Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 4, 1945 · Page 15
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
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Sunday, March 4, 1945
Page 15
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SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 1945 SPORTS TRI-STATE BINDING U/> thfo .'. MLtcv STEM dwellers get so used to traffic 1 and other nocturnal noises iJiat they can't sleep .when they go w the country, because it's too quiet. A, one visitor to the rural regions it: "Tlie silence Is deafening; In railroad towns certain have their -value, and the 'ootiiiB oi the trains passing through ptfi Bin Ihe early morning hours serve Js alarm 'clocks to arouse some citizens who have to go to work. Ee:n-pcji here and Elkins, some miss the Western Maryland ay passenger train since It was ^•continued last 1 week. For ex- eir.ple. a Westernport school teacher tells this true tale: -As usual, I asked the reason for i child's absence /rom school yes- teiday. Alter a great deal-of stam- ir.cring, she informed me that the i'jaiiiy has no alarm clock, and twy have been unable to get one. TUB iaiher ^ i n 'he Navy anji Vi;de Sain pjls him up at the right lane, while Mom has for some months depended upon'the Western .Maryland train awakening her as it pisses through town. The train didn't run yesterday, so Mom. 'slept ir. and the whole family enjoyed a half'holiday." Another oddity from the schools tai reported yesterday by a Cum- berlanc father who says his dau- teacher has inaugurated a clever system to teach good manner?. Whenever a pupil does some- •jir.g impolite, a "fine" is imposed, es uMial penalty being a 10-ccnt \Vsr stamp. Tne little girl sneezed in class si;d failed to follow it with the .;• "Excuse me," so ' her said she had to pay the ir.!. The next day she took a dime to s.'hool, explaining: •Lc: U'.c teacher buy a War stamp vih it. I'm not going to take any ti my Mamps from the piggy bank Casualty List Has Nairies Of 4 Local Yanks Two Killed£ 1V6 Wounded From City; Five Others Suffer &mlefield . : S; Injuries ' I I have I wad." enough for a War Up iii The North End an epidemic j; .burglaries in recent weeks has The latest list of casualties an- nonnced by the V/ar Department contains nine names, four of them Cumberlanders. Two soldiers from the city have been killed, while another pair here has been wounded. The roll includes another killed, three others wounded and a. captive. The casualties follow: : KILLED '.. ..'.-:. Pvt. John "Jack" DeRosa, Ridgeley, W. Va., in France February 6. '• Pfc. Mihior Roberts Oswald, Roberts Place, In Germany February 12. ; Pvt.. William F. Shank, formerly of Keyser and Romney, W. Va., in Belgium January 17. ; , : j WOUNDED i- 1 First Lieut. Paul T. Lonjr, of :• Otdtown, during 1 the siege ot • Bastogne in Belgium. Pfc. Olen J. Bennett, 527 Columbia avenue, in Germany, • February 16'. . Pfc. James F. Cheshire, Key- '.;• ser, W. Va, in France February 20. ...... Pfc. Leroy J. Junes, Midland, In Belgium, December 21. Tfc. Charles O. Huffman, ' Somerset, Pa., on Undisclosed' front. ' CAPTURED Pfc. Smith C. Bee. Somerset, Pa., R. D. 3, by Germans, De- . ccmber 20. .: . DeRosa. 27, husband of Mrs. >- p v t Mary DeRosa', Ridgeley. and son of Third Seel ion—Page 15 Sextet Of Casualties On Battle Fronts l>t. Paul T. Lou? John "Jack" DeRosa, hus- the owner of a certain [field Tire Company ' — ..*»ij oj^iuuort, ii.iufcci<j% . HIIU 5UI1 Ul]l,T,,.i «*• nr x*- T^ ~ Mr. and Mrs. Louis DeRosa, alsol bana of Mls ' Mal '- v ^Rosa, of of Ridgeley, was previously reported Ridgelry. was previously reported missing in the Alsace Lorraine sec- missing in action in France, but is tor in France. Prior to entering the service last July 23, he .was employed as a cook nt the M. and A. Lunch Room on Baltimore street, and later with the Kelly-Spring- now listed as having died February 6. A member of the Seventh Army, he entered the service last July 23 and went overseas in January this year. He is the son of Mr. and . dealing in suds and The soldier was a member of an hey Tf ti» „„—„„,., . * ch. and where the wisecracks ald.