The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 25, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1977
Page 3
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May To Testify Tomorrow Morning Wnshlnjrton, July '25—(UP>—Th Wixi 1 Dcpurtmont revonlocl todfi; that Democratic Ropresentntlv Andrew Miiy of Kentucky twlc Interceded in a 1940 Army com- mftrtl:il. Mny nllojrodly went (o th aid of Captain Joseph Gar.*.ioii, non of Murray Gnrsson. one of tho niu nitons nmkui'n undoi- sonnto In ventlpttlon. May twlcij wrotir to Genera trntlon to tlit cumi. This Information l.t "no more thread that tins (he vi'loi-an conj;ri>»Mrmm to tho rnld-wc.Ht munitions combine thnt xol 1x million ctollat-H woi-h of win contrftctH. May, ufter considerable delay, hus (weed to toHtlfy tomorrow inorninj; bafoni the somite war In- vi'.stiKUtlnK committee which In Htiidylnff thfl GarftMon'it wju- profltH und production record. m Measles On Decline Health Dept. Reports Nfiiiff'ituttk hn.n now untorod Its ninth wi!uk during which thure vfKto ifi i-uportiibld commuMtciiblo dt.ii>(i.'i6H In tlii- nr»u, It WHS roviMili.'d tuduy In tlin wiinkly modbldlty ro- p<n't of th« .stdtd depiu'tmunt of h.'uUli. In the situtu, all pruvalonl dln- cimi-n Hi-urn ta ijii ducnmnlnj: (il- tlit)Ll|;h mi-uslcH utill contliuimt to Ifiul tli« (Jurudn. with (1'2 CHHCH ri-portvil -ttilHWudk. Thoro were 138 dues I'hportticl lust wtiok. Then' wc/'i) no m;w vimtm til In funtlln ;mnilynl.M reported thlH week, iilthoiiirli thero wcro thruo report- t.'d In lii.-it wuiik'.s rnport. Litchfield County Supports Talbot P.opiibllonn^ of Lltchflel'l county plitdped thulr suppoi't and bmlor.sad f.'oftjfro»flrnnn Jonopli n. Tr.lbot for the nomlnfitlofi ttir tho Kiibrrnn' tdrlnl cundldiinty InHt nlf,'ht nt n rni!<>tlnf: Imld In Ton-lnfUon by the I,ltch/lelil county Men'« Knpiibllciin club. Tho rnsiolutlon prnsiintiul rnlled ffir iinrttiiiltlMticI nupport of Hi>i>rr- ui'iitiitlvd Tnlhot. Women's Activities-Personal and Social Miss Scheithe Guest Of Honor Ait Shower Here M!HS Fruncow Schclthu was- guest of honor recently at a miscellaneous shower fflven by 'hci' mother, Mrs. .Fred Scheltho at their homo, 210 Hillside » venue.. those: tittendlnR were Mrs. Frank Scholthu, Mrs. Thomas Dunning-, Mrs. Lydla O'Shcn, Mrs. Earl Scheilthe, Mrs. t>aw.son Luth, Mrs. Charles Luth, Mrs. Mary Rcy- i nolUs Mm. Jullu.s Furs, Mrs, Lucy 3lnkoskl, Mrs. \VlllJam Grant, Mrs Michael KflJInoski Mm. Drama' Group Holds Roaslt More than 30 members and guest of the drama section of the Play makers of St. Michael's Eplscopa church attended a hot dug ani hamburger roost la»t night ato Andrew Mountain. Following: the roast the group participated in horseshoe pitching card playing and play readings, Mrs. Maurice Davis and Mrs. C B. Hal! were in charge of ar ranjrcments. KII.I.S SKLF nuriluii-y. Julv 2f> -((JP> T<loc, Mrs, John Rlmku.s, Mrs. Wai- or Briizycki. Mrs. Amelia Lucas, VlrH. Frank Carllnxkl, Mrs. Henry '-omnn, Mrs. Walter Loman, Mrs. latthew!, Mrs. Clarence Scheithe, Miss Sublnn Kloc nnd 'Iri. Carl Packer. Miss Mary Caprlsto, Miss Dolores woer.M. iMIns Diane Scheithe, Mrs. 3 <iu! .Pucker, Miss Ethel Grant, tins Snblna WaranQWlcz, Mrs, <ate Ciiprlsto, Mi), Carniclla Ca- rlsto, Mrs. Edward Hogan, Mrs. OHOph Lucas, Mrd. Ernest Muttl, Irn. Murtln Wulsh, Mrs. Henry weor.s, Mrs. John Caprlsto, Mian •Catherine Yauntr, Miss Jnnicc 'iickur. Miss Harriet Schelthe, the hostess and uues't O f honor-, Local Girls In Atlantic City 380 Ciu-H.s.s Rynecld of Announce Birth . Of Daughter Mr, and Mrs. Robert Van Allen 112 Grove street, announce the birth of their second daughter, Lee sit Waterbury hospital, July 19 Mrs, Van Allen is the former Anna Let Carey of Wllllamspoi-t, Pu. Local Women Back From Seattle, Wash. Mrs. Victor Siwanowlcz, 187 Spring street, and Mrs.