Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 13, 1969 · Page 14
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 14

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1969
Page 14
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6--B THE REGTSTER-NEWS — MT- VERNON. ILLINOIS MONDAY, JANUARY 13, 1969 it — Legal Notices — PUBLICATION STATE OF ILLINOIS COUNTY OF, JEFFERSON-SS. IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF JEFFERSON COUNTY, ILLINOIS IN THE MATTER OF THE ) ESTATE OF "THROUGH THE SOUND BARRIER" is the title of this work by Asmundur Sveinsson, one of Iceland's greatest contemporary sculptors. It stands in front of a hotel in Reykjavik, the island's capital. News Briefs NEW YORK (AP) - Five persons who recently acquired Gertrude Stein's famous art collection are going to give part of it. to the Museum of Modern Art. The gift will be from David Rockefeller, president, of the Chase Manhattan Bank and chairmen of the museum's board of trustees; publisher Johr. Hay Whitney, a vice chairman; William S. Paley, trustees' president and chairman of the board of the Columbia Broadcasting System; New York banker Andre Meyer, a palron. Miss Stein's collection, which she acquired early in the cen- j tury, was composed of 38 works i by Pablo Picasso and nine by Juan Gris. The museum said Thursday that details of how many paint- feigj would be given to the •ruseum and when had not been | worked out. \ They were purchased . from , the heirs of Miss Stein who died in 1948. LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — President Rene Barrientos and 33 other persons were in a plane (rat made a forced landing 90 ir.iies south of La Paz. One propeller of the air force C47 came off in flight and the pilot made a one-engine landing. "It was the worst thing which lias happened to me in all my flights," said Barrientos."God was with us." Quito's Seasons Ecuador's capital city, Quito, is said to have four seasons all in one day. In the morning, Quito's weather is springlike, in the afternoons warm as summer, the evenings are like autumn and the nights like winter. Charter No. 11774 National Bank Region No. 7 REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WOODLAWN in the State of Illinois, at the close of business on December .31, .1968. Published in response to Call made by Comptroller of the Currency, under Section 5211, U.S. Revised Statutes. ASSETS 1.—Cash, balances with other banks, and cash items in process of collection 2.—United States Government obligations .': 3.—Obligations of States and political subdivisions. 4.—Securities of Federal agencies and corpo- . rations 5.—Other Securities 6.—Federal funds sold and Securities purchased under agreements to resell ; 7.—Loans and discounts 8.—Bank premises, furniture and fixtures, and other assets x*epresenting bank premises 9.—Real estate owned other than bank premises 10.—Customers' liability to this bank on acceptances outstanding 11.--Other assets, including ($ none) direct lease financing $ 351,450.97 1,076,135.20 .123,039.84 215,000.00 4,500.00 None 987,929.35 8,098.66 5,00 None None 12.—TOTAL ASSETS $2,766,159.02 LIABILITIES 13.—Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, • and corporations 14.—Time and savings deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 15.—Deposits of United States Government 16.-—Deposits of States and political subdivisions 17.—Deposits of foreign governments and official •'. institutions, central banks and international • institutions 18.—Deposits of commercial banks 19.—Certified and officers' checks, etc 20.—TOTAL DEPOSITS $2,456,405.50.1 (a) Total demand deposits 1,179,610.01- (b) Total time and savings .deposits 51,276,795 49 21.-—Federal funds purchased and securities' .sold. under agreements to repurchase 22.—Liabilities for borrowed money 23.—Acceptances executed by or for .account • oil; this bank and outstanding 24.—Other liabilities, including $ (none) mortgages. and other liens on bank premises and other real estate 25.—TOTAL LIABILITIES $ 816,029.73 1 ,20 (5,795.49 7,122.54 424,656.23 None None 1,801.31 None None i SARAH F. (Frances) STEARNS, Deceased, GLADYS GRAY AND JOSEPHINE WHITE, ADMINISTRATORS. Plaintiff -vs- BENJAMIN F, STEARNS, et al, Defendants No. 68-P-108 PETITION FOR LEAVE TO SELL HEAL ESTATE TO PAY DEBTS The rocaiisite affidavit of non- residence and for publication, and unknown whereabouts having been filed herein, Public Notice is hereby given that on the 27th day of December. 1968, a petition for leave to sell real estale to pay debts was filed herein by the Administrators. Gladys Gray and Josephine White. , The deceased, Sarah F. (Frances) Stearns left, surviving her j the following named children j (sons and daughters) and sole j and only heirs at law her sur- j viving, to-wit: William Stearns, Benjamin F. Stearns, Leo Stearns, Gladys Gray, Josephine White, Sarah Bear, Charles Stearns, Kathleen Abernathy, and Mary Buzick, as her sole and only heirs at law her surviving. To you, Benjamin F. Stearns; it : not being known and determined whether you be dead or living and your whereabouts being unknown and after full, complete and diligent search has been made for your whereabouts, notice is hereby given to you that on the 27th day of December, 1968 a Petition for Leave to Sell Real Estate to Pay Debts was filed herein by the Administrators, Gladys