Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 4, 1945 · Page 19
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1945
Page 19
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD n SUNDAY, MARCH I, 1945 NINETEEN Jimmy .Caghey'-Stows His Judo Skill To Times Correspondent seems like seven or eight time* »nd eaves go. I am flat on my b»ck. • Now I Mk you—Ii..#Mt « way o treat a gentleman of the press? : , • .••+».-..• ;1 • This exhibition- look place at the Cagney estate above Beverly Hills. There' he has constructed a large matted platform where he and expert Jack Sergei practice their Judo, Despite my introduction to it, Sergei, assured that Judo Is not systemized mayhem, but the essence of gentleness. I needed con- yincing. It is' a school' of jlu jltsu and was devised by some oriental monks who "sought va strenuous but friendly exercise. ' •" '••:•,: . : The secret of success, Sergei showed was In learning how to fall. One must fall like a rocking chair and then swat the mat to absorb the shock.^Under his tutelage I executed a couple of turnbles in the prescribed method and it was painless—well, almost. * - » * ., * Cagney is pretty hepped up-about Judo, as he is about his new picture, 'Blood on the Sun," In which he plays an American newspaperman in Japan. The climax of the movie is a Judo battle to trre death between him and Sergei, who plays a Japanese secret service officer. It is Jim's first action picture In four years of playing romantics anjl song and dance men. Radio Toclay ftUNOXV, MARCH 4 :, Cittern WirTlmt P.M.—Subtract On« Hour tor CWT., 2 Hr«. for MWT. Ohanstt in program* at llittit dut la DOWV — Jimmy Carney helps Bob Thomas earn a living the bird BY BOB THOMAS Hollywood. — So I walk, up to Jim- xj Cssmey, outstretching my hand ir, a friendly fashion and what hap- rjns? ' ' ' ! f ~Kt E'abs my flipper, also one leg, !!!'i me over his head and I go •vine through the air with a mln- I am flat on my back thinking this is very funny of the little Irishman—ha, ha. With difficulty, I pick myself up, believing- perhaps now we shall commence the interview. • . Cagney advances menacingly. He grabs a number of my extermities spins me around his head what Porters Restaurant 20 NORTH MECHANIC STREET WILL BE OPEN for BUSINESS MONDAY NOON Fifth of Jap Officers Were Educated In U. S. Hollywood, March 3.—It is estimated that 20% of the high ranking officers of the Japanese general sUiff were educated in American colleges and universities; Such an officer Is depicted by Richard Loo in RKO Radio's "First Man Into Tokyo," but his American alma mater is strictly fictitious. His character is so obnoxious that it was feared if he were established as a graduate of an actual college the school might sue for damages. * ROBERT WALKER IN > T . Y. Upon completion of his co-starring role opposite Hedy Lamarr in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's "Her Highness and the Bellboy," Robert Walker left for New York to join Xav.ier Cugat and his orchestra and Lena Home In n personal appearance at the Capitol Ttwtre beginning March 1. M-G-M's "The Picture of Dorian Gray 1 ' pened there at the same time. • .::. - - • • : , ONLY MARY O'HAR A COULD WRITE SLVGER INSPIRES ROMANCE Latin American singer Carlos Ramirez, the Latin American baritone, will provide the perfect romantic setting for two love scenes 'between Van Johnson and Esther Williams in Metro-Qoldwyn-Maycr's "Early to Wed." He will sing two popular Mexican songs in the Technicolor comedy, "Come Closer to Me," and "Viva Mejico." Both num- 3ers will wind up with the two stars in a torrid clinch. by nelworkt mad*.