- Sally Scully, 23 Union street, have returned from a month's visit wjth Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. HIce in Seattle, Wash. ttbthburn, nil-nut, and Victoria Returned Home From Vacation Mrs. Shirley Fuller of Meadow trout has returned from a two week vacation at Tyler Lake, West Goshcn. She \ras a guest, the aummor home oC Mr. and Mrs. 1-Iariy Osvcns of Wa.tarbury. North Main street. ur u . sp,.-ndi;ig a two week vacation at Atlantlc-'Ctty, N. J, Band Concert On The Green Tonight Iniitltntlon liu.s committed .sulcldn. (K'oordlnj; to Warden Myrl Aliixnn- der. The body of '10-yutir-old Bdi- trum J. liliickburn wn.t found hunK- Ifi*,' tnitii n rope In n nlooct. Klntk'- luirn WII.M xurvInK IS montlm II.M u vldlutor of the Seleetlvn Service net. Lfndur the direction of Daniel Oemcite, the NauKutuck Community band svll! pru.sent Its Urst pulj concert fit thf soason tonlfrht, at o'clock on the >;reon. Miss Curmun Ber^nntlno, Kuest lolnt for the uvcnln/r, will slnff "Mnyttme." by Slfrnvind Rombcrg, The remainder of'thf pro^rurn con- I .ilKtx of ;i medley of marches, -A MI*lu. I •" i ' I wtiltKCK iind popular of today and yesti.'i-day. Othi.'i- concerts similar to the one bolni,' pru.Mcntcd this ovcnlnfr will he frlvon durlnfc tho remainder of tho .summer at dntes to bo an- nouncixl. As early as 1879, the first interstate pipeline was completed from the Pennsylvania oil fields to the Atlantic seaboard. Plans Complete; For Outing Of Catholic Women Preparations have been completed for the annual outing, of . St. Francis' branch of the Connecticut Council of Cath'olic Women, which will bo hold Sunday afternoon,''July 28 at Laurel lodo;e on New Haven road. ' '• • •' Members planning to attend ^the event are requested to assembl at St. Francis' school on Church street at 1 o'clock. If inclement weather conditions prevail, "the outing will be postponed for one week. ' '• j Activities ot the afternoon include swimming;, "<ja.rd playing and ! other recreational events. A pot-1 luck supper will be served at 4 o'clock. NOVEV . APPOINTED Hartford,.-July 25r-(UF)— Colonel Ernest-E. Noveyo f the'State Housing commission has boen assigned to complete the survey started by Alfred E, .Moylan. Moylan resigned Monday. DEPARTURE DELAYED Willimantic, July 25—(UP)—Departure, of .the Clipper ship, which beiiy-landcd at Windham aij-port a month ago, has been delayed. Low ceilings over its Long Island destination caused the postponement.. XACCATUCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY, .TULIP 2S 1M«—PAGE'S FACE EXAMINATION A small gioup of Selective Service Boarci 1 H-A registrants assembled at the Tuttle school on Church street this morning: cnroute to New Haven, where they will take pre- induction physical cxamina.tion» today. No. induction!) arc ncheduled for July and Auru*t. - Cozy-Macken Wedding Sat. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Macken of Bunker Hill road, Wu/terbury, announce the coming marriage of heir daughter, Rhoda Claire, to Vllchael J. Cozy, son of Mi-, and VIrs. Giro Cozy of Bristol Terrace. The event will take place Saturday, July 27, In New York city, he couple will reside in Bristol Te.