Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 4, 1945 · Page 18
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1945
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 1948 High Lights of High School ALLEGANY HIGH Home on furlough from Patton's Third Army In Europe, Lieutenant. Colonel John. Oolden.'.claM of 1029, to tha senior ht?h school siu- Wedh««Jsy, Following his ' talk in which he ' contrasted the ichool systems .of America and Germany, an open forum was held. Lt. Cot Golden cited many incidents of his war experiences and described the real Ocrtnan people as a haughty. Insolent, group who «ven In defeat deride, "We have lost this •war, but w« will win the next one." Lieut. 'Col. Golden WM Introduced by Ralph R. Webster, principal. Miss Dorothy WiHlsoh', head of Mary will forever hold up hi* name. Good Juclt Men." . TOMMY AND BUZZ. GIRLS CENTRAL HIGH As the first week of March be- tho music department, directed the annual assembly projtram 'of the senior high orchestra Tuesday, Donald Paupe led the flng salute, which was followed by the singing of the "Star Spangled Banner" by the students. K&thryn.Richards, junior, violinist for the orchestra, sang ."The Twenty-third Psalm" as the scrlp- . lure lesson followed by tha ^Lord's Prayer.'' She •*•&« accompanied by : her mother. Mrs,' Marguerite Rlch- •rds. • ..:•;-. Several selections were played by : the organisation with Helen Welsh, Donald Paupe. and Earl Manseau Offering solos. Helen ; Welsh an-j ' : nounced thw program.! ' : ' : : "State Pair," starring Will Rogers and Janet Garner, was presented to ths student* Thursday as the fourth : tnovia attraction of the year. "In . peace ar;d war—teamwork" : was the theme of the National Conference of Christian and Jews, whose representatives spoke at AJlegariy Thursday. Alyin. J. Miller, execu: . live secretary,:,was Introduced' by Ralph R. Webster, principal. Following a brief talX on the importance of brotherhood, Mr. Miller Introduced Rev. Harold X. Foster, S. J., president of Woodstock College, Maryland; Rabbi Sidney L. Regner, /Reading. Pennsylvania; and Rev. Dr. Martin L. Enders, former phstor In Cumberland, now pastor of the First Lutheran Church, Baltimore. Each expressed the need at cooperation • and brotherhood among all creeds, races, and Individuals. Helen We'-sh, Lois : Stine, Vivian Judy, and Helen Smith sang at the Methodist Church in Frostburg. Allegany wound up the basketball si'ason Friday night when ths team met LaSalle on the S3. Peter anc! Paul couri. Clean playing and ' good sportsmanship were the high- glos, evidence of forthcoming spring season can be seen and heard as we stroll down the corridors. Th« library and laboratory, through the financial assistance of Father McKeown. have been further-enhanced by the addition of bright new shelves, bookcoyer and the like. Our Social Center and Cafeteria la undergoing :. a complete renovation. Shining: blue and white walls and colorful decorations lend a gay aspect to our Social Center. Another sure Indication of spring is Glee Club practice which Is now underway. OH and on throughout the day, the strains of beautiful melodies escape from the assembly room. Thursday afternoon the high school assembly heprd three interesting tiijjts given, in connection The speakers, introduced by Mr. Miller, regional director of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, FO»T HILL HIGH With three exceptions, occurrences of Interest have been ath'er scarce on the hill this week. Of course the entertainment, refreshment and decoration committees of the Junior class. spent the weeic whipping a successful prom up in honor of the senior class. The gay time which all who attended had was the climax of the week of slack bedecked girls running -from gym to claisroom and back, and frenzied meetings to plan refreshments. •••••. The decorated gym with Its bevy of girls In pretty evening dresses. Its spotlights. Us orchestra, and Its general air of festivity was surely the moat wonderful In some time. All the center of entertainment the lucky ones who attended' the prom were Indeed well entertained and the senior class of 1SM5 takes pleasure. In thanking the junior class for the pleasant evanlng. Second In th'e spotlight was » — .,,—. o .