The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 25, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1977
Page 4
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B 4-^NAUOATVCK N1SWS (CONN.). THURSDAY. JULV M, SKio^t&Er^ 10 ! •"SUBSCRIPTION KATES Pnyublo In Advance .11.00 i v°" f •-•-•:•;•*_ THUKHOAY, JCI.Y Z6 ,11MB Time For A Plan arc- Xaujialuck's plans for l«>i.]':. with a peo,,l, .-«, S^^^SSS^SHSS^^^^^ Do You Remember? From the FUea of the Naugatuck New§ 20 Years Ago ,. ( . lu .Hlifm" ' 1 .tl.H- ,s Hi' 1 v^nains n'nlv for tin- pl'inninK ( ; ''i I'oui'si 1 "!' notion Mi"' ^rlnTto llu'u-ard of,,. «..c| Hll ,,,. s ,,,s, No implicnK"" .'« mt.'.nl.-. .rtl,,. task is sinipl.'. X<- is LhjTc an M ,,.,^ti..n llu- Im'lly "i'«'iU-il I'liil'l- i^houhl f,. !K i,, lo i»k" ["'•'" »* ll il( tho touch of a nnt^ic \vainL The point lo I"' stross<Ml is Iliat -Nni- i • ,,, ,.\n*r-r to having " siutalilr "(ituck IM no ciosf.r iu « niKlilorimn today than it was -'0 or ..u y.-ars a.U'o, and milfss soniolhin.!;' in tlio i'onn t.F n ili-luiilf l''»" is w '! rl ; ( "' "". S'OW our fmiw P>" will !'«' ]>"- rt)rrri i, lK „„ WuUM-l.ury and N-w llas-n |, M sk(-tl»ill foiii'ls I"" yi'"' 1 " 1 "'" ( ' c> |> ()S siliililv ol' coiistnictioii of a state ,.,.;!,;„,„ alonn. w ith tlu- auditorium nro- Pf 'i 1 5ut \vln-n- will we 110 a yt'iir IM-IUT \\' tliu plauiiiiij,' i-oinuiissioii shelves the au- ditoriiiTn proposal completely ii\ the inpi- I hat federal and slide jinl lionl n-s. nl tmi IK-IIC^I ol' inleresled national -tiard olli- (•ials, will solve oni'proMem, only to linvo th L . armory heroine lost in the whirlpool „(• ii,,. HI47 General Assembly or some other political or legislative whmpo" . The proposed armory mijjlil I ill tne hill Tor the proposed niiditorinm, and tlu-n: are many who would ih'hate the issue pro HJid con. hnl unlil our or the other is lifted from the supposition sta^e Iho planning fommissioii is faced witli a major queHt'.on: Dart- we continue without a plan I Foreign Service The United Stales foreign service will have a general ovorlnuilin,U' U' n hill now I it.'fore llu 1 House t'oroitcn al'l'airs t'oinmit. tci- is passed hy (!oivj?i'i^s. The hill [irovkles i'or the raising- of salaries for mnlmssadors and ministers for tho First time in DO years. I'lxpensus whicli acconipjiny the hitfli imsilioiis are so ^n-iit. that I'or yours a man without a private source of income has not heen able to represent the (,'iiited Stales at one of l.ho more important diplomatic posts—a situation hardly consistent with democracy. .In contrast, the Brilish ambassador iit Washington at present receives more than twice the amount paid the American ambassador in London, Also included in the bill are provisions I'or salary raises for foreign service officers all down tho line, a new promotion and retirement system inlondod to make it possible for men to advance faster on merit, ancl more frequenl leaves and assignments in this country to keep the corps in closor touch with United States policies. An institute would be established for intensive training. This bill is worthy of st.ndy mid general approval. At a time when the country's foreign service has more difficult tasks and greater responsibilities than ever he- foro, It is important that the service lie organi'/ed to function as effectively as possible. Some of the "dollar-a-year" men were m'isnnmocl. Seems the part-time workers got phrt pny. But after all, >,vho would want to admit lie was only a thirty-seven cent mail? 20 Years Ago MIsH Catherine Duffy of Fairvlew avenue and ML.. Julia McCarthy of Southvlew atreet vacationed at Atlantic City, N, J. o—O—o Miss Gertrude Hoey of Cherry street returned from vacationing at Wllllmanllc. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Mlu Beatrice Creenberg of Frederick street returned from vaonllonlrip In Lawrence, Mas*, o—O—o' MM. William Burke and Mr* E. J, Andrews were on a motor trip through the Berkshire.. Around JThe Clock THE SCALLOPERS The dlnK'y. dirty little boats ICach with one nail spread. Move nlowly up and down the bay With auflh'iills circling overhead. Auxiliary motors la-/.ily pumping And husky fishermen, their buakels Mul«- ™thmlc .sound that sing* to me Of "the la/.y .nun on a drowsy sea. I'm on vacation, so I can be lazy— L° here, on the hot sand and watch Whllo the .scallopur-s "work like crazy To make what they call a "lull catch . The .MCttffulls squeal ancl mow A.i thi'V skim ancl circle around Fvr-vthinir but me has something to do "AS with sleep I He half drowned. Tho Uliit'y. dirty little boats liach with one sail spread Move slowly up »nd down the bay AM I He on the beach "like dead. .M. V. *-*' American occupation troops in Japan arc Iioing taught fourteen ways to say gotuLi)ye..Jjut,..will..they. use, tLem? Helen Url.elis and Felice Mooney are sponding the week at Spring Lake, N. J. Tf the woatlicr there is the saino as iu-io it's not a very nice week ion vacn- tioninn- .... But \vc like the wentlicr we'.v°haVin'u—for a.change. . . .Mrs IMivllis Tarynovicz is hospitalised ana wo'hopu it won't he Ion- until she's up an ,l ;1 ;, )IIIK | again. . . . Elmor Schm,U wants it known that he did not ;iom the N'avy. . , . Similarity ol 1 names caused a little confusion, it seems. In the monthly report from the Naval Recruiting station in New Haven four local youths were listed as enlistees. Those boys are: Melio Gabani, Walter M Wotjak, Joseph A, Santore and Kenneth A. Leach. Good luck fellows on your new, but what we at home hope temporary, careers, The first.-oil' mntc.h to be televised will he the All-American tournament at WALTER WINCH€LL Coast-fo-Coast (Copyright, 1946, by Th« Hunt Corporation)^ of . e the Tain (('Shunter Country Club, Chi-. eao-o, today ____ And sponsoring the television will he the 'U. S. Rubber Co ..... Station WBKli will tdevise the event. The highly-sensitive, instrument is the latest, model R.CA orthicoii tube. A motion picture 'film of the tourney will be made for future telecasting over \\ A.KU i,, N,.\v York, WPTZ in Philadelphia. WbMiB in SclK.'iiecltuly and the Dumont station in Washington ---- Ladies: Don't forget that Japanese lieotles like nyolns. lit-ttor watch them while they're on tho clothes line. Despite warnings from Dr. Walter I. Baker that the waters are contaminated, and despite large "No Swimming" signs posted by the U. S. Rubber Co., the new dam has been well attended during the past couple of weeks, particularly during the recent heat spell. . . . Warning by the health officer should be sufficient to keep swimmers out of the water. To all outward appearances the place has been condemned as an unhealthy body of water. If such be the case why are not steps taken to enforce the ban ..... Youngsters can't be blamed for seeking a spot to cool off on an unbearably hot day. Perhaps the best solution to the new dam problem would be the taking of steps to make a suitable swimming place available in Naugatuck, Pat Kelley has been on the go for the past couple