-pui the famed Duffy's Tavern to fliamc. • • • ' •••'.. Aiwr Uie third visit from 'the unknown intruder who seems to of lhe scventh Arniyp j wunded somewhcre ' in the pacfic infantry Before he went overseas in January of this year he telephoned his wife from an east coast port. He attended Cathennan's Business School. ; Mrs Louis i of ' Pfc Pa^l E Freeland a ' theater of war while serving with a medical unit of the 77th Division. t-:ns the cash register Is operated! He wns Inducted Into service from LSJ. a cafeteria or serve yourself]Huntington, W. Va., and trained atl<«. even the genial owner wasiCamp Atterbury, Intl.; camp Pan- u-ifc; irritated. -: • . - -(,„„. Tex.,, and Fort Meade, from. Tins « getting monotonous," he which camp he was sent overseas. 1 '" • _••' Has Two Children ••' ' Felix' KohcrlSOtl, 55, Surviving besides his wife and K-.iic-unccd. "If that fellow will leave hi« r.riine and Social Security num- Midland Miner Is Discovered Dead parents are a son. Jack. 10. and a If: -.lie next time he'calls I'll put tm en the payroll." .- daughter, Antoinette, 8; two bro•••-- , i T~*?~r, ; jthers. Start Sgt. Louis DeRosa. on .!.:••» xe-sterdays balmy weather.iduty with the Air Forces in Eng; M i!:ay not want to recall the icy Hand, and Carl DeRosa. who was if:.?!/: mat covered the city on| given a medical discharge from the ters. Miss Elizabeth PhUomeni DeRosa Victim of Heart Attack; Found by Neighbor :,. : : Pfc. Olen J. Bennett The son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Freeland, 238 Humbird street, he Is now on Leyte, Philippine Islands. T-5 Roy L. Castleman, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Ciistleman, 317 Arch street, was wounded in Italy February 12 while serving with a lank battalion. First Lieut. Paul T. Long was wounded during the siege of Bastogne where he was on duty with an anti-tank outfit mored Division. of trie He is Tenth Arthe son of Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Long, of Old- Pvt. Noah Beeman town. Pfc. Olen J. Bennett T band Noted Speaker To Open Drive For Reel Cross Charles Watkins Coming Here For "Kick Off" Dinner Next Monday Al Central "Y" Cumberland Renls 'Textile Ullioil subject Of Check Workers in the annual Red Cross campaign will hear a noted speaker a,t the "kick off" dinner scheduled for 6:15 p. m. Monday, March 12, at the Central YMCA when drive opens in Allesany county. Chief general the Judge William A. Muster. campaign chairman, said yesterday that Charles E. Watkins; one of the few men In the United States to receive an individualized Navy "E", presented for speeding up production by speaking to war workers, will come here for the opening of the drive. "Mr. Watkins, once a shop worker, knows labor," Jud^e Muster said. "Once an executive of the General Motors Corporation, he knows the problems of -management; hRving spoken to audiences In every state in the union, he knows public Interest and reaction's. The local Reri Cross organization is fortunate in having him as speaker on this oc- ' Department of Labor Making Survey As Result of i Demands For Control \ The third rent survey In roccm years Is being made in Cumberlnnd.: H WHS learned last night. .... i At various times some labor and other groups have advocated thni Cumberland be placed In a rent, control district »* thpv maintain! vr ! 