Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 19, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 19, 1909
Page 7
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THISTLES PLAY POORLY. (•••••••••••••••••tlllRHBIHMHflinHt New Shortstop Makes Hit With Fans. Russell Pitches Good Ball. The Thistles of Los Angeles that, were supposed to have a, good baseball team/after playing all season In the winter league, made a very pitiable showing against the locals last Sunday. The score of 21 to 1 Is a very good Indication of what 'kind of an exhibition it was. But for the snappy work of Pfeister, who went in to play short for the locals in the seventh, the fans would have had very little to comment on. Pfeister has captained the Malrs team all winter, and the way he scooped a grounder right through .second base and shot it to first was a revelation after the succession of miscues that had come before. Russell was in the box for Covina. The way he slammed them across was too much for any of the Thistles, and the five scratchy hits they gathered were only good for one run with the help of two errors. Siegel, who did the •twirling for the visitors, was an open book after the boys had become used to his wide outs. Stewart, Montague and Kendall were the only men that could not connect safely. * In the seventh a new battery was substituted by Captain Kendall. Fullagar went on the mound, and Stout caught. The Thistles gathered one hit in tlic eighth. The sixth was the big inning. By the time it was over, half the crowd ha* hurried to shelter. The locals made eight hits and scored thirteen times. The city players had long since given up artd did not try to put up a contest. If the Thistles had been able to hit the ball, the result might have been different, as the locals did not freeze solidly to half the offerings that went past the pitcher. The score: COVINA AB R H SB PO A E Aguayo, If 6 2 3 1 0 0 0 Fairly, rf 5 2 4 0 1 1 0 Stewart, 2b 4000321 Forney, 1b.. 4 3 1 1 9 0 0 Russell, p 4 3 1 1 0 2 0 Fullagar, p 2 1 1 0 0 1 0 Montague, cf 5 2 0 0 2 0 0 Kendall, c 3 2 0 1 8 1 0 Stout, c.. 1 01 0 2 0 0 Church, ss 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 Pfiester, ss. 1 1 1 0 1 1' 0 King, 3b. 5 3 2 1 0 0 0 Totals 42 21 15 -6 27 9 2 THISTLES AB R H SB PO A P Uradshaw, 2b... 4 0 Adolph, ss...... 4 tf Recas, 3b ...... 2 0 Cooney, If 4 0 Curley, cf ,4 0 En gram, cf 4 0 Lyon, Ib 4 Hogan, c 3 Siegel, p 3 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 24 2 3 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 8 Totals 32 SUMMARY 3-base hit, Russell. Sacrifice hits, Stewart, 2; Church. First base on errors—Covina, 6; Thistles, 2. Left on bases—Covina, 6; Thistles, 5. Bases on balls—off Russell, 1; Siegel, 1. Struck out—by Russell, S; • Fullagar, li; Siegel, 6. Double plays—Fairly to Stewart; Adolph to Bradshaw to Lyon. Hits made—off Russell, ">; Fullagar, 1; Siegel, in. Hit by pitched ball-Forney, Fairly, Kendall, Church, Rc- cas, Lyon. Umpire, Goodrich. I Give Your Poor Tired Feet a Rest these hot summer days. Don't keep them laced up in high lace or button shoes, or oven stiff soled low shoes. They will give you better hot weather service and you will get a taste of what summer shoe comfort really is if you put them in a pair of MENZ "EASE" Outing Shoes Try them and you'll be wearing them every day to work. Everybody does. Cool, light and comfortable because the uppers are Menz "Ease" Elk Tannage that's as soft and pliable as a buckskin glove. The Elk soles are as flexible as a thin rubber ruler and will B not crack or break; one pair will outwear any three pairs of 3 bark tanned