The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 25, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1977
Page 2
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FACE .-*AUI-.ATUCK NEWS (CONH.l. THJMDAV. .Tin DREW PEARSON WASHINGTON MERRY-tiO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: General Tire Company, Got E-Award After Army Discovered Fraud; Mead Committee Should Probe Rolo Of Rep. May's Nephew With Gen- oral Tire; Truman's Intervention In K. C. Politics Backfires ' . Wn«hlnL-ton The Mead Committee, which has done such an excel- Committee. : ^ _, _ _ n E . ftWftrd K , von to General Tire him a Juicy salary. ft tho Mead Committee prone deeply enough they would unearth the following amazing fnrts: General Tire and Rubber had a rontract with the Army to make, pnmimatlc floats for the Army engineers. Thpsn were big rubber hi'gn which were Inflated with air bridges. The famous ero.-'..- 1 .lng of find used to hold up pontoon th» Rapido River In Italy and almost every military crossing of water was tloni! by pontoon bridges mipported l.y rubber floats. These rubber floats, of course, had to bo absolutely airtight, Friuul on Army However, when General Tiro floats wore tested by the Army cn- •-In advance of acceptiincu as discovered that General Tire employes would deliberately pump up the flouts during the night, thus deceiving Army inspectors. The floats were required to maintain u certain pressure for 24 hours, /ind when tho pressure would go go down, General Tire people would pump them up while Army inspectors weren't around. This fraud finally was discovered, iiml a report very critical of Gun- erul Tiro was filed by Army cngl- noers. The Army also secured confessions from about twenty General Tire employes. Despite this dliicovcry of dellbcr- ,,,:e fraud, General Tiro Inter was _.__ awarded the much coveted E, sup-1 into town. Since ENGAGEMENT AND WEDD1NO RINGS MC, to 53500 I K.TCI.ll.MIVKI.V ,\-r — . PIERPONT'S ^KlHtfrfil .Irivc Irrt, A im' PAULETE QODDARD WEARS BUSTLE FILM AT SALEM Fnulette Goddard can be seen wearing Lily Langtry's bustle to give her "Diary of a Chamber- maid"co»tumcB the proper stance. Mlsn Goddard tried some modern versions of the bustle but none of them proved to be pliable enough move for her to around as wished. When a friend of hers offered her the prized Jersey Lily antique, she grasped the opportunity and was thus enabled to move about with all the necessary case, and wear her costumes according to the proper Renoir formula. The film was directed by. Jean. Renoir, son of the famous artist,. Pierre August Renoir, and the story 'was adapted from a French romantic novel by Octave Mlrbeau, circa 1880. All of Miss Goddard's elaborate costumes for this Benedict.Eo- j bcaus presentation were designed Cor her 'by Madame Barbara Karinska, formerly with tho Ballot Ruasc. In many Instances she used potraits by Pierre Auguste Renoir and other French Impressionist artists for models. Co-starring with Mies Goddara in this UnKcd Artists release, now •u the Salem Playhpuse, Is her husband. Burgess Meredith, with Hurd Hatfield and Francis Lcdorer, — • ..-. ..- ' ~ i "EASY TO WED',' IS , CURRENT LEAD AT and the announcement that the Army was firing five workers at Edgcwood Arsenal, Md., came just ns the bill was heading 'into 'a stormy trip through the House. The last was particularly suspicious because it was timed so perfectly to Influence House votes. Morry-Go-Bound Capital observers credit Senator Jim Mead of New York with a new investigating verve which may out-Truman Truman... Significant new venture in radio: 350 local streetcar and traction companies throughout the U, S. A. are inaugurating a coaet-to-coast radio program. Working under the J^mcr- lean Transit Association, they represent 23 billion annual street-car riders... No men from the Dallas Naval Air Station were permitted to attend church the other Sunday. Officially speaking, they were not barred from attending church, merely barred from taking a bus there was no ,,u.