4 Head Against YV/ W l i 1* (lulls For Observance No-Strike Pledge Fullf ill incut of Con- tl-JX't of that such action was not here. • • . . . The current check Ls bflne made under the direction of the U. S. Department of Labor, It is understood that many of the persons who the two checked furnished information In previous studies will be again. Related to the demand for rent control is the critical housing situation. A. representative of the National Housing Agency Is expected here soon to confer with local groups In regard to tlie need and the possibility of authorizing construction. U is hoped locally that It the NHA sees nt to approve some construction the building may be done on an individual basis. ;. Attoi •iicys A ski casion. ., - • < Aided In BaHimin-r Watkins, a native of Muncle. Ind... was In Baltimore recently to Rid Inj the Red Cross campaign, and'has j IT"! '|~~v • • i also rolled up an Impressive record POP I 9 1 mil I ^ «l M I In War Bond sales by speaking at ^-^ A C3 111 X ^ C3 d X public rallies, The dinner will also be friends of the leaders nnd in the drive, and other open to workers interested persons. Judge Hustcr said, but reservations must be made not later than Wednesday at the "Y." It was reported yesterday that 200 reservations have already been made. • Goal Is $91,500 The county quota in the Red Cross War Fund drive this year has been Columbia avenue. Pvt. Koah J. Bee on of alld the contIln » c for \ goal ls reachcd before fl«t Deport Rt 12:15 P- m ' meeting will be and Mrs man, 38 McCulloh street, Prostburg,| and the husband of Mrs. Emma (Meagher) Beeman, West Mechanic street, Frostburg. Pvl. Beeman was the father of a 5-year-old son. Memorial Event Of Eagles Today .-~ four mis as cars skidded hither and DeRosa, Miss - jcn. But, there was some humor, »: thui; • according to the owner . »; -a .Main ''Stem dress shop. He «kcd one of the clerks to mail -a. I leuei lor him, and she came back 1 ''i a few minutes, with the letter I- in her hand, and explained:! 'I (new the government had -ozen c and Mrs. Pauline Reefer;--all of Ridgeley, ' and. '_ Mrs.. Josephine Barich, of Brooklyn, N. Y. A brother-in-law, First Lieut. John H. Recher, is serving- in Prance as an airplane pilot. . •.-.... Pfc. Oswald had been overseas since December. He entered the ser- rozcn a lot of things en account! vice last June. 'The son of Mr nnd . : -.^ W , arifbutl ,? wn ' t know they Mrs. William H. Oswald, Roberts "^ C V° : f ?J!?£.?*.,» laI J-" , : P'ace, McMullen Highway, Pfc. Os- telling U'uth— the *-«: hsci scaled the letter slot shut «:'d they had to wait until the call man amved and removed the Ar.o:!ier incident on Wednesday ™> give you a guffaw—or at least '" genteel giggle. The American •otces were on the move in their wald trained with tlie infantry nt Camp .McCoy, Wis., and several other camps. . : . . Prominent In Athletics He was a graduate of Atlegany High School, where he was proni- Midland, March 3 —The body of i Felix Robertson, 55, was fo'und I slumped in a chair of his home atj Miller Mines, community on the Vale Summit road, near Midland at 8:30 a. m., today by Robert McGibbons, a neighbor. He had been dead for twelve hours, according to Dr. Linne H. Corson, depufy county medical examiner, who assigned the cause of his death to a heart attack. A miner in the employe of the Big Vein Coal Company, Mr. Robertson had not been working for two weeks on account of a hand injury sustained in the mines. His body wa.s, found in a chair near the stove, and! apparently had been stricken while! tending the heating apparatus, nc-i cording to Dr. Corson, who was as-I sisted in his investigations by! Sheriff David M. Steele. -« Ov . 03NE." SIGHT OF COL- one of the bright J. tins printery voiced this cc Client: "Why not make itlnt home- •b'li 8 SMELb COLOGNE'? ifjaolph Oswald, -^.- ran see it, they can smell it." nal '" ihe Gay Nineties nearly all year he was president of the Hi-YJb^M^McGibto/^k'd'bc'cn e was a member ^ E m- ^med^o paying him ^a call in the Surviving >es^f ^paS nre Rotr^n^M^la^l,^ Sat Jaseph G. Robertson. Other surviv- tors include a sister, Mrs. Richard was cologne! Ai;y "tough customers" who try ? wow-beat Alyin, the blind lad at ae r.cvMtand in the county's Union H. Oswald, and his maternal grandfather, W. Milnor Roberts. building, in efforts to get ,. s, may be surprised if he I-IUIM a. badge on them and' hikes -•-Hi into tne adjoining Trial b -5?islratcs' Court. •- e was "deputized" a few '?q by one of the constables ., . i-i ;i oyecl the role so - s later i.u , billy and much that a badge upon him, along with Gadgets needed by p. limb of ™. If you want to get a candy or something scarce, be sure • a adorer him a s "Sheriff." •: - bir missing in action, was "killed, according to «• War Department telegram received by his widow, Mrs Ruby Shank, Bellaire. o. Pvt. Shank was connected with the Matz Brewing Company as a contract Carrier for two years prior to his I entrance into the service. He re- iceived his basic training at Camp j Wheeler, Ga.. and went overseas In December, 1944. -.