The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 21, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1977
Page 8
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JVUJB H-NAUfi.vniCK XKWS (CONN). WEDNESDAY. JULY 21. 1M« Deanna Gives Baby Lens Pointers Boston Butter, Meat Prices On Decline I,, tin. urn.H of her famous mi.lh.T, film singing star Deanmi IMirbin, iMHHlrii I oilUe .liiclison, ,'. 1-2 mluiUis. nutUes her iiiiiiieru debut in ' Hollywood. l>ml U niovl^ ^.,>Uu-e,-_lM.U_x_.ll.eksiiM. (1 iitei-.latli.nal) Find Bodies Of Two Marines Sim Dlogo Culif, July 24--(UP) A search under the blazing sun . of a s-iuthern Callfoinla desert has ! bi-er; successful but tragic, ' Tin- bodies of two Marines have i been round In the desert where their plane crashed last month. Pri Iv.-Uis Flint Cl.-iss Willis Bartltil'l ! of Smuerton, Arizona anil Cluii'les ! Lynn of Kast Ch:ittunooga, Tenn,, i managed to get •'.() miles from the j -jci.'iie of the crash before they were ! (ivi-rcomi appaiently by heat anil i fatigue, I The l.-.idlcti art! being flown to I San Ulego today. • 300,965 Legion I Men In Pennsylvania Indianapolis .Milv 2-1-(UP)- The • Amei-lcim I.vgiun has a new membership record tfxlay. : OllU-lal.s at thf Legion head(| leni in India:v.pcili!i say 'Pennsylvania Is the first stale to have mole than "OOOOn L.-gion rmi ITS. Pennsylvania now has SCO.OfiS, GO per i-ent of Whom are veterans of World War IT, Huston. July 2-1 <t ;r> ' l'rl''"i "I' more plentiful meat. 'Hitter iind other ciinririiodllle.M have dr-ipp'-d iillghtly. The drop iMirne after various euri.-mrni.r grmili.'i -itnu'ed buyers' Mtrlkes utid "Suve OCA" deni- un.Htrntiomi. The i-nn-rj.'i'iK.'y ooninilUee of rltl- /pn.s tini". lubor. veterans orjtanlv.'i- tltnsi and other >froupn have f.-o:i- diK-ted iilitnit 100 ileiuoii.str.'itlonrt In Ki'iiater Hoston. They dlHtrlbuted pnmphb-ls (inil i.-ai'i I'-i'l pl'icnrds uwlrur roitdriitlon of the OPA. Nteariwlille. aonsumer sul» ; : wr-re reported below nnrmal in the in-eiid when- they prot>.-«t illspluy.i took phioe. Mai-kets In iil-'neull Hull .-my tbiil iniyi'i-n ".-ii-c j;ettimr clioosiey" iibuiit the (|iiallty nnd priee of ni'-at. • I!AI.I»VIN NAM KM l.'.rldneport. iMly u;i (i:i'> ('-»vi-i-nor I'.i.tlwln has l"-i-n eln-led MI: n rlli-iM-tdi- of the ln-|dK"|»>rt l-'.nri-i compiuiv. Tin 1 anno:iiii":nient WH.-I Illftrlc by Cdloni 1 ! I [el-lllllll W. Slelfl- kl-.'ius i.-.'i.-ilmian ;if Hu- board. Eagles Officers -* Meet Tonight To Plan Reception The newly elected state P™*^ dent of the Fraternal Order of E uK lo 8 .A.Uhony Ehlort olB,- at,1. will be n -special guest of the local Aerie M-.rn.lay night. July 29 when the local group holds 'Jack Cal- ahun Night." honoring the district head. Other special guests at th.s important session will be Fast Prusldcn-; William Kirby ot An- .Honla; -state vice-president. Cor- nolius Hays of Torrlngton; state treasurer, Vincent A. Mnhr of new Haven; Kenneth Carroll, secretary of the New Haven uerie; Charles Miller, worthy presldcn-; New Haven aerie; and Reynolds, vice- president New Haven group. Entertainment for Jack Callahan Night will be under the direction of Francis Sheehun, and will feature the EuKlus' Glee Club, and the fumed Eajrles' QuanLet, slar- -ing Fred Morton, tenor; Harry Weiss, pianist; and Henry Bagley, soloist. ,,. A hot roast beef luncheon will be served, Nordhill Nautfes, Kafles president, announced today. Two important meeting will be held -this wee-It, with a