~__ D -._.™- .-. w*.«-—-.—. to.jit on TTniirsd&y by & C&MiOilc wUh National Brotherhood Week. pr i<a tt a Protestant minister, and a Jewish Rabbi representing their theme of Brotherhood. The three representatives of different faiths proved a living example of the facts they maintained, that all faiths can unity and Iran- incident we fine Enders, pastor of a Lutheran church In in Baltimore, Md., and Rabbi Sydney L. Regner, of Reading, Pa. were: Rev, J., of Md.: Father Harold Maiin L Martin LI. live -together In qulllty. In this one mere aim of -the post war world, which .Is universal brother- All three speakers emphasized the hood. The speakers were the Rev need to exterminate hatred be-, Martin Luther Enders, pastor of the tween nations and religion If a last- , 5i rst Lutheran- Church of Balti- Ing peace Is to be secured. jmore, Rev. Harold X. Folser S. J. Whila the Sophomore Biology j president of Woodstock College, and Class Is diligently watching the Sidney L, Regner, spiritua , , velopmcnt of the recently acquired I i eader oS the Reform Congregatioi frog eggs, biological specimens longjoheb Bcholem, Readln^ Pa The awaited by our-young biologists, the Junior-Sophomore English Class has been mastering the art of description of buildings and their environs. The winners will be announced next week.: . . The honor roll for February is as follows: Seniors—Catherine Arth- IngheLlls. Isabella Becker, Elaine Cessna..' Mary Lee Weber. Juniors —Rosemarte Stakem, Kathleen Daugherty and Rosemary Leo. Sophomores—-Mary Campbell, Joani speakers were sponsored by the National Conference of Christians anc Jews. On March 1, which was also on Thursday, the tenth grade dramatics club—the Junior Players-^-under th direction of Miss Lillian Boughton, presented an assembly program County Girls Entertain Wounded Soldiers : Ptct«r*d ETC (b*ck row) teft to riiht: Mary Coury, of Radio Station WTBO (Cumberland), Betty Lin- Infer, in costume for one of her acts M comedienne of the show; Mrs. Lottie Dancer, manager of the jroup, Mury Welsh Ord, pUno accompanist, who also rtirecli the show and writes the original skits for Miss Lininger, and Mildred Mnnsl*. Front row, Gloria Ne*tor, Mlstres* ot Ceremonies; Dorip Lewis and Jeanne Nestor. • • ... . ' . • • '•....-. leave to Join the colon; but we are certain that our good old school days will always live In Junior's memory. . That just about winds up the news for this week, but look for us next week. O.H.S. TRIO. '• ....••.-.« * ' • -••• --. -. . KITZMILLER HIGH ' Surprised? Yes, we're back again to bring you the latest news. .••'•• The sophomores sponsored a party February 10, In the high school auditorium, from,7:30 p^rn. to 10:00 p. m. The proceeds of *17.20 were donated to the "Blankets for. Holland Fund." AH classes contributed | to the fund and total of five blank- jets was donated by the school, . i The freshmen class Is planning an (assembly under the direction of Mr, i Patterson. No definite date has jbeen set for the entertainment.-. 1' Several students from, our high [school have been attending -the ! basketball games at hear-by, schools | due to our misfortune of not hav- jing a gymnasium of our own. We hope that after the war, we, too jijiay have a gymnasium and participate In more sports. ' The Red Cross drive startec March 1, The county's quota is 46,500.00 and we hope all classes w participate in making the drive success. ' The junior class planned a square dance for Saturday, March 3, In the high school auditorium. We will you more about it next week. Two. 4 former students visited us recently. They were: Ferris' Sines of the Merchant Marines, anc Sewing Class ;•,;,,/ Starts -v . FRIDAr,IUK.| •...'