements here, it Is; 150 points. He made his IT. Rockyman-ih Run on the Potomac; Millville on the Shcnandoah; and Brock's Gap on the North Fork of over 50 percent of .the flood damage experienced In the bksin would be eliminated. It is expected 'that it would take 20 the Shcnandoah. Irmr nanee Troposal i^ rs to c°mpleK Uie projects. ' , i The district englneei t The :plan has been proposed for it he Savage 'river dam would be; !he long-range 'development of I beneficial immediately to Industries' v'it*r resources of tlie Potomac• in the vicinity of Cumberland nnd' river ba*in lor flood control, hydro-)would increase low-water flows to: electric power,, abatement of pollu- abate partially pollution on the' lion and other purposes. .: North Branch between Luke and : Engineers estimate tho average Cumberland, and elsewhere in. the j annual flood damage In Mie basin ntjpDtomac. It Is also contended the $1,700,000 and the value of Im-jsavage river project would asslstj provementR on the flood plains nub-j the tiltial P.lverbend project in low-| Jcc.L to. damage at. over $300.000,000.; flow regulation and would Increase! No coniideratlon is given to flood-in value to power operation as thoj • prol«;tlon for Cumberland as a stop-by-step construction of tHfil . separate plan Is being prepared, j comprehensive reservoir plan pro-j Concerning Cumberland the enrj gross**...' - t :' girwicrs' rieclarc that channel 1m-' provenicntX offer the bost method of protectknu '•: : 'II Is mnlntAlnert that thr dams accomplish th«! folUiwins; piir- Kj'stem; of compulfory : ; military training for all mule citizens who have attained the nge of 18. The debaters were as follows: Virginia Lee Pyles and Dnle Beam—affirmative. Delores SUrliper nnd Junior Powell—negative. Loy Lou acted as moderator. The.seniors were glad to have a fellow classmate. Wlnton Hershbcrg- er S 2-c visiting Tuesday. Winton Uie class in December to Join Navy and has been In basic training at Bainbrldge Naval Training Center. i ; Pete the Strong Man will a' visit to the school March 8. Thej. ,show will start at 8:00 p. m. and] As in everything else some stti-lls being sponsored by the Junior; Eagles played host to Howard' High School team while the Fort Ash by- girls played host to the Piedmoot Ugh girls. Good sportsmanship was an outstanding factor throughout both games. Both Fort Ashby earns registered wins with the score 35-34 for the boys and 10-10 for the girls. •;.• • . ' : . At the conclusion of the game the girls' team gave a party. Honor juests included the boys team, loaches Haines and Simoncelli, cheerleaders and the managers Hamburgers, cup cakes and chocolate milk was served. The potential basketball team 0! '46, both boys nnd girls, tanglec with the outgoing seniors and their coaches Friday afternoon. The outcome is not known as yet bu we will let you in on it next week In intra-mural basketball we fine the Senior boys nnd girls in th lead, each with seven wins and m defeats. Mr. Bosley's senior Social Science and Consumer's Education classes arc yelling tickets to the Mineral (County Library this week.. ket Tire Case bear." Baltimore, March 3. (/P>—Federal Judge W. Calvin Chesnut denied oday a plea by Lewis Yankelevitz, Cumberland, Md., for mitigation of penalty of a Sl.OOO fine and nine nonths imprisonment imposed upon ilm for illegal traffic in automobile :ires. ' Yankelevitz. who requested the opportunity to present additional evidence concerning the records he kept of tire transactions, pleaded guilty Feb. 16 to transferring a total of 31 tires without receiving proper Office of Price Administration cer-1. tificntlon and failure to keep proper! records. : ; •' -:-. : ',••'• .'