-,. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rumsey Shank, of Rom- ncy, his wife and two children, Jean Yvonne and Paula Marie. Mr. and Mrs. Shank lived in Keyser and Romncy when he was emploj-ed by the Potomnc Distributing Company. He was R member of the Keyser Fire Department. : Long is the son of Mr. and Long, of Oldtown. He while fighting 'with Bet !>eil thcjf customers—and 11°' the "privilege." "' "f which mny mean will then get pay that ]ongcr Armored Division which for ten days by besieging the town early this year. His outfit of tank destroyers was accorded the Presidential Citation. Lt. Long has been awarded the Purple Heart decoration. In the Army three years nnd overseas since eight months ago, (Continued on Page S, Col. 4) To Garden Warmer Than Average en By Times Weatherman (ntIs lt for t! are st . - ' lc ""tcome of ''' such scction of the Times to gaze into which doubtful to forc- athlctlc con<i hi- ii^r """•" "••"•-us pocus Is necd- i.r^J;™ Department to predict fu- -N'o I'Rian. { te ! f ' A11 Lllttt the T| mcs weather n! i c - w «»thervane needs to <io - llt Lhe P flst records and R1 ? llml a bit with thnt old of clinnce the "law of aver" come fort!l wlth a for e- i. -' cll :t : lulfllird. s n Pretty fair chance lor Jnminr.v and February foresaw iu the Sunday Times a couple of cold moiulw. His predictions were fulfilled in detnll. Of course there may bo a few "Ifs" but nnyway here Is the wny> Mr. Weathervane sees the weather for March in the Cumberland area. "The menn temperature for this month should be above normnl," ho declared after spending hours over charts covered with masses of figures. "The mean or average rnny get up as high as 45 or 40 degrees." he snid. "The minimum mcnn mny also be iilmve (he freezing point for the first time since 1938. . • "As far ns tho temperature ROC.-! it looks like thr> fnrmcrs and Rard(Continued on Page S, Col. T) Sacred Concert Thursday Night A .sacred concert will be given under the auspices of the Haas-Kcl- lotigh Circle of the First Presbyterian Church, by Mrs. Blanche Stnnton Guiitcr. soprano; Mr.s. Betty Washburn, contralto, Cletus Hartsock, tenor, and Donnld Easter, baritone, directed and accompanied by John s. Gridlcy Thursday "venlng March 8, at 8:30. : -.•••• Tlicp rogram will Include a duet by Mrs. Guntcr and Mrs. Washburn "O Divine Redeemer" (Gounod), a baritone solo by Mr. Easter, "It is enough" , (Mendelssohn), an organ solo by Mr. Gridley, "Evensong" f Johnston), and the following quartets: "Festival Te Deum" (Buck) "There is a Green Hill far away" (Gounod). "Abide with me" ((Barnby), "Hark. Hark, my Soul" (Shelley), "My Faith looks up to Thee" OSchnrcker). "Crossine- the Bar." iSpross). "Jesus, Lover of my Soul" < Williams), "The Radiant Morn hnth passed awny" (Woodwnrd) "Rock of Ages" (Buck), "Tlie Lord w my Light" (Parker). Western Maryland Denial Group Will Dine Tuesday The Allegany - Garrett County- Dental Society will hold n dinner meeting at the All Ghar, Shrine Country Club Tuesday at 6:30 p. m. A sound moving picture on "The Niel Technique for Upper pnd Lower Dentures" will be shown following the dinner. Invitations hnve been forwarded the PoJomnc Vnlley Dental Society whose membership comprises dentists of Romney, Keyser, Piedmont, Moorcflcld, Petersburg and Franklin, W. Vn. GETS INFANTRY 1MDGK Pfc. Rlchnrd C. Minkc, son of Mr. nnd Mi's. Carl F. Minke. 17 North the Combnt InfaiHrymnn Morotal. Dtilch East ladles, whore George E. Connor New U.C.T. Head labor division met yesterday jat the Jenvpy building, lo outline plans for the campaign. Harry A. Porch Is chairman of the committee, which include.