The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 25, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Results 'A Progressive Newspaper For A Progressive Community" f: THE WEATHER Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island—F«ir tonight and Friday morning followed by increasing cloudiness Friday aftor- non. Cooler and less humid tonight and Friday. Vol. LXX, No. 174 ESTABLISHED 1885 THURSDAY,*JULY 25, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Centi Truman Decision On OPA Bid Expected Late Today Draft Board Members Get Awards Price Rally Scheduled August 1 Leaders Of Local Groups Invited To Planning Session Monday Tui-lvc iif IN volunteer nii'inlicr* i>r Nimi;iitiicli Sisli't: '.Ivn Service IJoard I.-1-A who were presented the high «•<! iiwunl {:nrii:ri"i» ever granted tn civilians nt ra-rnmonies conducted yesterday afternoon at the Tuttle firlirml mi fMinrcli street. lliirrN \Vhlttemnre, ,Ir., eli airman of the local hoard, pro.icnled the Certifloutcs of Merit and medal* <v!tli the ",ilr<'nn> appreciation of tile local board," to those pictured above: Front rniv, left In rlt,'hl. <.'li-'ir C, f',ti\i',i<i], !)r, Kdiviird A. II err, hoth of Cheshire: Herbert .Johnson Naugatuck, Kdwnrrl • >. Hurt, Chi'shlre, Dr. Walter .1. Itelll.y, Dr. N. A. Towne, liotb of Naligatuck. Second row, left to rlishl. Dr. V. I'. Duffy. Charlei !•', Daly, Kdward .r. Sodlosky, Pr. William K Mill, Joseph C. Ituyt- kwleh. ,rr, Oenrife r.., all (if Naiigiiliit'lt. Thor.i- unable to attend were: Dr. Wilbur ,1. Moore;, Frederick S, lSiil<er mid .John II, f{. I'.lsliop, all nf Cheshire; the Rev, Alfred M. Ki-lls of Wolcotl, Frank M. I'ltittili of Prospect and (lie Kev. Albert K. Taylor of Niiuiratiii'l;. IJosldrx Mr, Whitte.moio, two other local board mc'Miliei's wore pri'senl, Dr. Kdwln It. Cumin of N'aiipiiMiek, and Clifford I'. Wullacc of Pro»- [i"ef, Mr. Lewis afccjilcd the mviird for hit riitlier, the late Ilev, Arthur F. Lewis. American Legion Names Committee To Handle Waste Paper Drive Here July 28 Complete Canvass Of Bor- J ough To Be Ma'db By 45 | Mon, 20 Trucks ' I'Mrinl plnh'i were ('(i'"p!"(Ml today for Hi" AnuTl'Tii I-i-glori Puper Salvage drive thai will bo tu-ld Sun- day. It IK i/ imlilillin'pd by .lo.'iepfi C.'. llnytluvkh, cluilrmnn . All. Cii.vtk- wleli Mliiled hint S'ln'tny'ii 'Irli'c, whleh will ii.'Kin nl n >i. ni. iiiul "'III tin- entire I own i;-i !"• f<jiirlm:li'(l hy University Of The South Dean St. Michael's Visiting Preacher D. D., Ph. '.he mlilnir from II"' •'•'i 1 " [i"r will ho lined for Mr. Kd- erniUriMe iirili eiiMvii->::er|. wil men. The fifiid.-i i-i of the wa:ile,i- ti'liiihllliiiiloii. Mr. Rayikwli-h lie MI-UM-I that -ill Ir'C'ill cffllfleD pt/ier fhrt|- fiH'ier nut on the lilil wnlh In ffoni of lli"lr home", :tr he H;I|I<! that It b" billed. The -l, r i tnen who will aid Uaytkwli'h In thl.M drive are wnrd fli'i-liet-. Sid Mnyllfi, fii'nrtr" llnyli.M. KImrr Si'i'n«"i. IrimeM [•'ar- r'-n llril'V l!ai;|r\v Kdv.-ard WIU'uX. f'rpori;e H. f.ewl.M, Alex Nolrle, Ml- rh'ii'l Not t'l.'i, ,lnhn Pe.smond. Law- renee (.'h"nry .1, .1. Sheridan, I'nl- rlek Sheridan, I. mils .lumele, VVH- limn liavl.-fiii, John nnvlMon, f'eter J^nllio. ['M. Nnlcle, VVultei 1 I'hlllfii-i. Arfliur h'jifjei- Thomas Anhl'ui'd, .Ifihn I'blllpi. Alsi. (.'biirb-M Scluil'-HHoii, C.'luirle.-i SelnilriiM-ion. .