Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 26, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 26, 1909
Page 2
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A Minister on Newspaper Work. Dr. Malcolm Method, t.he eloquent, 2>ast.or of tho First Prr-shyterian Chnrch at PaBrtdona, roomily rc;ul « paper on the rlaily nfi\vnna.ppr. In which ho dfnotiBflcd Its opportunities and difficulties In a 4l ficr ' m l na '-l n £ and appreciative manner Speaking of the matter of petting news straight, he said: "I sympathize with the newspaper brotherhood deeply fn the matter of giving the tone of truth to their papers. 1 believe they are as a class most anxious to do so, but. It Is one of the hardest things often times in life to get down to bed rock and report the very actuality of things. Reporters have to deal with conflicting material ;irul contradictory evidence. Xo two f-y.'A ;irn alike. Xo people see the Hfiin'! tiling. And how difficult II. in oftfiitimr-H to get. at the very mil li. "The film of the newspaper is to give 11 : the news. It rnermn fresh tidings, recent intelligence, something that, has lately happened. The reporter wants the last, thing; what is a few hours old Is flat. He is on the scene for something fresh. The past !fi nothing, the future Is little more, the present Is everything. 11'i ie a camera man alert to snatch the moment that is going by." (f some of the people who com plain about the inaccuracy of iievvHpfip"!' reports would consider the facts which Dr. AIcLeod mentions, they voiild not bo so critical, The conditions under which the reporter must get, his facts should always be taken into account. The reading public demands that the news be fresh It docs not want stories that are a week olrl or even a day old. The reporter gets wind of a story perhapw only an hour before time of going to press, lie riuiHl. rush out, interview or tele- phono two or three people, get at the facts as best, he can and hasten back to the office, rattle off the report on the typewriter arid get It into the hands of the linotype operators. Ii It is late In the day, the copy will he token away from him sheet by sheet find lie will not even have a chance to read It over. There Is not time to verify every rurn'or or to interview every one Interested; t'ho only thing to do in this strenuous ago of news- pape'r work Is to find out all you can and avoid as many mistakes as possible. The wonder really Is • not that BO many mistakes are made, but that, the news 10 so correctly reported. When you rend in the evening paper a'; column report of something that happened Into in the afternoon, do not criticise the form of the story and pick flaws In Its accuracy on nonou- sential points, but marvel at the mental alertness of the news gatherer arid modern mechanical facilities of the newspaper office that make ft possible for you to road the story that day at all. Remember that tho sworn testimony of witnesses regarding tho same event as given In court varies exceedingly and think how much more difficult It IB to sift tho conflicting report of some exciting occurrences that will be given the eager reporter who rushes to the scone to get, a live Ktory. Dr. Mcl,(:od pays the following tribute to the newspaper worker, and every member 01 the fraternity who reads his kindly words will appreciate deeply the truth of what he nays: "There In not another bruin work- am templed to say, mrden of the editor. The politician during tho campaign make. 1 : about filly onitioii.s, hut Its tint Hiiinc old oration over and over. The only thing new in the audience!. If a CongrcHHitian makes I'uiir or II vn f.pi'crhcs a session he in thought usually to have acquitted himself admirably. (Jeorgc Curtis once said: 'II , takes mi' months to prepare a lecture ' and how a clergyman can get up two! M-niHHis a week is a mystery.' Hut here is the editor. Our work is small try compared with this. lOvery morning or evening (hid paper up-j pear and it must lie different iron 1 sehterdiiy's issues. That editorial lohimii must he written. That leader! li.list be ready for type. There is no uicalion (In 1 journalistic world. '!'!.'• sanctum is never c!