The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 25, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1977
Page 5
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Naugatuck Patients Given Free Bed Aid At Gaylord Farms 'Guylord Farm Sanatorium at hu.n used up $2,651 of lt« froe-bcd fundd during tho ten yours In caring for NtiUK tubni'CuloHlH patients who havi; bm.n unublu to mfiot wan the nmii.ll HtunclarU chiu'jtc tor traittmcnt. Thin Tljfuro waM revealed today by Hur- HH Whluunvii'o. Jr., or J. H, Whit- ti'tnoiti Company, who has uccupt- irtl the chnlrrrmnBhlp of tho Nau- KtiUick ftlucatlonnl commlttoo for Ouylord. Thti cost of irRiitiriK tubiM'culosIx p:itlunt* from Nuugutuck during the pant ttm years Han umountud U> $y,2!>2, Mr. Whlttomoi-H Hulcl, udd- JnK" that contribution!) from Nuu«a- tuci< frlnmls of . thu sanatorium umountud to $'1.823 during thu mime period. 'iftciiiinn freedom fi'orn flnunolul worry dui'lnff the lung 1 months of truatrnont hu.s honn- proved un Im- poiUint factor in the putlont'.'t rucov- dry from Uibcroulo.slii, CJayloril lum iK.'ld firmly to thu policy of a iirnall, ulMucliiiilvt; fou. wald Mr. Whltlo- mori). It IM to help niakf up thu ulffiii'cnai: liwtwiitin ucuuil com -jl' t'rKUtriiutM and tho low ruto rtmr(;<-'U to putli-nlH thut 'Gaylord l.t appual- tnn for flminclii) support In Nuli- Kiituck thin month. Dr. Tuley Named U. S. Synthetics Operations Manager In the rc.scarch and development o[ Industrial and rubber . chemicals Dr. "Tul'ey was'appointed oaaistant sales mnniiKcr and latei- snles man- ufc'ci- for rubber chcmlcal.s-nnd ve- nlalnj. He continued h\s .sales work until \vur came when his chemlcul und admlnlitratlve experience was r'ocjulrcd In the production of explosive*. In 11M2 he way made assistant plunt muniiKur of the Pennsylvania .Oi'dnar.ce Works, Wllliumspoi't, Pa., which was operated by the United Stutea Rubber Company, and Inter became plant manager. When the company received contracts from the Wai- Department for the operation of the Kankakcu Ordnance Works, Jollet, III,, J>, Tuley was miide plant manager, u position hi. held until June, IMS, when ho became assistant (jerieral sales manager for the Naupatuck Chemical iHvUion, A white fluorencent lainp Is 70 times more ctllclont than thu firefly aa a" llyht producer, und a green .lUore.scenl lamp IM 100 times more efficient. Feel Sporty at 40 Feel Nifty at 50 Be More ALIVE at 65! Tlmi'H Tpiuti iw* well ii* pootry. Do you blmno «XftHUiftv<], MietftHlt tuultltit <JH Hitu't TfjOUiulldrt <\nuiit<l 11L What ii lltllo popping Up Will) Utftrul hiui (luho. CutitittitH (mile itmiiy incii iitirt wornfo nt;vU nt '111. .',(J. 1)0 whvn ilii-y f«vl wonk, u|d. noluly hociiiwo bucly In lu»v in iruti. Try O*irex Tonic '1'KbiDt* for new inr|), vtffi, vitnllty miO youncor tarllflCi (M« very <I«y, Iutrudiiciory tltt} only Jioi Kur HUKI ut nil driiK mori-H i-vi'r.vwlirn— In N'itUl£i((lM>k, ut AI It'll'rt ('ill l(u 11- ull<J ' rriii:)HK'i. i r of thu al and Kvnthotlc . With riundciunrtcrs (it the rom- IMiny'n NIJW York odlci', Kncki'fi.'llur r.'cntvr, Dr Tutuy will nu|Kirvh<u produiitliin, production Mchcdulu.-* mid prf"ilui:llon routs of thn thr'-ii Hynthijtlu rubber plunt.i opurtitud tiy ton toiiipuny at Nciuifuluck. f.'oiin.. IriMtlttitu. W. Vu,, nntl LOH Am:iil»ti, Culir. ' In addition hu will iniilntt'ln cluHu contact with til" ruiHpuny'x wynth'.'tic 1 rubbi'i 1 re- xuiiroh and development progi'iim. Dr. Tuloy wu.s ,bo:'n In r'ulinyru. Mo., 1 whorn MB rccwlvud hlw early cducutlort. Hi 1 war. unxduiLti'cl frmn Ori'L'un Slntu ('olk').'i' with H !'