(r.. Vlt<i Kndfi, \'lr:l(if inoml Afiderfi'Ki, Tho/nafi (Jiinnoiiil. Ahdei'jion. Howard Thui'Mlnn. U'iy- ,li'., ,1,-iek fliinni'ild, Iin'iiild Wli.Cijlr.i- worth lionald l4Miai-dt, I-VnuU Kiel niiik U.'iyrnond lOiii'TMon. Harold I'erry. Thomas Mrudiihnw, Noril» Kolleft, , I..rl)of!', Oeorce Chiswell Ijiwrenei' Sain. John Simmons. Ji,, and i'.'dwfird rjerbel', .Ii 1 . Pa., and In six years this diocesan mission became one or the most progressive parishes In the Diocese of Pennsylvania. ["•can James ;icccptcd n. call -to tho rnclorship of St. Paul's church, EnRlownod. N. J., in 102.1, and in thn same yen r he became professor of Old Testament Literature at. the Berkeley Divinity school, "fii- of thr oillNlattdinj,' nhiirrhmen. j Since I!)<IO ho ha;i been clean of stehnliir.'t and educnt.oi-n !n thr- ICpis- I the school P., T..L. D., dean ot the iKigleal iichfinl, LTnivorxlty of itinith. Sr^wtrire. Tenn., will he viaitlni; pn-arher at K:. Mi- "liael 1 :! l''',|iin'-.ri|i:il church during the • •ntire iiuinth of August, nceordlnfi 1 (o an anmuinremrjnt today by the ILrv. Wtnfr'Hl P>, I*mghomt, rector, Pran Jfintes t.'i reported ns being At a meeting of the nominating committee appointed Monday night at Linden Park Hall to choose a permanent price control • committee in the Borough, it was voted to ask heads of all civic, fraternal, veteran and other local organizations to act as a committee 'to enforce stabilization of prices in Naugatuck. ••••>• George Froehlich, chairmaivbr, the committee, announced' today that this group would be asked 'to meet Monday night, .7:30 o'clock, in the Borough Court room of th Town Hall. x He further stated that 'lottci would be sent to all possible ; pci manent committee members-'fn forts to secure services of We; residents in all sections of thc-'com munlty. Approximately 100 poi'soYi's it is expected, will comprise l tli membership of this comnVrttee When rormed this group will- 'tin dertakc the task of conducting-th anti-high prices campaign. On Thursday. August 1 a motoi caravan demonstration, beginning in the evening at 7 o'clock will be As Second A-Test Bomb Was Exploded At Bikini (Continued on Page 8)-' .LATE . . Cpis rf'pal church, anrl i-Jt, Michael','! par- l«h fnels (tioiit fortunate In hnviug 'hl.'i ••pportimlty to hear and meet him. At the art" of 18, Dean Jamen had gradii;il"d from the Univer- nlty of Ppi'inaylvnnta with honors. After flushing his theological atud- liii wan Kent na n. missionary of Theology at the Uni- voi-Nily of Lhn South. 7-le Is tho author of many articles and books, among the best sellers In the religious I'lclcl are "Tho Beginnings of Our Religion," "The Thirty Psalm- Isits," and "Personalities of tho Old Tns-lfimont." The public is cordially Invited to attend, the services at St. Ml- ACCUSES HE!KENS Chicago, July 25—( UP)—State's Attorney William Tuohy announces that his handwriting expert has concluded that the handwriting of William Heinre.ns, 17- year-old University of Chicago student, matches that of the Suzanne Dcgnan ransom note. Tuohy snys the expert also has found that the lipstick writing found in the murder of ex-Wave Frances Brown was that of Hci- rcns. • -oOo SECRECY IN SWEDEN ' Senate Votes Approval In Late Session White House Says Decision May Be Announced At Press Conference Water, fire, and smoke fill the air us the atomic bomb in "Test Baker" is exploded lione.ith the w:i<^r In Bikini Lagoon, As the water shoots skyward, a huge ball of mist forms on lop of the rising smoke col- unin. The water cplumn at Jts base was said to have bee,n 2.100 feet wide. The photo was taken from the fluffshlp V. S. S. Mt McKlnlcy, which wiwi located 11 miles from the blast center. U. S Navy Radio- photo, (International Soundphoto) Washington, July 25— (UP)— The White House say* that "in all probability" President Truman will announce his decision on the price control bill at his news conference this afternoon. It will be held at 5 p. m, (EDT), White House Press Secretary Charles Ross has declined