Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 19, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 19, 1909
Page 6
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TttRPHONE MANAGER* ENTE«' m|Jortant Business Session Followed By Auto Ride and Banquet. Ttoat thV htistneBB'cyfi of th^ Hom<* eleplioncj Company la directed with ! aver to^ft'rd Covina and its environs i • ,'as< shown on Saturday evening, \yhqtv 1 hiriy-flve of the superintendents ana i >artagera of this big company gather- I d at a banqtSofc at £h* Ifufe! Vandotn.'; nd; di8CAi»ae|},,t;h,e y po!}BibilUie8 for ex,n^ion of lines, not only In this vlcln- y,i but 't'Wo'ugriaut.'the Territory ol 1 e comp'a'ny 1 rdm Sart T5tcgo to fiarilfi jrjjara. Nearly every town In South- qrn'California was represented by Its itesident teta'pnone manager or by his jiroxy, and an outline of the extonslons tii be made was thoroughly discussed At the business meeting which was holt', prior to the bfimni<;t of the evening. This bit?, embracing system of Home Telephone companies Is organized' under the incorporated narno of tb.c,.California Independent, Telephone Association, and includes not. only the splorrdld Home> in I,OH A twins. !)i!i, all Home systems throughout tlio smrtri^Hi "part of the state. •'-'' OFFICIALS CHOHION. At, the biiHltiesK ,mt;f,tirtg In llhf; afternoon tiie'•''followM)^. Ofrrcot's were chosen for the follov/lng term: President,, Arthur Wright, Los Angeleii; firstj yicc-prcsident, t). S, Parker, Pomona; second vice-president, K? P. Murphy, Lo« Aiw.U'H; Be,croUiry, A. Ward man, Wlill.tler; treasurer, W. L. Frew, Coniplon; execuUvc committee, .1. 1). Holmes of I'as^dcnij, C, II. Temple of I.OH Angeles, A. TO. MrtdlsoJi «.T Hanta llarbara, and .]. O. Houser of Oovi'iia; advisory commlUoo, A. IV C ass of f,os Angeles, K. C. Well-) of Kedhmds. V. A. Powell of Han !<Vjr- up.nrto, Albert Sknlowskl, Santa Monica. At this business meeting plans ji-sro, dlsctfsucd concerning the advisability of using eucalyptus timber forr.pojifif? In place of the present timber, and :i. long discussion took place In coniVjc- tlon with the cytonplon of lineH Into country (llH^fljj^V'Avliicfi,; w'jis .fpiUJd l,<>' V>e tho topic" for which tho members Inf favor. < Work Is to i« IB expedient hi connecting the outlying country with'the cities of Southern ('itllfor.ih, and It was,.tljfjupjjjylt„ of,, th^ t ,ni j c i u(.lmj to make ail1fe6m(!e"n»'pfeiil£ tiWT'isVtrbt as lay in tho power of tho corn panic./ THW hj'AJKCiJl'K'/V .. '•_• J i-ii'fl\k)>vJnK( mi extended lour of Covina In automobiles, In which the holies -who .(/aiao .with the ma.uiiKoiii. participated, t!io large party count'' 1 - j:ated at tlie Motel Vendoinc, am,! «!. ;i o clock sat dowtl.t.o th/; banquet pre-.. vared for l-ljehv ' Pr'6bld(«nt A'rliuir of Los Apples took hlfj" pliicn head of 'tfto ,'tuM(v us. tbii;ttii'i<u< v c. and us the collides';<yerc H( ; rv(-f1, e speeches of tlie e-v<i\iUlK -%V«n\ ,eu-. 