The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 21, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1977
Page 6
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FAOB-6—NAUOATPCK NEWS (CON??), WEDNESDAY. -! Midget Racing ivn • J Danbury Saturday The oiy of "stop SchfU'fl'cr" is *>AHONS Cleveland, July LM -(Ui 1 ) Cleveland Buron.M soem to their oycK on the Amcrli-nn ll'icki-y I>0flguo crown for the coming .tea. don. Pros. Al Stitphln announe.TH that tho F3«irons nnve bought C'nn- _. ter Johnny Holotii from -the Detroit I now hciii,t echoed througnout the Hod WlngH In one of the MWMt midget auto raeo ranks In the East. This trunsiictlonn of the loop's history, In -uldHlon to tho stiff prim: I .'IK. [hr> RjironH hml to glvo up Hrrnip .Strongman t" tlio Wings for the 25-pcar-old Hnlntn. PAN ATI 1C K NAMKI) Northflfld, VI., July 2-1 (l..'t'i •' HV A former Springfield. Mmw, collogo haKkotball standout haw hrnn munM m coach tit tho Norwich university qulntr:. He In John I 1 '. I'linntlPr who also will •orvo n.i phyMloal oducivtKm Instructor. U. K production »t aviation j;a.i<i- llm> mid liilui-m: ro.Hi- from !!),- finri.finn bairfl.i In I Ml to I: hfiiTfls in lfi-M. ALCAZAR NOTICE" Theater Closed Until Further Notice for Alterations noloi-rnl pilot drlvlnp tho Schloodi/r Special has been churn- Ing up tlio Eastern abort tracks In spectacular fashion. Schaoffcr in his l»nt twelve starts has scored nine feature event wins. Last Snt- ui day night at tho Danbury Speed way, this speed merchant racked up anotner. m;iln event win when In; tramped the Schlocder Special to n f.iro then well In the evening's big money race. Out to hull L-ichauffer and rated I liu bust chance of clnlnx so, Is the Mnnhayset, !., I., daredevil Ted Tap- Tapprtt touk the mcaurc of i Canadian Wrestler On Initial State Tour ON THE BLOCK By Jock Sords Baseball Standings Schn':ffi>r two v.cclc;> :it the PLAY P O 0 L On First Class TabJos K & M ALLEYS li" MAl'f.K STKI'IKT iliury strip. Driving the .Eourfr- Spiiclal, Tappett will be back (it tho Dunbtii-y course Saturday ready I'.nd awaltnti to nook wheels with this s-'iison'd Hc-nsatlor., Ed Schfvi-ffci 1 . Other Mtuller pcrfoiTners of the Nfnji;(!wiiy.>: who M.1II make the (,'o- Inir touKfier for Scluicffer will be, fj'iiry 1-ilfimnr, Mike Josephs. I-cn nuncan. Joe Bnrxda, Lou Volk, l-rerl.y Hi.'lflt. Bill Rikcr, Shorty .McAridrew; 1 . Due Toi'an and many [)l.l|f I'M. 'L'hiM't 1 \vlll lie a scries of elc.rht cvfiits with a I'e'iUirc race o:' 2.1 rlix'iiits i-tifllnK the night's curd. AMERICAN ^ yesterday's Kosults Dntrtjit U, Washington 1. Chlcnjjo 7, Boston 1. St. Louis S. New York 2- Cleveland 2. Philadelphia 0. The titundlntr W. I* rot. fi!5 SB .7M .13 37 50 37 .14 -14 39 f)0 35 53 26 Cl .575 .500 .'172 .-138 .398 .299 Boston New York .. Deirolt Washington Cleveland St. Louis . . . Chicuco Philadelphia T<M!;IV'M Games I'Hchcrs Boston at Chicago—Dobson (103) vs. Gi'.ive H-8). New York nt St. Louis (nlglM)— Chandler (l-l-S) vs, Kramer (10-1). Philadelphia at Cleveland—Harris (2-5) vs. Feller (17-6). Washington at Detroit—Newaom (5-S) vs. Trout (R-S). Karaban - Walker Feature First TJ. S. Presentation Of Hard FOR A CAB TEL. 52S5 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. JUU South Mitln St, SALEM PLAYHOUSE Today - Thursday PAULRTTE GODDARD ^ llUKdRS IIURO IIATFIHLU FK.