•' Fre« 7 t«i : V f. M, •:.;•• Enroll' Now'!.';-, ENBOL'LMCVTS MU»T. : . u is DAYS MrOKE TKrt DATC W* Cirrj SINGER Stwiit9 Center 17 N. Crntr« * ."; fhona J94 Tills group of entertainers, all of whom are from Westernport except Doris Lewis (who Is a Frostburg girl) was photographed at the De- Molay Valentine party at the All Ghan Shrine Country Club. Principal activity of -this group I has been entertaining wounded vet- 'eraus.. Two trips were made to the Nowton D Baker Hospital, Martinsburg, W. Vi. where these Alleganj' countians presented programs in five wards during the" day and in the under recreation hall at night. Another Towns visit is planned for next month. Keily-Mansfield Post, American Legion, sponsored the first trip to Mariinsburg and Piedmont Chapter American Red Cross the second. Longest trip by the group will be ah early engagement at the Perry Point Hospital, near Havre de Grace, sponsorship Red Men. of the Tri- Wounded veterans have been enthusiastic over the programs "given by these girls and return engagements are requested in every case. • : lights of the game. Helen Smith, Mildred Cramer, : Doris Jean Barnard. Mary Louise : Bender; Norma : Reynolds'. Jacque- l3-n Loar, Delorey! Welsh, Ruth Ann Richards, Nyrma La.stre, Jane Eberfe Dorothy Ebert. Sue Kamens, Kathryn Schade. Charlotte McCullough, Vivian Judy, Eleanor Tiley, Betty Billings. Doris Trenton, Margaret called "Just Before tht Prom." Here's jhe news I promised you. result of the pantomime con- Carroll, Erma Chnmbersjind Mar- test ar8 ^ f o ii ows : winning, group, including Beatrice Linn, Betty May garet Meyers. Freshmen—Mary Louise Coyle. Mary KilduH, Elizabeth Lancaster and Rosemary Savage. This month the Seniors. Sophomores and Freshmen led the honor roll with ;four honor members representing each class. As each Saturday night comes around more and more of Cumberland's young folk can be seen wending their way to our Saturday Night Social. Well, for this week I shall and Jane Barnhart. The pantomime they presented was "Buying a Hat." Second place was given to the presentation "Giving a Concert," with Betty Lou Eight and Jeanine Moler. The contest was given on Wed- manager of the basketball team, and president of the Boys' Hi-Y. You had better do something for that cough, my friend. Polks might catch on Co such sudden spasms I ... • •; . . . That's all for now, we'll see you next Sunday. ECURB. GRA>"TSVILLE HIGH This was a. rather dull week the school the mountains. However, there was one outstanding nwday In the club period, with j realure which occurred Wednesday close on this social note. MARYLEE. Eagles Memorial Day service Sunday. .Each girl, dressed In white, judges Miss Margaret Hamilton, Miss Nellie WUllson and Alfred Benna. • ' . Next week we are looking forward to an assembly program presented by one of the .new organizations of the school, the Puppet Club, of which Miss Esther Holzshu Is Instructor. . II I keep^rattllng on you probably Late with everything from home-1 won't get all your homework done by tomorrow, so I'd better lay aside my specs and sign off til next week. - ' , . . '' - •-. ' .. JO BARTON HIGH It's spring 1 Or Is that my imagination working on me again? Spring -^-the time you're always in a Jam. will lay a red cAmation or flag on "bulled up"! Monday, everyone was trying to the altar as a deceased name is called. member's! I hope you are all filling your stamp albums to aid the war effort. ' - . ALLE. . * * * BEALL HIGH i (Frostburg) I Here we are : from Beall high i whero our Student Body is really i backing our electricity conservation ' program. Did you turn out that un' necessary light? 1 Monday cmr student forum met in room 103. There were quite a few • helpful suggestions , concerning 1 school activities. Among the other suggestions was the. promotion of war bond sales. Our student forum is doing quite a Job. Tuesday, there was a bachelors' ('we intern a men'.i /acuity meeting) In the faculty room; 1 ;. • " Tuesday night our basketball gen up enough spirit to go to La alie. The score? Oh, you'vt already ienrd. They really knew they could core one hundred points, but—why did they'pick on us?? Wednesday night. Coach Conroy's ay* (minus "Big Jim") walked off with what we thought was our game. Vosed out by only on» point—score, JO-S9. The next game of this series s to be played at Central, Wedne's- day, March 7. Remember that tele- ihone number? Then let him. know •ou'rs coming up! • Kl-ak[ Here's news for the Senors. Mr. Cooling .informed us that Commencement will be held In the chool auditorium June 1. Is that good or bad? The Sophomore class is sponsoring a "Take It Or Leave It" program, Friday, March 16, with Mr. Footen is Master of Ceremonies. There's squad were the guests of LaSalle. W<- lost, but of course that has happened before. ; Wednesday, .there was «. poster club meeting In room 105. Thursday; we had quite «. bit ol talent displayed by. many members of our Student body-'at our seml- nicimhly assembly. Among, the attractions were: A tap dance by Dale Parker; a song and tap danco by Edna Splker; a skate trio by Joanne Corklc. Phylls WalbetV LaDonna Slura; others taking part were; Ber- rmdetle Winner, Betty Malloy Louise Williams, Wllma Elliott Thomas Adams, Juti Hughes, Car Stakem. Bobby Thomns, John Mor- Kan, Walter Sonneberg, Richard Wnf.