soles. S Mrs. Damethlia Cohn. Many residents of this valley will regret to learn of the death of Mrs. Damelhila Colin, which took place in i Los Angeles June 12th. Mrs. Colin came to this valley twenty years ago tind resided at the corner of Azusa and Cypress avenues. She built tin* handsome residence on this property, •which was for many years the show place of the vicinity. For the last five years she has made her home in Los Angeles. Although she had been in poor health for the last year, her death was unexpected. She is survived by her husband, Julius B. Colin ond three children, Charles MeCreury Ida McCreary and Thomas M. Me Creary. The funeral was held at tin family resident, 2G6fi .\lenlo avenue Monday morning. Interment, w'l.s inaiit at Calvary cemetery. BLACK, OLIVE, TAN, PEAEL, $3.00 TIio Mcnzies Slioo Company of Detroit. Midi., wen 1 the originators of Elk Tannnge and the first shoo inarm .fa ('.hirers to use it. As soon as they demonslrated its wonderful wearing and comfort qualities, others imitated it immediately. Those imitations may look just the same as the. genuine MENZ "EASE" but Hint's as far as Ihe rcsiemManee goes. In the Saturday Evening Post and the American P>oy magazine yon will find MENZ "EASE" Onting Shoes advertised by the makers ((The Menxies Shoe Company of Detroit. Micli- iga.n). They tell yon to look for the name on the sole and on yellow silk label. "We: ean show you these proofs of quality—• others in this town can't. GUPTILL, There is not a slum man in the broad bind who dors not r'.onsidor himself fortunate ii 1 ' he secures Ihe Ciuplill line o!:' ladies' turned slippers, and wo have been especially fortunate, as Harry Gnptill does not as a rule sell any lii'in in cities oH less than 25',000. These fine shoos, selling from $2.50 to -$6.00, an; really works of art, and wo, wish every lady who appreciates fine, shoos to call and let us show them. JUST IN. Suede pumps $2.60 fl| London smoke pumps $2.50 "~ White canvas $2.00 At $2.5.0 we offer a very fine soft hand-tnrnod patent tip oxford which is equal in every way to goods sold elsewhere at S $3.50. This is a special value. GROVER'S'SERGE SHOES. • Ma tie from finest English serge. >Ve carry the entire jj Grovcr lirie. • - INDIA LINONS. . E All India Linous Reduced. g 8 1-.1 now 5c H f> and Go now. . . .4.0 g 12V^c. now 10c g 2.K-. now 18c H :'}()«• now 25c • English long cloth $1-00 bolt g Suesine silk 46c II I'ercalies 12 3 / 2 c g BEOKEN SIZES B Men's shoos, sample shoes and bankrupt shoes. Look ovr B those if you want bargains. 1 The BROAD WELL Stores | IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOM1NING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Phouc 51. C. H. Kistler \Vm. Summers, tree primer mul Inui- der, Covina. tf SEE A. WARNER FOR INSURANCE Take your choice of the following glLedge companies: LONDON & LANCASHIRE SPRINGFIELD FIRE & MARINE. ORIENT FIRE INSURANCE CO. ATLAS INSURANCE CO. All paid In full at San Francisco. A. WARNER AGENT. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE. THE SUN RENOVATES ANI OSTERMOOR MATTRESS Hoy nrunaker spent last week-*-inl v/ith hia brother, H. S. lirubuker, of Upland. Jap Help—I am keeping many buys always. If you need good boy;, in work in ranrh or house* tell inr pie.•.-,.• . S. lK)i. J'hO!!'.' ~i-',',{, S<!ll UilUtih. ~i ••'.}, The nioiithly tucMirs f:f iii«- '-.vT,. Mini's Il<>ii!i' ;iij(i i''i,ifi;:n M i:i.ii"ii;i i..' Society of tin- 1'r..--;t>yten;.m i":iUr' ! ' WJIH lit-iii la.-T \Vt-ilnesdity iii't'-: nifi.. 1 . at th.- hon,i- i t Mr.s. C. T. lihu.i •':.•• r '. 'I'll'- -;;i ; nj>- I ii!.ii-T il^,-rr:^i( i. '>.. • S (J iith An., ri- i iiii.'J .