Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 1, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 1, 1943
Page 2
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HOP! STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS Hope Star Hold Everything Guadalcanal Diary atttmoon o. Irtc. Atax. H. Washburn) . 212-21 4 South Walnut Hop* Ark. Erttfttd QJ Mcond clots matter at the Poitoffic* at Hop*. Arkansas, under tht At* of March 3, 1897. Saturday, May 1, 1943 (AP)—M*cns Associated Press ' (M6M—AWahs Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. itvn R«tt .(Always Payable in • nuvancEi: By city terrier, per week 15c; H«mp%tead, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana Lafayetle counties, J3.50 per year; else where $6.50. t The AH««lated Prtn: Tht Aisodated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for ^publication of all news dispatches credited to n or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local , news published herein. ' Matte**) Advcrtteii* »Un«l«itatlY«— Mkafitt* BtHtM,. li»e.; Memphis^ Tefin., Sterkk BuildifSi; ChKrdoo, 400 North Michigan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison AW.: t3*Woit. Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City. 414 Terminal IBdfl.; New Orleans', 722 Union St.. Boek-off-the-Month •Y RICHARD TRiOASKIS ILLUSTRATIONS IY I. I, HAZELTON «, "My girl sure is romantic- calls me her knight in shining armor!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith COP*. 1943 BY NEA SERVICE! INC. T, M. RtC. U. S. PAT. Off. -S'l j " "Henry wpulcln't miss turning that program off for any-. ? "^ ""V. 4V»:**rrt" H?' , ; "Cresswell's men rolled the Japs toward us ..." F RIDAY, AUGUST Jl.Cont.-While the Marines were closing a pincers on the Jap invasion force along the 1'eruru, I worked my way forward, crawling between i'olleys, flopping to earth when a shell or grenade burst. (looked across the river into the shadowy cocoanut grove ivhere only 150 yards from us the advance elements of the Japs were located. But no Japs were visible—a perfectly normal condition in this jungle warfare. The volleys of machine gun and rifle fire from the depths of the grove grew louder. Col. Cresswell's people xvere rolling the Japs toward us. Suddenly 1 saw the dark Drawings couvrUht. 1948. bv "In a few seconds they were squashed down." figures of men running on the strip of beach that bordered the (;rove. In a few seconds the black, violently-moving blobs were squashed down on the sand and wo heard a fusillade of rifle fire. The Japs did not get up again. It was the first visible evidence that Cresswell's men were completing their maneuver ofi encirclement. One of our'fhTiftars went into action, and just after its first shot roared out the figure of a Jap popped up from behind a spit of sand. I le was less than 151) feet from me. 1 saw him rake about three fast steps, and then the mortar shell landed almost directly on top of his helmet. The KinK Features Syndicate. Inc. Text cooyrlitht. 19'I3. bv Random House, "Our tanks pivoted and turned, spilling yellow flame, flushing men from under their treads." explosion of the shell was n canopy of dirty gray smoke fell slowly, flushing the running liuurcs ol'men from un and debris shedding over the Jap from above, and then ••'•'• ' .