{04 lali (a (neor|ioral«, .. ; 12:34—Tb« Paul Lav»Ue-Cone*rt—ube • Trans-AU»mlo Call. JJicliang*—CDS Andrlnl and ilia Contlntnlale»—blu Lutheran HuJf-Hour Services — rubs 12;45-r3toyak'a Concert Orchestra—blu 1 !<XHrFU(e*n JilnuUi•Newscast— alia The Church of the Air Sermons—c£s . John U. Kennedy and Comment—blu Stanley Dlxon In Coruinemary—mb* VMS—America United, A.t'.U; — atic .1 George Hlclia Weekly,Comment-rlilu Singing Canaries PrOb'tam—mbs-bas. M30 —u. or Chicago, Uounfltabl^—nbe Guest Speakers for 15 Minutes—rcb» Sammy Kaye't Serenade: News—blu ; Detective llyslerlca, Dra.Tiatlo-^nbo 1:45—Ed Murrow'» Commentary—cb« 2:OQ-~Thosa We l.ovt, Dmmstic—nbc Th« ilatinet Theater, Dramatic—cbi Chaplain Jim, U.S.A., Drama*—blu Sky Riders Servicemen's Quiz—nibs 2:30—John Chan. Thomas & Song— nbe New» of World; Olln Uov,-ne»—cbi National Vespers via th« Radio—blu BUI Cunningham In Comment— mbs 2:45—Tho Canary Pet Program—mb« 3:00—World's Parade, Max Hill—nbc N. 1, Philharmonic Symphony—cb» The Charlotte-Greenwood Show—blu Roostr of the A.E.F., Comedy—mbs 3:30—Official Hour by the Army—nbo Ethel Burn-more'* Mlss.HatiU—blu Nick Qirtor Detective I>rama—mbj 4:00—Darts for Dough. Quiz—blu-weat U Is Set to Music—blu-New England. iTour America, Variety Guests—mt* 4:30—iluslo America Loves Beat—nbo Nelson Eddy Variety & Guestsr-cb* The Andrews Sisters Frofrram—blu What's Name of the Song (juU— robs »:00—NBC Symphony Orchestra—nbc Family Time fc Patrice Munsel—cbs . Mary Small in a Sunday Revue—blu Let's Face the Issue, a Forum—mbs 5:30—il'tropollt'n Opera Presen's—blu Tha Shadow irystery Drama — 5:45—Bill Shlrer.ln Commentary—cbs i:OO—The Catholic Radio Service—nbo Adventures of Ozzle and Harriet—cbs Ilall at Fame, Paul Whlteman—blu Quick as a Flash, Quli Show—mbs «:30—Great Glldersleeve Comedy—nbc Fanny Brlce and Comedy Show—cbi Upton Close -anti His Comment—nibs 1:45—Dick BroTvn^with Ills Song—mbs 7:00—Jack Benny Comedy Show—nbc , Kale Smith Hour for Variety—cbs Dr«w Pearson and Commentary—blu The Cleveland Orchestra Hour—mb« 7:1*—News Summary for 15 Mln.—blu 7:30—Tha Bandwagon Orchestra—nbc QuU Kids and Joe Kelly, II.C.—blu 1:00—Chas. McCarthy. E.'Bergen—nbo Blondle-Daswood Comedy SkJt—cbs Tli» Greenfield Chapel Sen-ices—blu Alexander & Mediation Board—mbs t:15—Dorothy Thompson's Talk—blu 1:30—B. Bracken Comedy Show—nbo Crime Doctor, Dramatic Series—cbs Stop or Go with Joe K Brown—blu 8:4i—Gabriel Heatter Comments—mbr 8:55—Five -Minutes News Pcrlodr—cb: 9:00—Sunday's iierry Go Round—nbi Magazine Theater and Guests — cbs Walter WincheU's Broadcasting—bit Horizons, Sunday Cone. Show—tnli »:15—Hollywood's Mystery Time—bit 9:30—AJbum of Familiar Music—ntK JameiMelton i Alec Templcton—cb Cedrlc Foster's War Comment—mb . 9:45—Jlmmie Fldler's Hollywood—bli Tha Derry Cooper Show of Sone—mb 10:00—Pbil Spitalny t Girl Orch.