-) William A. Meagher, Charles A: Stntzman and William J. Morgan. Tlie final report meeting of the advance gifts committee will be held at 4 p. m. March 9 at the office of Charles H. BOM man Is New Sentinel—Last Night's Meeting. Draws Crowd George E. Connor was elected senior councilor of Cumberland Council No. 179, United Commercial Travelers, at a meeting last night in the I. O; O. F. Hall, South Mechanic street. Other of/icers elected were: R. E. Sell, junior councilor; F. L. Hawkins, past councilor; Harry Utterback, conductor; Enrl D. Chancy, page; Charles H. Bowman, sentinel; Martin L: Johnson • and they the rents have been ' raised tooj William E. Meiigher, newly | nuieh. i jcd president of Ixxm'l 1874 r Textile Following surveys the Office of Workers, Union of AmerlCB/ycst^r-- Price Administration has decided!day called for, his union's";support Oi the no-strike pledge and said ho believes grievance's at the plum at the Celanese Corporation of America n.iiy be settled in R peaceful manner if the new off leers', a re given H lull opportunity to work out the problems! -• - '..'-'.The union leader pointed out the no-strike pledge is j.wt o! the C^O war policy and that-a should b» tarried out even though some mrm- bein ui Liie oryumzaUon ar» .not, back of It. . . • .1 - -. : : ••': Meagher strtwsfd'that tlic-union nnd the company, hnve n'conliitct which Includes B clause lor the seU tll'inent of grievances and wild the local "us a responsible organization" cunnot support unauthorized Members Irritated Members of the local, Meagher .said, have 'been "irrltRtc-d to tlir ixjint of rie.spei-Htlon by bupijrvisioh at the plant", but he expressed • t ho jhopo that Krlevuncfs wiU :r be tnkrn up in the proper'niiiunerfniid that n "better relationship will be brought about by mnnaBpment choosing their .supervisors from among per-' sons who make an cllort to understand the average worker." : Jn turn he proitiuscs that eom- mittec menibcrs will be instructed "on the proper wny lo approach supbrvLsion with grievances." Tlic' new pvosidenl said he L-. dolm: his best to familiarize himself wtih tlie duties of the office nnd snid he will m»ke every rfTort to linvp Ri'icv- nnces di5po^t'd of n^ quickly as possible. I'roi-pilnrc S>^t Tip In his connili'lf! Miitemr-ni Meiigh- er Mild: "The recent stoppage nl the Ccl- plant was tk'cUired unniithor. ized by myself and the Executive Board of local 1874 on the grounds Unit: . .. -. "1. The Textile Workers of America arc on record as supporting'-the iio-striko pledge of the CIO during this conflict. ."2. Local 1874 and the Crlnnn'sa Corporation negotiated n contract clnuso for the u taking up B Of Brand y Case Oppose Receivership Suit And Contend Creditors Do IN'ol Waul Court To • ' Take Action Asking that a petition for receivership bo dismissed, nil answer was filcci yesterday in Circuit Court by William M. Somerville and D. Lindley Sloan, attorneys for the Golden Rosscll Corporation, operating orchards and a distillery nt Picardy. this county. . . ." The petition was filed two weeks ago by Spencer G. Rosscll, secretary and manager of the firm, nn'd the Trl-State Mine nivd Mill Supply Company of Cumberland, as creditors. Morgan C. Harris Is counsel for the complainants. Deny Firm InsolvFnl Attorneys for tlie firm declared u'wlilch .includes a ' ' " ••,«„(, fn eral William C. Walsh Ls co-chnir- man of the group, which has a quota of $39.000. : Women Captains Mrs. Jim McQuntvn, chnirman work a creditors. hip en the common Tho answer cited that 35 per cent proper procedure grievance. "It -is true that on many <n\-n- sions members of Local 1874 linve 'been irritated In the point of desperation by supervision, but I nm of all the creditors have signed a| lln l )cr ul l-hnt in the future the (jricv- stalcmcnt opposing the petition, and|" nces w '" l)e taken up in the pro|5rr jivdvlsini; the Court that thfy do not jinannei- and Unit better relationship the