Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 18, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1954
Page 9
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, February 18, 1954 OZARK IKE By Chick Young IT'S THESE LITTLE J~ DIFFERENCES IN WHY CAN'T WE *-x HAVE SOMETHINS ) HAMBUR6Ef? ^V AND FRENCH FRIED ) POTATOES FOf?A CHANGE"? HUSBANDS WORK HARD ALL DAY--- WHEN THE/ COME HOME AT NI6HT THEY LIKE VARIETY IN THBR MEALS NO--WEVE HAD THAT TOO MUCH LATELY YOU PATFIELOS HAVE DONE COMMITTED A FRAUDf OPINION THAT MAKE LIFE WOULD YOU LIKE Et? AND FRENCH FRIED POTATOES FOR SIMMUH DOWN, ,,,WHUTS ITI iSl WRONfi WITH US CALLIN OURSELVES AN MERES IVEE R£F'REEf VIC FLINT Bv Mitihoel O'Molley and Ralph L«n» Weapons i-rovious ACROSS 1 Firearm | 6 Sharp-edged weapon 211 Interstice R13 Mortgagee 114 Masculine 4 appellation 15 Builds 4 African worm 5 Measure of cloth 6 Courtesy title 7 Tiny S One time 9 Plexus 10 Writing table 12 Paradises 13 Sinister looks IPW V« , in, 13 Sinister looKS Stated 18 Highway <"''•> 29 Gct UP a pointed . 20We aponsct 30 Hurried _ E ! 17 Before 34 Rodent 45 Hideous monster 40 Bamboolike JOT? illntion 21 Footed vase 36 Hebrew letter grass 19 Exclamation ,., Pr _ nn - i(inn 37 Exoondcd 47 Folio of fright 20 Treeless plains 24 Swordlike P weapons I 27 Pilots [• 31 Embellish ' 32 Fall in drops 33 Rip 34 Elevate 35 Bars by estoppel 38 Prohibited 39 Reiterates 41 Mineral spring 44 Goddess of the' dawn §45 Boundary i (comb, form) 48 Piece of i artillery I 51 Mark' to shoot at 54Sketcher 55 Dinner course ! 56 Staggers 57 Military —— of prowess DOWN ^ 1 Uncommon • 2 Press 3 off a blow with a weapon :ARNIVAL 22 Preposition 23 Closed cars 24 Cloy 25 Drinks made with fruit 26 Gun 28 "Emerald Isle" 43 Poker stake 37 Expended 47 Followers 38 Sew loosely 49 Nothing 40 Daybreak 50 Office of (comb, form) Strategic 41 Cicatrix Services (ab.) 42 Peel 52 Too 53 Route (nb.) ii ZS 18 5b Jfc 10 £5 By Dick Turner "My husband's not going to like this—'but then, of course, I can't please everybody!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbrcrth "H9W eoon will ( be ^|sl? to h^ve a nice «ven set of ,teeth like my father'*?" OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williami I HAP OME OF THESE KIMDA GHOSTS BUST OW ME ONCE— PID YOU E.VER WIPE 4p OME OFF VOU J«l WITH A STICK <\\. I IMTH' PARK? Jj If I'VE BEEM HIT BY A PIECE OF FLVIM& SAUCER ALOMS 3 HERE.' ™s^ PASSIM' A CEMETERY AT MIGHT 16> NOTHIM' ^^^ COMPARED EUl WITH PASSIM 1 THIS VACAMT F1EL-P-' OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopie THIS 16 A6 EASY TO Dl AG- f40SE AS YOUR HICCUP 60LO6 OM SATURDAY TRVTO £ELL IT/HE'LL'' BECAUSE HIS 6HIRT6 AR6 ALL H£ EVER MY COAT-CHAIR DISAPPEARED/ Flt"56ER-MAII_ PARIMS5/ , ( -6LOOD- f HOUMDS? FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberge* ! "She's baby sitting—the wife's gone to a bridge partyl" HENRY By Carl Anderson ^_ 3 (»/O-ANNf) LOOKS LiWS ?A PARTY SOT TOO *OU6H r-*.. ^>-J i Vr UVA tHli^ ^^X r«ei» tin*/* ^**> *#.-.! ii t it* »»f» ; >*^M»f* A WAITf 1C FEK WISS 8»V«A!M...HBRB COVfiS COUPASB CHA$llsl T'f,\ NEXT WIT' WX «y Leslie Turner WASH TUBBS IT WAS WV PRIUILEQe T0 1 HE\RP OF VOU .YENRS BEFORE \ MJ VOWB JSWT BEFORE i THWuTO 5|B MD TROOP. THEV 5MD VOU RI5KBP PONE TH&' uor NOW, ERNIE', r owr—w DIP VOU £/W CftPTMM HEV/ VOU'RB TH 1 CHAP WHO WITH WV DAD OM OKlUA l \^)^ WHEM / IT fO THE ACCIPEMT TOOK PLACgL^ BE CL05EI2. TO HIM. BOOTS, AND HER BUDDIES 'M SO XOO -...„ * - vti^ti! BUGS BUNNY IS THAT SISN I.OBPEEEP YA AIN'T WORRIED ABOUT THAT UI'L A\ATTEI? OPTH 1 SIX MONTHS I ALLEY OOP 15HUDDER TO THINK...BUT I, • FOR ONE.WIU. SLEEPWITHMY ONE MAN DO I EYE5 OPEN GAINST A, / FROM. NOW HOST OF \ OM,' THOUSANP5 ^ECT A TROUBLESOME \YEH? WELL,-»C3U JUST ROSUE, PERM APS, I W^TCH 'IM SET VOUR THE ESCAPE OF > BUT NO MPRE /SUBJECTION ONE SAXON A J THAN A PETTY I OF BRITAIN /OH, DISASTER? ,7l (ANNOVANCE AT/BACK A FULL / COME WORST.' J< CENTURY 1 / /sfi NOW.. ag^^/^y^ii i/4-V Sasfllste CHRIS WELKIN, Plonereer THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE ,$TERUN$/WEHAVgA SURPRISE/ CARU CHANI^THS AUTHOR OP THfi aAV, 1$ «£!??y gCOTTjTWS I? ; TO WATCHIHEtgVpyTS' -^ 'T^uBunniu:/ FKANCIE.I'PUKEVOUTO MEET MR6.WWNE,..SH6'S PROMOTINS THE SHOW >E P ' T ' A '

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