—nb Phi! Baker's Take It or Leave It—cb Life of Rlley- and Wm. Bendii—bit Earl Wilson Tells of Broadwaj-—mb 10:15—New Helen Hayes Series—mb 10:30—Comedy, Harold Lloyd MC—no We, the People, a Guest Show—cb Ono Foot in Heaven. Dramatic—bl Columbus Boys Choir Concert—mb 11:00—Variety and News (1 hr.)—nb News. Variety, Dance (2 h.l—cbs-bli. Music Depreciation: Ore. (3 b.)—mbs Vomise lo Dick Powell Is Finally Fiiliilled Hollywood, March 3—When Dick Powell, "then a singer and master of eremonies at a Pittsburgh theater, as drafted for the movies he was iv«n a solemn- promise that he ouW have have a wear makeup, on he screen. -• ; •.• . •• . Teats, however, showed that he eeded makeup for the filmusicnl aria he played. Now, for ."the first me,, in ten years the movies are nakmg good on their promise, In RKO Radio's "Murder. My wcet," in which he is co-starring nth Clalro Trevor and Aline Slrir- cy, Dick wears no makeup. He even •ears a stubble of benrd (not syn- hetic) in some scenes. ',..than me never- to-be-forgotten •"My Friend Flickal" iHlMlliKllliAl) SON OF FLICKA with RODDY McDOwALL f DS1EB 20 TH CEHtUKY-FOX flQTURE MARYLAND STATE PREMIERE SHOWING STARTS FRIDAY STRAND THEATRE STAR'S BIRTHDAY Nicest birthday gift received by Kathryn Grayson, who celebrated her twenty-third natal anniversary this .week, was a packet of twelve letters from her husband, Lt. John Shelton, stationed in the Marianas —and a bouquet of twenty-three red roses, which : had been ordered from a local florist exactly one year ago by Shelton. .; Two Timely War Filnu Kuehed lo Completion Hollywood, March 3—With jth* capture of Manila, th« invasion of Iwo Jlma and announcement of General MacArthur's new slogan, "On to Tokyo," prime topics of Interest. RKO OUTSTANDING STARLET June Allyson was voted the "out- tanding iiew screen personality-of 914" in a reader poll conducted by lovie Stars Parade magazine.'June ook art early lead in the balloting Fun with Books (Centiautd (r«m Ptgt t) Gothic" to naUon-wkfc fun* him. [ Gail HuMtU, who scored K hit u [feminine lead In Paramount'* "Tri» I Uninvited," has n similar, role In U>« studio's new r*j-chologte*l chill- The original for the farmer in the!" picture was a Cedar Rapids dentist,'! named Dr. B. "H. McKeeby. Ho sat! Radio is rushing to completion two f pictures which fit in perfectly with * these events. • One is "The Invisible Army," starring John Wayne inn story of guerilla warfare and the release of Americans from the Otbanatuan prison camp. The other la" "First Man Into Tokyo," which has Tom Ncal in the title 'role and cwries the war into the Nip homeland, - ; - Wayiie King lo Replace Jack Benny Show June 3 When Jack Benny vacations from his LS/MFT show, over" NBC, his summer replacement will be Wtyne King and his orchestra. which was open for three monthi Wayne'King goes Into the Benny •^.i !•-. *u« r;.*nf nn ..