'jyed. .Mayor 10. II. Lnlico of Covlna, guest, of honor, opened Hie speech ikliiK with some vnry^h^jiny ^•(Hiil^- :onrioH. Mayor Lahei^a '.il|'oll[ j^i"w* ]*r wlien (in his feet at n baui/iiut tli- l^o has earned him conslderablo pop- i&arlly. Jlo posyosuee.Lhy. rare. Acuity cl saying the riplit' thing"1" tlio moat i|jiusHiimlug manner. Tlio uiftyo'r was f|| II of remembrances of the telephone <|| earlier times. When in Chicago, lift said, lie experienced \vhiit- he 'con- ..vjlered the most remarkable incident ill listening to tlie Ilrat .loiigidlHtuniie iglessiige ever sent 111 ihe Clllted lr)t\iles. 11 was Hie reproduction of a < imco'rC which was being given In New York city. At that time, everyone-, Including himself, considered tills ma- ch'ln'p to bf notbliig moh- than a play- tljing. Mayor Labor* also reinembt v red si;hen It cost him tho sum of ten dollars to send a message of two minutes from Chicago to New York. ^'Following tlijs speaker cai|ie .1. L. iV(jil thews, edlroritf Jjiyi A.|'gus,' wlui rv-, ajid the Telephone," paying a Iribut" to HIM telephone in Its work of as hlgtiiif; in dispensing news by terming i». tin; newspaper man's best friend. Iii eiiiieliidiug his''rcriihrks, Mr. Mat lpe\\H propbesh'd pint this ontiru I'Oiintry surrounding the city ot Co \itia would be covordit with linos in a ft».w years, so (bat Covina would lie the distributing center for a vusi aj'ea of country undvr a thoroughly eflicient s>stem. I'KAISKS KAPIM (ilU)WTli. "\i. H. Parker, vice-president of the organization, from Pomona, paid trl- 1'Ute to the rapidity with which the country surrounding Covina has proved in the past few years. Parker recollected a visit u> Cn ID the early days, when there but a blacksmith sliup toie to i oi)rfliiiii(j a village. it few straggling n^ldtncOH. .Sj/()ke ot the 11,'ili-K nl rilnis j ihrouuli v.tii. I, In.- hud ridtleii that -afternoon* --He ..... attribnted th« growth ~o( C»ovtn« to three caiiftfifl, the Indomitable energy of the cUI- 7.ena, the splendid climate. «oH ' nrtd water of the locality, and the a3»!«t- Jntio^' r which '^lifed glv'i^rl /Inhpetufl tn growth by the Covlna Home Telfj- riijntJjie^ Cftrppaijjf.,. Jif? /alflo spoke $f ti»e growth of the neighboring city ^f ajjd of, the ,flTtf- plant wliirjh e / '(foWimny v ha8 Installerl there, speaking of If. a« being friary times Iflrger ,and better equlppe(3 thai the present t»ilfilnefl8 warranted,! hi t. whlf:l) would be of tfalue as the cbui try grew and bnninens Increased. j \ ' ADttttRft's Of 1 ' The principal address of the eve Ing was delivered by Robert! I.oucks of F'OtnfJna, at cine time cl-ty attorney of that town, and lnvo)ve}l while In thlj/ position In a fainoiw fight for the city against alleged encroachment upon franchise rights by t.he Sunset telephone company. , Mr. I.oucks' addrehH was largely loohnl c.'il, and dealt' with tfia "nocesslty for wcjiring franchises for all wo>'k planned, from stale and city, thus to place- all Improvements ;uid extensions.. on, an honest bastls. .undc-.r, tl* franclihte lav/s of the slat.e. The bntifjiic'ei's "oachod a conclti- Hlon of tljr; prouram at, 10 o'clock and, rftnfriiYif tf> I, os Ahg^ffW^oh-' tlie 'srift cial car of tho Pacific Klcctric railway,. . ;'; j.\ ...,., * : ^ | r ! .Tti^ flnaiAigonninU'fjfj. IlirAel Vondomii in to be. congratulated on tin: excel- l<;ncy of tin: l)!in(|iiet. and the taste displayed In the decorations of the tnblet-f arid dinlngro'om. Tho next meeting will be held In Hunta Monica. The following and ladle* \voro iiresent" II. .1. Andorso'it; Tledlands, Kam R. !lcfllli:y, Los y\i.'geleH, Mr. and Mrs. L. Ki-.OIar, Los AtiKolen, Mr. and ATrs. A. •H". Miller, (Vmpl.on, IJ. S. I'ark'T, IVi- inona, Mr, mid Mrs. K. A. I'owell, Him I'VH'rtruido, ,1. ,f. pendergaHr,, Kod- In mis, Mrs. Ollvo [,. Spencer, I .OH Au^:l«% A. : .