mooting • )[ tlHi olMcert) tonight, 8 p. _m. at Ihe club rooms, nnd on Friday night the Glee club and quartet will rehearse for Monday's enter- tuinnient. SIT DOWN STRIKE of the Edward of the Community Band Concert Thursday The Nfiugatuclt Community Band will present its ilrst public concert of the season tomorrow evening on the Green at 8 o'clock under the direction of Daniel Oemck.i,_ Guest soloist of the evening will be Mlt's Carmen BurgaiHlno of Wa- teibury, who will sing, "Maytlme" by Slgmund Romborg,. Other concerts will be hold during the remainder of the summer, the dates to be announced Inter. Tomorrow night's program will include: "Star Spangled Banner"; Marc'.*, "The Majestic" (Alexander); Overture, "The Golden Sc.-ep- trf" (Schlepegreil; Medley, "Pleas- i ant Recollections" (Lakei; Overture 1 , "Hungarian Comedy" (Knler- Beln); Selection, "Maytimc" (Rom- lierg) Miss Carmen Bergantino, Pie For The President Cherrv frstlvul <|ii i «t Krlc O'ouiUy !•».. Adah Allen, 17, presents u •.I.Mty-pi.tmd ehei-ry pie to Presidential Secretary Miitthmv Connelly lit tin- Whlto llouso. The miinnmith pin was a gift for I'resldont Trti- imiu frnm Cherry (iniwers und Processors of Northeast Pa. (Intor- MiiUiuml) Overture. "Homo Circle" (Sc-hlepegrell: Popular songs, "I Want A Girl." "in The Good Old Summertime 11 and "When You Worn a Tulip": waltxes. "Bower of Beauty" (Brooks); "American Pnu-ol" (Mca- chum): Mnrch, "Second Connecticut" (Reeves). Turner Probable Oklahoma Candidate Oklahoma City, July 24—(UP)-Roy Turner apparently is the Democratic rioir.irvcu for governor of Oklahoma. The millionaire oll-and-cattle man is holding belter than a. 20,000 vote lead over Dixie Gllmer of Tulsa in a runolT primary election. Gilmore. however, hasn't conceded the election. But throe Democratic congressmen have admllled losing their bids to regain Inch scats in the house. Representatives Lyle 3oren and Victor WickGrshiim bowed to a pair of World War II veterans —Boren lost to Glen Johnson and Wiclttri-yham was bcuten by Pro.stor. P'eden. Representative Jed Johnson lost to Judge Toby Morris. All the new congressional nominees are virtually red of election since their districts never have never — elected a Republican congressman. Rep. Talbot Named To Represent State Hartford, July 2-l--(UP)—Governor Baldwin has designated Rep. Joseph K, Talbot of Nnugutuck as the state's olliclal representative at a banquet in Washington .Friday. The banquet will celebrate the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Liberia. Plans will be. made at the meeting for a ccr.tonnlnl celebration. to be held next year In Liberlu. Pamphlets Oppose Talbot Nomination For Governor ' Pamphlets were distributed In CIO-orRaniHOd plants in Nautra.tuck, Wutcrbury and Tor- rinj'ton yohterUay in «. campaign by the Sth District CIO-Po]it,ical Action Committee ;i.imed at spiking Congressman .Joseph E. Talbot's chances for nomination as the Republican candidate for governor. The four-page flyers cari'iec'. a picture of Rop, Tnlbot over the caption, "Pal of the Profiteers," sjicl centered around his voting- record on price control. It charged that his stand is responsible for prices since OPA control was lifted. Slogan of the union, pamphlets was, "We'll remember in November." Since Tfilbot's election to Con- gross in 19-12 the CIO has been at odds with him, ami Talbot in return scorned the CIO opposition. Now At The Salem Scene from "Diary of u Chambermaid" starring Puulcltc Goddard und