-race. . | Mr, Cozy is an automobile deal- r and Miss Macken IB an office mploye. ft. JreetfitiaH Ce. July Clearance Sale !n New York . '. On Vacation Fireman and Mrs, John Maroney, 9 May avenue, are vacationing in Vew York city. . On The Air Today The .Hue-/ orirml Is lfM.,'i mllns long. Thti ['nniiiniv cunal in '10.2 tulles In KEEP THE YOUNGSTERS BUSY ' Colored Crayons Books Games Coloring- Books Cut-Outs, Etc Tim C'AKI) ami GII'T SHOT SWEENEY'S ART and STATIONERY; fill,I.MAN'S KSTATK Ni!W York, July 25—(UP)—The State Tax Commission has valued the estate of tlio late C-T-O Luboi- I^nndf-r Skinny I-illlmun • nt some STO.OrtO. As head of the Amalgamated C'lothlnn Workers Hlllman mndo $1!,.000 n your. Tho labor leader left JUO.OCO In In.iuianco pollciea and sotni; $10,000- in bank shares und cortlflcatos. U:UU v, ni. WOR— Knuy Aeon utfii-r Sijiiu»n-s j -N>wa U:1U i , TIL Wlinv — Rnm-bull Meorcii WATH— liui-rludu 4J:lti P, m. WBHY — Nylon Tlmo; l.uprz W/UJC— .My Onllllun \Vt)I J . — On -1'he C^ntui'y VfJ7.~tMif\ lilld Alb-rt M'ATK — Al Vt-nli-i,. SnurK WI-IAT — Invltlltlon wno — aim t.-iub (1:^0 n. in. U'ATJt— Cocklull Sc|-»n:ule <i::io n, n. . U'UJ'.V — W, Christy lOrk. N<- WTH.:~ Sn-l.-Uy Snort!. \'.'J'/.— N'-\VH; SjinrtM U'ATJi — New« U'OH — <,'uinl<!Venl"r U'KA !•• — .St'ivnuilv: Siioi-m IH* — l.itrry Curr <i;-4:-: n. Ill, \VIIHV-\VAIIO — Nnwn Till S'li WT I ( :• \V NA !•' — l»»wi:l I Tltiimn \VC.iK — Stlin [.(minx WATU — I'l-u.inr- ii ml I'rufl! \v.r/. — (.-(i-i'ut .^coti ii, in. .VJ/.--II llhir I'MUInn WA-ni-WDH—Iliiy iri.nli- .V|:|(Y —l!o»|n>I I.IBht Ouiirlii .V.M-.i 1 —Skyllni' Hoof iVKAl- 1 —.lulill Vunilvl-ciink M. Barry Keeg-an CANDID WKIMMJVG IJOOK.S 10« Hank St. Watorbiiry | .lotH-M niorKiin Hldtr. Tn1. 'I-5SS-1 l> in. ni. STORE Ndnry Iliilldliif; Cliuroh St. HUDSON SALTCSi — SKHVICE Ciinural AiitomotU'K Kvpulr^ J-M MOTORS INC. HO-83 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone | OVER! ! |i'A J Let t- f » Tnho Curr of Tlmt ' 1 PHOTOGRAPHIC j WORK NOW! ! c.'UiMc-d Momluyn Durlnf: « July i Thibodeau Studio | Nrui-y Church Ht, * PROMPT WATCH \ and JEWELRY REPAIRING William Schpero JKWKLEIl 1»0 Church Struct Shoe Clearance SUMMER SHOES Children's Reff. $3.75 - $3.95 — Sale $2.59 Children's Reg. $2.50 — Sale $1.50 >+++*+**+* Women's Reg. $5.00 - $5.95 Women's Reg. $4.00 Women's Reff. '$3.45 Women's Reg- $2.50 - $3-00 Sale 3.00 Sale $2.99 Sale $2.79 Sale $1.50 7.-3I) \VI!HV — I'ulillo H'l'iil-liiB M'TIH.WKAI''— •Jiilinny Miii-Kan WAIII'—Mr. Iv'-i-n WATH-WJX— S'rut. ou\x, U'VH —N.-ws 7:>l« |i, in. W|.;A['-—Il.-iiknc.v.i- \VOK—liiMlil... fiC SpnrtM H:<III „. m. \\'LIUV-\V'A MO -- Slif]»'lil.f> «"!•!<'- OItn»l™d t'lnyluniH" WOK —i ItirrlnKtrm I'lnyhnuHi' VVA'nt- \VJX-I. urn nml AlUK'r K;l,'i II. In. WATK-Wjy,—Till' O'N,.|IU Wfilt— Ki.iiny liiikfr »:«0 ii. m. WHUV-WAl:C—Sotinil Off wni'-WKAi' 1 — rorr.'u 'riiiit WA'ni-SVJX—Tuil'li .M.-i-!l!lk- U'Olt- -Vie nil,I S:nlo H:,:.- ii, in, WIUtV-WAIlt:—Ni'W» ll.-lll) ». in. WhllV-WAI-IC—l>li-k lh..vnii.» W'l'llNWIBAl' 1 —MllHlc llnll WOIC— i.inbrk'1 Ili'nttor U:l.'. |l. in, WUH -Ki'iil Slarlim !)::ui ii, ni. WllltV-WAtlC.—lloliliy l. ( .lil>y ir.U'lOAUF—lOvc Aixli'li M'ATIl-WJX — lidi:i:l nml Oilluct IH—|i). I'lipulur l)..|iuiii.l II::-..' n. in. WATU-WJX—\VI«mn|-n SufirtH ltl:00 t>. 111. WlmV-V,'A !«.'—• Tlilifn l.lfi' u-ni:-U'KAK—lloiiroo nix-h. .VATrt-WJX -KuK'-n Orqli, >VOI1- l.'llllflinilu .Ml'luillf!! ]().