(^VHhOl)fird, CompBoji, A. 'CJ Scliij.e!/ler, Kris Angeles, Mr. and Mrs. 5l''| ^AVfUtOH, Ooif!JiJ(irii; ,\fr;. \il$\. Mrrf.' A. \Vardtnan, \Vhll.Uer, Arl.hnr Wright. .[.'OH .'Angeles, Mr. Kills, I, OH Angeles. Mr. Wendell, U>» Ang/«lcsf. Mrs. Moda ' ' WbJ'l.l ioV, ! " Moore. \VhlU.lcr, K. Foster, Los An- gc'lc-B, C. C!. 'Pyie.. I'',OH Xiigolesi 11. C. Hood; '••!• OK Angelosj .'./.I'L. OoHtl''f.bft An•••> A .v. -^«"Hl"' pI ' (! "^ nt w w Mr - !II1(I Mrs, ./.'TT."f:oolfnah,-tlr: and Mrs. C. W. Pott or, Mr. and Mrs. VV. M. CJrls- iv«w r MYV a'.-jfl-'.\rtvr; ,ir.'''o. Tfmlier; 7Jr; 1'J. If. Lahec, Mr, and Mrs. IT; M.-Houser, Misses Ilodel, Irwin and McVea. 'TiETTRR "OF AP'PRKCM.A'l'tON. ( alil'ornla Indeiicndeut. Telephone As- H0c;lat:lon. ''•••• ' Juno 15, I00!». !?i;r. I. O.,H6uwei', .Mr, 'Prank Wright, , Co>'Ina KliniVt T(;tophobo' (^ompanj'j; I"' ''" i ' ' ' ' ' Covilltt; till. ^', ',. (!(Mif.)omr.ii;r- v -pn\behftlf of the, A«r sociatloii, I • lipreby wish to extend Iii you and the directors of your com- 1 puny and those who helped to enterl :• I.i ) -' '•' '*' tftln (is; lh<> delrigalt'H, in your city oni, .Ijlye. PJIh, thcj thanks of all I hose," present. The Inspection of tho plants,j and niirllcularly ,the'uuto rides, wortf of lun^'li !p|eueuro to each and. everyone of those presold, iuul In fact^ this part of it hits he<>n (lie best, wo; liuvo over had. The lmu(|!iot was ulk Hint coujd be ex|iected and I wlrtli that you would I hank everyone who was Interested, Including the hotel people! for the many favors shown. With bent wishes for I lie SIICCOSH of your romrwny and the community In , 1 am, Yours truly, A. WAIUhVlAX tk»c'y. one <•!)!>' then im- Mr. v'.ua was and iuul "'' Aid Installs Officers. Thv members of the Kraternal Aid Association .spent an evening with I'rlypiljJ lust Monday iiV the A.O.l'.W, |l«li: The ^Idei'lj proved them.selvert royal 'iiilerialnc-Ptt, 'TUe. I'ollouing of- Hi el's were Installed: Past-preHldent, I 1 ,'. 1). IHueldiiorc; president. ,1. \\'. Keel'er; vlee-presldelit, Mrs Ollvo Nash; secretary, P. I,. Nash, treasurer, C. II. Sianlon; chaplain. Misd Lena I'iimeroii.: pyildc. ftlrs. Mildred ('rouse; oliser\er, Miss l.llanclui ('rnu-H-*; sentinel, (''rank A. Suallow; tniHtet'8. H. M. (Joodwin, .1. !•'. ()ha\er, (.'. !•'. Mlunchunl. After (In; liiHlullutioit ser\ ice was u\i-r a short program was rendered, itmsiwiiiiK *:!': Vocut solos, W. A. Packard; readings. .Mrs. .M. Packard and Frank A. Shallow; i>iano solos, Mrs. Mildred t'rouse and Kvi'rott Hlaiit 'hard. A number ol' ^aineti wero I indulged in Him much merriment ! iH'cit:-uuied by old tasiiioned bean Iiai4 • contests. (illessilli; uaillt'S were also held. ,.li:-. Dlixe Nash cansiiu; ofi th<i |-rlie, :\ liiniatioi) \asf. The neM \\a-J a lust ui* me'imry. Mrs. Mlldreii ('ruiisd ' r.i-1'lirilli; I'll:-! |'ll/e. lie cli-.ilu UaS M r\ c-ti ID \ i.