\NCIS LEDERER Curs C'nllrd l r or and Delivered Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving 1 ! ! POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave. Tel. 4935 GET A JEEP IMMKDIATK DKLIVKRY Yi.lir Wll.LYS.IlVKKI.AMI Ili-iilrr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. 11 iliirrlnnn .\vtTnii 1 Off K\vl)iini;» I'll , \Viit'Tlmr? SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH LAKE gUASSAPAUG I"S MOST DANCKAUl'.K ML'SKl COMKS 'J'O— LAKK QUASSAI'AUG TONIGHT liY POPt'l.AK UK(M : I'^'I'! FRANOIS HIS SAXOI'HONK AN!) IMS KKCOIJD-ISUKAKINC; OKCUKSTKA 15 — ri<;f)i'i.i<; — 10 Starring MONROE SPIER AT H:(l() I 1 . M. ADM. (tiix IMC) (iOo WATERBURY — 2nd BIG WEEK! Armed only with a woman's weapons, she invaded a world more exciting than any dream! LEE J. COOB • OALE SONDERG/MRD MIKHAIL RASUMNY • DENNIS HOEV TITO RENALDO • RICHARD LYON Dirwitd by JOHN CROMWELL • praUcod t,y LOUIS D. LIGHTON — Plus 2nd Big- Hit — "STRANGE TRIANGLE" with SIGNE HASSO and PRESTON FOSTER NATIONAL LEAGUE Yesterday's Kames postponed — ruin. The Standiiic W, £.. Pet. Brooklyn 33 3'1 .009 st. LOUIS .-. r.s :M -f-os Chic:ipo •'? 3S .S03 Cinrln'r.atl -11 -I.1 .'ISS Boston .• -12-16 .477 Now York 37-19 v130 Phllfidclphiii • 35 •!? .-127 Pittsburgh 34 51 .400 When Ivan K'omaroff enters the rlnp; afrainat 'Stu Hard nt this week's wrestlLjiK opener Friday nlfrht, in Wa-tcrbury, the Canadlcn will have a slight welffht advan- lape over the Russian, with Kem- aroff wolj;hinp218 and ho 230. This Is Hard's iniital tour of stateside wrcstlinfr matches but all reports from north of the border reveal that' he is one of the best Canada may offer. Kemaroff's record titands for itself and need not bo elaborated upon. The wrestlers, who represent so many different nationalities, that the rliifr Is expected to look like an intelligent session of tho UNO, all .tilt the scales at over 200 pounds; and as any butcher may tell you, that's-a lot of meat on the hoof, Promotort; Brownie Karaban and Edward Walker, meanwhile,, have not been Idle. Now that their first card has been prepared, these local boys are setting up their next week's card, and it should be a good one. The talent, which they are bringing to Watcrbury, is some, of the best in the nation. Tickets for the matches are sell- in),' nt SD cents, SI.25, and $1.75. They may be purchased in Watcr- b"my at Mulligan's. Slocums, ajid Murio'n restaurants. Local fans who wish to get u, choice on tickets may call Brownie Karaban, i Naug. 4061. k ', Brasscos Replay Cubans Tonight At Stadium Today's Gumps, ritcher.s Chicago'at Brooklyn (night)—| \Vyse (10-8) vs. OCR;;; (2-1). St. Lotiitf n/t Now York (nlprht) — 12-7) or Enrretl C3-2) vs'. Kosto (10-0). Cincinnntl at Boston—Walters 102) vs. Lee (7-"i). pittsburKh at Philadelphia (nipht) —Strlnccvich ('1-8) vs. Rowc tO-1). Morticians Ride Waves Friday "The Merry Morticians ride HRaln, After a two weeks rest, during which time there were apparently no willing opponents." Couch Jlrn- T.V KaCKcxcluiiiis stated today, "We arc going to play again on Friday evening when we cngfige the ?/la!e Waves." Krld.iy's game will begin at G :>. m. and will be. played at the K^-trj.Mtion Field. Cooch Pete MlelC' of tho Waves ill HI that his team does not nor- n:i'lly combat punh-ovoi's. but in •he Morticians' ease hn wit! mnkc a.T exception. He stated he would pitch and Ringer S\V(v;n^y '.'•ould catch. The Mortys will Kado or Ciaghorn with Rowley or Kai i'nr catching, - .