an all star cast. Green To Attend Postmasters 7 Parley Postmaster Frank. T. Green of the Naugatuck Post Olllce will attend a meeting of the Connecticut Chapter of the National Association of Postmasters Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock In New Haven. A banquet will be held during the evening. Several men prominent in the country's postal service are expected to speak. Senator Brien Mc- Muhon and Representatives James) P. Geolan and Clare Boothe Luce are expected to be present. Jerusalem Hotel Blasted By Terrorist Bombs FiH^lt™ Waterbury Newsman Named By McGuire Democratic State Chairman John A. McGuire today announced the appointment -jf Capt- Paul P. Mlt- nick, T-lrirtford, ius publicity director of the State Central Committee. He will be assisted by Niel Bolger, Waterbury newspaperman. FINED $2<> Anthony Rebelio, 4r>, of 20 Diamond street, charged with breach of peace, wns fined $20, in Borough Court thin morning, by Judge Martin L. Cf:ine. TIo was nrrosted ycs- tordny afternoon by Olficcr James Fen ton, TO MAKli VOTERS Legal'votcrs will be made,this afternoon and evening from 5 to 8 o'clock by the town clerk and board of selectmen, in the third of five special sessions In preparation for the November electiona. SIX DEAD Boston, July 2-1 — (UP)—Six persons are dead and several others hospitalized as a result of Injuries suffered w h e n fierce tropical storms swept New England. The storm also caused considejaible property loss. Tills pluturw shows tho King Diivlil liotol In ,Iorusn|nin, during last staRes of Its construction. This mudorii hotel, whli'b houses the British Army headquarters and Secretiirlat of tho Palestine Government, was Imnilieil by .Icwlsh tnrrorlsts. killing at least 5-1 persons and injurlnj; 53. The entire west.wing, of tho hotel wus demolished by two heavy oxploslons from land mines planted In the basement. (International) PRICE RALLY. New Haver,, July 2-1—CUP)—Congressman James T, Gcelan will head the list or speakers at a giant rally Friday night. The meeting will be hold In New Haven Green to protest rising pi-Ices. Army Seeks Men For Air Units A special efofrt is being made by the Army to obtain increased enlistments for Airborne Units, it was announced today by Cpl. Goo, Martin of the United States Army Recruiting Station, P. O. Building, Nn.ugo.tuck, Conn, Particular emphasis is being directed toward obtaining enlistments for the Eleventh Airborne Division, Pacific Theater, and the Eighty-Second Airborne Division now stationed here in the Statse. Enlistments for these units will be made- for a three year period only. Fire Department Game Postponed Thp garni; between the Naugu- tuck Fire Department and the An- .sonla Hose Company, was postponed lust evening due to inclement weather, but will be played next Monday at Linden Park instead. An Interesting contest Is expected, as the Ansonia boys have madu the statement that as a softball learn, the local boys are a bunch of false alarms. Bank Sues On Promissory Note A complaint was filed in Waterbury Common Plens, Court today by the NauaafucU Bank against Domlnicit George of Beacon Fulls and Blanche George of !the boroug'h, for 52. r in dnmnges. The case was ^asef] on a promissory note for $200 issued August 1. ;i9-l-l, which was .-sitrncd by the two persons charged. On this note a balance of $123.50 rnmnins, the l.).