Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 19, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 19, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the PostofRcc Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Covina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. J. L. MATTHEWS EDITOR SHIRLEY BROS MANAGERS SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Sinple Copies 11.SO .75 .50 .OS ADVKKTrSKMRNTS: T)isplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes* made as per contract. Liners 5c per line each insertion. Legal notices $1.00 per inch h'r»t insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA, CAL., Jt'NK The Wave Changes Ownership, With Its present Issue the Covina Wave has changed ownership. The Argus has no Kind words or re- gi'ets to express at the panning of C. C. Mann, HB formed editor and pro- jiriet.or. His reprebrriKlble ntyle of jonrnalium has boon a discredit to t.h'! fraternity. For tho Individual and the product, of his mind tho Argus ha* iiothlrig but. fin unutterable contempt.. The new proprietors of l.ho Wave are young men who need little introduction to the cltl/.ens of Covina. William Whitaker, a young orange grower with up-to-date Ideas of business, IB to be the financial and ad vis- ory end of the new firm, a man who has many friends In this locality. Jl. C. Libby will attend to mat.terB of nev/B find the editing. Mr. Libby has been connected with a local real estate firm for Home time. He IIRB Bliown hlirmolf to be a good fellow In niariy ways, haB aBBlBted materially ir: building up one of the host baseball leamH In the county, and BtandB \vell in the opinion of hlB fellowB. The mechanical portion of the paper will be attended to by 10. C. MathewB, who IB at present the local manager of the Pacific Light and Power Company. It IB understood that he has a good working knowledge of the general making up of a newspaper. The Argus gives thorn greeting, bop- ing that, their venture may bo financially remunerative and pleasant In every way. Senator Flint Says it Is a Pleasure to Serve California Lemon Growers. Wo are In receipt this week of the following letter from Senator Frank 1'. Flint: United States Senate, Juno 11, 100!). My Dear Mr. Matthews: I have received a marked copy of the "Covina Argun" of date June nth, containing your editorial entitled "A Senator Worth Having," and also an article regarding Democratic Central Committeoman Welch renouncing hlB political faith and declaring that henceforth he will ully himself with the Republican party. Many thanks for your kind expressions concerning myself In this editorial. It was only a pleasure to me to be. able to he of HOIIJP n>rvlre to tho people of California In thin mailer, and I trust that the additional duly will <'imblo (he lemon growers to obtain a fair prollt upon their capital, time and labor invested In thin industry. 1 am also glad lo know that my efforts have resulted in causing at leiiB' one good clti/.ou of your comunity to acknowledge the error of !I!B way and come into the ranks of the Republican party. Yours truly, FRANK P. FLINT. Demurrage on Cars. A new law MOCK into effect immediately concerning Hie box earn on i:ll railroads in the state, and attention i>; called li> it, UK it is of Impor lunce to the ranchers of this vicinity, lioniurrano to (lie amount of six dollars each day is lo he charged on all lank cars after llui tirsl I weniy four hours. I!ox cars after the lirsl l wenty-l'our hours will he subject to a demurrage of three dollars each day. and after the lirsl day six dollars. It Will lie \\ell to heal Illis I!) mini). Popular Young Couple to Wed. The uiai'i iari- is announced lor Sun day. Inn.' I'n. of Mi.-.-s Mac Masi.-n lo Mr. <'li;:rl.->, Siemens, hoih popular .'•Ollllf.'. peo|/|r o| this i-ilv. The eel.- mony will or. in al lh.- re.sidei|.-e ol l:« . - S. V.'. ( ;.u-e al an oal Iv hour M:il follow ii.i- a '.', .-ciiiin..; al i lie iioii. • o. I 1 ,.