< ih'^l.s ; P, TftAOK*- FOR THOkLEY? Paclfte Bfeotrlc May Reach Pomona , . . That f.h»» PftblflT »^l**cirfc v "railway ''will run Its earn frcJhi Los Angeles to Pomona within, .the'inexti two months, using the tfatrlc* of line Southern Pa- ft,pjolittju»«i eairt. df C« In regarded as a certainty,, Ixical railroad ofHclalft'aK Hot Verify the rumor, though admitting that the project in feanlble. Electrifying- of lean Ulan f-en rnflen of the Southern Pacific between Htidfjock and Pdinona; ift part of 'the reported schema ••., ' .Within the last few day» th« Pacific fiHeotrlc has displayed a wonderful activity In completing Its city lines at IMrttrftna.- Wort ^«ff flfa1't«Kl 'on 'these \\M# abotrt two yeftrM ago,'but ; lt to h surtdeti rttrtp and :I no' ! eaV8 rim. NW ft 1s 'ftnTiOhh'cfed ' that the lines are to brt placed In' opWatlon at an early dato, While there will be conntderable local travel on the city lines, the company has held In contemplation a connection with the Covina lino for through traffic and it Is believed the plan now proposed is the OTIC that has }»*•<*/) adopted. It,' has been reported also' that the Pacific Kloctrlc hns returned to t.ho 1 original owners the fleedB' in rlglvt.s of way betwdii (Vtvfha and Hitti Dfm- aft, 'i iiortlon of the roiftfr over 'which j It wan tl.rxight th<; Mleirt.ric 'lino 'would \ run. , ; : As origijially surveyed, the lino by; way of .San Dlriiae tiassed t.hrougli many extonfilve orange orchards, | InstancfiH to t.lic groat, damngo of ranches. (loiilrlbut.ions to the right, of way fund were not. mnde. by Hmi li'unfis |:eofile---ar least not. In'any consldfjrable amount — because t j IroJIuy lino would lie lit such distance from the town IIH to bo of -little (It. I'Vir tho same remon, it fa said, Lordsbnrg gave! no ae<»intniicn. ' • Tim cost (if l.ho right of way would have been tremendous, and now, If repom are to be believed, tho Pacific Klocf.rlc does not want this route. As Mr. Marrinmn controls the, trolley line, mid has 'a piece of steam road that seeniH Co lend itself -admirably to elect rlflfii'Mon, there' HHe'ins to be a good foundation for the rumor thdt Potnomi at las(,> und (juickly, IB. to hjivo direct: > con,ut:ctlr/n ..with ,[iOfi,,A,1V f;eleH by electric car. ,, -,, , The portion of Hie Southern Pacific mentioned In the- 'scheme 'Is what Is known 'as the CoVlna braHchi '" Tt is the northerly line of two' that 'branch j fiom -the. east, main line -at Bas^, ;bpth joining again] f),t, Pompnai ,, '' ' BOINMAM & RITCHA -mimbef- shade and 'running wattr. Phone 119 How«ll &'Hbwell BREAD Light, and FRESH KVRR^, PAY AT Cake and Confectionery .Wagon through, ,valley daily. . 1 A. J. ROOKS All kinds bif g-isheral'a'nd heavy BiaCksruitHlngY . . . We pianufacture Ride-ers,, Orange Racks an'd Box Presses Horseshoeing o Specialty Shop Wesc Bodillo St, Ccvina • - •-. , ' ; •• .' !')'t(l'i,-. '•!'• i L',f( : , •-.(•,! -i '!l , Only a few steam trains are run dftily over' tho -Oovlnaf branch;''the hcwvy overland trains pass : 'over"tlie 1 other branch, touching PuoiUe, Lemon, Spadrii, and other, saiajl towns. The, graih'M are not, so hfiavy on tlie. latter branch au on tlu; liiu! l.hroiiKh COvina. . ,.".