«4 ..... _._TI rtr\t rv^oinnincr RnnrittV. .TlinA 3. and in the final count was well ahead of all competitors. The young M-G-M actress recently completed a leading role with Margaret O'Brien in "Music for Millions." Hollywood SCARES COOK With the servant shortage the way it is. Pat O'Brien vill never again wear lome. Pat arriveS home wearing a luminous makeup which makes his skin low in the dark .for a ghost scene n RKO Radio's "Man Alive." Mam- ny Simpson, his colored cook, saw lira In a dark hallway, screamed and started running. It took the combined efforts of the household to induce her to return. ? •• '- pot beginning Sunday, June 3. ITURBI ON TOUR Having completed hla meting role n Metro-Ooldwyn-Mayer's Techni- olor musical, "Anchors Awelgh," ilajiist-conductor Joee Iturbl Is on a nationwide concert itour. Hurbl will travel throughout the middle" west and deep south for .hree months before returning to Hollywood. He will intromice a series >f nocturnes on this tour which ic has composed himself. SONNY'S MOTIIKK ON VISIT Mrs, Bowen Charleston Tufts n Df Boston, mother of Sonny Tufts, has arrived in Hollywood to visit her son and his wife, Barbara. Sonny has been playing host for his mother on the set of his current Paramount film, "Ons-s My Heart.' LEAVE 'E.M LAUGEIIXG Paramount's mystery comedy with hillbilly background, "Murder, He Says," is said to have one of the most hilarious endings ever filmed Fred MacMurrayj Helen Walker anc other principals are Involved in a hay laaler. . ,.: ... . . BARBABA BRITTON LOANED Following completion of her star ring role in Paramount's Techni color production, ''The Virginian, Barbara Brltton has been loanei out for a leading part in "Captali Kidd," with Charles Laughton. J WON'T SMOKE "':•.-. Hollywood—Lsraine Day has never smoked, won't even pretend to >moke for a movie. In RKO Radio's "Those Endear- ng Young Charms" the scenarist expected her to accept a lighted cigaret from Robert Young and Join lim In a smoke. Larain* refused to do this so the scene was rewritten ,o show Ypung smoking the cigaret she declined. on the condition ( would not be that Both McKeeby and Wood were much distressed when thr people of Cedar Rapids spotted the dentist easily. Dr. McKecby wouldn't admit, and he would not deny, (or five ycarsj that h< was the fanner In th«kt pic-; ture. But patients would invariably sit down in his dentist chair with the remark: You aren't going to use that pitchfork on me, «re you doctor?" After the picture became well- known. Dr. McKeeby became eveji more wounded. He cot his greatest shock in a dining csr a thousand miles from home.,A complete stranger »t the table bent across and inquired: , . Are we by any chance sluing across Jrom one of Grant Wood's characters?" Dr. McKeeby finally admitted to being -the original for the farmer, but he would never say he liked the picture. ' •'..••• "I'd Just rather not hear any more about it," he sajld. : Pfdgln EngU»h is probably spoken as a second language by more people than any Oliver tongue. STARTING; TUESDAY SHOP EARLY and ATTEND THE AFTER SHOWINGS OF THIS NEW M-G-M HIT . . . YOU'LL LOVE IT! WHAT'S IN* INITIALS? Marjorie Reynolds, who shares starring honors with Eddie Bracken. Veronica Lake and Sonny Tufts in Paramount's "Bring On the Girls," thinks there may be something in anagrams. Marjorie lists Martha Raye, Marjorie Rambeau and Mikhail Rasumny, Russian actor M. R.'s like herself—among her favorite film people.. • ; . NOVEL VALENTINE Paramount starlet Jean Heather, last £«en in "Going My Way" and "Double Indemnity" received a cardboard heart pinned to a Jap battle flag from "77 Lonesome Lads Somewhere In the South Pacific." LEAVES l^ANA FOR DESERT! Pllteen minutes after hU final love scene with Lana, Turner in "Week-End at the. Waldorf," Van Johnson ;left for Palm Springs and a week's rest. '•*•:.