- ;-' 1'Ol.h: -, | I j . !,t ., i I ,• , . .iill 1 -'. pen p!" v, ill Sea 1 . -• i.a a u •. -liiiin.u i rip i o The Cardinal—Great. You who went to high school ten yearn ago If you don't believe that times have changed, take a glnnce at the periodical put out by the student body of Covina High School at the close of this term, glance through the Cardinal, and wonder at the strides that have been taken In H'.hool work. In the first place the book Is a decided triumph of the printer's art. as understood by the Argus Publishing Company. Clean linotype, free frohi error, and halftones of photographs that are Hear with features well brought out, arc some of the thlngH to be mentioned in the purely mechanical. Altogether Its appearance is handsome. The subject, matter IB brighter than It, ever was before. Arthur I'lxby's short story is a little gotn of ilH kind. Walter Asehenbrermer's talk on "World Power" IB Herfoun and ii.struetlve. The little quips and JcstH, little thrusts fit members of the student body find faculty are refreshing. The Cardinal during the coming year will be edited by Arthur P.ixby. The present, staff Is composed of Walter Aachonbrenner, edltor-in chief; Alice Atwood, associate editor; Albino Power, associate editor; Adah Waye, personals; Walter Hepner, athletics; Arthur Blxby, exchanges; Alyra Uurpoo, school news; Leslie Ship way, debating news; Waldo liornls, artist; Hoyt Leisure busl- m.-HB manager; Irven Reynolds, subscription agent. The retiring force, while spending heavily for the cur rent, number, leave the Cardinal In good financial condition for the coming year. Regarding Insurance. Austin Warner, a Covina Insurance writer, has received a communication copied from the underwriter's report M Kan Frandsco, In which it, states that, another mutual insurance company has gone to the wfi.ll, find that. Bill] another is in the field In California- soliciting 'business. Tlie article deals with the collapse of the Pacific Fire Insurance Company of Seattle. This concern was organized under tho laws of Washington, and after an existence of less than two years became unable to pay Its obligations, and a receiver was appointed. Under the lows of Washington, policy holders of n mutual company may be assessed for five times an annual premium to provide funds for conducting the company's business. Tho receiver of the defunct company haB called upon past and present policy holders to pay something like $75,000 to settle debts. The report goes on to say that another company,' the Northwestern Mutual, organl/.ed under tho laws, IB now attempting to do business in California, and It IB alleged that this company haB no license, to do business In this state. For Permanent Homes. O. W. Campbell has sold through I). W. MacDonald of tho Edwards &. Wlldey Realty Company, live acres of oranges on Citrus avenue below Rowland avenue, to (!. L. Armstrong of (•'Million!. The consideration Is $11,000. The property has a modern !»house, filled with gas and all up-to- dale appliances. Mr. Armstrong recently purchased 10 acres of orangcM IP the- new vicinity and wishes the additional live acres witli house to make his permanent home. D. W. MacDonald has also sold I lie seven and one-half acres known as the HaHt.iugH place on Rowland avenue, owned by .lames II. Hunt, lo A. Holly of Whlttier, who buys lo make a permanent, home. Five acres of tills nineh is planted to navels and the remainder to Valoncias. The consideration was $11,500. In this transaction was exchanged a residence in Whlttier valued at $3,000. Notice of Dissolution. Mrs. L. D. (Irahain, having purchas- oil the righiH and holdings In the linu of Webb & Graham, milliners, in the City of Covlna, Los Angeles County, formerly held and owned by Miss Lulu Webb, now assumes a place in partnership of the linn, wlii, h is to be known henceforth U s lh" linn of (iilmorc and (ii'ahain. All accounts due the Conner linu are payable In tin 1 new firm. All indebtedness outstanding at time of dissolution will be assumed in part by the retiring partner and in pan by the linn of i Ai (irahaiu. ti-^t; Price Never Chinged. ! The Rev. 8lmon Turplo was. an quern spenkfr, but he seemed to hnvfl « list, of sermons which, when he once twgiiii, he went right through to the end and then started ut the first sermon again, rind so on. A young man Jti the congregation was about to leave for South Africa, hut the Sunday before he departed he attended the church service. In