- u » to go only to companies performing tho highest wur service. Furthermore, not only .was the chaplain at the station, It amounted to the same thing. Lieut, Comdr Lclf Johnson iSBUod'tho order. Funerals Mrs. l!«rllm I', Durotti! l''lliu'nil mil-vires fur Mrs. fiorllvi nvxilT) DiirctlP, Tn, who died TunstJiiy tnornlriK »t hi-r linmc uri (.'iiiulcc rniid. were hi'ld this mornInj: at ,K:,';f> (i'r:if»crk lYorii tht; liiick- miller [''iinrrnl Home, yj 1'nrlt fla' 1 ' 1 , to St. I'Van' 1 !*' cihui-ch, whern 11 nTiMlrm fui;h Muss was (.•clcbrat- cd lit (I (,'i:|n<:k by the llrv. Goiil'Ki 1 Plinri. M|HM l«'run<:tiH [[i^'^lns \*.'as In ^i:lll);>'| III' tllff nillMl/'fll Sl'l'Vk'l!, which Included li'uiiiM'iil Muroli, F'nnls AnKi'llciiM and Ahldn With Me. friiynrii at thr fjr>ivi' In St. ./;im(vi' ccnictrry worn rcifl hy Father Dunn. (-'.nnroi'M wnri 1 : Strphi-n .llnrpcr. AHhiir <".'nri-ln«ton, VV11- Ili'm (''I'llinnn, Klnyd Wfiosti-r. trv- Inif Hwy and Patrick F. McKeon. Buckmillcr Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitxgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 * ; FLOWERS I For All Oe.cnslona » KLOWKKfl TKI-KGUAl'lIKU * MELBOURNE'S .FLOWER SHOP J30 KUBBEH AVENOT5 Telephone 0225 fraud huahcd up, but altcrward, j ClMiieralTIre and Rubber Company > (Copyright, 1046, ?n a lush contract at Hunt-1 Syndicate, Inc.) Ington. W. Va., where Congressman May's nephew, William H. May, occupied a mystcrlofcs hut ry profitable role, working tor Cien oral Tire. How much, If anything, thq Chairman of the Military Affairs Commute/: had to do with this Is not known. However, thi> whole thing would bear Investigation, In another ciuic, It Is known that May pulled wires to get an E for his friends, the Erie Baslr. Company, overriding the recommendation of Army ofllcers who opposed the E. In tho case of General Tiro, sev- rrrtl Amiy engineers who knew the real truth about tho rubber pontoon floats, were vigorously opposed to the E award. But their recommendation also was overridden. Truman's Support UncUftncs Old-line Democrats back ir. Jackson County, Mo., lire dead certain that President Tiumnn's public endorsement of Enos Axtcll coupled with CIO-PAC support has virtually ascured the renomlnatlon of Kansas City's Roger C. Slaughter in the Missouri primary August. 0. They are equally certain that >\ Re- puhiiean will defeat Slaughter In the dual elections. Albert I,. Reeves, Jr., Republican son of a l-Iai'ding-appolntcd Kcd- cral nist.iict Judge In Kaunas City, In the man expected to win out next Novi-mbev, Truman's old friends back home are. really 1 sore. They say he In- jnpted tho Nation's highest office. Into the dli-tlnst political (Ight MIs- •louri has had ia twenty years, at a time when Democratic leaders were attempting to promotp harmony among the various t'actionfi. For years FDR tried to purge his home Congressman. GOP 1-fam Klsh, nnd finally accomplished it with Rppuhllc-in and Tom Dewey support. Triiman. therefore, felt hi> hud a rlcht. to Intervene !n Kan-ias City home politics, j I'ei'p'M how the whole thing hnp- I ponect- Shortly after Jerome Wnl.