•. S, di:tin>i' ii'id i'ii(.'tl^«d hin l-'h. J"). df- jJi-i-i' • In di-KiiMc etiumlstry from | HIP l/'/ilvurxlly of rillrifilH In l!>2ii. Me julriiid I hi: froniirul lalicnUnriiii or thi 1 United Mtiitu.M 11'ibl'f.T (.Vnn- pjiny ut Pasdalf, N. ,(., In JDViH an a resviu'oM <:hi)[nli*t, I/iti-i 1 hi' WIIM tninnl'iMTud fi> Ihr luliurutni l"» 'if Din NuiijfiLluok C'lirinlciil Dlvl.-ilfin | ut Nnuwitucli. C'jiin. Jh 1^31), aftfi- H yiiiii-.i' uxpiMli.'iii CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY Tel. 221!> 21 SOUTH MAIN STREET (OiMiimltK XiiLiKuturk Fiirnltiirr Cn.) I'ltPliirj Hi'lMilr Srrvlro (in All Mllkrn ill Iliulli. .-fl4. I'niiniil NrrH«- III Kti|iNiiliulili> I'rli'rs. LlUrMl Kgnltiinrut fur Kmllii Ki-niilr Work. Philco Car Radios Alltoiniltic rii Uncord anil NAUGATTJCK NEWS (CONX.), TUTORSDAY, '.TUr-Y 25, 194ft—PAGE 8 STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE Hij Spring St., Union Ctty T«l. Nail),', (III I ~ Wat. 4-OD^U I'KIJX NAIIDKLLO, iMlll Xllll'l! llf S|KI>I Illlll Wllllll -1111111111 llllnilH ri'i'iilrt'il, ri>-ln|MMl, . Garden Hose • Lawn Sprinklers Charcoal Grills Pittsburgh Paint GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAri.lC STJtKISr rOHH from City IJAlcury) I>p)iv>trv Telephone L. P. RACKE GOO IIIOII STKKKT NAUGATUCK, CONN. Do You Know tlio oitfht cardinal points in selecting a. I'mieni! director? All arc- explain! in tho Booklet, "Vour Ki'spousibility," published by tlie National Selected Morticians. Write or tok-plioru' us IV/r a complimentary copy. ALDERSON FUNERAL HOME, INC. 70 CKNTKAI- A VIC. TE1,. '^f\~ 201 MKAOOW ST. NAI;OA lUt'li TKI.. 225S EPSODENT A NTrSEPTIC 23 C - 39 C - 59 C It's so pleasant to use! If guards your health and sweeten* your breath , , . and is a "must" before every social engagement. Stock up today at Murphy's. *^% ALWAYS USE W'OODBURY'S SOAP 'v A* •2 970 *J cakes for ^ / m .,„, Your skin care is important! Keep it young and beautiful •JtS wiln tllc tipl " >oap ' ' ' Woodbu ''V' s • • • specially made for gentle, thorough cleansing. PEPSODENT PASTE and POWDER The only dcnlri/rice that comains Irium 10 loosen dinjjy film. Use either pa<ic or powder to brighten your teeth and your smile. 21 C - 39 C Try It! Ifs Wonderful! GLORIOUS DRENE SHAMPOO 49 C - 79 C Don'l let "hatless days find you with hair that's dull from using soap'shampoos! Use Drene! Jt leaves your hair so lustrous yet so easy 10 manage. Dtcne never leaves dulling film so no special rinse is needed. VjLE AN Bcah paste and powder wiih a delicious minty flavor. Leaves your mouth cool and refreshed while combatting bad breath. CO LGATE'S H ALO 21 C - 37 C Soaping dulls hair! But whether yours is normal, oily or dry, Halo will reveal its natural beauty. HELPS YOUR HAIR 23 C - 47 C TEETH SPARKLE WITH iPebeco (PaAte 23 C - 39 C It docs a swell job of cleaning', ami polishing. Leaves your mouth feeling refreshed. YOU'LL LIKE DR. WEST'S T)ooth &ru&ne£ 25 C - 47 C Both' "Nylon" and "Miracle Tuft" in assorted styles. Grand brushes that clean your leclli. TRY THl'S THRIFTY J^Lauld TJeel 23 C - 39? It's the original liquid denli- frifc, so pleasant to use. Get it for whiter, brighter teeth. USE VASELINE Hair Tonic •Use just five drops a day of this wonderful tonic and have hair, that's admired. COLORFUL PLASTIC MARCHAND'S NEW Hair Rinse 10' 10 C Convenient and sanitary toothbrush cases for your travel or home use. Assorted colors. Not » bleach or dye. It enhances your hair as niakc-up does your face. Try it today. DR. ELLIS QUICK DRY Wave Set 10 C e Try