Gray and Josephine White. You Benjamin F. Stearns, son of Sarah F. (Frances) Stearns, deceased and one of the heirs at law her surviving and to all other persons known and unknown, minors, incompetents, persons under legal disability or in military service, residents and non residents of the State of Illinois and concerning whom it is not known whether you or each of you be dead or living and to all other heirs at law, assigns or successors*- and to all persons to whom it may concern, please take notice; That on the 27th day of December, 1968, said petition was filed, and that you must file your appearance, answer, or other pleading within 30 days from date hereof, or in any event not later than Friday, January 31st, 1969, or default will be entered against you and all others for the sale of said premises to pay debts. The premises sought to be sold to pay debts, claims and costs of administration are as follows, to-wit: Lot Fourteen (14) in Block Nine (9) in North Granite Subdivision in Granite City as same appears in Plat Book Thirteen (13), Page 51 , and subject to an easement ; to Frank H. Sullivan dated February 21, 1929 and entered in Book 632, Page 294 in the County of Madison and Slate of Illinois. Dated at Mt. Vernon, Illinois \ this 30th day of December, A.D., ' 1968. • Gladys Gray and Josephine ! White, Administrators of the I Estate: of Sarah F. (Frances) j Stearns, Deceased, j Frnrk H. Walker I A11r>rnev for Administrators 1 1.001V, Broadway, P. O. Box 913 ! Mt. Vernon, Illinois 62864 1-13 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF. THE SECOND .TUDICTAT. CIRCUIT JEFFERSON COUNTY. ILLINOIS RORERT C. DAVIS, WILLIS ) DAVIS, and SEBEL A. DAVIS. ) Plaintiffs ) vs. ) DONALD DAVIS, MAURICE ) DAVIS, JOE DAVIS, NANCY ) SCHUTTE, DONALD CROS- ) NO. MAUDE CROSNO, EVE- ) LYN DAVIS CHASE. MELCH- ) ER DAVIS and NANNIE) DAVIS BROWN, ) Defendant ) NO. 67-CH-107 PUBLIC NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE Public notice is hereby given that in pursuance of a Decree entered in the above entitled cause on the 26th day of July, 1968, as amended by Order entered November 23, 1968, and filed December 23, 1968, I. Robert Ruddick, Sheriff of Jefferson County, Illinois, will, at the hour of 11:00 o'clock A.M. in the forenoon on Saturday, the 25th day of January, 1969, at the south door of the County Court House in the City of Mt. Vernon, County of Jefferson and State of Illinois, sell at public vendue to the highest and best bidder or bidders, the hereinafter described real estate, as follows: There shall first be offered for sale the following premises, to-wit: TRACT I: The Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 22, Township 3 South, Range 2 East of the 3rd P.M., Jefferson County, Illinois, except the North 13 1/3 acres thereof. There shall next be offered for sale the following premises, towit: TRACT II: The North 13 1/3 acres of the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 22, Township 3 South, Range 2 East of the 3rd P.M., Jefferson County, Illinois. There shall next be offered for sale the following premises towit: TRACT III: The Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 22, Township 3 South, Range 2 East of the 3rd P.M., Jefferson County, Illinois. Subject to the further approval of said Court, said sale shall be made as follows: If 1/4 of the sum bid for said Tract I shall be equal to or more than 1/6 of the sum bid for the purchase of said Tract III, then sale will be made of said Tract I. However, if 1/4 of the sum bid for said Tract I shall be less than 1/6 of the sum bid for said Tract III, sale'will be made of said Tract III. Any sale will include"all improvements and appurtenances on said real estate, and ; will be subject to all taxes, both general and special, already levied or hereafter to be levied. The. terms | of said sale shall be cash. I Said sale and all my pi'.weed- jings in this matter are subject to the approval .of this Coutft. Bidders are advised to consult the Decree in the above entitled cause from which my authority is derived. DATED at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, this Dec. 30th, 1968. Robert Ruddick, Sheriff of Jefferson County, Illinois. Robert C. Davis Willis Davis Sebel A. Davis PLAINTIFFS Kirk & Musick Attorneys for Plaintiffs First National Bank Building Mt. Vernon, Illinois Telephone 242-0705 ' • • 1-13 NOTICE OF CLAIM PATE Notice is given of the death of James R. McLaughlin and that Letters of Administration were issued January 3, 1969 to Gladys McLaughlin, Ashley Road, • Mt. Vernon, Illinois, as Administrator, and that Monday, March 3, 1969 is. the claim date for the estate. Dated January 3, 1969. Jerry B. Gott Clerk of the Circuit Court of | Jefferson County, Illinois ATTORNEYS FOR ESTATE: Howard & Howard Howard Building, P. O. Box U Mt. Vernon, Illinois 1-20 | Bridge Lesson j Timing Needed For Judgment By Oswald and James Jacofoy NORTH 13 A 1094 VK643. • A10832 WEST A763 *AQJ9i> • 7 *AQ108 EAS1 • QJ2 y 10872 • KJ9 4972 For the money you need to balance your budget..; CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 26.—(a) Capital notes and debentures ... (b) Preferred stock—total par value .. ' No. shares outstanding—none (c) Common stock—total par value No. shares authorized—500 No. shares outstanding—500 27.—Surplus 28.—Undivided profits ..: ; 29.—Reserves .' 