• • . Junior Loop Action Tomorrow ' The Millvillc Cubs, one of tho Lop contenders for the Junior Baseball title of Naugcituck, will owing back into notion tomorrow morning nt Recreation Field, meeting the East Sidcrs in a Foley-loop contest. The cdntest is scheduled f-jr 10 ii. m. sharp. The Cubs will be at fu'.l strength for tomorrow's action, with Spadola, Roland and Brciadnck hack in the lineup. Mickey Broadrlck will start on the mound, with Anderson receiving. O'Shoa, the star of '.his year's champion Salem school team, pitches for the East Sidcrs, with hio old 'tcam-mK.te. M^Cann, catching, O'Shca will be out to avongo an early 'seaL-in dcfca.t at th-; hands of Brondrick, when tho latter defeated him in a clouc, nrotcstod content. Zale Suffering From Nervous Ribs; Bout Called Off New York, July 2-1 —(UPi—Thurs- day night's scheduled middleweight title fight between Champion Tony Z.ilc and Cha.i:c:".ger Rocky Gra/- iano has boon postponed. A physician found Zale suffering from .in attack, of what is called "inter- costal neuritis" nr.d suggested the postponement. Promote! 1 Mike Jacobs is sidled to meet with both fighters' man- affcrs toduy to set a. new date for the Yankee. Sl.adium bout. The rugged Gary. Indiana champion complained of severe back aches yesterday at his Pompton Lakes, N<;w Jersey training c;imp. A specialist treated Zalc last night, but -the former Coas^; Guardsman sad ho wn.s still bothered by back and chost pains today,Zale—who is 32 yc:irs old—was declared in .the pink of condition iast week when he and Grnzuirio BICYCLE SUPPLIES AT CUT-KATK PRICKS! O A "\ T r/T71?T'C > ''' il "' "'" OAIN AlliJtCl ft. SiivlnuH llnnk] 20 SAVINGS ST. DIAL 5-0347 j ENTRIES RECEIVED First -cn-lry for the August -1th, midget auto riK'ing championships I at Thompson Speedway was for- appeared before medical wnrdod by Chet "Wildcat" Gibbons of Patcrson, N. J,, who will drive the Wheeler No. 21, formerly piloted by Kastern Chrimpion Kill Schindler. diet, a spectacular driver n.nd former movie stunt man, set fastest time at Thompson Speedway laat May and held the lead in the feature event for the first 14 mien until forced back by ma- ! CHANGE HORSE SCHEDUI-H ! i^iwtuekct, R. I., July 2-1- (UP) — A slight chanprc in New l ; Jn^!ancl's horse racing schedule I'.nK been n-Rrccd on by oflluials of sett Piii'k and Suffolk Downs. Under the new agreement, Narraj^in- sett is to close Ms nutuinn meet on September 2Bth instead of tho following day. And Suffolk'^ fall meeting no\v will open on September 30th. « llcriirillni: drchi-Hlrii , iin f'Uv ii.—Ilii'i Scrrlri- llll IS Krliliiy. lull lir.'i'ii Sc. Hull, Klnils nf Trucking— JCtc:, Removed McNamara Trucking- Co. 31 \V( Natii;nttick Tel, S'JSZ SANDYBEACH I.AKIC QUASSAPAUO HICK KINLEY, Mgr. Op«n 10 A, M, to 10 I', M. Hoiillng 0 Bathing f> J-lcnlc.i The first sanctioned airmail was flown in the United States from a temporary field poat office in Long Island in inn. New York. Early odds on the fight favor;;:! Graxi.ano .'it 13-to-five, But Zulu's training camp showing drove tlio price down to sevcn-and- a-hnlC to five before tho postponement. The inter-rosial nerves and muscles are those between the ribs. Tt is infiammntion of these nerve.-; which is causing Zale's pain. PronvHor Milie .Jacobs announced liiitur today thfit the Xnlc-Grfixi.