--h, former OPA attornpy, announced h" would oppose Slaughter, C.TO-PAC of Kansas City and other loral labor unlona Indicated they would Mipport Walsh's campaign. No public endorsement wn.i made, how- Truman, apparently figuring FAC I nupport would do more harm than | i.'ood, sent word back homn to dig up another cnndldHti'. Tt WHS his tit-other. J. Vivian Truman — who has a halilt of balling things up- who tu'lectcd Axtell, virtually an unknown In county politics. Axtell IN fiym rural Jackson County and mice served an an assistant eounty prosecutor. Trnmnn pressured James Pondergast and the powerful nemocratic machine In KansriM City endorsed Axtcll's cnn- dldary. This turn of events and the ditch- Ing of the PAC pleased ,the President—that Is. until PAC voted M to tl to drop Walsh and hop -,m tho Axtcll bandwagon. Which It did. Nino—Support for Rep. Slaughter In terrific among women's organizations. Mrs, Nell Donnelly Reed, wife of the late Senator Jim Reed, a bitter Roosevelt-hater. Is lending the "lieep Slaughter in Congress" movement. Capital Chuff Senatorial colleagues of Montana's Kurt Wheeler refused to believe up to the very end that i Wheeler stood In real danger of : defeat. Final tlpoff that he was In trouble was Wheolor's statement, in reply to an attack by Jimmy Roosevelt, that FDR had asked Wheeler to bo his Vice-Presidential running male in 19'10... Typical re-action to this was Majority Leader Alben Barklcy's comment: "That's one lie nobody in the entire country will believe."...Sponsors of effective 'atomic- energy control are auspicious of the timing of developments far 'from Capitol Mill. Tho Canadian spy "tory broke. Just at the height of the struggle within the Senate Committee over civilian or military control, the Canadian report on spy operations., was released while tho House Military Affairs Committee wns butchering the bill. by The Bell THE LOEW POLI Now playing at -the Locw-Poli theater, is the, musical,^.laughabjc, :ind I'jmantlc '"Easy to Wed" In brilliant technicolor. Starring Es : thcr Williams, Van' Johnson, Lucille Ball and Keonan Wynn, it ,1s Lhc most entertaining bit of film- fare to come out of Hollywood this season. • The talent that firs', brought Van Johnson to Hollywood, namely his singing and dancing 1 , Is finally revealed on the screen in this new litt. Van sings and dances in two numbers with Miss Williams, who also makes her singing and dancing debut. Hot to be outdone, Lucille "Ball .has a number of hot- own, "The Continental Polka." Esther Williams" first appearance in The picture Is certain to cause a.big splash. She skids down a 90-fcot sl.ide Into a swimming pool to completely drench Van ; Johnuon, standing at it's side. A good beginning for a romance, that sparkles through this story of marital problems, . Alto on the same program is tho thriller, "Dark Alibi," with Sidney, Tolcr as the one and only Charlie. Chan. . ' Marine league Meets There arc mountains In New Guinea nearly 11V.OOO feet in height and they arc covered with snow throughout -the year. An important meeting of the Naugatuck _ V a 11 c y Detachment, Marlrie Corps league will be bold tonight, 8 o'clock, nt the American Legion Home on Cedar street. Delegates to the state convention to;'be held in New Haven August Jp'and 11 named and reports on-the ^ arrangements for the post dance'August 3, will be made. r •.', •,.• _ — ' ' IRENE DUNN IS STARRED NOW .AT STRAND THEATER :.;. ... ;\yith " "Anna and the King of Siam," .which is now at the Strand theater, Darryl F. Zanuck has once ngain brought to the screen an outstanding triumph of motion picture entertainment. Tbe 20th Century-Fox filmization . of Margaret London's sensational best-seller starring Irene Dunne, Rex Harrison and Linda Darnell, achieves peaks of splendor, drama and romantic excitement seldom equalled .on the screen, "Anna and the King of Siam" unfolds the adventures of an Englishwoman who was called by the fabulous King 1 Monghut to strange and exotic Siam in the ISGO'e to serve as a teacher to his hundreds of harem wives and their children. The shocking, almost medieval barbarism that ran parallel to the ago-old culture and