to forecast what the President will do about the bill. Ross says Mr. Truman will send a message to Congress on the subject sometime late today or tomorrow—explaining his action. The House-approved bill passed the Senate early this morning after 32 hours of heated discussion. The new measure comes much closer to Mr, Truman's price formula than tho bill he vetoed June 29th. If the President signs the bi'l today—and it is expected he will— he also may appoint the three board members sometime during the day. If he does, the Senate is prepared to confirm them by nightfall so that the pricing machinery can hit high ge:)r as soon as possible. The new measure is not expected to deter the continued flow of meat and dairy products. The Agriculture Department announces Americans can look forward to somewhat larger meat supplies, pienly of eggs in reasonable prices, nnd a possible increase in fats and oils. Ready for instant action, the OPA has prepared a whole series of new pricing orders to go into effect immediately after President Truman signs the bill. The order's wil restore ceilings on many items, but the bill provides that most of our major fo;<J products will remain without ceilings at least until August 20th. After that, It's up to the new de-control board. Atom Bomb Sinks Two Capital Ships, Five Submarines, Four Other Vessels Chlmi, and liecame the rector chad's and to meet Dean James. id f I he Church of Our Saviour in Sha njthal, Tri 1000 he began his rectorship at St, Annii'it church. Philadelphia, schedule of services la: Holy Communion, 7:,'iO a. m,, and morning prayer and sermon by Dean James at 11 n. m, Colils Ami nod * Interest Keen In Planning Board Session 27 Residents On New Jury List A Jury of 27 residents has been selectee! hy the Jury Commissioners for New Haven county for the year Sept. 1, 10-16 to Sept, 1, 1947, according to a list on file in the I office of Town Clerk Raymon'd J I (1 . T _ I Interest Is kei>n In the borough a.s to what action if any will be taken tonight at the long-awaited meeting of the Planning Commls- j St. John. slon on the matter of constructing The jury list Is ns follows: Rost, u community memorial building here. The commission, which will meet in the court room of the town hall at S o'clock, also has another matter on the npcmln which Is of im portance. That of discussing tho posnlbility of an armory being erected in Xaugatuck. The meeting tonight was re- ».v 1>K, .1 H. WABRKN and' nurses of Inrge in dual rial plants noticed that more employed reported with cold* or worn absent from work because of colds on Monday morning than any othnr morning ir. the week denplte thu rest of the day or tiny Hnd a half previous. This wan because th(v DmployeH ate larger munis and "lept and restnd more than usual. This nllowed too much acid wasto to form nnd colds rosultod. i>liiii-l'». NiiiiKuliirh'ii Piinhlnn Crnlcr —l.rl Cliui'k'H I'Vlpnilly Xrrilrr Sfit- »'lili'li fur iminy j-ntrn Inn titan out" quested in a petition presented at the regular June meeting of the lioaid of warden and burgesses and signed by six of the seven corn- Bontempo. 20 Hotchklss street John L. Brodrick Ifi7 High street Emily Sophie Brown, 202 Hillside avenue; F. Alton Clark, New Haven road; Jennie G. Clark, 39 Hopkin.« street; Mildred Clark, New Haven road; Rose dolan, 202 Wator street; Arthur Downes, 65 Oak street: Thomas V. Dunning, 59 Meadow street; Anna P. Erk, New Haven road; Margaret; Hard, 235 Maple street; Harold Healey, 41 Gorman street; Josephine J. Jackson, IS Cocn street. J. Frank Jones, 3H Cemctcrv mandcrs of veterans organizations street; In the borough and a handful of other residents. Veterans To Name Parade Marshal Chairman Gaston Adacns of the Veterans Council has called a meet Ha/.cl LaChance, 109 Ward street; Patrick Lannon, 677 Rubber avenue: Kathleen Madden, 34 Coen street; Matthew Mahcr 115 Oak street; Richard Neary.' 