• The young star returns to Mctro- Goldwyn-Mayer next week and Immediately goes into the starring spot opposite Lucille Ball In "Early to Wed." . :.•:.....- .. BUBBLING WITH ENERGY If glamour means anything to the War Price and Ration Board, Lucille Bremer's application for renewal of her gasoline coupons ought to come through in a hurry. ; She filled out the papers and signed them while taking a bubble bath on the set of the Technicolor film fantasy "Yolanda and trie Thief," at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer! WTBO Chart TODAT 1:00 Old Fashioned Rerival Hour. «:00 World News Round-Up (NBC). 9:15 Comm&udo Mary (NBC). 9:30 NBC String Quartet (NBC). 10:00 Natlonit Rldlo Pulpit IN'BC). 10:30 Words »nd Music (NBC). 11:00 Church Service ' oni Centre St. Methodist Church. :~ , 13:30 Keivs. ' . 1:15 America United (NBC.I. 1:30 Unlvcraity of Chicago Round Table - (NBC). 2:00 Arc Maria Hour. - • 2:30 Westlnshouse Program (NBC). 3:00 World Parade fNBC). 3:30 The Army Hour (NBC). <:30 Music America Loves Best (KBC). 5:00 General Motors Sjnriphony (NBC). 6:00 The Catholic K«ur (NBC). 5:30 News. • :• • 6:(5 MUJicalt. . 7:00 Jack Benny (NBC). ' • • 1:30 Bandwagon (NBC). S:00 Charlie McCarthy (NBC). 8:30 Eddie Bractcn Show (NBC).' B:00 Manhattan Merry-Go-Round (NBC). fi:30 American Album of Familiar Music (NBCI. 10:00 The Hour tt Charm (NBC). 10:30 Comedy Theatre (NBC). • : 11:00 News (NBC). 11:15 Story Behind the Headlines (N*BC). 11:30 The Pacific Story (NBC). 15:00 News. • . COVERING THE FIELD Joan Caulfield, the blonde Broadway star who makes her film bow iin Paramount's "Miss Susie Slagle," jis now taking dancing lessons at the studio and will'soon begin voice les- to prepare h«rself lor any type 'of film role. . • .. • NOW WORLD PREMIERE: •' Feature* At: 2:20 - 4:37 - 6:52 - 9:20 •..and how she dreamed Th* story of a wife and how he sang... and how she lov*d... or a woman . and how she grew.. is Katie • JAMES DUNN asMnny • JOAN BLONDELl as Aunt iky PEGGT ANN GARNER utim -TO DOHAtDSONasNeeley • LLOYD NOLffl is McShans , .- ; . : . .. Dtnelii kr GLEASOH • RUTH HISON • JOHN AlEXAHDER . B. S. PULtY"- ELIA KAZAN LOUIS D. LIGHTON Ul| i-r ADMISSION TRICFS: MONOAV TIIROITGK FFln.\V; MATJ-VKi: Al.l, SHATS «fd- — KVENINn: OUCHCSTHA o — .SATflRDAV TTI.l, I P. M. Al.l. SEATS Mr— AFTl:R I T. M. Al.l. 5F.ATS .V,r— SUSHAV Al.J, ST.ATS int AT AI.I. TIMI:S. . ' 7:00 Morning Spotlight. :7:30 Nc*s. 1:45 Reveille Round-Up (NBC1. 8:DO World News Round-Up (NBC). 8;15 People Know Everything. fl:30 Do You Remtmbrr? (N'BC). 6:45 News. Fun and Polly vith Ed East anc Poliy (NBC). MornlnR Meditations. Nations Rations. Finders Keepers (NBC). Road of Life INBCI. Previews and Reviews.. News. ' Words ind Music (NBO. 13:10 News. 13:45 U. S. Navy Bund (NBC). l-.GO Sketch;: In Mclotly SNBC). 1:30 South of the Border. : 1:45 Morgan Benty (NBC). 2:00 The Guiding Light INBC). 3:15 Tndny-s Children (NBCl. 2:30 womia-in While (NBC). 