-.,,,. swallowing him altogether. A rumbling of powerful motors came from behind us. We turned to find a group of four tanks moving down the trail through the cocoanut palms, heading 'for the Tcnaru and the spit of snnd across its mouth. We watched these awful machines us they plunged across the spit and into the edge of the grove, pivoting, turnint,', spitting sheets of yellow llamc. It was like a comedy of'toys, something unbelievable, to sec them knocking over.palm trees whicii their treads. Group after group were (lushed out and ••.hot. I saw a bright orange flush amidst a cloud of black smoke bursting directly under the treads of cine tank; saw it stop suddenly, crippled. The other tanks moved in protectively towards it, took oil' the crew, nnd continued to roar and rattle through the grove. Kvcrywhere they ;tinted in their swivelling course, their cannon jettisoned '.IKCIS of orange Maine. It seemed improbable that any life could exist under their deadly assault. (Continued Monday) , Inc. Dtalributed br Klnit J'nturt* Syndicate in co-operation with the tlooh-of-the-Month Club. Inc. FUNNY BUSINESS It's part of the act's food conservation program—if they drop one we fry it right away!" Proof of The Pudding By Roy Crane .. , . . . THE AERIAL PHOTOaRAPHS, , B^SV.'TWO LOCK 6ATE6 APPEAR COMPLETELY t«6tROYEP.-rHl5 SHOULD HAVE BOTTLED UP A.UC U-BOATS IN THE HAR8OB. YET WALTERS SAW FOUR OF THEM \S THE II-7, . SIR EVIPEWTLY THE/ ESCAPEP HARM BV 6EIW6 UMPEfS THE CONCRETE SUB PENS. HOW THEY 6Or OUT I DON'T KMOW. ANYWAY, SIMCE THEY PID 6ET OUT, WE'VE "PARTIALLY FAILED IN OUR MISSION MEANWHILE, THE ^ HU6E CONVOy IS 6ATHERIM6 Donald. Duck The One That Didn't Get Away! By Walt Disney VEf? GOJNA HAVE IT'MOUNTEDI BIGGEST FBH I EVER CAUGHT, IS IBS! 9OV, WAIT TILL DAISY SEES RSH! OUT OUR WAY By J. R.Williams FORTY NEARS, MAN ANC3 8OV, I'VE CRAWLED OVER 'EM AND UNDER. 'EM AND I NEVER SAW ONE THAT WASN'T IN A DOORWAY - - AND I'M STILL ALIVE. ' WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople FATHER/ EGAD,THIS NONDER.FUL/-~- HAR-R.UM.PH / ~— VOKERE Hf*>E NOO SPENiT THE&E: FLHETlMG SEAR.S ?• . I. HAD PLANNED TO BUV / ROCKER AND 6KAVML FOR. SOO, 80T MM VOO Nou'RE A«S CHIPPER A SPANIEL PUP/ ARE SOU, 6ONi ? BATIKS REGULARLY, X SEE.'-^-SOO'ME GOT f\ MICE PANTR.V HOARDED' THERE UNiDERNOUR. BELT, SOT T'D STIL.U RECO&N17E SOU SlTTlNiS FROKTT OP- THE CIGAR. STORE UK.E A, POST/ Red Ryder Ready for 'Em By Fred Harmon WO.' WHEM WE HIT TH' CR.&ST-SLOJS) TAKE TH 1 CURVE' FIFTEEN MILES WE'RE PASS, RE.D HEAT)— SHAtL 1 GIVE THIS BUGGY /AORE Popeye 'Popeye Steals the Show.' Thimble Theater HEARD WU CALL FOR HELT? PE66V. tM 6U)EET, -I SHALL SAVS -VOLIJ HQU'U. HAVE TO PO FROM 6UTTER-=»^%OMETHIM<9 ABOUT THISj Blondie The Lone Wolf! By Chic Young IMSI6T VOU 60 AT) OMC6.HOU UUICKEDJ SAILOR JF VATRIESTO KrSS MB, I' SGRSRAIMSOUT 0)»T' MH LITTLE 5 aOQDME'S'S <ag)AClOU6^F>Mg|ER .' J*^ " . /ftfffterK : /" Alley Oop Of All People By V. T. Hamlin OH BOY/ MV ^~x JOIMTS FEEL LIKE 1 SOMEBOOYSBEEM ^ BEATING TMEM WITH / A SLEP6E HAMMER ) AH. THIS LINIMENT MLLTAKE ALLTME our ..AND IF I DIDN'T KNOW HE WAS IN PBI6ON, TO HE HftO A HAND IN THIS IM NOT 6UGE IT IS A 80M9/ THKT6 A -x. 6EEM5 TO BE SOME UNW ACTIN' \50BT OF A, BOCKETr BOMB... LOOK, IPEOPELLEO PBOJECTILE rf CKP IS /WITH A PA&ACHUTE TOBNIN&/ / ATTACHMENT TO CUSH ION IT 6 LANDING A COCVCET EH? HMM.' AIN'T THAT WHAT OC OSCAC BOOM WK6 MONKEVIN' WITH ? -" •'•"* Bootf and Her Buddies One More By Edgar Martin Freckles and His Friend; N'KNOW, DOC... /OSCAR. !™E F Kia<TD ( BOOMi' ( Ml, FOLKS' UP OVER. THt5 V ww^xi v MAGIC QELT, HE WASN'T BAO H 6LW ^^Bk/ N \ ^ _ |^"^ •• v«_ Slumming By Merrill Blosser iV ORTH MAIN IN / TREASURY BE / KIMQSTON/ >( DOING THERE? / THE ADDREt ; WE HAVE IS 143 NORTH VA/HAT WOULD THE SECRETARY OF THE OH. PAPA—THEM BOYS IS HERE.' COME ON W—THE GARBAGE CAN WAIT/ , THATS IN THE COMMERCIAL DISTRICT—SORT RIFF'RAFFY TOO. r ITS IF YOU KNOWAONUV A WHAT 1 /TEW BUDCKS FROM HERE/ HE WAS EXPECTIN .' I'LL CALL HIM •- HE'S OUTSIDE '

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