••: :. .' According to lli<> rumor, a coiiiioc- tion ct' tlie Pacific Kteetrie and SouUi- iM'ii f':'ici'llc lines would be inside at Uuddoc-k, one mile east of Covinn. l^com that point it is n. nin .of nine mlkjs to ,1'omontL,- .passing through Charter Oak, San ,0tman and Lordsburg. If tlio Southern Pacific line were to be us-fd by ,tho trolley company, It. is said tlw f«w stcaax trains now u»lng the truck might continue.In operation. I'lvii if the steam trains werx; to betaken froui, tho line., the, trolley road would have no dilllculty In handling all Hi" freight business, as tho steam and trolley Hues now interchange cars at many points. So far as passenger tralllc In concerned, it is movo than likely that residents of tie towns along tho Co- vlna branch of the Southern Pacific would welcome the change. Insteaii of two pnssongor trains each way u day, U'ey might bavo an electric car every two hours or less.—Loa Angolos Times. GOVI'NA" 1 '- 1 " "^ ; -.!. . 11.• • tl ' i FINE SHOE REPAIRING REASONABLEnPRTCES Citrw.s Avenue, . Cement t. v LET US FIGURE ON ANYTHING IN THE CEMENT LINE SIDEWALKS AND CURB§ OUS SPECIALTY ' ' . ! :,:' ,\l' ' ' We are experienced cetueat meti aatl employ only skilled bjej p. i( phpiie 1067' .-•- 1 •••-..-. ••>••; .. .. m . ., ,, We/have^ a: large .clientage buying good orang-e groves, .i,If,you ( »,i;.. • want, a quick sale, list your grove with us. • : - -- "ft PAY'S TO sisE us" '''' ' '" ( " J "'EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 232 Laughlia Bldg-., Los Angeles D. W. McDonald, Covina representative Home phone 1295, dpvina Clarence Allison ~i a FOR HARNESS, ...M.ORS-E GOODS, WAGONS, BUGGIES ANd IMPLEMENTS. -..:-.'''.. I Beat Qoodsr^-Lowest Prices Oovlnei Harness & Saddlery Go. Phone Hume 11.70 ! PACIFIC ELECTRIC TIME TABLE. I,,eave I. us »\)igele» : 5:5ti a. ni.' - •'• 7:i>5 M:lu 12:10 p. m. !..?() 2:40 3i-55 4:4.S 5:35 : *5 '):()() 1 1 :3() Leave l\win«i 5:50 a.' m 6:55 8:30 1 ':.^(' 11:1(1 12:5<) p in. l:4d 2:35 3:45 S:00 Kit/(!t>rnlil »\: Hairy i>t 1'asaiiuna l.uiii inuiiey on rutiehca ami im[irov- Hil real estate »t lurtcMl cdrrt-ut ruU'd. \Vritu or t».'lt<iilii.iiu' ttioin at I'asaiieuu >,r i-all \ip ,1. \V. Pientiss, Onvina pliDoe 'J131, ami «itk in Inue a rejirw '-'t tlit. 1 Iliu: call on yiiu. tt WE CAN FIND YOU A BUYER For Orange Groves Alfalfa Lands or City Property \. •' : ' ,- List your property with uy. Covina Realty Co. Jjj * '# # #• .* * # * ...* *; * * * (m Transfer ,!. \V. Keerer. I'mp. HAULING OF ALL KINDS !| |v % iJaifiraiTi' and !•!\press «!• Oi'tiee hi>l\e J. J. FitzOerald, Proprietor Special Rates to Travelling Men Horses Bought; Sold and Exchanged Home Phone 30 Ees. Phone 1024 _ „ Tjujlj. fo> ); t ; .h(|^K-fcls.of.'tjio P,a,c^c Coast.: vSaintary-^-Sati i,. . ,f.,.'- ; • -, : .-i.-:•.-.. ,, ,,, :,:.-! .| ' '''"'' ' "' ' ••'•> '' ;Spij|iier ffiashmg Machifie "'•"•'*,• ' •' ' "' •" j '-'"'• i':i\ I "I ""^".f iIT/u*j "•' J f.!'t f l ».»,';'5 *.'fOff't £iV«''i{/ ytnt's-'of study/iii .machines. loCatUhOttd •,- '•'•' 'i'i:'l ••.!'.'• ,-|;!-, >)!';, •.'_,;-, :-.-'.} H7^s~x^x«:~:^ . We carry a complete line of suitable presents for every occa- % sion. : Commencement WATCHES RINGS CHARMS LOCKETS CHAINS The Finest Grades at Reasonable Prices. Weddings—Cut Glass CO\'1NA. t'AI. FRUIT BOWLS BERRY DISHES CRUUT SETS • CANDELABRAS For Your Wife Artistic and unique MANTLE CLOCKS; the latest designs, ranging in price from j $7.50 to $10.00. Oneida Community Plate Sold under an absolute 25-year guarantee. ' 1 THE CHARACTEB OF OUR REPAIR WORK IS WELL ESTABLISHED, CITRUS AVENUE The stand we have occupied for twelve years.

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