\|i--xi"--). >,, •} •• I'ciiitf "•...! )-'.' Mi's. -.' '.. A!,.;.- •... N'rrt. -.iiiii-ri 1 . Mr- .-•: ••.t!'-r ,;!,-i v !.. Ad,i l;!:ii.c-ii;ii'i. 14.-!'.'•:-.!i!:,••!!•:• :••• . • The Ostermoor is built (not stuffed) of elastic, fibrous Gsteranoor sheets —germ-proof and vermin-proof. We know there is no mattress on earth "just-as-good" as the Ostermoor, and we are exclusive agents for your protection against worth less substitutes. Come to us for the genuine Ostermoor— a masterpiece of comfort, Order one. %i Nothing but a,ri occa- blonal sun-bath is needed to keep an Ostermoor Mattress thoroughly renovated. It catrt possibly {{et dirty inside. And if the tklc gets soiled—soap and water and. a Ijnish cleans it. Why sleep on a mattress filled with dead animal hair? The very fact that it needs picking to pieces to clean It of dirt (and the germs stick 1) should be enough to sicken cue against it, for CLEANING HAIR IS A DIRTY JOB. Christopher's Cream ©f Quality THE GREATEST SELLER OF ANY AMERICAN ICE CREAM No other cream is so satisfying, so smooth, so delicious. No other cream is so universal ly popular. No other "just as good" cream can be sold at our prices. Try it. C, F, CLAPP SOLE AGENT CHEAP-RATE EXCURSIONS TO THE EAST. Summer 1909 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD TO THE FOLLOWING POINTS AT RATES AND ON DATES MADE (SUBJECT TO CHANGE). Atr.hlson, Knn $ GO.OO Hnltlrr.ore, Mtl I07.."<0 Boston, Mass 1 KUO Chicago, 111 7-'.r,0 Colorado' Springs. Colo, r>i>.<.lO Denver,- Colo 5f>.00 niiluth, Minn .. Tii.iiO Houston, Texas (10.00 Ktmsns Cily, Mo 00.00 Loaveuwortli, Kan «0.00 Memphis, Teim • (17.50 Mlneoln. Texan 00.00 i\Hnneapolin, Minn 7,'!.50 Mont real, Quebec 108.50 Onmlm, Nch fiO.OO I'liiladelphln, I'u 108.50 Now Orlenns, Ln 07.50 New YorH, N. Y 108.50 Pnobio, Colo r.n.oo St.. Joseph, Mo 60.00 St.. Louis, Mo 07.50 St., Minn 73.50 Toronto, Ontario !>5.70 Washington, I). C 107.50 DATES OF SALES. To Colnrmlo poiiitrt--.luno 27 to .Inly Ct.h, inchnUve; A\igiiBt !) to H In elusive. ' ''f v To nil other iiolntH—Mny M to l!l iiu'lnslve, 2f», 20, (Hid 27; .Inly I .|. to 7 Inclusive, til, M, 15. £ IleLnrn limit.— Kor May, .June ami .Inly sales, three months after diilo of »|» *t* siile; for Angusl. and September sales, October lit, 1000. •>* S FOR VARIOUS NATIONAL CONVENTIONS TICKETS WILL BE .|. SOLD AS FOLLOWS: •$ Denver, Colo. Nat.iomil Educational Association. Soil Juno 27 t:o July ^ 0. Rate, ¥55.00. •!• v ; St. Paul, Minn.—Christian Kndoavor. Soil Juno 24 to 27, 20 and July A ; 1 to 7. Rate, $73.50, j« Minneapolis, Minn.— Unlvcrsullst. Soil .Tu»y 1 to 7. Unto, 4* v ¥73.50. <| Alaska-Ytikon-Pacinc lOxposltion, Soattlo, Woeli.—Juno 1 to October £ 1(1, 1909. Dates of sale—May 25 to Sept. 30, Inclusive. Rates, ^ going via Southern Pacific and Portland and returning same A ' route, ¥40.20. Alsa other ratoa via other routes. Stop-ovora £ \ allowed at Intermediate points going or returning. Y \ For further information call on, write or phono to y ; D. B. 8CHENCK, AGENT, COVINA $ > Home Phono 144 X ! G. L. TRAVIS, COMMERCIAL AGENT, POMONA. *j* isouTHERN -PACIFIC! ' •$• X^H f <«**<*< M X^<»<«X»<"><"M"^>«X«<»<«*<^«<^<'*<K^<^M«J' YOUR VACATION NOW at our expense A CHOICK OK I«'01 IK IS OKKKK'Ki) YOU DURING AI.A.SKA- YlJKON-liXI'OSiriON YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK YOSEMITE VALLEY LAKE TAHOE ALL YOUR EXPENSES PAID !!•' VOC HAYK KKJKNhS IN TiiK KAST WHO WANT TO VISIT TIIK l'A< 'I I'lC COAST WK CAN AKK'ANdK IT. This is your Opportunity $11.SO to CGVINA FU ^vrf I-'.,r SUNSET TRAVEL CLUB

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