of weeks making contact with all sections of New Haven and Litchfield Counties. ... He's leaving no stone unturned in his campaign for the Fifth District congressional nomination on the democratic ticket. . . . Equalljr active on the republican side is Majot/ James Patterson of Naugatuck, who is due to be released from the Marine Corps in the immediate future. We don't want to offend any heavenly bodies, including the sun, but really, we've liacl about enough Irot weather this ..summer. --------- - — - — mrr ,,_...... . .._.. -.„ ..• story mili- Howard HiiffUe« hus ordered hia •u'naurer to give $100,000 to Marine. Set Willlum Lloyd Durkln. who pulled him- out of the blazlnff plane. The doctors say that In 30 Second, more, the daring young man would huvo been beyond human aid, ...Durldn was napping when LhR sound of a plane-off key, hUs trained ear knew—uwakenett him He saw the crush, ran over and pulled Hu S hos out. .. .Durkln hud fought- with dive-bombers and was commended for putting out a fire In a flamlnj,' ship with a 1,000- pound bomb aboard. .. .He's u HeU- effacine chap, 30, from OM City, Pll After he und the Beverly HillM"fire chief carried Hughes' to sufety. a Los Angeles reporter whom I know (his name is Jack Lail, Jr.) nabbed Durkln, got the facts, run to a phone ..."By the time I KOt .back, with the crowd ifrowinK, plenty of excitement,..!, looked around for Durkin—easy to , spot since he was in uniform,, says Jack.'"He had evaporated,. But I found him — he had "« back to finish his shut-eye!" oOo Lt. Col. Grf'Bory. ("Pjipp.v") Ington has written Ills own of his life and adventures tarv, mati-lmonliil and eon's, and the script will propably be sold till* weok to a wealthy Callfornian who likes to dabble and gamble....The deal c.a!K for book implication, to be followed by u film based thereon. .. .Bill Capney Is Interested In that, and his brother', Jimmy, may play the bappy-iro- lucky hero If ho does, he won't- run'into the quallflcatlonij that crimped him in the .late George M. Cohan's blop Pa.|>p.V Isn't ti-inpcramcntal, ; tells oil. ducks nutlilne, personal or professional. oOo—— Hearts In Hlifh—Carmen Miranda and Mexican actor Eduardo No- rioK'a, 'not discussing toreadors or- zoc boo-ool ...Since Martha Seottr divorced Cnrlton Alsop this week, he's bcpn telling: Sylvia Sidney what a wonderful place Reno is... Stan Fisher, harmonica-playor, lost the Carnival's Miriam LaVellc, who.will; wed George Auld.. .Hunt Strom- bcrp, Jr., and Marrrarot WhitinK prefer a ti\l5lc for two . .Hulbert Taft and Stella Roman of the Met Opera, continuing what they start- fid in Cincinnati, where she sanp in a Summer engagement Anne Bertoldo, bonnie-fiictd boniface of Cafe 'Trouville, reserves her non- pro smilos for socialite Bill Leslie. oOo Never tlie Twain—Ftom both ex- treniltlvH of the nation, oji the same day, come two titles, on the sairic basic Idea, with exactly «>v<;rse conclusions: Dorothy Chapman, opera diva, has been askod hy the Mayor o,f New Rochelle, N. V.. to cliantri-; IKT name to Nina Rochelle, In honor of hor home town. She has graciously complied. ; Monica Boyar, Doininlcun clmii|- li;lV enchanter, served notice on hq'r Hollywood press a^nt to cut the. name of Santa Monica changed to Santa Monica Boyar. or find a new job. WP cliecV.ed with' tho Mnynr of New RnvhellD. The Chiipmun-ItO- cliclli* Item Is true....We liave no way of I>iiik;t-p.noofinK what the Car 11) canary said to her p.a. ...;., Kxcapt that 1)<- plaintively nddnd,' "If you