tin's popular fragrant lotion, It's easy to use and is not Oaky or greasy. TRY WILDROOT Cream Oil 47 C ?» The "almost mapic" formula that conditions your hair and makes it easy to manage. TREAT YOUR HAIR TO Vitalis 39 C s? Use it regularly to keep your hair well groomed and to supply needed scalp oils. NESTLE'S FAMOUS Color Rinse 10 C B? Fills your hair with radiant highlights. Gives it a softer, silkier sheen. IUATNESS HAVE BEAUTIFUL NAILS WITH DR. ELLIS (PoU&k and (Remover BE SAFE WITH Pleasant, vanishing cream deodorant that's not greasy, gritty or slickv. Get your supply today at Murphy's. TRY THIS POPULAR c4rrid 39 C -59 C = Pure white stainless antiseptic vanishing cream that can be used right after shaving. GET COLGATE'S CREAM DEODORANT . Mw Veto 25 c -39 c s Safely and quickly checks perspiration. Use it regularly to prevent any chance of offending body odors. Get Dr. Ellis' hard finish nail enamels, in newest shades, for July's hand beauty. 10' Plu. Ta« Has an oil base that's good for nails . . . and whisks polish off in a jiffy. >TADIUM IKL L. PSTICK . REALLY EFFECTIVE Odor on o 39 C - 59 C ^ Stops perspiration, moisture and odor, keeping underarms dry. No wailing to dry, cither. Large sine in fast-acting, plastic push-up container. Six smart new shades in a smoothcr-tlian-cver texture for lovelier lips. 25' J OHNSON S Get a supply to keep your infant happy. Especially for Baby's tender skin, ii prevents rash and chafing from summer heat. BABY POWDER 10 C - 39 C * CASHMERE B o u Use it after bathing. You'll love its alluring fragrance and long- clinging softness. QUET TA LC M AYBELLINE Make yours txcilins tyes! Here at Murphy's is every aid you need to make :hem alluringly beautiful and expressive. EYE BEAUTY. 10 C = MEDICATED No? Get yours now! Sec how quickly it improves your skin. It aids in healing blemishes and irritations. XZEM A 25' Plus Tax NO ALMOLIVE FOR Both "Regular" and "Brushless" that softens toughest beards. Makes your razor glide along for cool, clean shaves. ALL BEARDS 27 C - 39 C , I F E B U O Y SHAVE CR EAM You'll say "It's swell!" It's quick lathering, too . . , with the same perfection of quality you enjoy in your Lifebuoy soap. 27' GENUINE GILLETTE WITH BLADES Gillette's new "Tech Gold and Black" razor with five rnadc- to-fit, finest steel Blue Blades. USE AFTER SHAVING c4aua Velva 39' Plul To« A famous Williams lotion. Leaves your skin tingling and refreshed after shaving. RENEW YOUR SUPPLY OF Qillctte £lade* Made of finest steel, cither Thin or Blue holds » keen edge. You'll gel more jhavci. MEN'S FAVORITE M^nnan. '* Gale 25 C Plul Tax Stock" up now, Men, with thii popular after-shaving <»Ic. lt'» smooth! .You'll like it. IT'S SENSATIONAL <§utton A 59 C a The new leg make-up that's sweeping the country! So easy to apply; won't rub off. LOVELIER LEGS WITH NEWEST SHADES 25 C e It's a brand new formula Containing a lou'on with lanolin. Goes on smoothly as Nylons. E-Z-Slov» Hair Removers I0c FOR FACE OR LEGS So lit air 25 C -60 C = Get your favorite shade for a flattering, lasting complexion. Also grand for leg make-up. GET A SUPPLY Rubber < 10 C Made of soft, iterated rubber that gives » smooth make-up job. For face or leg*. D-R S C H O 1.1-' S Keep your fcci feeling fine all summer! Murphy's have a famous Dr. Schiill's aid for every foot ailment! OOT 10' IDS EACH A LWAYS Stock up now at Murphy's. Johnson and Johnson brand, cither plain or nicrajrodirnme treated handy emergency bandages. HANDY BANDAIDS 25 C A G Cf.- MURPHY CO " j -

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