beauty of the land, -and the imperiously harsh .yet . moody and temperamental King Mongkut himself could not help 1 but have a profound impact .on.,the frail and sensitive Anna. How, with the wonder of her Eastern beauty and the flame of her courage, Bhe braved this strange world and won.a triumph more exciting than any woman would dare 'dream, makes for a thrlllinjj and unforgettable motion picture. Club Seventeen Plans Club Seventeen will hold their first annual outing Sunday afternoon-July 28 at Fred Ardry's Grovp in Couon Hollow, It was announced by President Gcrge Hanslcit today. 'Actovllie.s for the day will begin at 32 noon with horseshoes, bocci bn.ll and a softball game comprising the day's program. Refreshments will be served. President Hanslcit urges that all members of the group Attend this ,-iflair. Marine Recruiter Here Tomorrow S-Sgt. C. W. BuracKcwsId, Marine recruiter from Waterbury, will be at the Post Office, Friday, July 26, from 8 a. m, until 4. p. m. Young men can enlint for two, throe, or .four years In cither the Aviation or Hue branches. With the new pay raise, nxcn cnlh-.t'ing now will begin their Marine service at $75 a month, and they will also receive nil the benefits of the GI Bill of Rights. Just In—Another Shipment 26 PC. SET (i cjich. Knives — Forks, Tcn- ... OCRS — . Tablespoon*. I oach. Butter Knife—Sucnr ShcTf — CJicst included. . . No Tax in. j t;i»*jii, $995 CCHNEER'C 4df CREDIT JEWELERS^ . li2 South Main St. — 4-2204 New Stock Just Arrived In A Wide Assortment of Styles and Colors Invitation to rrlaxn- tion.i. C o tn'f o r t u I) I c, Nmart looking »pnrl In downy-soft, nil-wool fabrics. Voiir choice of solid, checks or stripes. COMPLETE LINE OF SPORT CLOTHES BASQUE SHIRTS All Colors mid Hir.cs $1 $145 $169 WOOL BATHING SUITS STRAW HATS •"' • To Close Out At $295 $150 SUMMER CAPS White and Tan 65c ++*^*^+-++^r++++++* 162 CHURCH STREET NAUGATUCK, CONN WATEBBURY 1 So. Main St, 45 W. Main St. NAUGATTJCK 156 Church St. 21 S. Main St. SAVE at CARROLL'S!! UNGUENTlNr QUICK A MODERN ANTISEPTIC LARGE TUBE 43$ BAND-AID ADHESIVE BANPAGE • Quick-»»-»-i<ffy. rcMiy*n3Bde adbe* sire buicSagc for smell cuti or bUstcrs. Sun Tan Creams—Lotions JAN 59c, 90c SUTRA 65c, $1.00 GABY 25c, 47c, 89c NORWICH TAN . .3Ic, 53c OIL Plus Tnx ACOL 474 ANTISEPTIC -SOOTHING GREASELESS ^jjj^ •—60c size 49c NEW-TYPE SHAVE CREAM QUICK, EASY TO USE-PROTECTS FACE ima • For men who have to shnvc wonderful help in Glider, Willi: brusWess cream. Rich, soothinc Glide takes the sting out of frequent •having—helps you get close, clean shavci without annoying irritation. 75c Size . . . . 59c 25c Size . . .19c BEACH BAGS ._._. ^.27 up SHOWER SPRAYS^ COSMETIC KITS" PLAYING CAR1DS_^. ggg SHAVING~BRUSHES .^.S9c up TEtTTObTHBRUSHES 2 for Sic "I LOST 32 IBS.! WIA* SII« 1* AGAIN" _ Onp« 156 lb«.. Mi~i Reynold* I&<t ... weiiht wkly with AVDS Vita- ,f ~J min Cnnily K<Kiurjn|! }'l«n. .So* fi f she h«J n model's <JBUrc. Your «- perioncn mny or m»y no1 "" ""• ndw hul try iliis cwier rfdiirmi plm. IVv Fi-ti flcr M«st Steir . Savin of mocty bnck. In clinirnl twn rondnctwl by mrdlcnl (locion. mo™ IbMi I™ per.on« |o.t 14 to 1J pound* •vwnfjis in B t«w wctV; with the AVUS Vitamin Canrty | Reducing flan. Ko ciirciip. Ko Ui«1iv"». No druR». Kst pknly. YOM don't cut Mil mpol», polntww, «(«.. you )"«' cut th*m down. Simplo wlirn you fhjoy titliciou. AY1JS Vitamin Candy Wow mc»i«. Only s:.55 (of 00 linyj 1 nupp.y. Jenn La Sallo Leg Lotion ...69c Tax Leg Makeup Applicators STOPS PERSPIRATION ODORS Amdjjh deodorant c/uusun 29c FIus Titx Deodorant Tales AMOLIN ; Jlc-53c SPIRO lfe-4»c SMO-MIST 4ie Z. B. T *l«-« e ^v — Depilatories IMRA 65c KAIR 49c ZIP CREAM 37c BELLIN'S Tins T:«v 40c Size 33c

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