-ink st.'ited in its suit. TWO QOOD NAMES ON GOOD CLOTHES — OURS — AND ROGERS- PEET-—TO ASSURE EVERY MAN PEACE OF MIND. It's a grand and glorious feeling to realize the clothes you wear 1 will never need an apologist for their authentic style, their masterful craftsmanship, their fit, their good taste and their wonderful virgin wool fabrics. Then ; you must remember Rogers-Peet clothes whether you pay $60 or $85 will cost you less by the year than any other clothes you've ever worn. WM. ROGERS SILVERWARE MEMORY PATTERN 48 Vc. S«t d»1 Q QJT Service for 8 tDJ-»7.»7<J No Tux- Hurry — Supply Limited CCHNEERC *JCREDIT JEWELERS*^ 162 South Main St. — 4.2206 GIN — 90 Proof — S2.89 J. K. STORES CUT HATE, LIQOOR8, WINES, BEEBS 898 N. Main St. Tel. 4979 Free Delivery Anywhere In Borough -To Save a definite portion of your Income, and stick to it! More nnd more people are learning the value of planning for financial security. Build a reserve fund-protect your family with low-cost Savings Bank Life Insurance, a combination thai will help yon face the future with confidence. Wo will help you work out a plan. NAU6ATUCK SAVINGS BANK 1870 WtMtYnFTH AKNIVER^ARY 194^ AU OtPO<IT< FULLY GUARANTEED^ COMPENSATION In Compensation Court, Waterbury, yesterclo.y, Ccmmissioner Hurry Krasow awarded Entty Erazyecki $12 weekly bcginninfi- June 7. to be paid by the Peler- Paul, In^., for concussion. TRAINMAN SWITCHES HORSES Wichita Fals, -Tex.—(TJP)—M. C. Sherman of Wichita Falls Is equally at home on an Iron horse ..or a. flesh-andrblood animal. He worki at the Fort Wbr£h and Denver City Railroad roundhouse and rides a horse to and from work dally. Our Diamonds ara voriftaj for color, tea iff n(, quality.,, V your iuarantoo of Lona tiao quality Vyoiir nuuuranco of 0ati0iactiou WILLIAM SCHPERO 180 CHUKCH ST. , Naiieatuck, Conn. SAND-BANUM STANDARD The entirely different boiler scale olimiimnt. Sund-Banuni Standard: Saves 10-507fc in fuel. Mukus costly mechanical boiler denning unnecessary. Preserves life of boiler und tubes. Prevents shut-downs. Insures higher boiler capacity. Prevents tube failures. Safeguards ogulnst corrosion without internal painting. Cuts down boiler room labor. Requires no complicated feeding equipment. 532 NORTH MAIN ST. Union City - Tel. 2C8.H We Now Have A .Very Good Stock of DINNER WARE 35 _ 52 — 95 Piece Sets NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NKABY BUILDING TEL. 5212 Great Oak Farm OXFOKD ROAD Tel. 5W9 PERFECTLY PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM I Deliver* To All ruru »I Niiuciiturk < J WATCH FOR OUR NEWLY » > RENOVATED STORE'S » GRAND OPENING: j CORNER CANTEEN 392 No- Jljiiii Street "Dam" Trllcrlro, I'rop. EDDIE'S Corner Spring * Diamond St». GROCERIES - VEGETABLES FRUITS - ICE CREAM SODA FOUNTAIN" SERVICE Free Delivery Tel. 4819 Edward Vloskuuckas, Prop. Highland Package Store 93 Highland Ave. — Tel. 3983 5 Anthony, prop. » FREE DELIVERY AH Parts of Naugatuck Try NEWS Want Ad».— They Brln«; BenuJt*. GUS SMOKE SHOP 402 North Main St. Union City Gus Kllmaszewhkl, Prop. We have your favorite ne*i- paper, magazine or other periodical. I NflUGflTUCK, INSURflNC£ flG€NCY' COAL COSTS! WITH THE HONEYWELL DAMM* Br CONTROL Hon«yw«ll Eltclric Br imtollna l« on«y Jani<or damp.r control you can «ar« up lo 30% on your coal bill. 'O" 1 " wTiol ihii i .avina ffl«an» during Jutt ono hoaltafl »a«on. W« have El«clric Janitors in ilock now. Call u. today, b.loro tb. », lor <ull InlonnaUon. now. supply U gon», The Naugatack Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH ST. ***** (/I

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