women's division, which has a j believe "a receivership would be ad- goal of $12.500, has announced Uie names of 37 more captains who will assist district chairmen. ... Nine -captains have been selected by Mrs. Violet Kanis. chairman of the East Side section. They are Mrs. Thomas F. Jones, Mrs. Florlne Rinker. Mrs. Vincent Lindner, Mrs. Pauline Blumc. Mrs. Chloe Reynolds, Mrs. Audrey Gollnday, Mrs. r~"i\i • , . c, rs. Gr ' llla r d ' exccimve j -ommlt - Emma Miller. Mrs. Elsie Kllro v. and ' v B H C. Elder was named delegate vnntagcous" or The firm's counsel admit thnt H is indebted to Rosscll'- for $270 in salary, and S112.93 for monev, advanced, but. contend payment hns been offered him and he refused. It was also admitted that $213.23 Is owed to the mine and mill supply company. ... Tlie corporation further admitted that it is indebted to other creditor* for large amounts, but "Is not em- ' Francis H. Schultz Associate Judge Walter _ . of the Circuit Court will be the principal speaker afternoon at the memorial service of Cumberland Aerie No. 245, F.O.Eagles at 2 p. m. musical selections by Uie Colomy orchestra after which the Rev. Dr. rntr Centre r . M ' c!l " r1 ' Street Methodist, church, (held in June at Martinsburg, W. Va., | with F. L. Hawkins as alternate. I An entertainment committee was j named, comprising F. L. Hawkins, R. E. Sell, C. C. Zembower, C. H. Bowman and G. L. Martin. : , Tlie officers were Installed by William M. England, past grand councilor. . • . . . A committee on arrangements for to be held C. Elder, W. E. Bishop and C. D. Valentine. : -•: Nine new members were initialed closed The Rev. [ Ml . s Mnly g^ium. Th C j r district appo.nteo quota is j 410 . . . ,.. ibanassed" by if, because the mseu Mrs. Holmes H. Cessna, chairman I Rrf am plc to pay In full of the Bedford road section, hasj Brandy on hand is valued named eight captains to assist her thnn $25,000. the attorneys ° f «« ftt last night's will give the invocation. Julius E. Schindler will be mn.ster of ceremonies and deliver the opening remarks.. . . -.. • .. Edward B. Fahey, worthy president of the local aerie will deliver a short address followed by Ralph L. Wigger. chaplain, and a hymn by the Young Men's Quartet. Past William H. in, uis Colomy orchestra will play. a buffet luncheon and ciearets "on the house." . ••: NasGi-Propaganda'-/ Books Arrive Here Beautifully bound cardboard and in red glazed throughout h • f brief remarks and the |on the finest quality paper two | books about Hitler and the Nazi ROV- of Germany (issued in by the propaganda mined members, a Rirls' chorus will istry under Dr. Goebbels) were re- walk upon the stage and place flow- celved here yesterday by Plnyford ers on thf altar. Rabbi Samuel So- AldrlriRe as a gift from Cpl. Alfred bcl will give the prayer followed byiA. Drew, a native of Midlothian, this As Frank C. McKnlght. Eagles jernment secretary, calls the names of depart- German a hymn sung by the Allegany High School Girls Chorus. The benediction will be given by the Rev. Father Charles W. Bogan. assistant pastor of St. Patrick's Catholic church. Francis H. Schultz. chairman of the Board of Trustees, is In charge of arrangements. .: CAR REPORTED STOLEN" ;: : A car owned by Calvin Jackson, 28 Bedford street, was stolen last night from R parking plnce In the rear of hta residence. The machine is n 1939 Buick soclnn. Jackson is employed by the Grnndvicw Construction Company at the Cumberland airport. county; who found them in one of the German towns captured by the Americans. : . : Cpl. Drew is convalescing at n base hospital after being wounded Germany. He lias gone through in the North African campaign, the invasion of Italy and France and the recent fighting in Germany.. The books were printed prior to the war; are profusely illustrated, and show Hitler mingling with worker groups, children, aged people nnd with distinguished diplomats; reviewing German military might; relaxing at Bcrchtcsgnden, and at work there; receiving the plaudits of great crowds, nnd