9:00 9:30 9;45 10:30 11:00 11:15 11:30 13:00 COOKIE PROOF Topeka, K»s., March 3 yF>—Staff gt. BiJly Wagner of Virginia anfl Lt. .William B. Gcrlock had an »r gument in France about the qunlitj £ cookies from their home states. Sergeant Wagner wrote to Gov Vndrcw Schocppel of Kansas ehal nging him to . make Gerlock' laims good. The governor turnei he problem over to Daisie, his ook, and she started preparing batch of her best cookies — an maybe fruit cake—as proof. i; DEMAND EXCEEDS SUFFI,Y Phoenix, Ariz., March 3 (>P>—Fiv policemen were needed as guard when customers . waited hours to purchase commonplace pre-war terns offered for talft by «. Phoenls itore. . . • Each customer could purchase tw wxes of paper tissues, one alarm clock, four towels, four wash cloth two sheets, six yards of yardag material, oil cloth, two pairs rayon hose, two pair.i of panties one brassiere and one slip. • /? «£>4<>te7/«5<sAe A LIBERTY* NOW HURRY! 2:00, 3:53, 5:45, 7:43 and 9:42 P. M. LIONEL BARRYMORE GLORIA DE. HAVEN M-O-M ficrim wKEENAN WYNN • MARILYN MAXWELL : Almo Krvgtr »' Marie B]ok« . Ktyt Luk* IN THE M-G-M "NEWS OF THE DAY" Flni Piotaml Spectacular Films! . CAPTURE of MANILA SP.NSATIONAI, Sri'NKK 1)1' Al.l, iAsrs or I.!IU:R.\TION Or MANILA. COL1.ABOBA TIONISTR ii r.r — STHi'.rr TO-STREET ntlllTINO NEW ADMISSION TRICKS Through Frld»r — Mlllntf — All S«»l« (Be — OrrSeslra B.lo — Hftlronj 4i* Sil«rdar Till 1 r. M. — All Still **• • Alter I P. M. — All Sruli M« 5and&7 All SeaU &.%f — All Frleri Inrlud* T&IM Chlldrtn Cnder IJ y»ar«. 16e At All Ttmr« • STARTING TUESDAY AT NOON • Cab Callow'ajr Splvei Problem While re-employrhent of veterans [ corns as a major problem for many j employers, bandleader Cab Galloway | IRS found an easy solution. Instead of dismissing anyone to make way for the older band members, \* just adds the discharged aervice- men to his orchestra,- As a result, 3ab now has five more musicians than he did In 1942. Latest returnee is-Roger Jones, trumpeter. ' ARMY VS. NAVY Catherine Craig, who plays a Wave officer in "Here Comes the WAVES," starring Blng Crosby. Betty .Hutton and Sonny Tufts, has been named the official sweetheart of the 184th Quartermaster Corps now hi Prance.. FILM DEDICATED TO OPERA Encouraged by the public response to operatic sequences In musical productions, Irfetro-Goldwyn-Mayer Is planning a onc-rceler-devolcd to the claKslcnl cmisc, to be titled, "Mr. anrl Mrs. Opcrn." S*«5 Patriarch of Moscow Moscow, Mar. 3 |/P)—-Edward J. Flynn, friend of President Roosevelt, who has been visiting the Sorlct Union for several rlny.i. \\-*K\ received today by AlcKcl, Patriarch! nf Moscow and all the Ruxslns forj the Russian Orthodox Church. I FOR LAUGHS "KICKAPOO JUICE 1 ' A Little'Ahner MARGAKT WYCMERLY NEWS FLASH! THE CAPTURE OF MANILA! TLUS ANIMAL CARTOON* — MUSICAL PARADE GARDEN MANS NAVY TOM DRAKE • JAMES GLEASON Jaa CtATTON • S«l«n» iOTLE Nomh 1EE*T, Sr. • Htnry CXr«ttl TODAY AND TOMOROW HOPPY WITH 2 GUNS AND A FAST HORSE ON THE TRAIL . . . SHE FOUGHT A GANG OF HOODLUMS TO PROTECT A IROTHER ... SHE'S A QUEEN ON THE RADIO! SHE'S A SCREAM ON THE'SCREENI BILL BOYD KID SISTER" JOAN DAVIS in "Undtr Cover Man" with Andy Clyd« and Chrii Pin Martin Starring with Roger Pryor and Cortctanct Worth "KANSAS CITY KITTY" WITH , . BOB CROSBY > JANE FRAZF.E r.rtiK nor.r ANO THE WILLIAMS BROTHERS NEWS OF THE DAY Extra M-G-M

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