have a loose job around.. >' oOo—— 1 u-iNh busy bo dies would stop sending me torrid tips about Benny' Meroff ond dancer Diane ("Call Mi- Mister") Marshe, ntghtclubbing nijfht aCtcr night—"and he's ola" enough to be her father!" He should be. He IS her father . . Mark Finley. press director of Mu- tuul-Don Lee network, when he was a colonel overseas, was assigned a secretary with n sonR-tltle name—Mavourneen O'Reilly. He was discharged. Later, she wns discharged. She flow the ocean to New York. He flew tho continrnt from Los Angeles to join her. They wore united at St. Patrick's Cathedral by a pri.cst, who is Finley's cousin. Now they're honeymooning- across the country, headed west, In a car thuy borrowed from hillbilly, Zeke Munncrs. .. .(Planes are for people In a hurry!) opo Rose Marli*,, the honey mooner, has turned up. A wire to tills department advises that she and Bob- by Guy arc living In San Fernando Valley, Calif., and he's trumpeting 111 Kay Kayser's band until !«:.(called Into the Army. Then the bride will pick up the S50.000 In Eadtern singing dates which she left hanging when they «lop«-d. Her mother had called attention tt her "dli*appearaiice". . Herb Fields Hurtle Cabin band-lcadi-r, bus written u theme MK, "Mnrgan-t," for the duuKhterT of. Prcs.. Tinman when she stops postponing her radio debut Opening In a new musical at Provlncntown theater, on MiicDoujpil St., Is Gloria Mo- Ghee, daughter of Hep. McGhee, »f Miss. Tile way Congressmen are being bowled ovor, her puppy nuty not like the title—"It's Your MOVI-" In the same tronpiv Is. Mj«ry- Him<- Cohan. Ingenue load, daughter of Jackie Saimders, whom you'll recall In fllms. - - ooo—-- Pulsos Pumping—Ignore Liorn- mon, sipping solo at BrudluyV:, lolls us she engaged to- Carlo Borgia; he's In Rome and will got an nuiii- ence with Pope Pius; he'll be back in a month—and then—wedding stuff. .Mlmi Forsythe, ox-Mr.s. Ben Bogeaus, whispering with' Guy Mc- Caiidless Robert Q. Lewis and Jean ("Ciu-ousel") Drirling hike together, but they say .shu dreams of John Fnedkin, of Col. Pics ..Foot- all star noc .Blanched throwing .,i.sses lit Kit Hyde, ' tho modest .nodel ..And Au B UHta Wolfl. kin Of Pros. Harding, in a Cafe Madison tetc-a-K-te with Bobby Coognn, of tho Coogan's BluffCoogans. Genial George McMu.niH, fal.ber „. ."Bringing Up lather," turned uctor In the Monogram film bused un. lils.pentiinial title Jnd characters (That wnH-iio-purth<|U:ike— it was Jack Barryniorp, doing handsprings In his gcave!) Joe Yule, Mickey Rooiiey'n old man. portrayed .llggs. He took lo»son» from crooner. Phil BrlU), for si satire; on tin- Franklc-boy oult. Ob, Yes, Ye Know the Mite. Too —The utterly social Wai-burtons, Rosemary and brother Barclay, children of Mrs. Willie K. Yonder- bill, an: both, athletp-mlnded. . . i Rosemary is rarely soun without Winston Guest, nine-goal polo play| ei' and kin of'Winston Churchill. .. Barclay El Moroccos n.s steadfastly with Sonja 'Hcnlc,' who likes 'em ! youthful . . .The lonoMome lad_ she left behind, In.Cnllfornla. Stuart Bai-lhclmea? i» 20. Bnrclny In all of 22, oOo ..A ChlcaKOflond,. who,., for. =>. ch«n>r<', did NOT phonr- me to t."t „„„ c; ir e of." went U> one ,,f .,nr cafos which IIJIK #>« v«lvf-t (wire-lined) rop« up to, anybody who Uii't on. the golden scroll.. .He DID plion.% AFTKR the event, und Mild: "They treated »nc "I"' "• r _OF ITALY!" Fall Term Opens Sept. 3 THE PERRY SCHOOL Afcmllln! K Aininivi-il fur V«'(critnK TrulnlriK IJrown BlilB.' Wutirlmry "Tlic I'rrry Win 1 Mf»n« llMtrr !