«on, Esther Hcllern, Jean Holl- orn, and many others. /..:-.• Thursday, after school our schoo paper "The Chime", was Issued. Be" JieTB. us, we really, can praise our fine editor. Ben Jenkins, for his untiring efforts. Friday night, . our school play "Ananias Bill" was performed be fora a full house. Orchids to Rev Mr. Walter V, Simons and his cos for (.heir splendid performances. STAR OP THE WEEK: Our star of the week halls from that quaint, llttlo village better knnwri as.HofTman; The little lad ' for maybfl not little since she 1 5' B"j takes the academic course am take It from us she Is a "whiz" a . reading' French. 8hc has beautlfu brown eyes that match those pretty brunette curls of hers. Her favorite pp-stlme la movies, and guess who her favorite star Is, no not Frank !• Sinatra. It's.:! Van Johnson. Miss ., Mar/ Raley.can be found In room 323 mtMt any; timo. Her brother, Private Jph.n Ralcy, who was with the 7Tyt.I>hrliildn, made the supreme sacrifice 1 ' for thR rnuse of liberty that man again! The Skirt and Sweater BRUCE HIGH : .:': . i Westernport) special assembly was held Tuesday for our Navy-bound basketball stars, lr Vic" Cueva and Claude Ravenscroft. Rev. Blttlnger delivered an inspiring message to these boys and to the juniors and seniors. The a cappella or.tet rendered a number entiled. "God Bless Our Boys." Principal Davis introduced a song that he composed about "Vic" and Claude and the assembly joined in the singing of the_chorus. Both boys then pinned their own stars on Bruce's service flag. The IV-A Class held a farewell party for these departing classmates in- the auditorium, Tuesday night. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. Cueva, Mr. and Mrs. Ravenscroft, Mr. Davis, Mr. Grindle, ; and .the basketball team. Everyone wished Claude and "Vic" lots of luck. afternoon when the movie, "The Cant-erville Ghost." starring Margaret O'Brien and Robert Young, was shown. This was $ne of the most entertaining movies we have seen this year. The movies at the school on Tuesday nights, which have been discontinued throughout the winter, will .e-open on, March 6 with the showing of "Two Girls and a Sailor," starring Van Johnson. ... y. : : : The girls basketball team has accepted an invitation to go to Frostburg State Teachers College, next Thursday evening. Dinner will served to the team after which they will have a basketball game with the "Stata Teachers" girls. The boys 4-H Club met in the auditorium Wednesday, where they were shown some agricuHura movies. Other clubs meeting this week -were the- Gle« Club, Dramatii Club and Art Club. Plans are. also being made to start a Dance Club which will be directed by Miss Mar garet StRlnaker and Mrs. Elizabeth Hanlin. - - - - - • : That seems to be all for t.his week but please don't forget your Red Cress contribution. RITA and RUTH. CRESAJTOWN JUNIOR HIGH Tuesday, Miss Winifred Green, rimary supervisor, held a meeting with the primary teachers in Room 6. ..'•'"'"• We have six Red Cross Educational Gift Boxes in our school to be flUed and sent to evacuee children n war countries. • : ' Herbert C. Lanka presented an enjoyable Lyceum program in the auditorium. He talked about "The South American "Way." Pictures and native curios were shown. The Parent-Teachers Association will meet Monday. March 5. Visiting lours are from 7:30 to 8 p. m.