•:(» ii. 111. •VHIIV—I'lmin.' Aniilii l-'lnn" •VATIt — FnntliHy In .Mollilly REGISTER NOW *"AI.I. TKB.1I JIKOINS WEPT. D UiihlncNH AdmlnUtriilluii. Aceoun Int. -Sccrrlnrliil, COLLEGE Z4 Centrol Avfl. Waterbury 10:4,-, p. in. \\',]7. —I'"«nii\ny In Melody 11:00 i>. in, 11:1(1 ji, m. WBHY—John Only, city Nuw» 11:15 ii, m. WBRV-WA13C'—You anil UK- Alom \VJX—BlirUv.v Oi-ch. •WOR—N«w»: Wenllii.r JliSO p. 111, WHTtY—Ptudlo. Plnyhouso WTIC-WEAF—Concert WAUU —Ciii-nllero Orch. WATR—Oonm^Towno Oroh. \\'OR —\Wntfl^r; Ddfi^c Oroh, 1-2:00 Miiliilelit ALL Sl/illDnn—.%>«>» KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help 15 Mile* of Kidnoy Tube. Flush Out Poisonous Wo»to IfyouhflvoniKiTccinofitcldslnyourblooJ, your 15 miles of kidney tubca may bo over- ivorkcci. Tlic»otinyflkcniiiDdtiib«sa™work- itiK duy nnd night to help Nature rid your eyatcm of excess acids And 2>oiionous waste* "When dluordcrof kidney function permits poisonous mnttcr to remnin In your blood. It muy cause naming backache, rhcumnticpalns. left pains, loiii of pep and cncrcry, setting up niirlitu, Bwelllne, pufllncii under the i-yoi, headaches and dUtlncnn. Frequent or icon ty PUI.SACCI with BmnrtinK ftr.d burning lome- tlmes shows there In nomeUilne wrong With your kldncyi or bladder. Kidneys may need help the same us bow- PM, so aslc your druggist for Donn'a Pill*, a stimulant diuretic, used succosf ully by millions for over 40 yours, Bonn's arive happy relief and will help tho 1C miles of kidney tube** fluith out poisonous wasto from your et DOUH'B Fill*. ALL COTTON DRESSES $3 — $4 — $5 Reg. $3.98 to JJ0.95 OTHER GROUPS OK DRESSY DRESSES $5 —$7 Rpg. $9.95 to $lo.95 .ALL SUMMER DRESSES DRASTICALLY EKDUC10D SPECIAL CROUP OF SHORTS $3 Regu'.iir i.o S3.68 PLAY SETS 191-199 CHURCH STREET NAUGATUCK, CONN. TRIP means TRIP means L.EVKI* WIND KKKI.S $2.95 .WEISS'' Ben Franklin Store 133 CllUBCli STREET NEARY BUILDING NAUGATUCK, OONN. We Now Have A Very Good Stock of . DINNER . WARE 35 _ 52 _ 95 Piece Sets " NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEABT UtrrLDlNG TEL. 5212 but BALLANTINE Ale &Beer always means: Purity, Body, Flavor .:..; • •• «/••;. » . «/.-,•••-. .•«/'.- ' • •—«=r-- There's the trip you a jar , . . the trip you tkke in your car. Trip, with its double meaning, is a word that can fbol:you. ^ ; ,'. ... : • - . ; , •. '' But not Baflantine! Ballaritirie'o£Zu>ays means PUKliry, B.ODY, FLAVOR :.. the qualities syrhbolized'ljy Peter Ballantine'a famous trade > mark, the 3 rings. Next time, make'yours Ballantine. ' AMERICA'S FINEST SINCE 1840 L P..Ballantine & Sons. Newark. N. J. Ther«V no wliMl In ale or boor Wheat ia nooded to feed thm world's hungry poople. During the present emergency, here are three .way*.In.which we can all co-operate -with the President's Fnmino Emergency Committee: 1. Jov« and thar* wheat and fal productt... Go light on aD food* that tako wheat, fat* and oila—aavo bread*, macaroni,. cakei,. cookies, pastries and deep-fried food*. U*e dripping*, for • pan-frying.'. Save.salad oil —use .boiled dressing*. 2. -ftuy and tcrve.rattr* pltntl-* . V. Balance,dipt* with ifeo. more plentiful foo4», iuch, aft^potntoei, fresh Cruits and vegetable*. 3. Waitt, NO food.. . . Dress up today's .leftovers for tomorrow.- Make- every crust, count with H malba toa*t, crurab-tbppingB, bread puddings and stuffing*. Take no more .than you .can eat. Clean your plate. Turn in unusable fat .••Iva'ge promptly^

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