•»>•" VENETIAN BLINDS Jit Hlopk. Thrrc IJnr IJrllrnir. LEBON'8 VENETIAN BLIND CO. 1TO No. W«l» It. T.L »-7X31 lVul*rl>urj FOIl PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION' Phone 4720 LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO 11'No. Muln, St. Niiuifuluck WEDDING CAKES And Other Special Baking A Specialty CITY BAKERY 15. I'. STOPPANI, Pro)). Msiplo Street TVli-phiini; 3G78 BOUGHT SOLD Kent u Trailer und Do That Job Yourself: ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL. SERVICE TKI.KI'HONK NnllBiiliirk SCJOK nrr In Unlnn Ollr llurdwurr Hide up 14 Jun« 15. 1946 AiP h » « employed 20,281 veterans . . . men and women who proudly wear the honorable d i *• emblem. DODGE SALES — SERVICE Hotchkiss St. Ganige 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 8727 J. L. MAZILAUSKAS, Prop. ELECTRIC BROILERS;! { Electric Appliance Co. l 1241 llnldwln St. Wnt. — Tel. Plastic Life Belts for Children to 14 Yrs. $1.98 , .-^ ! Plastic Rings $2.79 BEACON KIDDIE CENTEB 71 GRAND STREET __ ' Wuterbury GIVE MONEY or FOOD GIVE TODAY to -Win'. - Lorn countries. 15c IL cUy will feed n family of throe tot tt day ... in any one of IL dozun fmnlnc- rldd<.Mi countrk-y. Send your donn- ;tlon' to the Km- H* o o d on Cotn- Tnitto^ In your riimmnnfty. Don't Delay! CARROTS LEMONS CUCUMBER HONEYDEW NATIVE Home-Crown CALIFORNIA LARGE SIZE; LARGE LONG GREEN ! LCE. BCHS ,D02' FOR MelonS-Ripe, Ready' to Ear-Size l2's;EA TOTK GRIM*i The Complete Outdoor ' Fireplace* AIA TYPES OK nADIO KKPAIR WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances ' HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHDRCH ST. Telephone 4084 i STRISIK'S. < 10 O:nt«r St. Watcrlmry, Conn, S "CARNIVAL" CIRCUS SET ; By Llbbey Glass, Set of 8—S3.00 BIUNC US I VACATION CLOTIIKS I 1'OU DHY CI-EAXING | 'EMBRUSKJ 4.11 >'•!. Miilil SI. TH. 3K(I7 Lulun til/ WKDDIKG GIJrT SPECIAL KLKCTKIC PKRCOLATORS with chrome tray, nueiir und creamer, complete M. WOLFF MS CHANJ) ST., VVTBRY FRESH! SWEET! JUICY! ock your O^dccF- i . c v«—goi ** , . Cut i^o haW« > or . syrup . i, t>li % ,'"9 "01 only will incr«o»* bl) , -ill 0 '. American fa-" 1 ' 1 "' 've hcaid & lot •'hcie days about... ."More Meat NOW Available" i ...-•. ii, IS inn.-,- uut "nuJ ^.i ii (-(..'KS i.JiiJ cli»jj»s :u.u IV.T.^UI y «" ri HIM *''" l- 1 " 1 -' u ""-' a "° * ..VI10V. AA:!' l.Uyr''S "" vu buUK , . -mi! an nu-«-:iae HI ilio price. K.ui •Mi. I KOI comlltioux iKivv! in;ide li"' - J isSO.MI>- I ,,a.s. .hoy .i'.-B«-i !"<• l'»« s - ;'," Illi-li JU-M assmvil. whi'lllvl- "'. oi'-cv or Ifminrrow A* I' w»l ouiy J,«« Wh.ll'H "TOI-.S" Ht .1,8 .OWM )>rl. s <-. lonaPeas ~ TANCY NO. 2 S MIXLD CAN 1 4 C Sauerkraut. -AN fona Spinach Spinach *&p >A N , Pard Dog Food • DOG BISCUITS Old MoiliiM 2':Lli HubboioKibbled BAG Daily Dog Meal * 5 -u 1KC OAG Ow- Spaghetti V £ Pickles 14' conroN-s 5 oz 4CC UUUII»» FIBRCO PKC IB Cleanser D° L TC,< 2 CANS 15 £ Argo GLOSS Stsrch PK« 8 C • . . • PCANUT QUTTFR AQC SKlppy CRUAMV— i uu JAR da _. . I'CANUT BUTTER OQC SKlPpy CHUNK MYLE-1LB ,»3 - i ANN PAGE 1 LB 4 EC MUStard SALAD £* «J A-PWHlMOfoxOil CAN'!.*! JUNKET V.sko Delicious PKG Ammonia _ . Beans 'S oz SULTANA GAL. HAtr 52 t Gcrber t s5i;c. n .«'5 JARS 39 £ Nectar Tea ! j^34« OurOwnTea > r 31 lona Cocoa »•* ICECREAM OLD HUNDRED ALL FLAVORS BABY LIMA BEANS COLD SEAL SPINACH _ . pruno CoffeeCake » Pecan Rolls IcedTwist Rolls BEECHNUT " '-.r^ 5. ^ Z 39« COD FILLETS sTeVkcod 39 C

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