<i*eu. It is a stupendous, a colassal undertaking. ' The leiicher is ill 1 he school room j live d ivs out of the week, nine or (en 1 inoiitiis in the year. How would he] like lo le;;i h six or ,se\e|| days ill the] Week e\el_V Week ill the Veal".' lillt thai is wl'ai ihe in v. ici do in many < < i me ollf r\,'( V t ^i framed along very similar linen to the modern sermon. .Sometimes if deals with quite different topics, It. I;-, irue. and then again it is a pica for civic rig!i< ...a and political reform very much like that which Is made from the pulpit. U'e wonder how the lawyer would like to be put, against the proposition of arguing a new case every day. Hut the newspaper man day after day often faces just such a situation. He must prepare a brief on some current question that ought to have n» much careful study and Investigation as n lawyer would give to the preparation of an argument to judge or jury. The newspaper writer, however, cannot take time for a thorough search of investigation of lav/, history or «ci dice (as the cane, may be) lie must flame his statement and send it. out to liiH readers. Ho you womlor that tli" editorial IK not always classic, when if miiHt. be composed under those conditions? The newspaper man works under tremendous pressure; be tries to tell the truth, to be accurate nri'1 fuir; and he tries (•; ^f.i'ikf sturdy blows j for progress arid righteousness. Hut [ne'esMarily his work must sornettrnes be crude and Imperfect. Nobody knows it. better than he does. But ho IK gf:('in/i out a daily arid he must do It quickly. Mefore him all day or i night ii, hour of press time hurrying him to the stake. And be must follow that, inexorable task master with breathless baste or fall by the wayside.—-Riverside Press. For Cleaning Wall-Paper. To clean wall-paper use the following recipe; Ton cents' worth of liquid ammonia, ten cents' worth of oil of wissafras, one teaspoon fill Coven full) of .soda, two teaspoonfiils (even full) of and one quart of cold water. Mix the cold water with the Ingredients, then add white flour until It is thick enough to drop from a spoon. Put In a covered pall, set In a kettle of boiling water, and cook until done, stirring often. If it does riot, stick to tho hands when cool, it Is done. Remove from the pail and divide Into "loaves," working each piece a while In the hand. Take out only what IB needed, leaving the rest covered in the pall, to prevent the ammonia from evaporating. Rub the wall with the loaf, working the dirt into the dough. When very dirty, exchange for a clean loaf. This removes dirt and grease magically nnd leaves old paper as good as new when used carefully.-r Woman's H,ome Companion for June. f-r in the world, who carries I lie "KISS YOUR HEADS OFF." This Is the Command of Pittsburgh Chief of Police. PITTSntJRO, Pa., Juno 17.—"Lot 'em kiss their heads off; give, 'em room," was the gist of an order handed down to l.ho police of this city by Superintendent Thomas McQunkle when asked tor a decision on spooning In tho big public parks of Plttsburg. As a result, McQualdf IK perhaps the itiowt. popular police official that has ever boon In Plttsburg. What. Is still better, the great American privilege of the young man to take his best girl into the parks and there kins her—If she IH willing— will not be eiii'tiilled In this city in spite of the protests of tho elderly women of I'ittsbnrg, who have gone to see the chief of pollen to have lovemaklng stopped In Ihe parks. The police have licen ordered not to interfere. "I don't like the lovers' lanes in Hie parks thot'.e King dark ways where lovers have been in the habit of bid- Ing, but favor more benches, where ihe light is subdued enough not to embarrass . Ihe young people In the park," said Thief McQimldo today. "If 1 can assist the young man and young woman to nn hour's (inlet time together in our parks 1 am going to do it. Let 'mn kiss, sure. And, what s more, \yo want to give (hern better accommodations than they havo at this ilmc. We want to put in more benches, where more kissing parties i an lie held. It' a fellow wants to lake Ills best girl to the park, am'. I here givi- her a lit lie S(|llee/.e and ii lew idsst'S. and she is willing -why, | mure power to them both. "I'm. their friend, and down with the calamity howlers. More light, more hem-lies anil more kissing in the parks looks like a ;>r»t;v good plat- j form." i The sacivd concert at the M. K. Chun h Sunday evening will be tl-e la^i and Ih-si dl th<' season. I'ome and In iiu.' > our \\ Sends. The Monrovia Steam Laundry n >\v lias a resid' 1 !:! a-eiil in t'oviua, \vit!i i!.i iiy .