-tr.n title fight will he staged on September £fHh The site will be New I York's Ya.nkce Stadium as originally planned. Slight Peek At The Ml League By KT5NNY CLV?IKR j It Icolvs like the Philadelphia | Kluejiiys, in their sudden ni"h out oC the National League cellar forgot something in their haste, for Manager Ben Chapman's crew ia relurnir.g to retrieve it. The sudden glimpse of light wasHoo much for them, and some of the perren- n;r\! under-ground dwellers murt've forgotten their sung!as?es. Anyhow, they arc new back in seventh phicc progressing nt their normal snail's pace, and they will have to go some if they ejipect to got back up in there this scar-on. Personally we think the Phils will not he satisfied with tho !)0(tom notch this yenr and will probably or.d tho season in about fifth place. It couldn't happen to a better club. Apparently the ' Boston .Braves needed only one thing to start go ing places in tho Senior Loop and I.hnt was .the .St. Louis Cardinals. Thc__prcsent Benn-Town National League representatives who, although apparently un-noiicod. have been moving up stoiidily on the leaders in the Senior Loop and are now in fourth piacc., were strengthened ^immensely this year by snv- nr;<r ox-cnrds including Rnnders, J-/oop and Cooper, but what's more they wrested the Cardinal manager from ihe Card's grasp and new have Eilly Soutiiv.-onh writing the script, for iheir t,?a,m. From here, the ros'.ilts look good. Look? like Boston's j'ear in the big time. Samoska-men Will Be Out To Avenge Early Season Defeat This Evening Defeated 3-2 in the first meeting of the Vc;ims, the Brasscos will try to even mftttors tonight when they tnke on the New York Cubans of the Negro National League al Municipal Stadium at 8:45. Torrington's-.Mikc Kissko. who scivcd in the European Theater during the war, curries the Brassco hopes. Last week in his first sta.rt, the ex-GI pitched a brilliant game against the New York Black Yankees only to fosc, 3-0. With ;i stronger team behind him tonight, Ki.ssko h.os'i. good chance of breaking into tho win column. Lou T:ant, who beat the Watcr- bury club, is the probable starter i for Manager Jose Fernande/.'s | team, but the latter has Legion Game Re-scheduled Sat. Due to Ihc noticeably inclement weather yesterday, tin- American LeRion Juniors woro forr^J to postpone their Koho.dulcd miU<*!i with tho Annunia Juniors until next Saturday afternoon at 2 p. m. The game will be played in Ansonia. Manager Eddie Nolde asks all team members report t<i the Legion home not later lh<in 1:15 p. m. on Saturday. St. Francis Practice Rec Field Tonight oilier hurlors available because of the arin the past two nights and he may work his ace. Pat Scantlc- bury or the veteran Da%'e Barnhill. The St. Francis Amateur League several \ team \vill practice .it the Recrea- Scuntlcbury is one of the best hurlers in the league and is usually reserved for league games. Each Negro club plays four league games a week. tion Field this evening at (i p. m., It was announced today. Alt team mcmboi-s arc asked to attend this important session. CLIPPER TO GO Willimantic, July 2-1—(UP)--Tiie weather permitting, the big Con- Ktcllation Clipper ship, which imidc „ , , : 3. forced landing -u Windham a<-Man ? ger Joe Samoskn has plans pon a motnh ;y?0 wjn to Fti-cngthcn his infield tonight, j thjg aflcrnoon . for Lon »nd hopes to sho^v a new first baseman. He was seeking Johnny White of. the Wc-st Haven Sailoi-s this morning to replace Tom Hefferman, who is out with an injury. : Tonight's game is the first of j three hcad'ine attractions in six days. The Original Xouife of David plays hero Saturday night and the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National League show at tho St.Mdium Monday afternoon at 5:30 in. a twilight exhibition. Tickets for the Pittsburgh game went on sale this morning at the downtown ticket I office at Eiener's Sport Shop. They will also be on sale tonight at the Stadium. IsKnti. NKW COACH FOR CROSS Worcester, Mass., July '31 —(UP) •-•Holy Cross' dinners for .