Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 25, 1974 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 25, 1974
Page 8
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Page SIDE GLANCES HOPfc (ARK.) STAR Wednesday, September 25* 19t4 By GILL FOX 9-15 ® 11/4 by MA, int., t.U. K« US Pll o! "We're already Into next week's grocery money. Maybe we could mortage the children!" OUT OUR WAY ByNEGCOCHRAN WELL, WHAT DO VOL) KMOW/ } SEE WHAT 1 MEAU, MOTHER? ALTOGETHER WE'VE FOUMP S. HE'S SPDHJUGTHEM ASAIU A HALF-DOLLAR, 2 QUARTERS, ) H6 PLAWTEP THOSE COWS 3 PIMES, 3 WICKELS AMP >1 AWP WORKEP IT OUT So 5PEWWIES/ FIMPERS -c"^ V THEV'LL EACH SET KEEPERS—RIGHT?/ WE'LL PIV/PE IT BETWEEM VOL)/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE VOC POWERS PHONED^HIS BOARP) SURELY YOU'RE NOT BOTriERBP OF TRUSTIES DON'T WANT ME ! MY BACKfiROUNP AIN'T EXACTLY RIGHT TO START A COLLEGE ! , BVTrlEIR LITTLE JESTS, JAKE? TdEIR ONLY CONTACTS WITH CULTURE ARE THE CLEVER SAVINGS ON BUBBLE SUM WRAPPERS.' CREEPY BOARPERS BEEN fiiyiM' t ,ME. THE TOOTHPASTE: 5MIL6 AN I'M VIBES' ILL TRY TO ARRANGE; A SCHOLARSHIP FOR. YOU, 1 THE NEWS GENTLY = ffl I»H by NEA. Inc. T.M. «K US. Pal. OH. EEK&MEEK South Amerioa Answer to Previous Pu*iie HASH GORDON ACROSS DOWN 1 Capital of Peru 1 Facial feature E 1 u D O E E T p N A M 3 C A L. A P O P A Y p S g 5-*-Paulo, Brazil 8 Glacier formation 11 Protective structure 14 English dramatist 15 Joins together 16 Drive back 18 Car damage 19 Beast of burden 22 System of musical notation 24 Perceive 25 Diving bird 27 Nearby 29 Mother of Minoslmyth.) 31 Great warmth 35 Kite 36 South American river 37 Palm genus 39 In bad health 40 Masculine nickname 43 Place in a certain way 45 Born 46 Poems 48 Lake in Finland 50 Member of a philosophical school 52 Organism differing from parents 56 South American country 57 Brazilian river 58 Lair 59 Kind CARNIVAL 2 Here < KM 3 Bipeds 4 Maple genus 5 — ,)uan (province of Argentina) 6 Dry 7 English impostor, Titus mams 9 Greek war god 20 Life principle 10 Dormant 21 Marsh bird volcano in Mexico 11 Sea expanse near Central America 12 Man's nickname 13 Italian city 17 Building addition 19 On the 23 Away from I he shore 26 One of the Koman Kates 28 Is mistaken 30 Land of the Incas 32 Useless 33 Formerly 34 Garden tool 38 Central (ab.) protected side 40 Grave 41 Scent 42 Bacchante (var.) 44 Percussion instrument 47 Magnitude 49 Greek letters 51 Moral fault 53 Containing nitrogen (comb, form) 54 Negative correlative 55 Explosive wen, i SET OUR CONTROLS FOR SAME TIME,, SAME-PLACE/ . WHAT DOES THAT PROVE, FLASH? THIS 13 THE SAME BEA6H WE TOOK OFF FROM WHEN WE, HOPPEP TO THE 2STH HOW DO VGHJ KNOW* THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM xf ALLEY OOP ByDAVEGRAUE By DICK TURNER © 1974 by NEA. Inc., T.M. Bejj. U.S. Pal. Oil. IT'S A BROWNOUT, DOC! THE WHOLEAREA'S AFFECTED^ WHAT ABOUT MR. LURCH AND / I DON'T KNOW, ALLEY OOP, DOCTOI?? DO YOU MARKO.' I HOPE SUPPOSE THEY'RE ALL RISHT?^ SO/ 3-IS © 1974byTJEAriiic7 T.M. 6ij. 'u.'S. Pat. OH. CAPTAIN EASY WAME 1^ PRAI<£ / MOTHBRWA& \ . THIWK OP ) MfANJ ZILCH TO _ \ OOSHi Y THE MAME5 OBVIOUSLY \ TWIMf OP I MPAM 7ILCH TO THE5E > EH? ANV / A TITL&P PUTCH OTHER FASCIWATIN<3 "' By CROOKS & LAWRENCE IP VOU'J-L TSEE, THAr WAG A EXCUSE ME...\5HORTACQUAIKJTAWCE! YOU'RE SET BACK TO OWN COAA- PARTMEWT! "Now don't laugh at his little pranks, Homer! It just makes little show-off out of him!" An old-timer recalls when littering was the exclusive prerogative of dogs and cats. There are good days, bad days and days like today, about which NOTHING can be said. BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG Amtrack runs on time — and the bonds will fall due pretty soon. The shortest distance between two pints is our neighbor. NO, BUT I MAVEONJE IM ) BURNTORAWSE THAT/ WILLMAKE ANIGE ) ire CONTRAST DO YOU HAVE A NICE POWDER-BLUE STAMP THAT WILL MATCH MY STATION] ERY? OH, YES-THAT LOOKS 6OOP- ^T-r I'LL TAKE IT TO WORK IM A POST OFFICE THESE DAYS, YOU HAVE TO BE A COLOR COORDINATOR By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP THE « Of CHIttENRXJT R.-O UJHATS AW R-O RA.TIW& MEAM? ByDICKCAVALLI THE R^ROT ISAM INTERESTING ANC? USEFUL- BIRO. FRANK AND ERNEST ByBOBTHAVES HIS FEATHER© ARE PERFECT FOR PECORATIN© LADIES'HATS... ^ WHO WAS IT THAT SAIPTHAT TV IS A VAST WASTELAND? SWIM MEET CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS HgRE I AM, CUR §WINSIN© PATE FOR ) TONUJHT, OOLL5 VOU ' BUGS BUNNY ByHEIMDAHL&STOFFEL PRISCILLA'S POP ByALVERMEEP rrs A NEW TWICK I JUST TAUGHT HIM/ RRST, I YOQTD SHAKE HANDS WITH UNPOKTUNATELY:.. HE WHEN THEY GRADUATE FROM COLUE&E YOU'LL THANK ME ON BEMDED MASHED POTATO SANDWICHES WON'T JUST TILL THE CHILDREN FINISH THEIR EDUCATlONl NOT WITH. ALL THAT STARCH IN ME!! FOREVER

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