always appearing in the most favorable light. Proposed Potomac Dams Hold Interest For Area Cumberland ami Otiicr Nenrby ConiniuniticA Expected To Be Represented At Hcnring in Wasbington April 3; RcscrvoJrs Recommended For Flood Control nnd Power Development (Map on Page 20) Cumberland nnd other communities are expected to nearby: held in The Washington hearings will be tho new Dcpt. nt 9 a. m. of Interior represented in Washington April 3 Of Immediate interest to this dts- when the Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors of the War Department holds hearings on pro- po.snls of the Army cnglnoers for the erection of H dams on (he Potomac, cncapoh he toniry. .stationed with Iho ISSth ci-Rlly ShciiRndonh crock. of ihc plan nre not known here nncl so far trlct arc dams proposed ns follows: Near Springfield on the South Branch of the Potomac, a drainage area of 1,486 miles, for flood control and power purposes, height 230 feet. Tlie dnm would bo locRtod near the . tinoiiLr) of the river and water would •;b:ick up (o nbout Romney, W. .Va. 'in r offlriHt action .for or against the : ::*iiggcstions ha.i been taken. :. more in meeting her quota of $125. They are Mrs. W. S. Mrs. Helen Vandegrift. Mrs. Albert Smouse. Askey, Mrs. PiUor, Mrs, L. L. Keller, out. and the corporation has funds to pay the federal taxes and place it on the market. The "apple jack" be brought about, by nmiutcc- ment. choosing thnir supervisors Irom Hin'onc persons who mnkt! sn ciTort to understand Uie average worker. "We, In turn will endcnvcr lo instruct, our committee members on the proper way to approach supervision with grirvniiccs." Vinclcx Man Hurl In Mine Accident Three persons were Injured in accident CRSC.S yesterday and received treatment nt Memorial Hospital. Stephen Bowling and Mrs. Walter Evans. .:•--•• • captains were named by :. Leslie E. Hinkle, chairman of the Pleasant Grove section, who has been assigned a quota of $85. They r t? P ?h , at th have Wesley Pike, 35, of Vlnriex, admltlcd to thp hospital right foot WHS hurt in a m A , . . , . , imlnp accident Rt the Jolnuton Coal Wn nrft- 5 ' " lnbcls |n»d Coke Company mine at Vlndex, been otdered • • •• • iFjkc _ 8 motor bl . ftkcmftn EU(Tcrpcj ^!^ CO :L 0r , aJt - IO ! 1 !''..<j^p inceratlon of his foot and of the tors of his richl. foot both ^ynch. of Baltimore. vice president, Tlie firm wns are Mrs. S. E. Arnold. Mrs. Hemyincorporated last April 28 to conduct Northcraft, Mrs. Irn Robmettc. Mrs.' Harry Raines. Miss Elsie Hcipp. an orchard Rnd apple nerr. It Is planned to sell the" bust- Mrs. Robert Enrsom nnri Mrs. D. J. dy under the trade nnme of "Mouii- Kiser. Other whose names were wcrc fniciuiTci when hl» foot slipped while he -wit.? nitcmptlng to "brake" some mine curs. Arniand Corrpln. :)B, of the Maryland hotel, wn.s trnnled for nbrnsloiis of -pint a rock announced yesterday are Mrs. Reta tics on hand Bradour. Mr.s. June Bradour, Ross "C-mH fay Tax" Shaw and Mrs. John House, who R 0 i,cl]. in the orI B .»«, , will assist Mrs. Kathleen Summers, j alleged the corporation iin.s-.manu- chRirniBn of the Oldtown section,]facturpct 7.428 Rnllons of brandy on ttlth R mintji nf «17.^' ^f»-c it'lllloiTt n .t.j-i. _ ^--j-^-.t . ... . - . with a qtiotn of $175; Mrs. William Douglas, Mrs. W. R. Hodges and Mrs. William H. Poorbaiigh. who which a federal tii.v of JH.S8 per gnl- lon must be paid before • It cnn be placed on the He contend- will work with Mrs. Douglas Smith, ed the firm does not have and can- chairman, and Mr.s. John C. Fisher, I not borrow the money with which co-chairman, in the LaVnle f ection,|to pay the tnx. nnd nddrri that H $500; Mrs. Frank \'oung. Mrs. James!is therefore Impossible for Uir cor- Klrknnl.rlr.fc a ,,H n.r,-= AO,,^ « = •,„. porat | on to continuc oprrailon of Kirkpatrlck and Mrs. , assisting Mrs. John C. Vandegrift, chnirmnn of the North End section, 42.650; Mrs. H. J. Humphreys and Mrs. R. H. Knske. working with Mrs. John S. Cooke, Bowling Green district chairmrm. S475; and Mrs. Walter Hare, assisting