Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 18, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1954
Page 8
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• "*' *• J? ,** * 1 -T" ' * C 4 " ^ £* * 1 •# (tf- 7JJ * i )WT t \ HOP! STAK, MOM, ARKANSAS ind LEFT SEMjNjbl—Found roaming the streets in Republican-held Washington, jp^thjs foflorniJookifig donkey Is led to the police station where he was given the facts of iucii life/ Polfdeniart <3(40r|fe Andrasik holds the rope, while his partner, Robert L. Rabc>, drives. though these Paris .lore purposely JjaVoidipg a"clash with these "fugitives," hly fe ( 'gag., The i'iic^piBradpes',' are 'just students, dressed ^X in prison RarMtp'tidvertisc a school show. i '- Seyed .„,_.„ ii, Iran's most tfal v religious - leader, s to overthrow Premier ^Zabedi'fi i government t , r s*iapo«t to reach f final oen,t w^h/ Britain',in the. "sjftj,te over Iranian, pil. t's;?, Authority , springs 5 ""-osition aC the n.a- powerful religious from pro-Kashani nfi I' • • fjftym ^sterns BOB THOMAS %WQOO, Ml-Lex .__.,...._ j* j« turning in his hncloth ^Olhs and saddlqs. f, handsome actor will no ^b.e flexing his muscles in the (Isfrom now on, his dialogue 0 "Head '-?m off at Uie cross,«; instead of "Me Tarzan; ane." hfts signed a seven-year con- ,'wilh Universal-International, rjs news in itself. Not for 'inonths has any studio sign- y established player to an ox-* J —T, U,-I specializes |ri ires, especially West- thot's all right with Lex, i, ftp kind qf picture 1 P Vlo,'^ he said. "I like work- itdoors. Besides, I think d A " "-•"'" Mlly m indoor pic- like John Wayrte on p horse than the 10th of the T«r« rc*Jgnalion fipm the ihut producer Sol have to start hunting aptf man. The actor ex- B&pji for the split: this point in my «$£ft| fe> be able to pn- jiffuffiry",-,<•;"'»• in..'— " -«•• Him Mid Antidote for Nerve Gas Is Plentiful " By ALTON L. BLAKESLEE, NEW YOHK, Fob'. 17 M1~The lifesuving uniclote for frighteniii,. nerve-gas war now can be .•made artificially, and there is already enough to treat 400 million persons, it was disclosed today. The drug is atropine, until now obtained only from plants grown mostly in Ii'on Curtain countries controlled by Russia. The synthetic drub, made wilh ihomiculs from petroleum, frees this country from dependence upon lorcign supplies. •Sy.ntlieilc production of utropine is announced by Winthrop-Steurns, Inc., of New York City and -Red- seiaer, N, Y, Nerve gas blocks or paralyses nerves, causing death unless quickly counteracted. AtropJnc js tne .best known antidote, for ii neutralizes the paralyzing chemical li} nerve gas. The lirrn has supplied 330 pounds of atropine for Defense Department stockpiles. A lifcrsaving' doso Is only l-150th of a grain ol atropine sulfate. Thus a single pound of airopine is enough to real more than one million persons. The drug can be stockpiled, in ampules! ready, for injection, at strategic llocations for military or civilian use. . Airopine is obtained naturally from atropa belladomia and datura stramonium. The biggest producers of these plants are Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Yugoslavia, 'with some now beginning to be grown in Australia. "There is evidence thai largo quantities of natural'atropine have been disappearing recently behind the Iron Curtain," said Dr. Theo- doie G. Klumn>, president of Win- joy a little more profit from doing the pictures. Mr. Lesser didn't sou it that way. So 1 signed with him for exposing me to the public —and 1 do mean exposing. I readily admit that the series was n gieat thing for me. Traveling to Europe and Mexico made me realize how tremendously popular Tarzan is." So much so that the foreigners passed up.his bride, a girl named Lana Turner, in order to'get his autograph. That was partly due to her new brunette hair shade, which makes her look unlike the Lanu film audiences know. "Lana was delighted when the fans failed to recognize her," Lex said. "There are two blages in star's career. The lirst is when he's starting out and is wildto have someone ask for an ou t o- graph. t The second is when he'h happy 'to gp bomewhcie and not be recognized." That s why Lana Ijkes her new ftair. Her husband likes it too— gay? it makes her look softer. U*J h>s big tilings planned for L,?