the course of hln lecture the minister nsed an Illustration In which were the words, "A man can easily Iwo sparrows for threepence." The young mnn. after being absent for n bout three years, returned and ngnln on the first opportunity attended divine sen Ice. SI range to say, he heard the same narrative by the Bfiino minister, tho phrase striking him most being about the "two sparrows for threepence." At the close of the service the minister. In bin courtesy, carni- and shook hnnds with the youth and, welcoming him back to hla home, asked him If he noticed any changes about the plfi.ce. The young man. evidently quite unconcerned, refilled, "Aye, man. there's two or three changes, but there's yln thing I can wee—the price o' sparrows Is aye «t the same auld figger."—Glas- gow News. New Use For' Wheel burrows, Mrs. Zella Nuttall. the archaeologist, was making some excavations In Mexico. The Indians were removing the earth some distance from the point of excavation In the customary manner— that Is, on n piece of coarse cloth tied between two poles, stretcher' fashion, carried by two Indians. Thla method Hi.'crned rather laborious to Mrs, Nut- tdll, so she ordered several Iron wheelbarrows from the city. When they arrived she turned them over to the foreman after explaining to him wlmt they were for and how to use them. Next dny when .she visited the work the Indians had discarded their primitive pnrUniclas iinrl were using the bright new wheelbarrows. As each bnrrow was filled with enrth It was picked up by Iwo Indians, one tnlng the handles and the other the wheel, and carried to the place where the erirlh was lo be deposited. All efforts to get the Indians to use the wheelbarrows properly fulled, and they kept on carrying them until the work was finished. Alphabet of the Playhouse. "We keep learning things all the time," said an Infrequent theater goer. "I stopped In front of a theater the other d(iy to buy a ticket of a speculator, and I asked him if be had a good single near the front. " 'Here's o«e In O,' he said, 'thirteenth row, third seat from the aisle.' "Now, you know, I don't carry the relative positions of the letters of the alphabet In my mind all the time. I have to work for a living and have other things to think of. But It struck me that O must be farther down the line than thirteen, and so 1 just counted up the letters on my finger tips, and I made O come fifteenth, and I said so to the ticket man, but that didn't worry him any. ""-There': 1 ! t-o A In this theater,' he snld, Y.:id there's no I in any orchestra In I o •,-.•; l.' "And, liav!:^' my finger tip rigmlug thi:s batulll.v kiuicki-d out, I bought the ticket."—Washington Post. The Purpriso of Sli/nitsn, "I IIMVO. iK-vcr quite ma-lo out," says a writer In "Near Kust." "why the plain of Sllvnllsa has come to be regarded as the scene of one of the great decisive bat lies of the world's history. It did not even dt-;-Me the Servo Bulgarian witr In lKSf>. That was decided by Austria liilcrv.-ntloii. The battle of SlivnltBit Is really only remarkable for the eomi'-jii fact that both sides thought they wore defeated, and while Milan of Sorvlu was hurry- Ing home in confusion Alexander of Bulgaria galloped all the way back to his capita! before he lea mod that the tide had turned. Nowadays the village looks .sleepy enough, poor and dirty, like most Bulgarian villages, but almost gay when the sun shines upon UK red roof.s." Harsh Music. The politician caught with tlio goods was counseled by his friends to stay and face the music. For art Instant ho listened to tho clamor of denunciation. "Croat Scotl," he exclaimed Impatiently, "do yon fall that music?" A moment later he \vas out of lienr- Ing.- 1'lilladoiphla I.edscr. i I'A.-'ii KI )!',!.T.S Hi ) r SI'KIXCiS !. hi llu- ( '. >a-t I .inc. '1 lu- op: .! of .my '•'•'• llu- \\ "i Id aiui -ci in lh • mi ! •! of >;K'!I !- 'lu- on in ../ \ ,: '; j ..,;! pl.uv ,' , - -i. u--n;>. i...:i--::. ,•- . • :-'-.-i:..! I-.-,. : :- -^1- ., 'I I.": - :- ' : \ . n, -A ! '. •! -i ; - ..-^'i:.:-.- - - 1 .'..-V'.'.n.u, ;:. ' ! . :•:'!•;: :• ; ' . : , ••! i ...•.'.. -.s: I •• ' ! '-.t:!'- I' ,1 •:..-!,-, How Rows Begin. "Hubby. 