-The 3oy Scouts of Troop 9 and the Girl Scouts of Troop 11, and the Cresaptown 4-H Girls will present several skits. • • • The Executive meeting was held Wednesday evening in the school. which was to be sponsored by the Boy Scouts, March 2, was postponed until a later dater, because of the death of Scoutmaster William Hyde. At this time, on behalf of the student body, we wish to express our sincere sympathy to all those shar- ng in the bereavement of Mr. Hyde. . Friday, our regular, smooth-running schedule was thrown off balance -just a wee bit by the absence of our commercial teacher, T. E. Sonroy. Thomas Footen proved to bs an excellent substitute, and duly took over with the Junior »nd Senior Commercial students. Say, our last Who's Who WHS Ruth Stevenson, a Junior girl. This week brings us, but .listen; Who Is the Senior girl who Is most enthusiastically in favor of continuing these post-season' games between Central and Barton? In,(act,\one game a night would be sufficient for her! Could it be because of "Scotty"?? I wonder! • The Juniors and Seniors organized a dramatic club Thursday night. Dance, February 22, under tHe direction of DOPE. FUNTSTONE HIGH Dawson. Billy Hardesty, Paul Shobe, David Lewis and William Anderson. Impersonations will be a main feature consisting-of cowboys, roller skating, jitterbugs, Page Girl. Amos and . Andy, Froggy, Jack Benny, Rochester. Eddie Bergen, Carman Miranda and many' others. .-.•• DEANIE. * * • OLDTOWN HIGH , This week we dedicate the high- Robert Davis, of the Navy. The who's who for this, week 5s a certain junior girl who has blond hair and blue eyes and one of hfc nick names la "Dynamite." "INKSPOT" "* * * :. KEYSER HIGH : Keyser High opened the Red Cross War Fund drive In the school with a special assembly Tuesday, February 28. A movie was shown through ;he co-operation of the Potomac Edison Company. Mr. Miller, manager of the local Potomac Edison, introduced the main speaker of the morning, 1st Lieutenant Peter H. Skala. '....Lieutenant Skala Is a veteran of General Patton's 3rd Army. He was (Continued on Page 201 Col, 3) lights Private Dale Schaidt, a We were sorry to hear the A charming New ; Easter Hairdo : ; . Is ai Mtcntial la your ntv Eaitir outfit at your ntw Eaitir bonnett. Makt your appointment now lor a Clasiic. Permanent. CLASSIC BEAUTY SHOP Hi Bedford St. — Phone 308* Mn. Myrllt StriUon, Proprietor death of Walter C. Relghard, father of Mrs. Carlyn Arbogast. Our deep- st sympathy is 'stressed, by the faculty and students. . The Public Health Clinic was held last Tuesday. The Health Clinic is held every 4th Friday of the month in the Health Center. Well, our basketball season is over for the year. The championship game will be held March 16 between 9A and 9M. Neither team had lost a game this season. The teams consist of Alan Hosier, Charles Gehevle, Walter Cecil, Charles Kane, Dickie McKenzie, Bill Ware, Billy Hardesty, Paul Haller, William Ward and David Lewis. Our minstrel, "The Star Spangled Minstrel" Is Friday, March 16. The interlocutor Is Thomas Mitchell. The ten endmen are: Jane Moreland, Doris Llvengood, Bernadine Hutson, Ellen Orndorif, Betty Taylor, Wayne marine, somewhere in the Pacific. He has been in the marines eleven months and had the good fortune of receiving one furlough before going overseas. ' May God be with you, Dale; and may you have a speedy return. We hope you will excuse the absence of the highlights for the pas 1 few weeks, but now we arc back on the beam agnin with more news from O.H.S. : • Postfts and costumes are being made for the forthcoming minstrel,! pageant, and plays which will be held March 15. Good luck! fresh-j men and sophomores. We are sure you will be a real success.- :•': • ••• The seniors' class pictures have arrived at Goldfine's. The re-order for school pictures arrived and were given the students, "Wednesday. Students from our high school went to a skating party February 21 at Crystal Park Roller Rink. The party was sponsored by the F. F. A. boys. As far as we know, no one was too stiff to miss school the following day. We are very sorry to give up one of. our senior boys, who will soon Special , . . Lovely i. Duart Permanent Regularly $7.00 $ ST.50 Reduced to .'..:..'.'... 