Mrs. Theodore Stcgmnlcr in the Williams road section, $100. Chairmen of districts in the Uie eleven other drive must choa-;e their captains by tomon-ow, Mrs. McQuown said, adding thnt the captains will select their workers by Thursday. .. Jaycec Head Will BcHereWednesday Mearns T. Gains, of Pomeroy! Wash,, president of the U. S. Junior Chamber of Commerce, who will address a Joint, meeting of the Cumberland Junior Association of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce at an All Ghan Shrine Country Club dinner meeting next Wednesday nt 6:30 p. m. believes that the communities to which war veterans will IT turn need more rehabilitation than the veteran. "I can think of nothing which the average service mnn desires less thnn H veterans' rehabilitation picnic," said Gates. "I'm convinced thnt much of our thinking on the problems of RKslmllntinR these young men Into normal American life has been In reverse. It's not so much the returning veteran thnt need rehabilitation—It's the community lo which he will return that needs the rehabilitation. "If given the opportunity, I urn satisfied thnt" these young men will take their plncc In community life. Our job Is to Rive them that opportunity." Gntes added. Amplirinntion of this, and other views of GRIM, UK an Individual nnd of the. Its business. The complalnnntji n-skcd that the corporation bo dissolved and a receiver named to turn thn as.ww into cash ns qutrkly as possible, so thnt creditors may receive a proportionate share of their claim. Alleys Join and .•struck, him. 7Ia Is employed a.«. n fireman by'the Grandview Construction Company eii- gnpcd in excnvaiion work »t Uif alivort.. Mrs, Mai-j' Wilson. 38. of 207 Maryland avenue, was treated for R fractured IP ft. nnkle .-.iflered in » fall, th« Vort Hill High School office yesterday. : . Train Restriction Is Not Permanent . According to J. M. Johnson, director, of Uie Office of Dcfnh?e Transportation, the order under which two Western Maryland Rnil- wny passpngor trains operating between here nnd Klkirus, W; Vn., wem . _ • (discontinued. March i, will be r»- : Juvenile (..umpaignincluded Just n« fioon as ths present ' . ,. . jc.ritiral transportation situation U Commissioner James Orr nnrli parsed. Chief of Police Oscar A. Eycrmnn Frar ha.s bncn c\prcssed In nom>> met with rrtprr-sentntlires of Die Club qtiartors that the servlca wouir) Recrration. Kclso and Cnpitol bowl- never be rp*torrri but it would nllcys Friday nnd .secured their cooperation In. the drive to curb Juvenile drlinqucncy In Cumberlnnd. Tlieatres, bowling alleys and other nmuscmcnt places nrp bring nskcd to keep children out of thrir establishment.* during school hours nnd .. to urge them fo go home enrly si edl. to kerp frripht moving, K • night. pear to be unjiistificd »« far «« the OIVT U conrrmfKl. Tlie ordrr requirpri Uiff elimination of trains on whli-ii occupancy of scats nnd spnnn did noL.nrerflgr 35 percent during November 1044. Tli* crews iisrd on such trn.ln.i are need- in snld. Blue Ridgcrs 9 Record- Area Yanks In 80lli Division Have Colorful Combat liislorv A brief history of the 80th Blue Ridge Infnmry Division In thp present wnr. In which flifhllnf? Cumberland fl nd vicinity is group ll represented, Is given In a public relations release from the European theatre of operations. A numbrr t, PliIllipB,. Kans.. thd Division wx* Riven it« final hardrnlnt; during tho desert . men of this aren nlso^crvcd In thcil, 1044 After, a short .stay jit Fort Dlx, N, J.. nndilntoi al Cniiip Kilmer N. J., the 80lh>nilf(l for Hn^lnnd July 80th during the IMI wnr. The Blue Rldgc Division wa.i re- nrtlvBled nt C«mp Forrest, Tcnn., July 15, 1942, imd vlgormw bwlc nnd advanced (mining wers complctorf Lrd by lu coyrimnntlpr, M«J..Orn. On Ausiuit 3. 1P4<, Iwvt thnn & month nfier Inhding on tlw British Tsk-ir, th<* ninr. Rldfff! Jnfnntrympn found ttiflm«el\-(iR on thr sol! of Frnncn rr-ndy to combnl the of (hr United After llbrrHtlns scorrt of r

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