1 dreamed last night that you didn't love IMC." "How foolish you are!" "iMu.lNh. am IV As If I could help what 1 dream about \" And • he fracas was on. Louisville Courier -Journal. What Kept Him "AYIiy couldn't you have conic home at a ivasuiiublo hour'.-" remarked nn anu'ry wife to lie;- spouse "c'oiild. iu'dcar. Jos easy as not. but !•• hi'- u.-is wiiliin' for you f jjo l' shlct-p!" ivplird t ho delinquent. Soon Gets Over It. "\\"hat ;-; I he Imiiey |-,io..n. pa?" " x \<::. !!;<• hoiir\m. h,n is the only METHODIST CHURCH. At the Methodist Church, the paatop will preach hoth morning and even- Ing. Sunday-school 9:4ii; Junior League 3; Intermediate and Senior Epworth League at 6:45. BAPTIST CHURCH. Sunday-school, 9:45. Children's day exercises, 1! a.m. 7:45 p.m., preaching by the pastor. Junior, 3 p.m. B. Y.I'.( T ., S:•}.",. Prayor meeting, Wednesday evening, 7:45; topic, "True Hahbath-Keepfng." All are Cordially invitf-d to these services. H. W. Cage, pastor. HOLY TRINITY CHURCH. Services In the Church of the Holy Trinity, second ^Sunday after Trinity: Holy Communion, 7:30 a. m. Sunday-school, f):45 a. m. Morning prayer, 11 a. m. Rev. Dr. Trew of Los Angeles will officiate. • Evensong, 7:30 p. m. CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Sunday-school 9:45. Preaching by the pastor 11; subject, "Raccoon John Smith, or the Story of a Kentucky Pioneer.." Junior 3. Intermediate and Senior Endeavor 6:45. Preaching 7:45; subject, "Philip of Bethsaida and His Illusions." Good music. A cordial welcome to all. Men's banquet Tuesday evening. PRESBYTERIAN SERVICES. Children's Day exercises beginning at I0:.'!0 will continue over church hour. Rev. f!eo. C. Butterfield, the Sunday-school missionary of the Presbyterian churches of Southern California, will have a part in the morning program. Junior Endeavor, ?. p.m. Senior, and Intermediate Endeavor at. fi:45. Preaching 7:4F>; subject, "How Pure Love Changes the Motives." Special music. All are invited. Paul G. Stevens, pastor. Cook With Gas You are invited to Pall at our new office, 236 N. Citrus Avenue, and inspect our line of Stoves and Ranges Phone' 196-when your gas is not working satisfactorily. Covina Valley Gas Co. 236 N. Citrus BYRON HOT SPRINGS Within easy reach of San Francisco. Wonderful curative properties of the m'tul and mineral baths and waters. Reached from Los Angeles through the San Joaquin Valley. Information at SOUTHERN PACIFIC OFFICES. SOMETIMES you don't feel like starting a fire for the noon-day or evening meal. . .. Wouldn't dainty salads, coffee or chocolate and wholesome, delectable soups appeal to you Instead of broiling yourself over the stove these hot days? Let us serve yfcu with these things, or with ham or tongue sandwiches—all carefully prepared. ICES ICECREAMS..^, FRUIT DRINKS .... CANDIES We Have No Competitor in Light Lunch Menu. The Palace of Sweets TOWNSEND, PROPRIETOR Throop Polytechnic Institute Located in Pasadena, the Most Beautiful City of California. Science, Arts, Industry. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ACADEMY—Technical and Literary. SHOP WORK FOR BOYS. HOME ECONOMICS FOR GIRLS. New campus of 20 acres. Send for catalogue. J. A. B. 8CHERER, Ph.D., LL.D., President. g This Offer Is Good Until July 3rd g HI IB ill H 01 n 85.00 PRIZES READ THIS LIST: 1st—Ladies 1 Diamond Ring 2nd—17-Jewel Adjusted Watch . . . . (Gentlemen's Waltham, 16 size; will pass any railroad inspection) 3rd—California Turquoise Solid Gold Ring 4th—Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pen •• • • • $40.00 B $35.00 E $7.00 $3.00 A CHANCE on any of the above premiums with every 10-cent cash purchase or for repairing. We ask you to call in and see these prizes, and if you find they are not as represented or that our prices on all goods and repairs are not right you can brand us as impostors. This offer commences today, Saturday, May 22, and will run until July 3 at 6 p. m. Covina Jewelry Co. i v\, ! ,i,-i •; It I'UM.y lo >•,•:.;<• ho:uo ami lii'd iiiai hi-; d.-M- liiiie \\;r\» hasn't dir.iu-r i ( a.l i in iiiiic." Si: -t-i •;. i-. aiwiiys li.-ur.;ts the Uui.d Shakespeare. M. WRIGHT, Manager Opposite Hotel Veudome Citrus Avenue, Covina 5

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