4SS North Main street; Lillian Quackenbush, 13'l Aetna street; Joseph Rosko, 197 High'street; William 289 Cherry street; Ruth th of the group ton.ght at court room, :30 at NKW UAVKNKB NAMED Washington, July 25—1 UP)—Lieutenant Carl A. Hastri of New Haen hn.i boen named to a throe- man investigating team to survey lealth and living conditions In coal mine communities near Knnsnn Jlty, Missouri. The team Is made ip of throe naval otllcers. e .street; Oak street; Carl Thompson, 64 New- street; Daniel J. Walsh, 14 Olive street. —A full.lliiiior Hi-mil, nt -left'" Hmtniir. uii(, Cliiirrh Htrcrr. lnn«rrn n full i'liolco »l roiillnc ilrlnkn. MO iMiJo.vubln Lo the but woBtlior «u»on,—Adv, TRAINS OH. MEN FOR ARMY Pittsburgh—(UP)—The University of Pittsburgh was the only college selected by the Army In which to train Army officers as oil experts. —Muny tinnilrrd* of Nitiicntucli car crnniTK nlrriiil.v Imvc viewed th» new in-17 Sliidi'linkrr, on dUnlny nt the Nnu- rutudc Uutton- 4 Auto Scrvkf.-—Adr. riffld curfew on details of strange rockets that have been reported streaking over various parts of Sweden. Swedish observers'' 'believe the rockets might'bo experiments by either the Brltl>'i'#r the Russians over the Baltic'sea. TAXI MONOPOLY Washington, July 25—(UP)— The government has filed suit against an alleged taxlcab monopoly In Chicago and three other cities in order to permit veterans and others to enter the taxi business. TH71KB KILLED Miirl, Italy. <>"Jy 25—(DP) — Three persons are reported to h»ve been killed and scores are said to be dyl/iff us the result of an ammunition dump explosion Irtst night at Bltono, It-al.v. All casualties nre reported to foe Italians. oOo G. I. FAY Washington, July 25—<UP)— President Truman has reaffirmed his conviction that terminal leave pay for G. I.'s should be made in the form of bonds rather. than cash. The Senate has passed a bill providing for bond payments. However, the House hns approved a bill providing cash pu3'ments for terminal leave. Both measures arc now in joint conference to have their differences adjusted. oOo HUGHES WOBKS B^verfy Hills, July 25—(UP)— Millionaire sport.snian Howard Hughes is "hack in business" In his hospital room today —-de- n|)ite d » c t o r ' R orders. Al- today—despite doctor's orders, AJ-, though only slightly Improved, according to his physician, Hughes spent three hours today discussing business with the. mm-- ager of his aircraft company.':*" RECALL GENERALS'. •-if Washington, July 25—(UP)— Senator Homer Ferguson' - of- Michigan has demanded that two top-ranking generals be recalled before the Senate War Investigating committee as a result .of- disclosures that Representative May twice intervened ' with General Eisenhower when Captain Joseph G-arsson was court-martialed. Garsson is the son of one of the munitions makers under investigation. Full Inspection Impossible For About Five Days (By United Tress) For the second time thin month. Bikini lagoon has become the biggest scientific laboratory on earth Observation ships of joint task force one have moved in as close as they dare to the radioactive waters of the ' lagoon. Radio controlled drone boats nre darting in and out of the target area, .bringing samples of the contaminated water to v the command ship for study. The first men to brave the lagoon slrico yesterday's mighty underwa- ter'atom bomb explosion have been landed, on the beach of Bikini island. They are instrument crews. Vice Admiral Blandy says