$•'. \ At today's hearing the tire dealer! produced records which he saidj showed that he had received 8421 tires from his suppliers and had: made proper sale of 810 of them,! leaving only 32 to be accounted for.' This was the farewell note left by a German man, his wife and his daughter. Their bodies were found hanging from the rafters in their home at Elsdorf when American troops captured the town. They hat! stood on chairs, tied ropes arounc their necks and kicked the chairs from beneath -them. Their dog was found hanging be 1 side them. . •-,•'"-' A grizzly bear rarely attacks a man unless surprised or molested Get That Package" Is plea—ft Was Butter Chicago, March 3 (fl 3 )—An obviously .excited man telephone Lois Etteldorf, Pullman Company lof> property clerk, today, to a report M nad left a package in a car en routs here from Minneapolis. "Please get that • package, pleaded. •' . While the car was being searcwc a porter entered the office bcarir.s the lost package, Lois, also excittfl by now, tore it open. • Inside were two pounds of ciMe- A new aluminum foil for household use can be molded into s for food covers which will le the life of perishable foods. Tho coming week winds up th basketball season here at the Fort with the exception of the tournament. Tuesday night both teams meet Elk Garden on the home floor and Wednesday night the boys journey to Piedmont to play How* nrd High. HILLTOPPERS. ; Some 100,000 miles of blood vessels distribute the blood that takes food and oxygen to all parts of the human body and tarries off Its I waste. ' The OPA presented evidence that j legal purchases had been made byj icrsons whose names did not appear | in the records, and that two suppliers had reported selling more tires to Yankclevitz than he had admitted receiving from them. Six other Allegany county men who leaded guilty to participation in the black market tire operations were fined with Yankclevltz last month from $100 to $500. Trial of two others who entered pleas of innocent wns deferred to March 14. Kltzmillcr;? Williams- Engineers sRy . local protection works axe not economically justified ntv?tills .time Rt " Westcrnpou. Himeock. port, Fiertmontv* Green Spring, Pctewbiirst, aful Paw Paw nn<! low-wiucr flows fnr rilhiHon;recommend thf abandonment of the; of domestic:.nncl trade n-n.tics ihiftfrsistlni^-projrct.s at. Moorcflolrt and: HIT. (ii-'charRrrt Into strciim-, In-!Harpers Ferry fl* ihey nr* notj ;r. low-Water flows lor dcmcsUc 1 economically justified, i po?r-s: generate hydroelectric energy. Simply m« itwithCjnu«3''* 1 * r ' A fur ippliaiioni ' wllf completely rtj-cotor ic jicnilir tn it* former ojiutxl shade.. In one day if you wijh. Cutl.' vivc or shimpoo your hiir wirhout ri»V (n Ui flitirrtng nev^ rolor or njtonlly soft (nmr*. ?fimp ju« «"« » month iad KEEF it young-looking. anute Water ng dealer* in mine of Arner- fca'x linicic cities n . SAKI Skin <r,t N • Pr«TC<lh»rn>le«atotieof America iGmim mor«.c»™i. Nooth< . rprec i ut ieanmak«ollth«*«<loimt VPiler (bin ill mhef h»ir colnr- tn/ti comhmni! 8 Applicnioo Sl«. dzvt; store* REMNANT SALE LINOLEUM - - ALL SIZES INLAID ; 98c Squart Yard FELT BASE 39c Square Yard RUG SAMPLES 4'/ 2 ' x 6' «ch 98c THE STORE OF FRIENDLY SERVICE GERBER'S STRAINED OR CHOPPED BABY FOODS 3 cans 20C CKRE.AL FOODS OR STRAINED OATMEAL 2 PU KS 25c NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT 2 PkS5 2ic SHREDDIES 2 PkKS 21c atiniurr nnded. 40 NORTH MECHANIC STREET FERRY'S Flower and Vegetable Seeds 5 C * 10° Pkr HEINZ CHILI SAUCE £" 29c Boscul COFFEE 29c TO S«:IT TOUR NSEB* VITA-RICH VEGETABLES Jumbo Pascal Celery 25c bunch Tender California Peas -' 2 , k , 35c Tcxa* Seedless Grapefruit 3 ,„, 25c U. S. No. 1 Fancy Potatoes 15^59

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