-•••! x ii I-. Ti'.'V nn! only do a I'.i .-i i i.' -- !.:'i' i!. ;. l.u ,:!.,•,- .-, !.,,; also ha'. - .: .! i y ili .:•;.: , 11. ( I 111 • • .- s:: •. u d' i' :.' : (>.<•: I < :i. pi..* ' . :: ! i..' !in -.--I '-l.lli. d ! '» •••'...i!i-: i '.. t' _''' Reduced Rates TO SAN BERNARDINO AND RETURN $1.40 Round Trip STOCK ! BONHA/R & RftCHA j *-i+A —i TAKEN FOR Pasturage will take only limited number—plenty feed- shade and running water. Cement Contractors LET US FIGURE ON ANYTHING IN THE CEMENT LINE SIDEWALKS AND CURBS OUR SPECIALTY We are experienced cement men and employ only skilled help. Home phone 1067 —Account— Harness Horse Association Meeting JUNE 30TH AND JULY 1ST, '09 —Sale Dates— June 30th and July 1st. Return Limit, July 2 Sootta Pacific JACKSON Motor Cars Four Models From $950 to $2150 Made in Jackson, Michigan, by an Honest Concern.' :'•• t Seven Years of Excellence. Covina Agents STANTON & HAR.NISH Citrus Avenue "No Sand Too Deep. No Hill Too Steep." SIMPLE STRONG SILENT FOR SALE BY E. R. HULL To Loan Covina Orange Groves We have a large clientage buying 'good orange groves. If you want a quick Sale, list your grove with us. "IT PAYS TO SEE US" EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 232 Laughlin Bldg-., Los Angeles D. W. McDonald, Covina representative Home phone 1259, Covina Howell & Howe!! BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Cake and Confectionery Wag-on through valley daily. Llarence Allison Building Contractor Plans furnished for all kinds of buildings. COVINA, CAL. A. J. ROOKS General Bliack-smitHing All kinds of general and .heavy Blacksmilhing 1 . We manufacture Ridg-ers, Orang-e Racks Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone IOQ? Shop West -Bdditlo St, Cavina CQVIINA Shoe Repaiig (o, FINE SHOE REPAIRING A r P f i i REASON.ABLEOPRTCES Citrus Avenue Us FOR HARNESS, HORSE GOODS, WAGONS, BUGGIES AND IMPLE- MENTS. Best Goods — Lowest Prices Go\/ina Hair-ness & Saddlery Co. Phone Plume 1170 • WE CAN FIND YOU A BUYER On RANCHES and CITY IMPROVED S. R. EARNEST & CO. 831 H. W. Hellman Bid., Los Angeles, Cal. Send written description or call. . PACIFIC ELECTRIC TIME TABLE. * * * * * * • * # # * * * * * * # * * * # For Orange Groves Alfalfa Lands or City Property List your property with us. Covina Realty Co. # * * * # * # * * * # * *i #: *! * • * : Covina Livery Stables J. J. FitzGerald, Proprietor Special Rates to Travelling Men Horses Bought, Sold and Exchanged Home Phone 30 Res. Phone 1024 Star Refrigerators Built for the needs of the Pacific Coast. Sanitary—Satisfying. Big line of RANCH TOOLS placed for the summer work. Look* over oxtr stock of hoes, rakes and tools of all kinds. :...... The Spinner Washing Machine The triumph of long years of study in machines. Call and see it. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL. I.oavo I.os •XV(I .1. HI. I.oavo Cuvina 5 .'50 a. 111 11:10 U:.-" p. in. l:4n I (oviM Transfer .). \V. Kr.'tVr. Prop. HAULING OF ALL KINDS llMl'i- xl '' ij'-^ i iliil'il- ]l I J t Select Your Route TOURIST CARS To the EAST Via New Orleans, El Paso or Ogden IVi'somilly OomliK'tcd Tourist Excursions from Los An- jjcli-s to Xinv Orleans, "Washington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chit-ago. St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points in the East without change of cars. Thron^h the warmer climate of the South, with its rice and cotton fields; or over the route of the Pioneers of '49, and across Great Salt Lake — "tfoing- to si.'i or, a train." D. B. SCHENCK, Ag-ent. Coviiia Home phone 144 Oi G. L. TRAVIS, Commercial A^ent, Pomona Hume phoiu- «.!: Sunset Main 70 Southern Pacific I. os An; Si., ,;., Sixth

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