their job is to collect data vita! to the task force—what dnta he doesn't say. Welcome Home Committee Plans Drive To Raise Over $10,000 Elandy thinks it be from three to five days before the major •ships of the task force can draw alongside the target ships for a. full •inspection of thn damage. But the damage looks bad enough from .a distance, The two capital Ships which were' closes to the bomb—the battleship Arkansas and the'' aircraft carrier Sur.itogn—now lie-.;in watery graves on the cor;il bottom of the lagoon. Also at the bottom are four smaller vessels and fiv;e submarines. However Admiral Blandy says he's not convinced that the submarines were caved in by the hydraulic ramming of the explosion. He says there's some evi- .denco that they wore merely cut loose from the buoys which held them suspended in tho water, and flooded through their air Hoses, Five othnr ships appear to be badly damaged, and some of thorn may be sinking now. That includes the Japanese battleship Nr.gato, the U. S. battleship New York, the destroyer Hughes, a transport., and a floating drydock. The deck of the destroyer now is less than four feet above water. Earlier reports that :he New York also was down in the water have now been disproved, although it still is considered bad- y -damaged. A group of atomic scientists in Chicago, warned today that it would take only five of the bombs ik'e that which exploded at Bfkini ,o;?tvipe out any city in the United States. .They-issued this grim . di- The Nnugatuck Welcome Home committee estimated last night that the Sepomber 2, colcbraion in honor of returned servicemen and women will cost mure than 510,000, and .set up a method of raising the funds. Chairman John Brccn announced that tickets for presentation of a late model automobile will he sold nt SI a chance, the proceeds to bo used for thep ro- prram. Details of tho, highlight of the day, will bd worked out by the Veterans Council. The day's activities will also include a bund concert, dancing, enlcrtainment, refreshments, and n /Ire works display in the evening. Motion pictures zS the entire ceremony will bo taken. 92 New Voters Made Since May, 44 Yesterday A total of f)2 new voters have been made since May in three of five Kpeejil sessions of the town clerk and board of selectmen to give the voter's oath before tho Novembnr elections. Of this number 41 were made legal voters yesterday afternoon and evening in the third of the j special sessions. In tho total amount ! 35 are women nnd f)7 men. Two regular sessions of the board nnd town clerk will be held in October. Those becoming voters yesterday are: John ID. Bra'/.iel and William F, Braxiel, iflfj City Hill sl.reot: I^ob- crt B. Brinckcrboff, 330 Rubber av- onue; Frederick G. Clay, 20 Olive Street; Charles T. Fogarly, Jr., 112 City Hill street: George k. Haigh. 281 No. Hoadley street; Howard K. Hoppe, 73 Lewis Ktree.t; Franklin M. Johnson, :21 Cliff Btrce-t; Walter P. Kwasniewskl, 39 School street; John R. Lcnncrs, J-16 Curtis street; Domingos Matos, 75 South Main street: Ernest E. Mutti, ]0ft Ward street; Edmund Napier, 65 Spring street; Leonard S. Nicely, 327 No. Hoadlcy street; Felix A. Pcsanelli, 19 HillcrcKt avenue; Joseph Pres- Frceman Thurston, John j t o , :<? Homestead avenue: Bnrtholo- Ostiwki, J.imes Thompson, mew J. Russett, 275 North Hoadlev Six hands and several drum corps have boon contacted for participation in the p.