*. Tisfc stw4io's programming has fcew b«jit around three stars— Jfujispn, Tony Curtis and Jeff ("Jlindleiv-rfliKJ a no\y bpy is need- 'ftrtift 8V$d a sa)iuiu»«j( of u'u4uct, Explorers Discover Big Cove Rooms CftYSTAL CAVE. Ky.. (/IT— U known canyons deep in the earth bene.'ilh the rolling hills of south crn Kentucky wore reached today by ;i tired band of'-Crystal. Cave explorers. Great cave rooms, decorated with .spider-like stone formations, wore found by three male members of the National Spcological (cave study) Society expedition. After three hours of tortuous crawling and climbing they broke into "the beyond"—the explorers' term for the dark world of rough virgin passages 300 feet below the scenic landscape' of the Mammoth Cave National Pnrk area. The .zigzagging passages opened into larger cave rooms where the strangely cdnlortcd stone projections called heliclUcs, rarest of all eav<; formations dangled from the ceilings. The three explorers—John Lchr- bei'gor ' of. Louisville, Ky., Russell H. Cm-nee of Tonafly N. J. and Albert. C. Mueller Jr.," of Scotch Plains, N. Y.—listened to their words bounce back from cave walls throp-Steurns. : ' . • About 1,000 pounds' of atropinc are used annually in this country, mostly as an anti-spasmodic to relax muscles in treating gastro-in- testiiuil disorders, and for eye drops in eye examinations. Synthesis of the drug was cichieved by research teams of Sterling-YVinlhrop Research Insti- .utc, Rensselaer, and Winthrop- Stearns, building on developments jy other scientists. that never before echoed the voices of men. At the expedition's advance camp three miles inside the cave, PM toarshflm, Louisville Courief Journal reporter with the expe dition, said the three explorers pushed beyond "Booardus Water falls." Striking out from the /alls, said Lehrberger, a Louisville dance instructor, was "like diving into a bowl of spaghetti—passages ran in every direction." "There was considerable excitement at the camp;" William Burke Miller, an NBC newsman accompanying the expedition said. Other exploring groups of four or five members each, also had probed into hitherto unknown passageways. The group led by R. N. Charlton a farmer of Dillwyn, Va., discovered an unknown shortcut to Bogar- Itis Waterfalls. The old route took seven tedious hours to travel one way. The shortcut saved other explorers four valuable hours to! spend searching on the other side of the falls, which arc named for "Bud" Bogardus, 22-year-old Ken- ucky farmer- who first found them n 1049. The expedition's 60 men and women members make it the largest venture of its type ever attempted in America. They have yet to pass all guide marks left by Crystal Cave's discoverer, Floyd Collins, who died when a sliding rock pinned him in Early Wallpaper Printed wallpapers were not made until after the discovery that tpe could be cut on wood blocks and printed, according to the Encyclopedia Brilannica. Scandinavian Split Norway, which had been united with Denmark and Sweden, declared its independence in 1814, but the union of Norway and Sweden was not finally dissolved until 1905 a hollow of nearby Sand Cave in 1925. Results of the all-week exploration, now just three days old, will je assembled in maps and scientific information on what is to be 'ound in the cave. NOSE SUFFERERS AVOID LIFE OF MISERY Find Wonder Curb — Relieves Sinus-like Torture—Users Rejoice Supply Rushed Here! Relief at lilt from torture of nasal misery, cteqgcd nose, painful pressure, messy drip, drainage, head cold, hay fever and other sinus-like symptoms af distress due 'o nasal congestion i» seen In reports of success with a formula which has the power to reduce nisal congestion. Men and women with agonizing, sinus-like misery, headaches, inflamed nasal passages, soro nostrils, hawking, sneezing duo ta nasal congestion tell of blessed relief after using if. KLORONOL costs S3, but considering results, is not expensive, amounts to only pennies per dose. KLORONOL (caution— use as directed) is sold with strict money- back guarantee by J. P. Cox Drug — Hope —Mail Orders Filled. The Scriptures are the record of God's progressive revelation of Himself through inspired men, and the story of His righteous purpose in history to bring mankind to final perfection in Christ. 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