32,456,660 02 None None 50.—TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 31.— TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 30,000.00 100,000.00 159,499.00 None 309,499.00 $2,766,159.02 MEMORANDA 12.— Average of total deposits for the 15 calendar 1 days ending with call date : 2,482,998.49 33.—Average of total loans for the 15 calendar .<'.;• days ending with call date 1,002,939.14 S4.—Valuation reserves, as deducted from loans j shown in asset item 7 r • 1,691.33 85.—-Valuation reserves, as deducted from total, securities shown in asset items 2 through 5.......... ./, None I, Bill Maze, Cashier, of the above-named Mnk dS thereby declare that this report of condition is true and correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief. BILL MAZE, Cashie?-,.; ,\ '., We the undersigned directors attest the <»rrecthessj. :,of this report of condition and declare that it has been examined by us and to the best of our knowledge and belief is true and correct CAR WIN EUBANK 7 E. C. CHAMP "' MARY E. JACO, Directors ASK GAG for a cash advance Setyourmind at ease. Add up the bills you're now paying, month after month... and paythem off with cash from GAC. Then you can enjoy the convenience of paying all your bills with one monthly payment that's fitted to your budget. Chances are it will be lower than the total you are now paying each month. You can plan ahead... provide for extra spending money out of every paycheck. For prompt, personal service ... stop in or call. Get a cash advance from GAC to pay your bills... or for any good reason. LOANS UP TO $5000 6tC FINANCE GOIPOMTION -MT. VERNON- 111* D,„« J GAC FlnilnW Cor »1116 Broadway Phone 242-1996 "CENTRALIA- SOUTH(D) AAK85 •/Void 4Q65.4 *J6543 Neither vulnerable West North East Sonfli Pass IV Pass 2 V Pass Pass Dble Pass 4e> Pass Pass Pass Opening lead Oswald: "We were talking about decisiveness last week and agreed that willingness to make decisions was an essential quality of a very great bridge playJim: "What are you leading or." up to today?" Oswald: "There is a supplementary quality — a very great player must amek his decisions at the hight time. It does not pay to decide one round late." Jim: "I see what you mean. Smith's jump to four spades was decisive enough. Unfortunately it was a wrong decision. He should have decided to double two hearts himself where­ upon'North would have undoubtedly settled for a three- diamond call.," Oswald: "North's; double of two hearts was unfortunate. He probably should have contented himself with a pass or bid three diamonds." Jim: "No one could really criticize a pass. Any bid was dangerous and North really should have had better Spades for his double" . Oswald: "On the other hand ih.^-e was no reason for North to feel that his partner would suddenly leap to four spades with a four- card suit." Jim: "Right! South might well have bid only three spades with a four- card suit or if he wanted to bid strongly, he could have bid three hearts and forced North to choose a suit." Oswald: "If the three- heart bid had landed North and South in five diamonds North conceivably might have made it. It would require double dummy play plus poor defense but those things happen." Jim: "In any event, it would be better than four spades. South went down two at this contract." tine n • Illinois GAC Finance Corp. 129 £. Broadway Phone 532-7361 Would Expel Students For Rioting, Vandalism By CHARLES WHALEN SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP)—A bill providing for expulsion, "of students from state - supported colleges and universities for certain offenses has been introduced in the Illinois Senate, Among the violations listed in the measure which was introduced Thursday are participation in vandalism, rioting, occupation of buildings or other unlawful acts directed against the institution. Sen. Earl Berning, R—Deer- fif.ld, said he introduced. the bill because of the outbreak of college disturbances across the country in the past several years. Sen. Egbert Groen, R—Pekin, submitted bills calling for Washington's b i r.t h d a y, Lincoln's birthday,. Memorial day, Columbus day and Veteran's day to be observed on Mondays. The aim is to achieve three- day weekends during each of the five holiday periods. The proposed laws would af- ject schools, banks and state I offices. J A similar law has been pass- jed m Congress. I The legislature is in recess until Monday when 8 joint season will be held in the state ar'ory at noon for the inauguration of Richard B. Ogilvie As governor. | Ogiivie's appointments. v> Cabinet posts will be consider^H by the Senate Executive Corjl- mittee Tuesday. % Later Tuesday, the full Satiate plans to act on confirmuj* new department directors ai<i some other officers. & Arrington said April 11 hj^ been proposed as the deadline for introducing bills with the ex- cention of appropriation revenue measures. at Arrington has also proposed the Senate vote on all bills passed by the House by mid-Junfe leaving the remainder of tB6 month free for confei'ence coiig- mittees to take up bills »n which there is disagreement New Year SAVINGS for home decorating JANUARY VALUE DAYS Latex Wall Paint Buy A Gallon of Corovel AND RECEIVE • Enough paint to do the walls and trim of an average-sized room! • Applies easily, and tools clean up with soap and water. 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