•mother successful grid season have been boosted w;th the announcement, that Navy vetcrnn and former fullback Vew Kisscll will return to the college in the fall. His return coincides with .'-hat of another former Holy Cross fullback, Bobby Sullivan. ASEBALL Mtincipial Stadium Watorhnry TONIGHT — 8:45 P. M. NKW-FORK CUBANS RASSCOS DANCE Every Saturday Night 0 T. M, TO 1 A. M. at DUFFY'S RESTAURANT WATER STRE7CT Mimic By Tho Farooun G. I. TWILIGHT TRIO Little Hof Brau •10G NORTH MAIN ST. "Al" nnd Vcrn Budrls, Fropn, Daily Luncheons, Dinners and A La Carte Menu Full Liquor Llconno RODEO RAMBLERS Jlcro Friday, Snturdny "IRISH" SHEKHAN Stpeelol TDntL-rtiilnment Thursday mid... fiiindny . Open Daily Until 1 A. M. i Easy to go for VAN JOHNSON Easy to fall for ... ESTHER WILLIAMS Easy to laugh at KEENAN WYNN Easy to whistle at LUCILLE BALL in Easy to Wed in TKCHNICOT,OR Cecil Kcllaway o Carlos Ramirez « Bon Blue ETHEL SMITH at the Organ VACATION IS OVER! ! Let Us Take Care of That PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK NOW! ! Closed Monday:; During July and August Thibodeau Studio Shea Hurls His Best Season Effort Frank "Spec" Shea pi.tched his best effort of the season last Sunday, when he hurled n two-hit, 1-0 shutout against Los Angeles, for Oakland out on the Pacific coast. The game was a pitchor> dm>! all the way, with the local hurler's opposition. "Red" Lynn, only allowing three hits in losing ;i he:m- brcakor. Local fans who' arc following "Spec's" record, expect lo see him back in this area in the noar future and if he continues nt his present rate, it is expected that they will got their wish. J*~~*~CHA?p7E'¥~~~~J I TYDOL GASOLINE J } . AND { 5 SERVICE STATION ! ! 2^W BRIDGE ST. TKT.. JSOO * ! .Mr.MlI.I.AN MOTOR <>II,S J A fresh coat of paint on tb« wood -work and walls will make chat room new agaioi And if you nse the right paiot, you eta easily keep it cle*a *od new looking with»o»p *od water; We rccommeoa Murphy Paints Se<> Our r,nrpe Stock Of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also All Kinds of Fertilizers TOOHS FOR GAKDTEN and LAWN SHO\T2LS (long and short luindlcs) GAUTIKX HAKT,S HOES — SPADKS rRIJXING SHTCARS GRASS SHEARS NAUGATUCK SPORT \ & AUTO SUPPLY i "RUSS" WEAVING, Prop. } Wlnslow Court Tel. 3^S« » ; AUTO TARl'S SrOnTS GOODS J fiASEBAJ-t SHOES, All Siws * >s CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tel. 3507 Steady, interesting work making our famous Keds, Gaytees, and other quality footwear Now Available FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office Rubber Ave. at Water St. UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant Conn. 2nd BIG HIT Charlie Chan Selves A Murder "DARK ALIBI" .SIDNEY TOLER — MANTAN MOBELAND WRESTLING MUNICIPAL STADIUM WATERBURY, CT. : Friday Night, July 26 ^ - • . 8;30P.M. -.. TRICES — 85c, $1.25, $1.75 (inc. Tax), BOTTttD UNDER AUTHOWTY OF TM£ COCA-COIA COMPANY BY " ^Coca-Cola Bottling: Co. of Waterbury, Conn.

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