9.9 VANITY BOX BEAUTY SHOP '•'• Phont 571-J For Appointment , , IS S. Centre St. Second Floor Salute Spring Wi advis* • toft natural looking p«rmon«iil - - - A chie koir fix thai : wiH win top honou in rfn Easter • farad*. -.;••''••' TWILA'S BEAUTY SALON;,*; 110 So. Ctntr* St. fhoM 4359 With a Vivadoos Hairdo! Miss Margaret Thomas. Officers elected were president, Hazel Steiding; vice president, Helen Mclntyre; secretary, Elaine Grove; and treas-i urer, Betty Warnick. Tha club hopes | to get a. good play underway very- soon. That's the spirit studentsl The Senior Class has chosen "Patsey Strings Along" as its class! play. Miss Helen Kaibaugh will direct the production. The tryouts for the cast were held Friday at 3:30 in the school auditorium, but as yet. the j cast has not been announced. Your reporters will give you more Information concerning the play and cast at a later date. The members of the Senior Class had their picture taken by Goldf inc's studio February. 17 and 24. Although many a lad and lassie declared they "broke the cnmertx", the proofs are mute testimony to the contrary.' The placing of orders for graduation announcements and name cards, result In the realization that graduation is "just around the corner." Oh, happy day! -: : . The basketball gams Tuesday Bring Spring- Into Yaur Hama Thf ioreiy Nef— Slip-cover and Drapery Material Now on diiplay al tht Carlain Shop — Beautiful floral prints and ttriptJ. —and If you plan la make your a»n ilipco'Br*. and draperies we'll gladly id! you Ihe yardage. The CURTAIN shop ;,ZD S. Centre St. ftilt fabst. Interior Decorator The Home Economic CUib gave an] night with Bruce as host'to Rldgcley assembly Wednesday, which consist- j resulted In a victory for the Bulled mainly of correct social practices. •" - - - --- "' ------ " Those In the cast were: Gale Teeter, Mildred Teeter, Audrey Simmons, Erma Duser, Elsie Roades and WUda Dercmer, Seniors; ; Betty Roblfiette. Christine Smith, Juniors; Ruth Hurnbertnon, Lavena Nazelrod,?Je»n Crawford, : Freshmen and Sophomores, A group ot Freshmen and Sophomores sang the club song. Marshall Lynch, a Senior at Flintstone; left Wednesday for Induction In the Air Corps at New Cumberland, Pa. dogs with a score of 24-21. The Bulldogs had a stroke of bad luck when Claude Ravenscroft left the game on fouls In the third quarter; Although the loss of Claude as center was a blow to the team, the boys quickly regained their confidence and charged ahead to keep up their winning pace. "The Bruce glrli were humbled by the Rldgeley lassies, with a score of 30-13 In the preliminaries Who's Who: Our spotlight of Ihe week rests on inat vivacious bru- Our. Senior lor this week is Elsie nette from 1VA who dlspells the Pader. She Is 18 and lives in Old- {theory that beauty and brains don't town.. Elsie has attended P. H. S. ' " ' - - • •- - during all of her grammar and high school, years. The soldier of the week Is Sgt. . Kenneth Stotlemeyer. He was : formerly s. student at P. H. S., ond he left school ' to enter the service. Mnce then he has been with the army )»J Luxembourg and Germany. Kenneth Is now a patient at a hospital In Belgium. AVIS. mix. Although she Is president or Girls' Hl-Y and associate editor of Ihe school paper, she still maintains her place on the honor roll. To further aid you at this guessing Rnme, her heart-Interest 1* from Keyser. This week our spotlight is also fo- on that lad Jn the IIA class who quite frequently journeys to Potomac State. (Hum-m-m!). Giveaway hints: He spins around In a "Chev", Ls sports editor of the 'school Relax In our modern salon and let our experienced, friendly operators give you a new Spring permanent. Soft, natural-looking curls you con coax into many Individual hairdos. Virginia Larry Beauty Salon 35 S. I.Iherly St. Phone 2615 Toot The instant you slip into our shoes you'll be enchanted. So . slenderizing and graceful . . . our new spring models flatter your foot to look as dainty and petite as Cinderella's. : VIGOROUS & WINEY Bokar Coffee A beauty in black gabardine with th* nmart buckl* mffmct. And only ... 5.95 Ihs.- 51c dexo SHORTENING -3 Pkg. OO^-:.; Spaghetti Dinner PUFFS PUFFS FLAKES FLAKES FLAKES Chef Boy Ar«-D« Mcsfl«« 123-125 Baltimore Street A & P BAKERY PRODUCTS FAMILY ! BREAD MARVEL-SLICED > SANDWICH BREAD ( SLJCED RYE -- WHOLE WHEAT - RAISIN SUGARED ' "':' DONUTS ICED BREAKFAST ROLLS FRESH DAILY loaves Doi. DINNER. ROLLS Tkf. I WEINER 10d ROLLS 1 IARBECUE lid ROLLS 19c 12c lie 16c 17c lie

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