-trado, according to Oaniel Ooniche, ehriir.'nan of tlie music committee. Louis Triano and J. Thompson nend Hie in charge ot' the fli'e\\-oj i ks display, which depends upon the ilnancia] .successes of the committee. Another moctinK of the committee will lie held neNt Wednesday ni«ht at. the Coui't. Room. Chnirman Brccn urfres all members to be present. Those prcs-ent last ni(;ht were: Mr. Brcen, Warden Brophy, Charles F. Daly, Frank T. Green, Fridolf Cailson, James F. Kissane, Joseph C, Raylltwich, Arthur Louis nnd J.Mm M. Ke'nncy. Legion Delegates Five To Attend State Convention Commander George B. Lewis of Naugatuck American Legion post No. 37. will bead a delegation from the IOCB) post to the state convention to be held in Hartford August 15, 36 and 17, according to plans formulated last night at an adjourned meeting: of the post in the Memorial Home, 21 Cedar street. Other delegates besides der Lewis will be: Joseph C. Eaytk- wicj<. Jr., Thomas Gunnoud, Edward Wilcox and Louis Jamcle, Alternates will be: Peter Granii-ri, Jr.. Michael Morris, Phillip Connell, Lawrence Sarni and John J. Sheridan. • Headquarters for the convention will be the Hotel Bond, with principal sessions of the parley to be held in the state armory in Hartford. Several films and an explanation of the Army recruiting campaign were presented by First Lieut. Harry C. Roff,. Jr., following the business session. Garsson Twice Declared Bankrupt New York. July 2. r >—(UP)—Brooklyn court records revealed today th.'tl the "ma.-'ier mind" of n. .$78,000,000 munitions empire declared himself bankrupt twice in the past 20 years. Murray W. Giirssoti—official of the midwest "paper empire" whose war profits aro now under senate scrutiny—first took bankruptcy (n 3920—wiping out debts of more Than SOOO.OOO. Ho listed his only assets a.s $200 worth of clothes and household goods. Garsson took bankruptcy again in 193fi--cnncnl- linp: some S09.000 in debts. Court records show that a brother—not involved in the -senate investigation —also declared bankruptcy twice— in, 1328 and 193(3. Murray Garsson—on filing his second bankruptcy petition—listed his job as a "director of investigation for tho United Slates con- —Hut wmther flnm IN nhoc time. At Ilkk'n Shoi- Storr, MS to underline a complaint to I WilU . r ,,, iry , thm , „„„„„,„.,,,„ „,„......„ Congress, , tor war m (&, 8um m« soaoop,—ddr, mond J, St, John, LOT SOLD A lot on New Haven road has been sold to Joseph and Loretta Spadola by Patrick J. Conroy, according to a wararnty deed filed in the office of Town Clerk Ray- street; Daniel E. Shea, Jr., 1G3 Spencer street; Edward P. Shfmer, 4 Freeman Lnnc; John D. Smith, YMCA. Franklin 1. Smith, 15 Stanley street; ICugcne. Strieski. 2,1 Ward street; Edward F. VaJ«k.iusI<n.s, IfiS Quinn street; William Wood. Jr.. 1-1 Tolles Square; ChnrlCB H. Alex- • ,,.* andcr. 399 Meadow street: Henry H.!, 11 Spring street: Oren R. Binghnm, 37I5 High street; Seth W, Booth, 20 Alma street. Ann,-. Rlndlcr, J,7 Stanley street; Harriet M. Bingham, 375 High • street; Stella Brazlcki, 174 Prospect street; Arlcno R. Brown, G Walnut Terrace; Dorothy D. Doherty. 300 Oak street; Josephine A, Gibin.o, 350 Cocn street; Sarah E. Griedcr, 42 Fuller srcet; Glenna P. ,7'ihnson, 2(!1 Mlllville avenue; Al- frefl F. Kwmnloski, 39 School street; Polly D. Moody, 1GI North Hoadley street; Allen A. Mutti, 1G9 Ward street; Antonia Niedzinski, 106 Water street: Anne M. Niski. 243 Quinn street; Wllma O. Raap, Wooslcr street; Mary C. Sullivan, 37 Hillerest avenue; Doris Weaving, 95 Coen street. RESIGNS New Haven, July 25 — (UP)— Richard H. Whitehcad has resigned as president and -director of tho New Haven Clock and Watch company. The resignation, which has been accepted, will become effective Aug. 1st. ff(I.Inr XnU|rnt4irk'« Don, North Main Htrrri. mail ont your entire vncjitlon trip. Mleftlnr tlin brat roudo, for maximum enjoyment, — 4*r, .

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